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Chapter Six

He dressed himself in a neon orange, reflective windbreaker, Orange Nike’s and black nike joggers. When he got into the car with Andrew he was strangely quiet.

He rested his cheek in his palm and stared out the window, quietly observing while Andrew drove. Andrew wasn’t going to spoil the perfect silence by speaking up, but it was odd for Jack to be in such low spirits. “You okay…?” He inquired.

Jack glanced at him for a second. “I saw my son yesterday—“

Andrew almost swerved the car out of its lane upon hearing that. “You have a son!?”

“Yeah?” Jack scoffed and sat up a little. “He’s four, his name’s Jeremy. His mom is like 22—“

“22? Jesus. You were only like 14 when you like conceived him… what the fuck?”

Jack shrugged. “I got around even back then. And it cost me a baby.”

Andrew looked at him. “That’s crazy. I honestly had no idea. Are you like… part of his life?”

“Yeah, in a way. We co-parent, but she gets full custody unless something happens to her. But we financially take care of him pretty much. She’s like, dirt poor and the only reason I don’t have full custody is because I’m in high school.”

“Would you want full custody?”

“Not really. But at least I know he wouldn’t want for anything.”

“Does anybody else know about him besides me?” Andrew questioned once they’d pulled up to the school.

“Only my mom. Everybody else who’s
seen him in the past thinks he’s my nephew.” He looked at Andrew. “Don’t tell anybody.”

Andrew’s eyes widened. “Sure…”

Jack got out of the car and before he could settle into his role as a student in high school, Aaron walked up to him. He met the tall quarterback at eye level and took a step back when he’d approached him a bit too closely. “What?” He inquired.

Without another word shared between them; Aaron punched Jack across the face and caused him to nearly fall back. He caught himself on his other foot and doubled over as a hoard of students started to crowd around them with excitement.

“Eriko told me everything!” He shouted at him with his voice almost cracking from the rage. He grabbed Jack by the collar of his shirt and shook him, with his bloody nose dripping down his face. “She was a virgin you fucking prick!”

Jack panted, struggling to come back into himself after it almost was knocked out of him. “Well… good for her,” he choked out through the blood in his mouth. “Her first time was a threesome with me. How lucky could one girl possibly be?”

Aaron gripped his shirt tighter before he threw him away nearly causing him to fall. Jack caught himself once again and stood upright, adjusting his crinkled jacket while Aaron stormed away. He tapped his nose, and looked at a random person passing by. “Is it broken?” He asked them. She shook her head anxiously. “Fuck, thank god…” he made his way to the nurse and took a seat with his head tilted back. He looked around the small white room and folded his arms, pissed that he’d gotten punched in non other than in his face. (His most prized possession.) To his luck, Sadie had walked in behind him with her stomach clutched in her fist. She sank down in the seat next to his, wafting a soft smell of peaches into the room, like usual.

“What was with that text you sent me last night?”

Sadie rubbed her stomach achingly. “What was with you not answering it?” She replied sassily. “That’s neither here nor there Jack. I was just trying to tell you something important,” she looked at him. Her face was different. He never noticed how much she glowed, until he saw it was missing. He furrowed his brow at her, concerned. “And I just…I didn’t know who else to tell okay.”

“Well what is it?” He prodded.

Sadie lowered her gaze, and it was his first time ever seen tears in her eyes. She abruptly looked away and inhaled sharply. “I…” she tucked her hair behind her ear and whimpered. “I had a miscarriage….” she whispered under her breath to him.

Jack’s eyes widened. “What the fuck… seriously?”

Sadie nodded sharply and wiped her hand against her nose . “Yeah, I did. And I didn’t even know I was pregnant…”

He tried to lay his hand on top of hers, but she ripped it away. “Jack…” she looked up at him and inhaled a shaky breath. “I don’t think we should hang out anymore.” His eyes widened. “This is like the worst thing that’s ever happened to me… and I don’t even know how I’m gonna deal with it. I’m frankly at a loss for words. So…”

“—Carey,” the nurse called him into her office. Jack slowly stood up and looked at Sadie with his own eyes watering.

“But Sadie—“

“Just get out of my life…please,” she couldn’t even look into his eyes.

“Sadie please, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Carey, you can come in now…” the nurse called for him again.

Jack lowered his gaze to the floor when Sadie had nothing else to have said. “Fine…” he stormed off.

He couldn’t get Sadie out of his mind even while he sat in class. In fact, the classroom made it worse, so did the fact that he was taking a test. He sat hunched over his desk, struggling to figure out the answers to the multiple choice. But his entire mind was foggy. Filled with thoughts of Sadie and what she said. He raked his fingers through his hair and like a godsend, the bell had finally rung. He turned in his test, and left the room in a hurry to find her.

“I told you I don’t wanna talk to you,” Sadie exclaimed while she struggled to get past him and into band practice after school. She glared up at him with her eyes growing red and puffy. “Jack, leave me alone—“

“Was it mine?” He questioned. Sadie stopped moving. He crouched down to her level and looked her in the eyes. “Was it my baby?”

Sadie’s lip quivered and she only glared at him harder. “I don’t know…” she muttered.


“I don’t know!” She finally exclaimed, nearly sobbing. She inhaled sharply and wiped her eyes with haste. “I don’t know who’s it was. Maybe yours. Maybe somebody else’s, I don’t know.” She folded her arms. “All I know is how much of a slut I am.”


“Don’t try to comfort me. It wont work. You’re the last person to decide if I’m a slut or not. You’re the biggest of them all!”

“Sadie, I’m your friend first, you know that,” he tried to touch her shoulders but she was inconsolable. “Sadie, please..”

“Do you know what it’s like?” She snapped at him. “To have a misscarrage and not even know what’s happening to you? There was so much blood, Jack, it was everywhere. Fucking all over the place. And every muscle in my body hurt. I thought I was dying, I had to be rushed to the hospital just so a doctor could tell me that I lost my baby,” she broke down crying into her hands. Jack had never seen her act out any other emotion besides happiness before. He assumed they were close, but he never realized how far apart they really were. Maybe they weren’t close after all. Maybe the sex was just an illusion of closeness. The only form of closeness Jack was accustomed to. Same with Sadie. “I had to tell my parents. They were so disappointed in me… so disgusted with me. I was already so angry with myself, I was so scared I was gonna die. It was so scary Jack…” she walked up to him and tiredly rested her head against his chest. “I was so scared.”

He slowly draped his arms across her back and rubbed her shoulders with his palms, struggling to find a way to empathize with her, without making her fragile state worsen. He decided just to hold her. There wasn’t much he could have said to alleviate her pain anyways. He squeezed her a bit closer, and she sobbed a bit louder. Eventually, he’d sat on the floor and she laid next to him with her head on his shoulder and his arm hugged around her body. She laid there staring off in space with tears and snot dripping down her face.

She hiccuped a little and nuzzled closer to him. “I’m sorry I got so angry with you…” she exhaled. “I had a feeling it was yours. You were the only person I was sleeping with the last two months. But still… it could have been anybody’s. I slept around a lot before I met you.”

“Well there’s no fault in that. I’m not the person to judge you. I mean shit, that’s how we got along in the first place.”

Sadie scoffed a little. “I think I’m addicted to sex…” she sat up slightly. “I think I wanna have sex right now. Even though I’m so fucking sad…I’m still so fucking horny too.” Her voice sounded crackly and her eyes were smudged with brown eyeliner. “Are you horny?”

Jack looked at her. “Not necessarily, but I can get there,” he replied. “Shit, maybe we are addicted.”

Sadie got on her feet. “I have to go. My parents wanna take me back to the hospital for an appointment. My stomach’s been cramping all day so it’s probably a good idea.” She picked up her backpack. “I missed band practice thanks to you.”

“Like you’re in the headspace to play an instrument,” Jack got up with her. “You’re gonna be okay?”

Sadie looked down at herself and nodded half-heartedly. “Yeah…” she exhaled and touched her hair. “I’ll survive, I think it’s just still too fresh to tell right now. So I’ll keep you posted.”

“Do you want me to stay out of your life still…?”

Sadie shook her head. “No. And I’m sorry for saying that. It was totally out of character and I’m sorry.”

Jack nodded. “Well, I’m here for you. For anything.”

Sadie smiled weakly. “Thanks. Catch you later alligator,” she hiked her bag on her back and walked off.

Jack’s smile faded as she disappeared down the hall. He wandered the hallways himself, wondering what he could do since Andrew happened to be running late. He walked past the gym and saw the cheerleaders training through the glass. He curiously pushed the doors open, wanting a distraction. And what better than a bunch of hotties in spandex doing flips? He took a seat on the bleachers and locked eyes with Amanda while she was yelling commands with the music blaring.

No matter how she tried to get her head back straight, she found herself looking at him again, until eventually, she called for a break. The crowd of cheerleaders dispersed and went about their business. Amanda almost approached him, but Eriko beat her to the punch.

“Jack, hey!” She greeted excitedly and skipped over to him. Her pink and blonde streaked hair bouncing playfully in her high ponytail. “What’s up?” She sat next to him and held his hand, moving closer.

Amanda raised her brow at him vaguely before she turned away. He looked at Eriko. “Hey, and I’m not up to much, just got bored, thought I’d come watch you.”

“Oh no, don’t watch me, I’ll get nervous,” she giggled with her hand in front of her face. “Oh, what happened to your lip?” She touched the small cut in his lip that Aaron left him.

“Oh, this? Aaron just punched me this morning—“

“Why!?” She exclaimed with a cute whimper. “Why would he do that!?”

“Well I think he just doesn’t like seeing us together. So maybe he was jealous…” he trailed off. “One thing though… you were a virgin?”

Eriko’s eyes widened. “Oh, well yeah. But I thought it would make sense to give it to somebody with experience who could make my first time good.”

Jack's eyes widened. “I didn’t hurt you?”

Eriko shrugged. “Not too much. It was overall really good sex. I was wondering if you were still up for seeing me tonight?”

Jack thought back to what happened the last time she came over. “Yeah, I mean that should be fine.”

Eriko furrowed her brows. “Are you okay? Do you want me to come over?”

Jack nodded. “Of course I do,” he lowered his hand to her knee, and slowly slid it up her thigh. “Of course,” he exhaled against her lips with a small grin forming on his face. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

Eriko giggled and sucked in her bottom lip. “Okay,” she exclaimed. She pecked his lips and pulled away excitedly. “Stay here, I’ll be right back,” she cooed into his mouth.

“Hey, Eriko!” Amanda yelled for her when she left the gym into the female locker room. “Eriko!” The door to the locker room slammed shut.

Amanda snapped her eyes back onto Jack along with the other girls on the team, including Alexis. Jack stood up, when Amanda stormed up to him with her perfect body swaying from side to side like she was some sort of beautiful horse. He almost bit his lip, but that wouldn’t bode well with how pissed off she was. “Hey, you can’t just come here and uproot our practice. We have a home game coming up and we need to put in work!”

“I didn’t think you could get any cuter, but that was before I saw you angry. I didn’t think you could get any cuter considering how you almost kissed me when you got shitfaced drunk the other night.”

Amanda’s eyes widened and her face flushed red. “Don’t call me cute!” She snapped. “And I didn’t try to kiss you!”

Jack cocked his brow. “Sure, maybe you don’t remember. But you definitely did.”

“Just get out of here.”

“I’m not leaving without Eriko, she told me to wait here for her, so I am. It seems like you’re the only one who’s bothered.”

“Jack, me and these girls are a team. We need every cheerleader here to make the routine work. And you may have sank your fangs into poor little Eriko, but you are not going to mess this up for us just because you can’t keep it in your pants. Now get the hell out.”

Jack exhaled a short laugh. “Fine, whatever you say, princess,” he did a mocking curtsey before he grabbed his bag and walked out.

About another ten minutes went by and Eriko rushed out with her duffel bag and wearing a change of clothes. A pink sweatsuit with white nike hightops. She rushed up to him and nuzzled her head against his chest. “Hey!” She exclaimed with a childish smile. “I was able to get out of cheer today. Amanda was super mad, but she said it was okay for now,” she kissed Jack’s lips. “Let’s get to your house already.”

Jack grabbed her duffel bag. “Yeah sure baby,” he grinned, completely overwhelmed by her cuteness. He took her hand in his own and they went outside. “You drove here?” He inquired.

She nodded. “Yeah, I can drive!” She pulled him over to her light blue Lexus and he put her bags in the trunk before getting into the passenger's seat. The entire vehicle smelt like pomegranate. She sank into the front seat, and pulled a vape-mod from the glove compartment. She turned it on, and pulled the smoke out of the vape, exhaling a big strawberry-smelling cloud. “It’s cbd,” she stated. “Alexis got me into it. Wanna try?”

Jack looked at it. “Uh, nah I’m good,” he scoffed.

“You scared?” She hit it again with a hiss of the vape and blew a cloud in his face.

Jack wafted it with his hand and coughed. “I’d rather just smoke weed.”

“You have weed at your place?”

Jack nodded. “I have an ounce,” he replied. “Let’s just get there and I can see about smoking some with you.”

“Oh yay!” She started the car. “I’m so excited, we’re gonna have so much fun!” She opened her phone and texted while she backed out of her parking spot. Jack gripped the oh-shit-bar by the door and buckled himself in when she sped off. She barely looked at the road while she followed the gps through the narrow streets. “So have you dated a lot of girls?”

Jack glanced at her, with his body melted into his seat with fear. “Huh? Well, not really. Here and there. Why?”

“I mean, we’re dating right?” She hit her vape and exhaled some smoke into his face before looking down at her phone. She switched lanes while she replied to a text, and swiveled around a car with one hand on the wheel.

“Jesus you drive like shit,” Jack exclaimed under his breath, his heart racing in his chest.

“Huh?” She hit her vape again, and turned up the trap music on her radio.

Jack’s eyes widened. “Nothing. My apartment is right here.”

When they made it into his home, Eriko didn’t waste a second to make herself at home. She took off her shoes and hurried up his stairs to his bed while she struggled her sweatshirt off. She threw it aside and shimmied out of her sweatpants. Jack watched her crawl onto his bed and do a cute tumble across the California king sized mattress in her underwear.

Jack leaned against the banister, getting off by just watching her play around in her panties. She did another tumble and landed on her knees, with her hair falling out of its ponytail. “Come here!” She exclaimed with an extended hand.

Jack stepped out of his shoes and slipped off his shirt while he took a knee on the bed, and mounted her. He corralled her energetic body beneath his own, and showered her neck with kisses. “Fuck you’re so soft,” he huffed with his tongue trailing down her collar bones.

Eriko moaned a little when he unlatched her bra from the front. It flipped open exposing her nipples which he didn’t wait to take a taste of. Eriko rolled her back into an arch and she gasped sweetly, clutching his hand in her own. He trailed his suckling lips down her stomach making her giggle, until he was between her legs. Her long acrylic nails curled into his hair while he bit the edge of her panties, pulling them down to her knees. “Fuck you’re so wet,” he purred with his tongue slipping between her nether lips, tasting the excess of her creams. Eriko sighed and bucked her hips while he sucked on her clit.

He continued to eat her out, with his fingers dipping in and out of her heat, and her body writhing and moaning helplessly. “Feel good baby?” He cooed.

“Ah! Don’t stop!” She pleaded with her voice cracking and her moans getting louder. “Fuck…” she shuddered with her nails sinking into his scalp.

“Fuck you’re so fuckin wet,” he grinned with his tongue painting along her hole. He inhaled the bready scent of her and slurped her clit into his mouth, making her cry out. “Are you gonna cum?”

Eriko nodded with panting breaths. “Uh-huh,” she cooed with her eyes glossed over with tears.

“Good girl,” he grinned with his light green eyes peering up at her. “You’re so goddamn cute. Tell me when you’re coming. I wanna hear you.”

Eriko tilted her head back, panting short breaths into the air with her whimpers growing more restless. “Oh god…” she cried. “Oh god…” she gripped his hair and pulled with her hips raising anxiously. “I’m coming!” She exclaimed with a high cry of appraisal. Her thighs trembled and locked around his head, while her hips swiveled. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She cried out. “Yes…yes…” she cooed.

“Fucking hell,” he panted and lifted his head back up. He crawled up her body while he tugged his joggers down his legs, kicking them from his ankles. “You’re the cutest thing on the planet...” he panted with his lips parallel to hers. “I loved eating you up.”

Eriko giggled against his wet lips. “I loved being eaten…” she curled her fingers into his hair. “You wanna fuck?”

Jack nodded and pulled his penis from his boxers. “Oh yeah,” he parted her thighs and positioned his hips. “You like this position?”

“I like the one we did when we had the threesome,” Eriko eagerly sat up and pushed him back in the process. She lowered him on his back, and kissed down his chest. Every tap of her lips caused a chill to go through his spine. She kissed his penis with a light giggle, before she sucked the head in a teasing and inexperienced manner. He watched as she licked it from the base up like it was candy, and suckled on the head like an ice pop. She was such a virgin.

“Do you know how to suck dick?” Jack sat up on his elbows and touched the back of her head with his hand. “Lemme teach you.” Eriko looked up at him, and gagged when he gently pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. She gagged a little as she began to swallow the head into her throat. He bobbed her head up and down until she had to come up for breath. Strings of her saliva dripping from her mouth while she nearly coughed. “Good girl,” he lifted her chin and rubbed her wet lips with his thumb. “Again…” he pushed his dick back into her mouth and Eriko gagged.

Eventually, she got the hang of it without the help of his hand guiding her head. She pulled back often to breathe, but outside of that… she was a natural. “Fuck, you’re so good,” he exhaled. Though not nearly as good as Sadie. “Keep going.”

Eriko listened and eventually pulled away for good. “Can we fuck now?” She inquired and crawled up his body. She pressed the raw tip to her opening and slowly dipped him inside herself with ease. Her tightness held up a fight, until she fully lowered herself on top of him with a soft grunt. Jack sighed with relief and held her hips, making her move in a rolling motion.

“Show me how a cheerleader does it baby,” he grinned with a bite of his lip. He moaned when she started shifting her hips back and forth in a shapeless motion. Her body moving like waves in an ocean, with a steady rhythm. His hips moving upward as she moved down. His eyes oddly never left hers and he touched her face, moaning out loud just like her, with his thumb in her mouth and her gently biting down on his fingers.

Eriko tilted her head back, moaning soft chirp-like moans every time his hips moved upward into her. “Fuck…” she cooed. She gripped his hand and kept a steady motion with her fingers locked around his. “Fuck you have such a big dick…”

“It’s okay baby,” he held her hips. “You can take it…” he shifted his hips a little faster, making her moans bleat out of her. “You’re so goddamn tight.”

“I just wanna cum with you…” she whimpered and looked down at him. “Jack… can we cum together?”

Jack nodded and touched her cheek. “Yeah,” he nodded. “Yeah we can.”

Eventually they had. And when Eriko put her panties back on, she crawled next to him and laid on his chest. She looked up at him and kissed his jaw. “You never answered my question,” she sighed with her finger tracing his nipple.

“Answer what?”

She looked up at him with the blue contacts in her usually dark eyes making them seem larger. “Are we dating? Like…. just us two together?”

Jack touched her cheek. She was so beautiful it was almost overbearing. “Yeah,” he replied with as little hesitation as he could manage. “Just us together.”

“I’ll make sure I talk to Aaron. Tell him to leave you alone,” she kissed his neck. “He missed his chance forever ago… so he has nothing to be mad about.”

Jack rubbed her scalp gently. “What is it between you two?”

Eriko shrugged. “Sexual tension?” She scoffed. “I don’t know. But he’s liked me since I got to the school. I just never liked him like that ya know.”

“He’s a good looking guy though. So why not?”

“Well if you didn’t figure it out yet, he has serious anger issues,” she explained. “I just can’t deal with him when he’s worked up. I mean he’s never blown up on me, but I’ve seen him blow up.”

“Shit. Sounds like he’s an asshole.”

“I mean, he did punch you this morning,” she slowly sat up and grabbed her vape from his night stand. “Do you hate that I vape?”

Jack shrugged. “No, I hate when you blow it in my face.”

“Like this?” She exhaled a cloud in his eyes and giggled at his reaction. “I’m sorry,” she grinned.

Jack kissed her lips and gently slapped her ass. “Why’re you so tiny?”

Eriko tilted her head at him. “What do you mean?”

“You’re just,” he draped his arms across her body. “So small and cute.”

Eriko flushed red and giggled a little. “I don’t know, I just am.”

“And your accent is sexy as fuck,” he purred with his lips against her neck. “You’re Japanese right?”

Eriko nodded. “Yeah.”

“Sadie told me you didn’t even know English when you came here.”

Eriko shrugged. “I barely did. But I do now. I’ve known English for years thanks to the people at school.”

“You spoke Japanese while we were fucking…” he ran his hand along the small of her back.

Eriko bit her lip. “Yeah, a little. I couldn’t help it.”

“It was so hot,” he touched her ass again. “You’re just sexy.”

“You’re sexy,” Eriko kissed his lips.

Eriko slowly sat up when her phone vibrated. “Shit,” she scoffed when she started texting. “Somebody sprained their ankle in practice today,” she bit her nail a little bit before hitting her vape.


“Some girl Lydia,” Eriko put her phone back and looked at him. “Why’re you with me?” She questioned.

“Well… why not?”

“That’s not an answer. I wanna know why? I mean, what do you like about me?”

Jack took her hand and kissed it. “I like how cute you are.”

Eriko pouted a little. “That’s it?”

Jack shrugged a little. “Yeah. You’re extremely cute with everything you do.”

“So you’re just dating me because I’m cute? You’re just fucking me because I’m cute?”

Jack furrowed his brow, unsure as to why she was upset. “Uh… is that a bad thing?”

“I mean… yeah. You should like me for more than just how cute I am.”

“I mean all we’ve done is fuck. You’re expecting something of me that I can’t even give you. All you’ve shown me is how cute you fuckin are.”

Eriko furrowed her brow. “You’re such an asshole. I’m not just some cute fuckable thing!”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright shit. I’m sorry.”

Eriko glared at him. “You’re sorry?”

Jack nodded. “You’re more than just cute. You’re … you’re beautiful.”

Eriko’s eyes widened. “Really?” She sniveled.

Jack scoffed. All he had to do was change his choice of words? “Yeah. So beautiful. Amazing. You have such a great personality. You’re stunning baby.”

Eriko smiled shyly with blush surfacing on her cheeks. “You’re so sweet,” she kissed his lips while Jack rolled his eyes. “I should probably start heading home.”

Jack touched her hair and sat up as she did. “Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He pulled her into another kiss and sucked her lips hungrily with his own. “Fuck, you wanna fuck really fast?”

Eriko giggled with a bite of her lip. “I wish I could. But I have a curfew,” she pulled away. “It’s almost 8,” she got off of his bed and Jack watched as she got dressed. “Sucks we didn’t get to smoke any weed.”

“Yeah I know right,” he got out of bed and pulled on a pair of sweatpants from the floor. He followed her down the stairs. “Maybe another day—“

“Can I see you tomorrow!?” She exclaimed while they neared his front door. She adjusted her hoodie and grabbed her backpack.

Jack's eyes widened. “Again?”

Eriko nodded. “Yeah, we should at least see each other every day. So then we can grow a bond.”

“A bond…?” Jack exhaled a short laugh. “Baby, I need alone time sometimes too.”

Eriko took his hand. “Please…” she pouted with a widen of her soft eyes.

Jack groaned and looked away from her face. “You’re so fucking cute,” he muttered. “Fine. Tomorrow. But that’s it, alright. I can’t see you every day.”

“Why not? We have so much fun together.” She got on her toes and kissed his cheek. “Alright, I’ll see you around.” She stepped out the door and Jack watched her get into the elevator before he went back inside.

He slouched onto his couch and opened a compartment in his coffee table where he kept all his weed. There was some missing. “Did the maid smoke my weed?” He scoffed while he started rolling himself a quick joint. “Weird I’ve never met her before.”
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