You and Me and You

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I don’t really know how to describe a kiss to someone. It’s like masturbation. When you describe it to someone, you just say “and then you just keep fapping onto your thing” and it seems so not-fun or laborious. But in reality while you are doing that, even if it’s exhausting you just don’t want to stop. You just want to keep going until you orgasm.

Erotica / Romance
Black Hole
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She loved me, I loved her and She loved me

Maths is boring. Everybody knows it, but we still have to pretend as if we’re interested like, can’t you just see I’m bored. I’m not even looking at the board.

“ROHIT! Where are you looking?” I heard a loud noise suddenly.

“Oh nowhere sir. I was trying to understand the third line in the equation. I was wondering why you added root square on both side when one of them already had it?”

“You should’ve just asked me then you’ll lag behind if you don’t ask questions when you don’t understand something.”

And then he proceeds to explain it like I care. Yup! a loud, irritating noise. Very irritating should I add.

“Sir, May I come in?” Someone at the door asked the teacher.

I looked at the door and wow it was Lisa, we were in the same class last year. but this year we both chose different subjects and well now we both were in different classes.

It’s not as if we were in a relationship but yeah we were friends. Actually there were many girls in our class. And I was kinda friend to all of them. Just a few girls who weren’t my friend.

All of my guy friends were also close to all the girls but none of us had anything more than being friends with each other.

Anyway, back to the girl. Well what can I say, I wasn’t expecting her to come here.

Our year had just started and most students in my class were new. Including the one who was sitting right beside me.

Just as she asked the teacher, and we all looked at the door he said,

“Oh my love she’s so sexy!”

I just looked at him and smiled.

“I know her.”


“Of course she’s just pretty not a goddess that peasants like us can’t even have connections with her.”

“Dude, can you set me up with her.”

Right when he said this, she said that Renu mam is calling me. And literally as she said this everyone in the class looked at me including the teacher.

I said, “She’s calling me? Why”?

Now why the heck would any teacher need me? I am literally of no use to anyone.

She just replied, “I don’t know” innocently.

Mr. Prajapati (the teacher) just said, “Who’s Rohit? You? Go then.”

The guy who was sitting beside me said, “From all of us she came to call just you. Something’s up between you both. Alright, caught a big fish.”

“What fish is bigger than your mom.” I said to him smiling and then left right at that moment.

He said something to me back but what could he have done he was already defeated.

The good’ol mom insult works every time.

Anyway, when I approached Lisa she smiled at me.

That made me smile too.

“How are you?” I asked her.

“I’m good what about you?”

“ I always stay perfect.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yeah, don’t believe me? just look at me smile.”

I was already smiling, so I looked at her and on seeing my smile she laughed.

“OK, that’s good. Keep smiling.”

And then she put her hand on my left shoulder. She was walking on my left.

I said, “ Sure, as long as you’re smiling.” While looking at her.

She was smirking after that. Then she said,

“So how’s the new class?”

“How can the new class be? Class teacher’s a bitch. Doesn’t even let anyone live.

You know what? Yesterday she asked us to take out our books. She’s English teacher.

And then bitch calls my name, I thought she was going to ask something but holy shit she just said, Why are you looking down?” Like what the fuck. Excuse me I have the capability to move my eyeballs. What’s with looking down? You hid your weed there?

She’s not like that with everyone just me. Everyone in the class was also wondering what’s up with this bitch. She literally sounded so dumb when she said that. Well especially because our backpacks were on the floor.”

“Haha. Looks like you’re going to have a hard year. She seems like a bitch who would scold you for doing your homework.”

“Haha. Never have I ever, hoped for someone, to have a heart attack so badly.”

“Oh no, I’ve hoped that a dozen times. Apparently people like that never dies.”

“Great! I’m going to die then.”

“Don’t say that.”

Now we had reached the top floor, so I asked her,

“Where are we going though? Where’s Renu mam?”

She laughed then she took my hand and dragged me to the last room of that floor. She said,

“Stupid, you still didn’t get it. I got you out of that boring class.

Have you completely forgot how we used to do that a lot in last class.”

“Oh, yeah. We did that together though I didn’t expect you to come again.” I was smiling a lot.

“But we are together.”

“Yeah we are now.

So is there anyone else too or is it just you and me?”

She smiled and said, “You’ll know”.

And then she dragged me in the class.

I asked her, “Do you have something to do? Or are you just planning to talk for the whole period?”

“To do? Oh, yes.” She said while closing the door.

She grabbed my hand and pushed me on a desk. Then she said,

“You know? You’re really cute. Did I ever tell you that?”

“Well you did right now.”

“What about me? Do you think I’m cute?”

Even a blind person could see where this was going.

She had the most cheekish grin I have ever seen on her. And because of that My smile was growing so big that I was sure it’s out of my face now.

I swear, in my whole life I have never even be bold enough to call the waiter in the restaurant. But at that moment seeing that beautiful face in front of me asking me how cute she is while grinning gave me so much more confidence than I ever had.

I knew it wasn’t going to be a normal conversation anymore, so I wasn’t planning anything, but I still thought that maybe flirting on her right now is a very good idea.

After all it was just her and me in there at that moment I can’t be embarrassed in front of just one person.

So I just straight up told her, “Cute? You think you’re cute? Miss Lisa you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You’re not just cute you’re Sexy.”

I thought that running my hand through her hair while saying this would be a good idea but, oh fuck.

It amplified the feelings ten times more. It did two things.

First, My hand got stuck in her hair…her hair were very tangled...

And second, our desks are made out of wood, but they have metal framing all around them at the bottom. Kind of like a metal square of iron bars and then the whole desk is made on top of that.

Well, she put her feet on that metal bar to lift and kissed me.

She kissed me for a second, and then she got back on the floor. She looked at me in disbelief and said,

“Did you seriously just stood there and ignored my kiss?”

I was completely frozen from the sudden kiss. I didn’t expect that. Well at least not that soon.

Well but who am I kidding. I wasn’t that smart at that time, the kiss was done and the heat of the moment was on.

I smiled and said,

“You’re awesome.” And then I grabbed her and kissed her.

Her blazer was unbuttoned. So I slid my hands under her blazer on her shirt and oh my god the moment I got close to her, I smelled something so sexy.

I don’t know how to describe it. It wasn’t her perfume nor was it her sweat or anything else like some cream or soap. It was completely different.

I had never smelled something like that. It do was coming from her, but it wasn’t a normal smell.

It wasn’t even good. I can’t say whether it was good or bad it wasn’t nice like flowers, but it wasn’t bad either. It was just sexy.

It was like just a smell that was encouraging me to go beyond than I normally would.

This smell made me really clench on her even tighter. I really loved this smell. It was like drug. As if love had a smell.

My breadth got deeper and more relaxed.

Her blazer was unbuttoned, so I slid my hands under it and her shirt was very smooth. It was really exciting holding her really tight to my body.

It was like you know how babies hold on tight to their soft toys while sleeping and how it feels to hold on tight to a pillow.

It was just like that I wanted to make my grip as tight as I could but only that she wasn’t a soft toy it was even better holding her like this.

She was slim and very easy to hold on to and her skin felt so soft and arousing.

I was already hard but when her skirt started rubbing against my crotch it was just too much for it. She was getting closer and closer to my body. It was getting very uncomfortable for me in my crotch because it was getting bigger and bigger from her touch and wanted to tear up my pants and come out.

I had to lose grip on her with adjust my crotch with one hand. She noticed it and then started rubbing it with her hand.

It was already feeling so good, but I was really hoping that she would just open my pants and let it out as it was getting really uncomfortable with it wanting to come out so bad.

I placed my head on the back of her head. I once read online that it really helps to have a good kiss with your partner.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to kiss her. I was getting closer and closer to her face.

I don’t know whether she had her eyes close or not, but she also had her mouth opened for the kiss.

I bit her lower lip with my lips and started rubbing it with my tongue. She closed her lips on my upper lips and then pulled back.

We both opened our eyes. She looked serious. She was looking me in the eyes.

I don’t know what gotten over me, but I didn’t took a second to say,

“I love you to the heavens and back.”

And pushed her head onto mine really hard this time. Now we weren’t sucking each other’s lips but my tongue was inside her mouth.

My blazer was also unbuttoned, so she also slid her hands under my blazer and her grip was getting tighter and tighter with every move I made with my tongue.

My one hand was behind her head and my other hand was just below her neck. I was holding her so tight, But it only felt good.

Her chest was rubbing against mine. Hopefully because of how we were holding each other our blazers weren’t in the way of our chests and her boobs were rubbing so hard against my chest.

I don’t know why, but it was feeling so good that her chest was rubbing against mine. We both had clothes on but still just the feel of her bra was making me tingle.

Then I pulled back and said,

“You are so awesome I’ve always dreamt of kissing you.”

“Then don’t waste time and just kiss me as hard as you can. I don’t want you to stop.”

And now her hand was behind my head, and she pulled my head into hers and put her tongue into my mouth.

I will never forget the taste of her mouth. I know how people describe the taste of their kiss as tasting like strawberries or something. But hers wasn’t like that. It was something else.

It was a very warmth taste. It didn’t really have a taste, but I had never tasted anything like that before. It tasted so good. I wanted to have more of it so bad even while I was having it.

I don’t really know how to describe a kiss to someone. It’s like masturbation. When you describe it to someone, you just say “and then you just keep fapping onto your thing” and it seems so not-fun or laborious. But in reality while you are doing that, even if it’s exhausting you just don’t want to stop. You just want to keep going until you orgasm.

And I don’t think if you can explain orgasm to anyone either. It’s like it just happened, and it feels good and that’s it.

But in reality it’s the most addictive drug you can ever have. It doesn’t matter how many orgasm you have, you still crave for more.

With my hand on her back I could feel her bra. I enjoyed playing with it. Just waving fingers around gave me joy.

I then slipped my right hand down to her skirt on her ass.

It felt like she opened her eyes when I put my hand on her ass, but I didn’t open my eyes to look.

I kept waving my hand tightly on her ass. Her skirt was nearly getting out of the way of my hand and her ass. She started climbing onto me. I was half sitting on the desk and because she was climbing onto me, I was slowly laying down on the desk.

I then got up from the desk. Still kissing her, I turned around and pushed her on the desk.

Now she was laying on the desk. She said,

“What are you looking at?”

“My Ice cream.” We both smiled then she said,

“Lick me then before I melt away.”


I moved forward and started kissing her, while opening her shirt with my hands.

I lifted my head up. She was wearing a pink coloured lace bra. I said,

“I like your bra.”

“Really? I wore it for you.”

“I love it.”

I squeezed her tits with my hands. She moaned a little. She looked in my eyes. Then I started kissing her once again.

I was squeezing her left boob with my left hand and was slowly moving my right hand to her pussy.

I was sliding my hand from her bra to her stomach then to her skirt then to her leg. Oh, her legs are so smooth. It feels so great to touch.

I ran my hand on her inner thighs then getting it up on her panty.

It felt so puffy. Maybe she has her pubic hair.

She pulled back her tongue from my mouth and said,

“I’ll shave tomorrow, I promise.”

It brought a smile on my face and I said,

“Don’t worry, I don’t care. I like you how you are.”

I placed my thumb on her pubic and my middle and ring finger on her vagina.

And started rubbing her vagina. Her panty was still on. It was wet, so I thought maybe I don’t need to remove it.

She started moaning. I quickly realized that maybe moaning isn’t a great idea in school. So I quickly pushed my tongue in her mouth and pushed it as deep as I could so that she wouldn’t be able to make much noise.

I was really enjoying squeezing her boobs from her bra, but now it was nearly off her tits. So I pulled its strip from her shoulder and started squeezing her tits without the bra. It was below her tits now.

It was still touching my hand but for some reason I liked that, so I let it stay there.

Now we both were completely in the scene. I was rubbing her vagina, squeezing her tits and my tongue was in her mouth.

I was going slowly at first, but then I started rubbing her vagina aggressively. I was in the complete mood now.

Her panty started to come off her vagina. My fingers were touching her actual vagina repeatedly. It didn’t quite come off it was just in the middle of her vagina. Rubbing around it.

Now it was nearly off her vagina, so I inserted my fingers in her vagina and she actually moaned very loudly the moment I did that.

But there was no stopping now. I wasn’t even afraid of being caught now. I quickly kissed her once again and now her tongue was in my mouth.

My fingers were inside her vagina. Her panty was on the side of her vagina now not on top of it, but it was still touching my pinky finger.

She suddenly pushed me back from kissing and said,

“Show me what your mouth can do baby. Mhhhm show me everything...(she closed her eyes) mhhm...everything...’

She was pushing me back I said,


And then I finally stepped back sliding my hand on her leg, it was so smooth I remember correctly I just wanted to live on her leg touching it every single second of my life.

I Slid my hand to the back of her leg to her shoe and removed both of her shoe. Then I had both of her feet in my hand.

I licked her left feet with sock on and smiled looking in her eyes. She said,

“ Oh my god. How are you still making me wet. Get down you stupid and finish me.”

I While sliding my hands on her legs parted them. Even her panty was pink lace panty.

I kissed very hard on her vagina while pushing my tongue in her vagina and my head in her as much as I could. I think I pushed a bit too hard because she moved up a bit on the desk.

She moaned but not that load. She was also aware of the situation and tried to keep quiet.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head from her pussy and said,

“No like this stupid remove my panties, I don’t want to get my cum on them.”

“What do you mean? I’ll suck it.”

“What? No ok you know what you can keep my panties.”

Well sure why not, why will I not take panties from a girl this sexy.

I removed her panties and shoved them in my left pocket. I didn’t wanted to throw it somewhere and get it dirty.

I said, “What about your bra?”

“You’re not getting that! it’s costly.”

“Oof, I meant, do you want me to remove it?”

“Yes please.”

I leaned down to remove her bra.

Just as I shoved my hand behind her back she started unbuttoning my shirt. I opened her bra, But of course I couldn’t remove it completely because of the straps. So I just left it on her neck.

I got up and unbuttoned the remaining buttons and asked her,


“Yeah suck me baby. Squeeze every last drop out of me.”

“Oh my god Lisa, you look like an anime girl. You just need bigger eyes. Hmm and maybe bigger boobs.”

“Oh my god. Are you making fun of me? Right now? I can’t believe you.”

“No I wasn’t-“

“Then what did you mean, do you think my boobs are small? DUDE, THEY ARE LITERALLY C SIZE.”

“No I wasn’t saying that, I was just-“

“Then what were you saying. ughh you ruined my mood.”

She continued,

“Seriously you really have some talent to turn someone off at that moment.

I was so ready to come. Give me my panty back.”


She snatched it from my pocket and then started wearing it. I said,

“Wait are you really?”

“What else do you think? You ruined my mood I can’t cum now, so what’s the point. Stay here to make you cum?”

“ could...”

“Oh my god, you’re impossible.”

“I was just joking. I read online that you should make jokes when doing it with your partner, alright. I wasn’t trying to shame you.”

“Maybe actually do something instead of reading stuff from the internet next time.”

Suddenly somebody started knocking on the door,

“Hello? Is someone in? Why is this door locked.” the lady teacher was asking.

I said, “Holy shit, does this bitch work in movies or something? What a timing?”

“We’ll get caught. Button your shirt quickly.” She said while trying to scare me with her eyes. you know how parents do that to their kids.

Damn, I have got to say she was quick in wearing clothes it seriously didn’t take her two minute to wear everything back.

I only had a shirt to button.

“Hurry up!” she said while getting a mirror and lipstick out of her pocket. She was applying lipstick on her lips, and then I remembered.

“Wait, you didn’t had lipstick when we kissed.”

“What you want to kiss my lipstick” She said while pouting one inch away from my face.

My god, I actually wanted to kiss her again with that lipstick on. I said,

“Next time. I will bring my own lipstick to make sure that you’re wearing it before kissing you. You look so beautiful with it”

“Next time? I will make sure that you eat me out first before opening your mouth. Who knows when you might ruin the mood.

If you don’t want to cum then at least let me.”

“Oh come on I said I didn’t mean it. why are you still talking about it.”

“Still talking about it?” She opened her mouth wide, “It literally just happened.”

Suddenly the knocking on the door stopped completely. She said,

“Quick, Unbutton your shirt. She’s gonna complaint to the principal about the closed door.”

“Your shirt’s not tucked in.”

I unzipped her skirt and started tucking her shirt under her skirt. She was looking at me. Smiling. I was smiling too.

We heard someone going downstairs. She said,

“Now’s our time to escape.”

Then she gave me a very quick kiss and opened the door. We both came out and tehn she left the door open.

I asked her, “Why are you leaving the door open?”

“This way they will think that somebody just left from the back door after completing their work and forgot to open the front door. Especially because it’s the last room here.

Many people come here to complete their work.”

“And that’s what you chose as your secret hideout. A place where a lot of people come regularly.”

“Yeah a lot of people come here, including me.”

Then we started going back. The whole corridor was empty.

She was walking with me. I felt a bit of guilt for ruining the moment. So I hugged her from the back and said,

“Oh I’m sorry for ruining the moment. You’re not mad at me right?”

“Well even if I am, then that wouldn’t change anything. The moment is ruined regardless of what you do now”

“i didn’t mean it. In fact, I was calling you really beautiful. You really look like an anime girl. Like I can’t even believe that I got an anime girl as a girlfriend.

“What when did I say I’m your girlfriend?”

“You aren’t?”

“Well, I didn’t said that either.”

“So what did you say then?”

“Nothing. We just had a great time.”

Ohhhhhhhh. So that means that I need to say something.”

I kneel down before her holding her hand and said,

“Lisa, Will you be-Fuck”

I saw that teacher come upstairs once again.

I got up still her hand in my hand and dragged her to the stairs and said,

“Quick, She’s back.”

Well from the stairs we were safe she couldn’t see us now. So we went back to our classrooms after that.

I said to her, “Bye, See you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? Today! I need my orgasm today from you. Come to my house after school.”

“Wait we can do that at your house?”

She smiled and said, “You’ll know. And also, Don’t forget the lipstick.”

My god, I don’t know how I’m gonna survive rest of the day in school now.

I returned to my classroom. I saw Lisa entering her classroom on the other side of the corridor.

The maths period has passed now, and it was the English period now.

This period ended with a stone on my heart and a machine gun of thoughts through my head.

But I needed to go to the bathroom now, so I got up from my desk asked the monitor because the teacher hadn’t arrived yet.

After coming out of the washroom I was going back to my classroom, but I saw Lisa a few classrooms away from me.

A smile appeared on my face but also confusion because she was with her backpack.

I reached her and asked,

“What happened? You’re going back home?”

“Of course, have to get ready for you.” She smiled, “Don’t get late. Ok?”

Then she turned back and left out for the school.

Wow, what a girl. Why did she even come to the school? She’s very smart though I should leave too hmm.

Ah, fuck no one from my family would come to pick me up even if I said I’m sick. Ugh, guess I’ll have to spend the whole day in this prison.

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