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Bethany goes to a hotel. Bizarre things are happening. The beautiful hotel is filled with dangerous people making deals, staring and making her feel uncomfortable. This hotel has drug users, gangs, murderers and traffickers living inside it. I hope that Bethany can keep herself safe because she no longer has the Societa Oscura protecting her and many of the residents may know who she is. She signed the agreement. Bethany Roman is still named Bethany Pre-Robernero and she thinks that only she knows that secret. Oh babe. All the underworld know who you are and want you so that they can take down Renzo Robernero. Your the big prize worth billions. The names Pre-Robernero and Robernero are the grand prizes of the dark world and you will have to lay low.

Erotica / Romance
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Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

Crystal Palace. I'm stood outside the beautiful hotel. The day has finally arrived and I'm excited to get settled in. I booked this hotel a year and a half ago. It's been two years since I last saw the Roberneros.

The letters are translucent with bright green and blue flecks of glitter running through them. The hotel is white down the left, right and rear walls. The front is glass right the way up the center. Two big blossom trees stand on both sides of the entrance. It doesn't look the same way as it did when I booked it. The hotel was brown when I orgininally paid for it so the new design is definitely winning. One hundred percent better in my opinion. This hotel wasn't cheap. It cost me four hundred dollars a night with food included. My bags are being carried to my room for me so there's only me, myself and I. Erin is meeting me here tomorrow. She had to go to work so she couldn't leave with me. She was called in last minute and didn't book any days off work.

"Such a beautiful day wouldn't you say." The security man on the door asks me and I look up at the sky. Smiling I watch as the birds fly over my head and nod.

"Yes. The heat is lovely too."

"This is cold Mam." The man in his full black suit, black shoes, black tie and white shirt tells me. I nod my head. It's boiling hot in my opinion but each country around the world has different weather systems. I just so happen to live in England where it rains all of the time.

"I'm from the UK so to me this is hot. It's hotter than our summer."

"Really, You think?" He asks me and I smile. I do think so. I'm sweating buckets and I'm in a pair of baby blue shorts with a white frilly top. Not much flesh is covered.

"I do."

I walk to the double doors and they slide open granting me access to the main lobby. Entering I look around. This hotel looks magnificent! Even the beams have detail with small angels carved into them. I see the reception desk that travels the length of the wall. It has marble tops and black fronts. The floors are a white gloss. I walk over and the lady at the end of the desk on the right smiles at me. She has black hair and green prominent eyes. I'm excited to see my room.

"How may I help you?"

"I booked a room here." I tell her and she types away on her keyboard.

"Let me check for you. Can I have your first name please?"

"Sure. My name is Bethany Roman." She carries on typing and I wait patiently. Stopping her search the receptionist called Ferra by her name tag walks over to the wall and grabs a tag off a hook before walking back over to me.

"Floor six, room one hundred and eleven." I take the room tag and grin. "Thank you so much."

"Enjoy your stay. Dinner is in the main hall. We have signs that will guide you. That starts at five."

"Brilliant! Thank you." I make my way upstairs via the lift. I don't want to take six flights of stairs to get up there. Who would?

I enter the room and look around. This room doesn't match the description or the pictures shown. The room was supposed to have grey laminated flooring with white walls, a white leather bed with a tall headboard, a sixty inch TV was supposed to be sitting on the wall but all I can see is a single bed, not a double. The walls are brown and look nicotine stained. The floor is carpeted black and a musty smell tells me that the room is filled with damp!

I decide to check the bathroom. Not what I was advertised at all! Could they have given me the wrong room? I wouldn't stay here even if I paid one pound for it. The bathroom is covered in mold. The walls have it. Tiles are missing, the floor is wooden slabs that look weak and the shower isn't there. A bath sits in the center but it has black mould growing around the sides. I feel sick to my stomach right now.

Walking out of the room, I make my way back down to the reception area.

"Hello Miss how can I help you?" The same woman Ferra asks me and I lean my arms down on the tall white desk not amused. If anything I'm pissed off!

"I think you've given me the incorrect room. It doesn't look like the room that was advertised to me." I tell her trying to smile not that it's working in my favour.

"Let me take a quick look. One second Miss." As the woman on reception duty checks my room, I place my room tag down on the desk. The double doors open up and I turn to see who it is. I'm nosey like that. I smile as a group of men drugged up walks through the lobby. They can barely walk in a straight line as they shout. I snap my head around to face her with wide eyes. I don't like the clientele here at all. Plus I don't want to meet eye to eye with any of them. I'm in a different country by myself so I need to be careful.

"I can assure you Miss. The room that you were given is correct."

"Can I have another one. I want to switch." I ask her and she nods her head. "A change will be charged to the card that you used when you booked with us. That will be an extra one hundred dollars."

"Yes that's fine." I tell her as I hear laughing. It's not a nice type of laugh that you would find addictive. It's creepy! I turn around to see a man with his jacket over his head. He looks homeless and stands up. Swaying with his arms out he laughs. I don't want to stay here.

"Erm can I cancel my stay here. I would rather go elsewhere." I ask the receptionist who shakes her head. "Unfortunately not Miss Roman. Our rooms are not refundable."

"Oh ok." Don't I wish that I had the money to go elsewhere. I don't feel safe here at all!

She passes me my new room key and I make my way upto floor seven, room nine hundred and sixty. I find that the room is exactly the same and roll my eyes. Slamming the door I desperately want to call Erin and tell her to stay away but she's busy in work. I spend the next couple of hours settling in. To the best of my ability that is. The other clients blast music, bang and shout. I even hear screaming in the hallway which makes me feel uneasy. I may be judging too quickly but I cannot help it. I decide to go down for some food in the hall.

The elevator doors open up and I enter. Pressing the button for the tenth floor, I wait for the doors to close and check my appearance. Breathing in I close my eyes. I hope the food is nice here. I cannot be dealing with more things going wrong.

The doors open up and I walk out. Two men stand to my left. I look at them as their hands separate. What's going on there? The man with brown hair on the right snaps his eyes to mine. He squints his eyes and I turn ready to walk away.
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