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Chapter Two

It was the same thing the next day. He was the main focus of school gossip, yet was rarely approached. Until after third period. Alissa slowly trudged beside him, unaware if he noticed her or just ignored her. "Jack," she chirped.

He paused for a moment and glanced behind himself where she stood. Her huge boobs were squished together in this cute, low top. "Hey," he greeted her tits.

"I wanted to say that I think we got off on the wrong foot," she raked a hand through her shoulder length brown hair. "I want to be a model but I wasn't trying to use you. I hope we can still be friends."

Jack mildly paid attention to her apology while his eyes slowly scanned over her body. "Yeah, okay," he replied.

Alissa's eyes glimmered happily and a small smile curled her lips. "Do you wanna go to lunch together?"

"That's where I'm headed," he turned away from her to catch up. She scuttled beside him and her huge boobs bounced like water balloons filled with jello.

"Nice tits Al," a guy who walked by commented.

Alissa looked down at her cleavage and gently tugged her shirt up, but it didn't do much to cover anything. "Fuck you David," she sneered back.

"You already did," the assumed, David strode away and Alissa pouted to herself while she eyed her abnormally large boobs.

"What's wrong with them?" Jack asked her suddenly. Alissa looked up at him in question. "Seriously, what do you think is wrong with them?"

Alissa glanced down at her boobs again and her face flushed red. "I-I don't know. They're just... huge."

"So what?" Jack questioned. "You can't help it, right?"

"No..." Alissa sighed. "I can't find shirts that fit either."

"That's not true," Jack and her entered the lunchroom and he took a seat beside Sadie. "You'd look good in anything you put on."

"Is she crying about her big bazonkas again?" Sadie chuckled.

"Shut up, cum dumpster," Alissa snipped and rested her cheek in her palm. "You wouldn't understand."

"Just because my boobs are slightly smaller than yours, doesn't mean they aren't still big," Sadie cupped her own boobs. "Besides, you could easily get a breast reduction. Everybody does it."

"But I don't want that. Everybody in my family has huge boobs!" Alissa whined. "I want them to be big... but..."

"Everyone in your family?" Jack inquired. "Do you like... have a sister or something?"

"No! I'm an only child," Alissa opened her lunch box. "My mom, my aunt, my grandma, my cousins. They all have super huge boobs. We can't go to the store without being stared at."

"That's... really hot." Jack nodded. "That's not bad."

"Yeah it is! Because then boys think they can cup a feel because my shirt is low. I can't help that gravity pulls my shirt down."

"I mean, what if you like to show them off? What's the harm in wearing a low shirt?" Jack opened his container of vegetable rice, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. The scent wafted across the table and everybody stared at his plate. "What?"

"You know thanksgiving was two months ago?" Alissa mentioned.

"Yeah, I'm not stupid. This was my dinner," Jack started to cut into his chicken.

"Can I try some?" Alissa whispered quietly. Jack raised his brow at her. "Please. I gave you my sandwich yesterday."

"You're a slut for food aren't you?" Jack teased. "No wonder your boobs are so big."

Sadie laughed a little. "Alissa loves food! She once brought a whole key lime pie to school and then wouldn't share it with anybody. And every time there's a school event, she'll stay in the corner and just eat all the snacks. They'll all be gone. At homecoming last year, a teacher had to tell her to stop eating so much because eventually there wasn't enough for everybody else! And one time, she stole ten chicken nuggets from the cafeteria and got suspended. And then there are rumors that she literally fucked a guy for-"

"Okay Sadie, you little cunt!" Alissa snapped. "Shut your mouth!"

"I was just telling a story."

Jack gave Alissa a couple cuts of his chicken and some spoonfuls of rice and potato. "Why're you always hungry?"

Alissa spooned a wad of rice into her mouth. "I don't know, I just am." She muttered with her mouth full. Jack was tempted to give her more. He eventually gave up his entire plate, just amused at how quickly she ate it up. Alissa licked her spoon when she finished the entire meal. "That was so good!" She exclaimed. "Do you have more?"

"I got a cookie," he jerked back when Alissa tried to snatch it from him. "Chill out. You have to earn the cookie."

"How?" Alissa questioned.

"Help me study in the library."

Sadie's eyes widened. "For a cookie!?"

"I'll do it!" Alissa drooled. "Can I have the cookie now?" Jack slowly handed it over and Alissa struggled the wrapping paper off before she stuffed the entire thing in her mouth. She chewed for a straight minute before she could get it all down.

"And you call me a slut?" Sadie rolled her eyes. "Jack," she touched his hand. "Don't you wanna take me to the library instead?" She hinted.

"Not really." Jack packed up his empty lunch containers and followed Alissa out of the cafeteria towards the back hallway.

Alissa fixed her hair and adjusted her boobs from inside the bra. "I can't believe I'm doing this with you over a cookie."

"Yeah, me neither. But I could really use the help," Jack opened the library door and Alissa paused in her steps. "What?"

"Wait, you actually want to study?"

Jack raised a brow while he walked through the library door. "Yeah, I do," he nodded. Alissa pouted and followed him inside. The moment they entered, it was as if the entire room was muted. After the door shut, any outside noise evaporated. Isles of bookshelves with tables between them and around the lobby. Students sat huddled in their cliques, while some were solo reading for enjoyment. The only sounds were the clicks of computer keyboards and the rustle of turning pages. It was an entirely different atmosphere compared to the cafeteria.

Alissa led him to an empty table towards the back rows. Nobody stared at her, but they all noticed Jack and in response, they noticed her too.

"Let's get some privacy," she insisted while they sat down in a secluded space. Jack opened his backpack and laid out his books and supplies. "So..." Alissa's eyes widened when he opened a calculus textbook. "Uhh," she sucked in her lip. "You know I'm not smart, right?"

Jack kept his gaze low as he skimmed the pages. "Yeah, but I am," he effortlessly finished problem after problem. It was awkwardly embarrassing how good he was with math. "Maybe," his eyes glanced at hers for a second. "I just wanted to be alone with you."

Alissa's eyes only widened further and she felt her entire face get hot. "Wow," she scoffed. "Seriously? In here?"

Jack nodded and flipped a page. "I mean, if Sadie were here, I'd never get shit done now would I?"

"Because you like her?" Alissa's tone was envious without her meaning to.

Jack exhaled a light laugh. He looked up at her and slowly scanned her small shoulders, and how her tiny body contrasted with her giant perky tits. "No," he scoffed with a slight bite of his lip. "Why would I like Sadie?"

"You fucked her!" She exclaimed. Her voice carried and the library managed to grow quieter. Jack cocked a brow at her and Alissa frowned. "You did, didnt you?" Jack rolled his eyes and looked back down at his textbook. "I know you did. She told me." He continued his work. "Don't pretend you didn't."

"Fine," he droned. "I fucked Sadie."

"Why would you do that if you didn't like her?" Alissa questioned.

"She didn't like me either. She just wanted to fuck me. So I fucked her and it was awesome. Plain and simple."

"Plain and simple?" Alissa grimaced.

"Look, you don't need to be a genius to figure out that yeah, I get around. But that doesn't make me a bad person. I just like to fuck."

"Then why haven't you fucked me?" Alissa questioned. "Since it's so plain and simple that you're always talking to my boobs?"

Jack raised his gaze and looked into her eyes. "I don't wanna fuck you, because I know you like me," he put his pencil down. "And I'm trying to figure out if I like you too."

Alissa's face went beet red. Her entire expression became a mixture of embarrassment, arousal and anger. "Who said I liked you?" She hissed. "You're just a pretty boy who thinks he can fuck anyone!"

Jack shrugged. "Everybody has their own little place in the world I guess."

"Well I don't like you," Alissa grumbled. Jack raised his brow at her and she only blushed harder. "I don't!"

"So..." Jack rested his cheek in his hand. "You aren't attracted to me in the slightest?" Alissa shook her head vigorously. Jack nodded. "Okay." He went back to doing his homework and stayed silent for a long period of time.

Alissa watched him work with her arms folded. Minutes ticked by and he hadn't said a word. "Jack," she whispered. He ignored her. "Jack!" She whispered again. Still no response. "You're so childish!"

"Hey," He replied with his focus still on his homework. "I can admit that you're probably the prettiest fucking thing in this school, but if you don't like me, or can't admit it, then... who's really childish here?"

Alissa groaned. "You're an ass," she got up from her seat. "I don't even know what you want from me." She angrily grabbed her bag and whipped her hair.

"Your number maybe?" he asked.

Alissa's lips arched into an embarrassed frown. "I'll think about it." With that she stormed off.

Jack watched her small ass as she strode away and sucked in his lip with a sigh. "Can't wait to put my dick up in that."

After School.

"Jack!" Sadie called for him after she noticed him walk by the band room. She hurried after him with her clarinet still in hand. "Jack you jerk," she exclaimed. "You had sex with Alissa!"

Jack faced her abruptly and stared her down. "I didn't," he replied quietly. "I was trying to get her to admit she likes me."

Sadie furrowed her brow. "Are you stupid?" She scoffed. "You really are a jerk. Alissa hasn't liked anybody since Chad dumped her!" She exclaimed. "She's been living in this sad little bubble and everybody thinks she's a hoe just because she slept around with the entire football team! I happen to think Alissa is very strong and independant and I don't think she'd ever fall for an idiot like yourself."

"You done?" Jack sighed. "She can sleep with whoever she wants. She's convinced herself that she doesn't like me anyway. And also, I have something to say to you."

Sadie pouted. "What?"

"You told Alissa that we fucked?"

His face looked agitated, but it didn't scare Sadie. He read her clueless expression and rolled his eyes. Sadie's lip quivered and she exhaled a long sigh. "Okay yes! I told her ... and a couple others! I won't ever live up to our glorious founding four fathers! I lied! I brutally betrayed your trust and now you'll never have rough sex with me ever again!"

"Sadie!" Jack snapped. "Keep it down!" He backed her into a wall and towered over her. "You talk way too much."

"I don't mean it. Everything I think, I say without realizing. I'm just a conversationalist and I can't help that it's my best and most vibrant quality. But I'm sincerely sorry for telling Alissa. I mean... I told her out of spite because I knew she wanted to fuck you too. It was basic bitch move Jack. And that's not who I am. But every time I think about your big fat cock I get so wet I can't control myself!" She wriggled her hips and was practically moaning her words. "My parents are totally not going to be home until eight by the way."

"You're insane, Sadie," Jack scoffed and found himself forgetting about Alissa. Despite how he did like her, Sadie had something that Alissa didn't quite have. Confidence and a total addiction to sex. It was something they both unknowingly had in common.

"I'll be done with band practice in like... 30 minutes if you care to wait." She slowly sucked on the mouthpiece of her clarinet like it was a penis.

"Sadie fuck off already," he purred while he traced her thighs in her leggings. "I'll see you in 30 minutes."

30 minutes later...

"So your parents are okay with you staying out late?" Sadie questioned while she buckled herself into the car. Jack got into the passenger's seat and checked himself out in the mirror. "Jack, I'm not starting this car until I know you have parental approval."

"And what about you?" Jack scoffed while he folded his arms. "I live alone."

"My parents aren't around to give me approval. They are at work. They're marine biologists and they fly to Florida literally every week for their research! It's so fucking romantic."

Jack yawned into his hand. "Sadie you're making my dick soft, just drive."

"Alright! Buckle up!" She started her car and whizzed down the road and made continuous turns for nearly 20 minutes before she pulled up to her house. It was large and blue and seemed to be connected to a series of complexes. "This is our condo!" She introduced after she parked.

Jack admired it after he got out of the car. "Cute," he nodded. Sadie abruptly took his hand and pulled him to the front door. "Wait," he paused when his phone started ringing. "It's my mom, I gotta take this."

"I thought you had parental consent!"

"She lives in California!" Jack shushed her. "Just go inside, I'll catch up." Sadie unlocked the door and left him out front to talk. Jack leaned against the banister of her porch.

"Hey mom," he greeted hurriedly. "I'm a little busy right now—"

"Carey! You don't have time for your mommy!? You're the most important thing in my entire life!" She whined loudly... and drunkenly.

"Mom, you are important to me. I'm just... doing homework. I gotta finish a... five paged... thesis on... Hamlet..." he conjured out of thin air.

"Boring! See, I never finished high school and look at me now!" She waited for his appraisal. "Jack, your mom is so successful and my success is your success! That's why we are-"

"Super rich and beautiful... I know. But you're the one that told me to do good in school."

"Do good in school so you can crush all those poor little losers and show them that you are good at literally everything! Even stupid high school!"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Your advice is very misleading. I love you mom, bye."

"Bye my chubby baby boy! I love you!"

"Hey, I'm not-" she hung up. "...chubby."

Jack walked into Sadie's house after he put his phone up. "Sadie?" He called while he trailed up a flight of stairs. He followed a glow from down the hall and eventually opened the door to her bedroom. "Sadie?" His eyes dilated... "Fuck..." he trailed off when he saw her in the midst of slipping on some tight pink lingerie. He instantly got an erection, but he struggled to push it down with his hand. She slowly raised the strap onto her shoulder and adjusted the thong with her back faced to Jack.

She turned around and yelled, startled by his presence. "Jack! Jesus! I was just... getting sexy for you..." she lowered her gaze and blushed in a way he hadn't seen her do before. She pulled her blonde curls behind her head and tied them into a cute ponytail. "I didn't think you'd finish so fast."

"Well I didn't wanna stay on the phone too long..." he slowly walked in and Sadie watched as he rolled the jacket from his shoulders. "Because I really wanted to have time with you."

He draped his coat over her desk chair and pulled his shirt up over his head. "You look hot as shit right now," he breathed against her lips while he dropped his shirt on the floor. "You're literally just my fucking type."

Sadie plopped down on the bed after he cornered her then quickly mounted her. She admired his shirtless body and moaned when he cupped her breasts in his hand and fondled them. "Ah..." she moaned into his mouth when he finally kissed her. "You're just my type too." Her head tilted back when he didn't waste anytime to finger her. His two nimble fingers curled inside of her wet heat and pulled her deeper and deeper into an erupt orgasm. "Fuck..." she whimpered when he played with her clit gently. "Jack..." she rolled her hips and sighed as he kissed her neck. "Fucking fuck me..." she pleaded while she spread her legs eagerly for him. "Put your dick in me... please."

Jack unbuckled his jeans and got completely naked. Her body grew hot with anticipation as his dick slowly rubbed between her nether lips, teasing her with his subtle touch. "How bad do you want this dick in you?" He panted against her breasts while he sucked on her nipples.

Sadie whined his name again and bucked her hips. "Fuck I want it so bad. Please, I can't take it anymore."

"Show me how bad you want it." He pulled away from her and waited for her to get on her knees. "Suck me off."

Sadie panted and slowly sunk on all fours before him while he knelt on her bed. She licked the head of his penis, enjoying the savory taste of his pre-cum as she sucked. "Fuck... you're good at this Sadie," Jack praised with a winded breath. "Suck harder, baby," he pushed his dick in deeper and gripped her ponytail as she did so. "Fuck you're gonna make me cum..." he scoffed when her throat tightened around his dick. "I've never cum from a blowjob before..." he threw his head back and forced her to suck him in deeper. She swallowed his cock and moaned the deeper she throated him. "Sadie you're such a sexy bitch, ah fuck, I'm gonna... fucking cum..."

She looked up at him with her sweet eyes and gagged when his cum suddenly shot down the back of her throat. She swallowed his load and grinned when some dropped onto her tits. He gripped her hair tighter as more squirted out and landed on her face and chest. She jerked him off, milking every drop out of him with a pleased smirk on her face. "I could suck your dick every day, if you want."

"Fuck yes..." he agreed with a sharp nod. "Fuck, Sadie," he let go of her ponytail and laid on his back. He cupped her breast in his hand and felt the cum on her tits as he squeezed them. "You wanna ride my dick?"

"Jack," Sadie began. "I want you to pound me from the back... like you did before." She rolled onto her stomach and raised her plump ass in the air.

Jack positioned himself behind her and gently licked her pussy making it pulse eagerly. He sucked her clit and tongued her asshole until she was trembling and dripping with desire. "Even your ass tastes good," he moaned against her skin. He slid two fingers inside of her until Sadie was whimpering and pleading. "Fuck, beg some more baby," he moaned.

"Yes, please, just fuck me!" She shifted her hips like an animal in heat, as he fingered her harder. "I wanna cum, Jack," she panted. "I wanna feel it. My pussy's so wet."

"What, this pussy?" He teased while he curled his tongue inside her. Sadie groaned and sucked in her bottom lip. "This wet little pussy?" He slapped her ass and she yelped into her pillow.

He finally leaned back and rubbed his cock between her legs until she was grinding on him, desperate for him to put it inside. "Sadie you bring out the fucking worst in me," he moaned while he clutched her ass. "You're such a dirty slut," he slapped her bottom and she moaned again. "Listen to me,"

Sadie nodded. "Yes?"

"You're mine," he stated. Sadie inhaled sharply as he slowly pushed the head of his dick inside her but didn't go any further. "I only want you fucking me, and nobody else." He pushed in deeper. "You want this cock," he finally went in all the way and Sadie arched her back. "You have to earn it, Sadie." He pulled her ponytail while he thrusted, until her hair came undone and fell down her back in beautiful golden waves. Sadie's cries echoed off of every wall and she moaned so much that her words weren't comprehendable.

"Yes! Yes Jack! Fuck me!" She cried. "Fuck, yes! Right there!" Jack gripped her waist until his nails left red marks in her skin, and even then, she still begged him to go harder. He banged her until her bed shifted over and knocked against her nightstand.

Eventually, she was so weak that she laid on her stomach and Jack had to pull out, and fuck her on her back. He gripped Sadie by her ankles, raised her legs and thrusted his dick into her exposed heat. She was so wet that every thrust sounded like ocean water lapping onto sand. Yet Sadie still wanted more. She was sobbing joyously after a certain point and it was then that she reached her orgasm. Sadie threw her head back. "I'm coming I'm coming!" She announced happily with her legs twitching. She breathed deep breaths when she felt Jack's cum inside of her. It dripped between her legs leaving white stained on her thighs. Sadie laid mangled and satisfied on her bed. Her body was so overwhelmed that she trembled. "That was the best sex of my entire life..." she sighed.

Jack wiped his dick with her already messy comforter and admired his fine handiwork. She was whipped. He gently rubbed her pussy and tasted the cream inside mixed with his cum. "You have the cutest pussy I've ever seen."

Sadie sat up with little strength and still moaned as he touched her. "You have the biggest cock I've ever had. You wanna go again?" She panted.

"I do", he stated making her heart thump. "But it's already seven and you said they'd be home by eight right?"

"You said you lived alone?" She stepped from the bed and pulled her hair back into another ponytail.

Jack traced over her thick body and small tits. She sparkled with sweat and reminded him so much of somebody he missed. Having thought of her... made him remember. "You're on birth control right?"

Sadie raised her gaze and nodded. "Yeah. I get the shot," she replied. "I wouldn't let you cum in me if I wasn't on birth control Jack." She draped her arms across the nape of his neck. "Make out with me," she cooed.

Jack locked lips with her and stuck his tongue in her mouth. He gripped Sadie's ass and hiked her leg onto his hip. Before he realized it, he was hard again, and Sadie didn't waste time to reinsert it. He moaned into her mouth once they started fucking in an upright position. He eventually had her entirely in his arms and banged her against her bathroom sink right outside the room.

Jack kissed her neck and bit her earring as he busted in her again. "You're my bitch, Sadie," he whispered against her skin. "I don't care what you do, as long as it's with me." His voice was deep and husk and it was almost scary... but it aroused her anyway.

"Yes.." Sadie sighed. "And what about you?" She gasped when he pulled out.

He placed her down on her feet. "Whenever you want it, I'll give it up," he explained.

"What about school?" Sadie questioned. Her eyes widened when she started coming back to her normal quirky self. "I can't let people know about this part of myself! I mean... I don't even think I've reacted this way towards anyone else, Jack. You make me really really dirty."

"I tend to have that effect on people," Jack nodded confidently. "And nobody will know. As long as you don't spaz, and keep your mouth shut. You can be my secret little slut."

Sadie bit her lip. "Yes please," she kissed his bare chest. "But.." she lowered her gaze. "Could you help me clean up?"

Jack sighed but nodded. "Yeah.."

20 Minutes Later

"Wait," Sadie moaned when she broke away from his taunting lips. "Are we like... dating now?"

"No," he sighed. "We aren't... we're just exclusively fucking," he stared down her shirt and held her breast.

"Are you allowed to fuck other girls?" She questioned.

Jack arched his brow and read her suspicious expression. "Well, no," he replied unsure. "I mean... it's complicated."

"Okay well let's say this," Sadie pulled from him. "You're with somebody else, but I wanna bang at the same time. Then what?"

"I'll come to you," he explained. "Promise."

"So what does that make me to you then?" She folded her arms. "Sorry for the interrogation, I've just never been in this kind of relationship before. I'd much rather we be together to make things less complicated, but you seem to be a giant prick unless you get to cum in me, so I'm not sure what to do."

"Sadie, you're overthinking it. We aren't together. We are two single people, who get down with each other. If you wanna look at it as a relationship... then consider it open."

"An open relationship?" Sadie pursed her lips. Jack nodded while he pinched the bridge of his nose. "So... does that mean I get special attention?"

"People can't know we are like... a thing. You know?"

"I know!" Sadie exclaimed. "But I just want to know if I get special treatment. Like.... on Valentine's Day."

Jack rolled his eyes. "Sure. Whatever Sadie. I gotta go."

Sadie waved him off after the red suburban pulled up in front of her house. Jack got into the passengers side with Andrew and proceeded to tell him in grotesque detail about all he had done with Sadie.
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