Daddy's Slut Girl

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This is only a short story. Consisting with a bit of BDSM. A matured content. It's just the way to express when my boredom strike. If you find some errors just let me know. Still in the editing process.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


By: Aphrodite

It’s summer and everyone is busy doing parties everywhere.

Meet Maxi a slut-baby. She goes out with her lover, her sugar daddy, and whoever else she chooses.

She stood before him, hands clasped behind her back like an errant schoolgirl, eyes downcast, not speaking. Simon walked around her in the hotel suite, fitting her into the space around them in his mind. The room was tawny gold and black and silver, large with a gigantic bed in the center and couches, chairs, and tables arranged in lush groupings around the suite. The evening lights of the city shone through large windows and doors open to a large balcony forty stories above street level.

And in the center of the floor space, she stood before him, waiting. Auburn with highlighted red curls past shoulders, now, as she was letting it grow.

“I like it long”, he’d said once.

She’d worn it up, tonight, as requested, with only a few curls escaping to slide down her neck and over collarbones. Pale skin without its summer tan but still with the lush curves that she alternately loved and hated. Deep hazel-brown eyes, pouty red lips, a fringe of dark eyelashes as she looked at the floor. She wore a long black strapless dress, yards of taffeta, and her pearls.

“You do please me, sweetheart,” he spoke.

Her eyes lifted. He thought he saw a small spark of defiance in her jawline and in her eyes, just a silvery flash, quickly replaced by a small deferential nod and a wide-eyed, tender smile.

“Thank you,” she said softly, blushing with pleasure at his approval.

He pulled her to him for a kiss, and she melted against him, silky and sinuous and full of sexy promises, their lips playing over each other, tongues teasing, teeth nipping at lips and grazing jaws and collarbones.

“Ohhhh....” and he gently pushed her away. Her heart stopped for a moment - was he angry? Had she done something wrong? - But she covered her bewilderment quickly, smiling at him through slightly lowered lashes.

“Sweetheart, I would love to kiss you forever, but I have a surprise for you tonight,” he said, smiling.

He was aware that she did not submit easily to anyone. He was also aware that she was perhaps overly sensitive to his moods, his actions, even his gestures. This combination of attunement and rebellion made her an interesting toy, one he delighted in playing with.

“A surprise?” Her chin lifted, her eyes met his straight on, and she grinned mischievously.

“What is it, Love?”

“No, I am not telling you now. You are my own Slut, my most delicious little whore, correct?”

“Yes, my love, of course,” she said steadily, without missing a beat, without lowering her eyes.

“You know I love being yours.”

“Yes,” he said seriously.

“Tonight we see.” Her head tossed slightly as her eyes appraised him.

“Do you doubt my love, my obedience? Have I ever given you a reason to think I am not completely yours?”

“No, Sweetheart,” he smiled, and her temper cooled instantly.

“But tonight we will test your limits. How far will you go for me? What will you do?”

“Whatever you want, love,” she answered softly.

“You know this. What would you have me do?”

“Do you trust me, sweetheart?” he asked, bringing from his pocket a length of velvet ribbon.

“Yes,” she answered, and found that in fact, she did. Completely.

“I will not have you hurt, you understand this, yes?” he asked, brushing his fingers over her neck, unclasping her pearls. She nodded, and did not question him.

“Should you at any time need to stop, you need only signal me, call me by name,” She nodded again as he dropped her pearls into his pocket and reached around her neck with the ribbon, fingers against skin... her breath caught as he tied the ribbon securely in a knot at the back and tucked the ends under the ribbon, forming a perfect circle around her neck.

He turned her to look in the mirror.

“You are beautiful, and you are intelligent, and you are sexy, and you are mine,” he smiled into their reflections by saying those words.

“You will be very popular this evening.”

She smiled, and took his arm, and they left the suite. She did not see the small folded note on the dresser.

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