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Chapter Four

"How could I have been such a dick?" He questioned Sadie that following day at school. He had pulled her aside, into their usual "quickie spot", but Sadie wasn't expecting an entire therapy session. Let alone no sex at all.

Sadie raised her brow but found herself listening. Jack hardly ever expressed any emotion other than horniness to her or to anybody for that matter. In her head, Jack was some delicious sex machine. But in fact, he was a person. Maybe even her friend?

"That was pretty dick-ish of you to do," she responded candidly to his complaints. "Eriko is a really nice girl. When she first came here, she could barely speak a lick of english and everybody in class helped her out even while she was in programs to learn it. She mastered it so much faster because of everybody else's help and now, everyone literally loves her. She's super cute and kind of stupid, but she reminds me of a kitten. I'm not even lesbian and I would totally sit on her face. The fact that you literally made the sweetest person on this entire planet hate you... is mind boggling Jack. You should be ashamed. You should apologize and fucking grovel at her feet and tell her that you are terribly sorry. Like this." Jack watched as Sadie dropped to her knees before him. "Tell her that you'll do anything for forgiveness. You'll satisfy her every craving."

"Sadie!" Jack snapped when she started the process of unbuttoning his jeans. "Not a good time. I'm trying to talk to you, you fucking maniac!"

Sadie pouted and got back on her feet. "I'm sorry. I just can't help myself sometimes. You're very unpredictable and I thought this was your way of being more... sentimental. But I guess you're genuinely upset, huh?"

"And about Alissa and Alexis. I just really fucked up yesterday. And I'm exhausted..." Jack rubbed his bloodshot eyes and sighed shakily. "This isn't starting out to be a good year. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here."

"You just need to do a better job of controlling your penis. Now that I think about it, maybe a good old fashioned high school relationship might do you some good," Sadie suggested.

Jack leaned against the wall. He smirked sarcastically while he looked Sadie over. "What? You wanna go out with me?"

"Not really," Sadie sighed dryly. "I wanna go out with you like how every girl wants to go out with you. I really wanna go out with Chris Hemsworth, but I doubt I would even if I had the chance to. It's just a lot more complicated than that for me. Right now, we're just fucking remember? I don't know who you are besides how your fat cock feels in my vagina."

"Okay, Jesus, I get it," Jack scoffed. "How about we just make out a little and see how it goes?"

"No, Jack. I'm not your... 'reverse rebound', I'm just trying to give you advice. How about for starters, you actually try getting to know these girls? And most importantly, apologize to them. Hang out, and NOT have sex."

Jack lowered his gaze. "You remind me of somebody I really used to care about."

Sadie's eyes widened. "W-what?"

"Don't take it the wrong way," Jack fretted. "She was just... really honest with me. She talked to me like I was a person and not like-"

"A deliciously fuckable celebrity?"

Jack narrowed his eyes at her. "Yeah..."

"Well I'm glad that I remind you of your little ex. Not sure how to really take it, but..." Jack took her hand and pulled her body against his. "Jack."

"How do I make those pretty lips stop talking?" He purred while his thumb brushed along her glossy bottom lip.

Sadie wasn't sure if Jack liked her or not, but she wasn't going to stop him from kissing her. "Maybe a little mouth to mouth might help me catch my breath," she teased. With that said, his lips melted softly between hers and he cupped her breast in his hand making her moan sweetly into their kiss. To her surprise, he didn't use tongue, and he didn't keep his hand on her boob for long. She yanked away from him before things got too... romantic and giggled awkwardly. "Jack... I," she paused and looked at the floor abruptly. "I think I just started my period," she frowned.


"I think I just started my period..." She pushed him away and tore open her backpack. Jack watched, wide eyed as she tugged her shorts down.

"Woah, woah! In here!?" Jack exclaimed. He covered his eyes before he had to witness Sadie put her tampon in. "Jesus Christ!"

"I have a really heavy flow and if I don't plug it right away it'll bleed through everything!" She exclaimed stammeringly. Sadie pulled her pants back up with a relieved sigh. "Sorry," she whimpered. "I uh, I gotta go."

Jack and her locked eyes for a second before Sadie awkwardly walked off. "Shit..." Jack scoffed.

At Lunch...

"I don't want your fucking apologies," Alissa grimaced. "You forced me into admitting I liked you even if you didn't like me. You're a manipulative little twerp."

"Ouch," Jack chuckled. "I'm not... that manipulative." He moved over to her side of the table and sat down beside her. "I'm sorry I said you had a lobster for a vag. I was... mad at you."

"Mad at me?" Alissa questioned.

"I really wanted your number. I made that clear. And ever since you avoided me like crazy. It pissed me off."

Alissa rolled her eyes. "That's no excuse. I didn't wanna even attempt to like you if you had your dick inside my best friend."

"It was complicated. Besides, you and Sadie weren't born best friends. You guys are two people with different needs. You know? Sadie wasn't trying to hurt you either."

Alissa glanced at Sadie angrily. "Still. It was a bitchy move."

"I know," Sadie cut in. "I'm sorry I can't help myself sometimes. Jack just really knows how to pound me in that perfect spot... it makes my eyes go lazy..."

"Sadie!" Both Alissa and Jack exclaimed.

"You knew I liked him before you guys even fucked in the first place!" Alissa snapped at her. "You don't care about anybody but yourself."

"I don't like Jack. I just wanted to sleep with him. It was his first day and I can tell when a man is horny. You're too prude for that. I was just... warming him up for you."

"God, you are such a cunt," Alissa got up from the table and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Jack glared at Sadie. "You called me shitty? And also... did she say she liked me back?"

Sadie shrugged. "I'm literally so self destructive. And you know what sucks the worst...?"


"My pussy is still super wet right now. I'm hornier than a Rottweiler with a cone on its head."

"You need a checkup," Jack scoffed. "Besides, how can you tell if you're... ya know?"

"I don't know. I get like mega mega horny during shark week. I usually take two or three days off to cope. But the dam has broke and I didn't have time to forge a note."

Jack pat her head. "I'm sorry," he sighed. "You know that kinda rhymed."

"Jack," Sadie glanced at him and exhaled a slight giggle. "Go talk to Alissa for me. Please?"

Jack nodded. "Yeah."

Jack eventually found her outside. Alissa was out in the courtyard and sat on a bench while she watched a couple guys messily play basketball.

"You're such a drama queen," Jack teased when he sat down to greet her. Alissa cut her eyes at him and then looked away. Despite how much she kind of pissed him off, there was something he liked about her. She was kind of a plain Jane, but she carried it like a model. Brown hair, not long, barely to her shoulders, messy tucked back bangs. Large lime green eyes, and dark mascara to contrast. She always wore lip gloss, even though her lips were tiny. She had a pretty big nose too, but it was very becoming of her. And mostly, her giant boobs never looked bad for a second. "Sadie loves you. But she has her own shit going on. And you know better than me... that Sadie does what Sadie wants. But she's a good person."

"Then go out with her," Alissa grumbled with her cheek in her palm. "Jack I'm tired of this back and forth. I've seen you around all these other girls. You never even invited me to your party..."

"Would you have come if I did?" Alissa didn't respond to him. "Exactly. You try to play hard to get... but I don't know you well enough to want you. I'm not gonna chase you—"

"But I gotta chase you?" Alissa snapped.

"You wouldn't have to do anything like that. I asked you for your number almost two months ago. And since then... you've ignored me. How is that my fault?"

"I know guys like you. It's hard to like somebody a lot but know that you can't trust them," Alissa's eyes started to unintentionally water. "So what if I gave you my number? Would that have stopped you from sleeping with Sadie?"

"At that time? Yes. Now? I don't know." Jack replied honestly. "How can you know if you trust me? You don't know me."

"I've seen enough to decide if I wanna even bother. I know you don't really want me. You want my tits. By now, you probably know what the entire school thinks of me. I'm sure Sadie and her loudmouth told you."

"She only told me that you dated Chad. And that people say you—"

"Fucked the entire football team," Alissa scoffed with a wry laugh. Tears ran down her cheeks and she wiped her nose. "Chad made that up because I wouldn't have sex with him. He broke up with me after he nearly tried to rape me in his car. He couldn't get hard and he was embarrassed. So he spread rumors that I cheated on him with the entire football team."

"Jesus..." Jack exhaled.

"Even though they knew it wasn't true... they played along with it anyway. It was bad news to get Chad mad. So they had to. I was a virgin the whole time," she pushed her hair back and sighed shakily. "Until... I started dating David. He's the guy that always teases me in the hallway. He said he didn't believe them... that he's liked me since middle school and just wanted to make me happy." She looked at Jack with teary eyes. "I was a fucking idiot to believe him. I let him sleep with me after only a month. And then he became this monster. We had sex all the time, but I didn't know he would go around school talking about it. It eventually traveled back to Chad and... and that's when... that's when I became The Slut."

Jack had no idea how to have processed it all. Alissa had broken into tears before she could've finished her story. Her head laid against the table and she sobbed wretchedly while she covered her eyes and wiped her dripping mascara. "You're not a slut," Jack frowned while he touched her hair. Alissa glanced at him hopelessly and closed her eyes with a sigh as his fingers brushed through her brown strands. "I never thought you were a slut. You're beautiful, really."

Alissa shook her head. "Just don't. I don't believe you anymore," she tried to scoot away, but Jack wrapped his arms strongly around her, and pulled her into his chest. "Let me go," she demanded within her sobs.

"Just shut up, and let me hold you," he pulled her head down until her ear was pressed to his heartbeat. It pounded wildly, and she closed her eyes to the sound. He smelt sweet for a boy and his arms were muscly and hard... but very warm. She whimpered into his shirt and let herself cry until she couldn't anymore. She almost felt like she could die in his arms, but he eventually let her go. She pulled away and Jack quickly and sloppily wiped her eyes with his sleeves. She sniveled as he rubbed all the wetness from her face and caressed her cheek afterwards. "Tell me you're not a slut. Tell me how amazing you are. Tell me that you aren't stupid," his voice was light and kind as summer breezes and his lips taunted her mercilessly. She looked away from him, too embarrassed to say those things. "Say it," he begged.

Alissa inhaled sharply. "I'm... not a slut," she stated. "I'm..." she whimpered but Jack lifted her chin to look at him. "I'm amazing..." she chuckled awkwardly with a blush of her face. She wiped her eyes and stared into him. "I'm not... I'm not stupid," she finally recited.

"No, you're fucking not," Jack assured her with a shake of his head. "You're perfectly fine. And I really like you, just the way you are."

He slowly leaned into her, and brushed his lips against hers, in a teasing sort of way. Alissa pulled herself back and lowered her gaze as the bell rang. "We should go."

Jack exhaled a frustrated breath and brushed his thumb along her glossy bottom lip. "Sure," he frowned.

"You wanna walk me to class?"

Jack helped her up from the table and obligingly took her hand. "Will you forgive Sadie?"

Alissa fixed her jaw but eventually gave into her feelings. "Yeah..."

"Good. Cause she's lost without you."

As they walked hand in hand, they caught a lot of glimpses, and heard a lot of whispers. Alissa truly wanted to run and hide, but every time she tried to let go, Jack only squeezed her hand tighter. He bound his fingers between hers, and tugged her close as they neared her next class.

Alissa shrunk smaller than a shrimp when David nearly walked by them. "Fuck that guy," Jack insisted. He let go of her hand and pulled her into a deep hug. "You're alright, okay?"

Alissa nodded sheepishly and closed her eyes until the hug was over. "I have to go," she sighed.

"Okay, I'll see you."

Later That Day...

"What?" Sadie exclaimed. "So you're like... going out?"

Jack shrugged. "Eh, not really. I'm just being there for her. She's had it rough-"

"Wait," Sadie strode up to him with her eyes hauntingly concerned. "What did she tell you?"

"Well, firstly, Chad tried to rape her—"

Sadie busted a raspberry noise from her lips and shook her head. "Lie," she stated.

"What?" Jack furrowed his brow. "Sadie, what the fuck? Are you jealous?"

"She's told that story to every guy," Sadie explained hurriedly. "I love Alissa... but she is a slut. Some of her story is true, but Chad never raped her and she did cheat on him with two other guys on the team. She spread the rumor that you know... Chad had a small penis. They never had sex because of how tiny it was... so she fucked around. Chad did stretch the truth. And David did talk about Alissa, but Alissa sends her nudes out to anybody."

Jack took a step back and swallowed dryly. "What...?" His voice trailed off. "Why would she lie about that?"

"She's done that to all of her boyfriends. Before she started school here, she cried to Chad about this guy named Luka who broke her heart. But apparently Luka already had a girlfriend. Then she cried to David about Chad. And now... you."
Sadie read Jack's wild expression and sighed agitatedly. "Don't believe me if you want. But Alissa is boy crazy. She's gonna do the same thing to you and make some poor sap think you broke her heart."

"But, she was so believable...?"

"Duh, she's in the AP drama club! She's a triple threat. Modeling, acting and she sings damn good. She's like a slutty little Juliet. She's also probably bringing out the big guns since we're so close."

"If she wanted to go out with me, why didn't she just give me her number in the first place?"

Sadie pondered that. "I'm not sure. I think she wanted you to come after her. It's hard not to look like a slut when you're pining after the hot guy."

"Holy shit..." Jack exhaled. "Wait, how do I know that you're not lying cause you like me too?"

"Jack," Sadie groaned. "I wouldn't need to trick you to get you to like me. I mean, you already kinda do. Besides, I'm not my best self when I'm in a relationship."

Jack looked her over slowly. "Who said I liked you?"

"You spilled your guts to me this morning. You basically tell me everything. You fuck me all the time. Lastly... the way you look at me. You look at me like a stuffed, thanksgiving turkey smothered in gravy. And when I'm in lingerie, you drool over me like I'm a Big Mac with a large fry! You don't look at anybody the way you look at me."

"Maybe I just think you're hot?"

Sadie shrugged. "Don't know. I mean, most people don't like the idea of having to share their happy meal with another guy. And that's why we are secretly exclusive, isn't it?"

Jack narrowed his eyes at her. "You just want me to like you. So I stay away from Alissa."

"No, I'm just pointing out the obvious Mr. Denial," Sadie teased. "Also..." she twisted her clarinet in her hands. "Have you ever had period sex? My vagina is so tight, it could juice a fucking lemon right now. And I'm so wet... I can't tell the difference between the blood and how fucking horny you make me." She glanced at his crotch and Jack choked back his breath when he felt himself get hard. "See? You do like me."

"You wanna come to mine?"

"Not today," Sadie grinned cheekily. "I don't ever have sex on my period." She gently poked his erection and watched as it throbbed in his pants. "But at least you have some raw fap material, right?"

Jack tucked his dick into his waistband. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

Sadie sighed and stepped closer to him. "But I never said I wouldn't suck you off." Jack went pale when she dropped to her knees.

"Right here!?" He gasped. Despite his anxiety, he still never tried to stop her. Her hands were so velvety against his skin and he tilted his head back with a deep groan when she swallowed him whole on the first try. "Ooo... Jesus Christ..." he choked out while he gripped her head and thrusted his dick down her throat. "You sure you won't fuck on your period?" Sadie looked up at him and tilted her head to suck harder. "Fuck your mouth feels like a pussy..." he grunted. "Fuck... I've never had period sex before. You make it sound so good."

Sadie pulled back and licked the head like a lollipop, teasing him gently. "It's so tight that it hurts to put in a tampon. Imagine thrusting your big fat cock in there. It's extra wet and horny too, and I'm just gushing-"

"Fuck!" Jack gasped when he suddenly came all over her face.

Sadie giggled and sucked the remaining cum from the tip. "Wow I've never seen anybody bust from just my words."

"Can I tell you something?" Jack panted while she tucked his flaccid dick away. Sadie looked at him and listened, even while his cum laid spattered on her face. "You're the prettiest girl in this school."

"I know," Sadie chuckled.

"The only reason I'm not going out with you, is because you don't want me to. And it makes me want you more. Even your... bloody vag."

"I know," Sadie nodded. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I like feeling this way about you. But eventually, having sex isn't gonna be enough."

Sadie looked taken aback. "What do you mean?"

"I want you to spill your guts to me too. Don't think that you can't tell me shit." Jack pecked her cheek and then her neck.

"Save it for Alissa," Sadie insisted. "It's easier to jump into a swimming pool rather than quicksand," she kissed his cheek back and then walked off to her band practice.

"What the fuck did that mean!?" Jack yelled to her while she walked down the hall.

"Go home Jack!" Sadie yelled back.

Jack got into the car with Andrew and looked over at him to find him stuffing his mouth with sour gummy bears. "Can we talk?" Jack questioned. Andrew didn't respond. "Cool. So remember that girl who's house you picked me up from?"

"The really hot one?" Andrew spoke up.

Jack nodded. "Yeah, Sadie,"

"What about her?"

"I think I like her," Jack confessed. "But she's already explained how uninterested she is in a relationship that isn't strictly physical. It hurts like hell but I kind of like it."

"You're sure you like her?"

Jack looked Andrew over. He'd never engaged in conversation outside of the usual "hi" but ever since Jack's been indulging him with candy, they've become rather close. "I mean, yeah I'm sure."

"What do you like about her?"

Jack paused. "Uhm, well..." he trailed off. "When we have sex, it's literally amazing. It's like we're in total sync. Her advice makes sense to me, she's the first person I go to in a crisis. She's super beautiful, she literally looks like Cinderella sometimes. I guess I admire her confidence... I love and hate how she doesn't see me as much other than who I am. She doesn't need me or anybody."

"She doesn't sound like your type at all," Andrew retorted. "She sounds too independent. You like to be fawned over, and she's not gonna fawn over you. Not in the way you want."

"Am I really that shallow?"

Andrew gave him a look. "Is the sky blue?"

Jack leaned back in his seat. "But I do like her. She's really fascinating. I wanna be closer to her."

"Maybe it's more innocent than you think. Maybe you don't wanna date her. You just wanna be close to her. Like have sex or talk personally."

"But isn't that a relationship?"

"It doesn't have to be," Andrew shrugged. "A relationship can be anything you want it to be. As long as the other person agrees. Now, she doesn't want a boyfriend, but she does like being around you. Maybe just work with what you have. She could come around."

"You're smart as hell Andy," Jack exclaimed when he pulled up to the Paramount.

"The saddest people usually are.." he sighed. "And don't call me Andy—"

"Later Andy!"
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