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Chapter Five

That following night, Jack sat up in his bed pondering on what Sadie had said. His feelings were obviously unreciprocated, which was an unusual feeling for him to sit in... but nothing he couldn't cope with. He stared at his phone screen, wondering if he should text Eriko. Maybe a relationship wouldn't be too bad. Especially one with her. She seemed really into him, and he'd already fucked up so much in the past night, it wouldn't kill him to do something right for a change. He rolled into his stomach and sent a short and sweet apology message to Eriko, letting her know that he was genuinely sorry and wanted to see her to make things right.

What felt like moments of sending that text, Eriko had him straddled at the hips and she was slowly pulling away from their kiss. "You're really sorry?" She inquired.

Jack nodded and kept his hands cupped around her thighs. "I'm so fuckin sorry," he replied with panting breaths, his eyes slowly tracing her petit frame.

Eriko looked him over in the same way, and her small hooded eyes seemed to grow more trusting. "Okay," she leaned back in and hurriedly rolled the fur vest from her bare arms, while Jack worked her white tank top off. She pressed her small palms to his pecs and pushed him back onto his bed, their lips still in sync. He felt her back and anchored her closer to his body. Huffing sweet moans into her mouth while he gripped her hips and tugged her stockings down along with her leather skirt. She kicked off her calf boots and mounted him tightly with her thighs hugging around his body, while he sat back up. His arms hoisted her deeper onto his lap, and she felt his erection throbbing between her legs. Before she could have gotten the waistband of his sweatpants in her grasp, his phone began to ring on the nightstand and he broke away with a small gasp of frustration.

"Do you have to answer it?" She panted when he carelessly lifted her off of him to retrieve it. She sat on the edge of his bed and watched him check with hesitation before he answered.

"This isn't a good time," were the first words to exit his mouth. And his entire demeanor shifted. Anxiety riddled in his hands while he raked his fingers through his hair.

Eriko struggled to hear the receiving end, and it vaguely sounded like a girl. She frowned and tucked her hair shamefully behind her ear.

Jack sank down on the bed. "So you need me to do that right now?" He bit his nail and gave a quick glance back at Eriko. "Fine, fine, quit getting pissed off. I'll do it..." he got on his feet and started tracking down the spiral metal stairs of his loft. "How'd you figure out where I was anyways?"

Eriko looked over the banister and watched him walk out the front door of his apartment, leaving her half naked in his bed. She stayed up there, and proceeded to pull her stockings back up. She'd fully dressed herself when Jack walked back in... holding a child. Her eyes widened and she sank back, deciding not to go downstairs yet.

Jack planted the small boy on the ground and he started running around the living area. "Hey, calm down," he demanded. The boy kept acting up, jumping on the furniture. He pressed the phone to his ear again. "Yeah, he's fine," he stated. "Jeremy," he called the boy. "Say bye to your mommy." He handed him the phone and the boy pressed it awkwardly to his ear before he said goodbye in a saddened voice. He handed the phone to Jack right before he went back to playing on the couch. "Yeah, just call me when you're ready to come get him. Yeah, I love you, bye." He hung up the phone and put it in his back pocket. He rustled the boy's hair and told him to stay downstairs. He walked up the stairs finding Eriko awkwardly waiting on his bed, fully dressed. "Sorry, he's my nephew," he explained and took a seat beside her.

She cocked her brow "You have a sister?"

Jack raised a brow in response. "Is that...a problem?" He scoffed. "He's only gonna be here a few hours."

Eriko lowered her gaze and nodded reluctantly. "Fine. We don't have to fuck. Maybe we could watch a movie together or something."

"Actually," Jack hissed out. "I'm gonna need you to like... ya know... go?"

Eriko's expression fell off her face. "Seriously? You had me waiting for like twenty minutes—"

"Eriko. Just this one time. You can come back tomorrow for all I care. Just not while the kid's here. Okay?"

Her brows furrowed. "Ugh," she groaned. "Fine. It's okay, I'll just come back later." She got off his bed and started down the stairs. Jack followed.

Jeremy laid sprawled on the couch with a tablet in both his hands, playing Minecraft. Eriko opened his front door and faced him before she decided to leave. "I can come back tomorrow?"

Jack touched her chin and brushed his thumb along her small yet pursed lips. "Hell yeah you can," he bent down and touched a soft kiss on her lips. "I'll see you then, okay?" Eriko walked out and he closed the door, locking it behind her. He turned around to find Jeremy at his feet staring at him like a deer in headlights. Jack touched his head with a small rustle of his hair. "Hey squirt."

"Daddy," Jeremy lifted up his tablet. "Will you play wif me?"

Jack nodded. "Yeah, sure. You're playing Minecraft huh?"

"Uh-huh," they sat down on the couch and Jeremy cuddled in Jack's lap. "Daddy," he looked back at him. "Who was that lady?"

"Just my friend, don't worry about it," Jack touched his hair. "You have dandruff," he took a better look, parting his son's blonde curls. "What the fuck is your mom doing to your hair?"

"Fuck is a bad word daddy."

"Yeah, so watch your mouth," he leaned back slightly and watched as his son explained how to play Minecraft in his own language of gibberish and English. He nearly fell asleep, until Jeremy caught him.

"Daddy, you're not listening," he exclaimed. "I'm tryin to show you."

"I know, I'm listening. Show me."

"See, I can make pigs. Oink oink!" He tapped the screen eagerly making pixelated 3D pigs appear. "See daddy!" He laughed. "They pink!"

"Yes..." Jack went into his pocket for his phone. "Very pink," he sighed with a slight yawn. He opened his messages and replied to a few. "Hey Jeremy," Jack stated. "I'm gonna make you some eggs," he lifted Jeremy up and planted him on the other end of the couch. "Some eggs, were bacon and jelly toast for dinner."

"That's brefast!" Jeremy giggled.

"Yeah, well that's what I'm making. Breakfast for dinner." He walked into the kitchen tiredly.

"You silly daddy!" Jeremy exclaimed. "No crust on the bread," he told him. "And, and I want eggs wif cheese—"

"Yes, daddy knows— with cheese." He opened the fridge and started the process of making his breakfast for dinner.

It had been several hours after they'd eaten, and Jeremy was desperately trying to stay awake. He laid across his lap, with Jack barely clinging to consciousness himself. His neck was craned back against the couch, with his fingers gently stroking his son's hair. Jeremy gently nodded off, with the tablet against his stomach and little snores leaving his nose. "Finally..." Jack huffed and quietly reached for his phone. He opened his messages and answered a few from Sadie. She seemed to be going on about something in broken paragraphs. He skimmed through them, too exhausted to even begin thinking of a reply. He told her to talk to him about it tomorrow, and laid his head back.

Eventually, there was a ring at his door, and he sat up. Jack carefully lifted Jeremy in his embrace and carried him to the front door, opening it to find a short, stocky, blonde woman, at his door. Her brown eyes seeped into his soul relentlessly and she radiated an air of resentment when Jack handed Jeremy back. "Hey Cherry," he greeted with his shoulder propped against the door frame. "He's fuckin out, so you're welcome." He rubbed his eye lazily. "How was work?"

"Fine, I was able to get off a little early so..." she hiked Jeremy in her arms and took his bag of toys, slinging it across her shoulder. She subtly looked him over, this tinge of hunger glittering in her curious eyes. "So... how're you?"

Jack ran his fingers through his hair. "You're really asking me that? How the fuck did you find me?"

Cheryl's eyes widened. "Don't be a dick Jack!" She hissed at him with her face reddening. "You can't neglect your child!"

"I wasn't neglecting, I needed a fuckin break! You were banging down my door, flipping the handle if I had a chick over!"

"You can't just run away from me..." her voice became threatening and cold. "I'm not gonna let you. I hope you had fun pretending I didn't exist, while you had the chance. Because your weekends are gonna be filled with Jeremy." She stated it like time with their son was some sort of punishment.

"If you're mad at me for not sleeping with you, don't let it out on him. I don't mind seeing him. You're the one I needed a break from."

Cheryl furrowed her brows and narrowed her eyes at him. "Why have you been avoiding my phone calls until now?"

"Because I knew you'd find me. You're fucking insane." Jack replied. "You're fucking horny...." he looked her over, making her lips tighten angrily. "And you're fucking crazy." His eyelids became low. "You're just my fuckin type."

"Don't tease me like that..." Cheryl huffed. "You don't find me attractive anymore..."

"Who said that?" He took a step closer to her. "Tell me who said that?"

Cheryl lowered her gaze. "Nobody..." she exhaled. She touched his nose and caressed the side of his face with her fingertips. She brushed her thumb along his juicy bottom lip and then bit down on her own before she kissed him.

Jack sucked her lips passionately combining them with his own. Moaning in sync with her, when she gripped the nape of his neck, forcing her tongue in his mouth. He furrowed his brow, frenching her almost angrily while his hand slowly cupped her hips, before he ripped away. "Get the fuck out of here," he panted. "Before I fuck your brains out."

Cheryl stumbled back and readjusted Jeremy on her hip. "Fine..."

"And I'm in school, you know that right?" Jack lowered his gaze to her cleavage. "So my weekends most likely aren't free. I'll let you know when you can bring the squirt by."

"No Jack, I'll decide." She stepped away from him. "And next time I come through here, you are gonna fuck my brains out."

"Okay," he grinned subtly. "Bye."

"Bye..." she sucked in her lower lip. "I love you."

"I love you too Cherry," he cooed and pulled away from the door, closing it slightly. "Drive safe, bye," he closed the door and walked back into his apartment.

For some reason the space seemed smaller than it once had. And this aching sense of guilt had consumed his body. He sank onto the couch, trying to fill the void with television, but only growing antsy within the next hour. He got up to straighten the kitchen and tidy the mess his son left in his wake. He found himself missing the sight of Jeremy roaming around with his tablet. He almost hated himself for loving him, especially since he was sometimes so easy to forget. No, actually not so easily. He loved him every second he wasn't around. And when he saw his face, which resembled his own so much... his heart swam. He'd do backflips for that little shit and he didn't really know why. Fatherhood was strange, and he kind of hated it, but he wouldn't trade that condom breaking for anything.

He scrubbed the inside of the sink and then migrated to the counters and glass cabinets. He eventually swept the floor, leaving little work for the maid in the morning, before he decided to retire upstairs for bed. He stripped down to his boxers, and slipped into his silk comforter and sheets, delving into sleep the more comfortable he got.

The next thing he knew, it was morning.
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