The Raw Marriage

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A short story of how a seemingly normal couple can embark on some wild sexual encounters.

Erotica / Romance
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The new neighbours

It was a day Abby and Chris had looking forward to for a long time. They had finally received the keys to their own house. They were finally on the property ladder.

Sitting in a cut cul-de-sac in Sydney’s west, it would be the couple’s first home together.

Abby and Chris were both aged 30. Abby was a dentist; Chris was a mechanic. They had been saving for a long-time. It was finally moving day. Chris had hired a truck and was unloaded the boxes from it, Abby unpacking the boxes in the house.

Chris was struggling in the Sydney heat, the sun pounding away at his skin. Not a large man, he was not a man built for moving heavy boxes and furniture.

He was average build, average height, average everything.

Abby on the other hand was a stunner. Long blonde hair, large pert breasts, sender legs that seemed to go on for miles. Pert little ass, that Chris loved to squeeze.

As he bent over to pick up a box, a friendly voice startled him.

“Hello there, moving in I see”.

As Chris looked up, he was lost for words. Standing in-front of him was a goddess of a woman. Smooth chocolate skin tied back afro hair. She was taller than Chris, who himself was 5 foot 10 inches.

The woman has bright white eyes and a smile that could stop traffic. She was in tight running attire. Her running top showing off her six-pack midriff.

Chris could only reply “Yes”.

“My name is Alexi, me and my husband Markus live two doors down from you, nice to meet you” she said, holding out her hand.

Chris shook her hand; she had a firm grip “nice to meet you” he said.

“Is it just you that’s moving in?” she questioned.

“No, Abby, my wife is inside” Chris replied, starting to get his confidence back in his voice.

“Ah ok, well, me and Markus know how hard it is moving, how about we welcome you two over later for something to eat and drinks? Say 7pm?” Alexi asked.

“Sounds great” Chris confirmed.

Alexi then turned to go towards her house, “see you then” she said. As she did so, waving to Abby, who had appeared in the doorway.

As Chris lifted a box into the house, Abby quizzically looked at Chris “Who was that?”.

“Our new neighbour, they have invited us to their house at 7pm for some food and drinks, I said yes” Chris replied.

“Awesome” Abby squealed, seemed genuinely excited to be settling into the neighbourhood.

It was now 6:00pm, Chris and Abby decided that enough was enough, they would finish packing tomorrow.

They both got ready separately. It was one of the best things about their new home, it had two showers.

Once showered they both convened in the master bedroom. Abby was a sight to behold. Dressed in a skimpy red thong, with matching lace bra. As Chris took a moment to look at his wife, then she covered herself with a loose fitted flower dress.

Chris groaned; he had missed the opportunity for a quick grope. Sensing his disappointment, Abby reached out and grabbed his cock through his briefs. She gave it a playful tug. Chris started to get hard.

“That can wait for later” she said.

Chris then put on some tight tan chino’s, with a tight white polo. They both slipped on some espadrille shoes. They were both excited at meeting the new neighbours.

It was 7pm, they made their way a couple of houses down. They were all new houses in this cul-de-sac, Alexi and Markus’s house almost mirrored Abby’s and Chris’s. They knocked on the door simultaneously.

What greeted them was a sight to behold. Alexi opened the door and stood there. She oozed sex appeal. She was wearing a long halter neck tight black maxi dress, with a waist high slit that went up both sides. Showing off her toned, muscular legs. Her bubble butt ass was stretching the fabric.

She had small, very pert tits, she had small hard nipples could be clearly made out through the material. Although the dress was very classy, she was in barefoot. Which Chris noted as being slightly odd.

“Come on in, Markus is in the shower and won’t be too long” she said.

Alexi led the couple the living area, where there was a large L-shaped dark blue sofa sat adjacent a tv on the wall. The open plan kitchen area was behind them.

A grazing platter was set out on the mirrored coffee table in front of them.

“do you guys drink beer, we only have the low carb stuff” Alexi asked, and she sauntered to the fridge.

“Sure” Abby and Chris both replied at the same time.

As Alexi bend over to look in the fridge a deep voice echoed through the room. “Have you seen my….” Markus did not get to finish his sentence. He had emerged butt naked in the kitchen, unaware Abby and Chris were there, he was facing in the direction of Alexi at the fridge.

Taking note of how huge he was, he was like an African Caribbean Odin. From Chris’s (and Abby’s) point of view they could see a huge man, big muscular back. An ass that could opened a beer bottle. Huge thick set legs.

“Oh my word, Markus, we have guests!!” shouted Alexi.

“What?” quizzed Markus. In doing so turning around swiftly to face the couple sat on the sofa. As he did so, a huge cock swung with the rest of his body. At least seven inches, and it was flaccid.

Abby and Chris got a full view of Markus before he quickly tried to cover himself up with his hands. Muscles everywhere, Chris also noted that his two hands could not cover his package. He looked at his wife, who seemed to be in a gaze, eyes locked on the massive weaponry standing in front of her.

“I am so sorry guys” Markus said. Although Chris had his doubts at the tone of voice he was using. Did he do this deliberately he thought to himself?

“That’s ok, you weren’t to know” Abby replied.

“Here” Alexi interrupted, she had thrown him some shorts she retrieved from the washing machine.

“Thanks” Markus caught the shorts and proceeded to put his foot through the hole.

This left his manhood hanging freely for what seemed an age. Flaccid, but it was easily seven inches. Huge vein ran through the middle of it. Two huge balls swung freely behind it. He was completely shaven.

Chris looked at Abby, who simply seemed transfixed by Markus. Thoughts now rushing through Chris’s head. Should he get them out of there? he was frozen to the spot, unable to speak.

Alexi, broke the silence “Apologies, he is always walking around here naked, not that I mind, I’m sure you don’t mind either do you Abby?” Alexi giving a slight wink in Abby’s direction.

Abby smiled and replied “nope” Chris was in shock at his wife remark. He quizzically looked at his wife, “Well, it’s such a nice cock, we are all adults here Chris, don’t be a prude” Abby continued.

“Well, if no one minds” Markus said “I will take these shorts, I love being free” at this he proceeded to take his shorts off.

Alexi, now made her way over and sat to the right of Chris, Markus made his way over to Abby and sat to the left of her. Alexi placing her hand on Chris’s right thigh, stroking it up and down.

Chris looked into Alexi’s eyes, such a beautiful woman. He gazed into them, taking in her beauty. Alexi then started feel his cock through his shorts. He closed his eyes for only a split second, allowing her to rub him over the top of his shorts.

He then slowly snapped back to reality, in his own sense of pleasure he forgot about Abby. He looked to his left; it was a sight he never thought he would see.

Markus had made his way up the inside of her thigh, one of his massive fingers was now inside Ally’s freshly trimmed pussy. It was the first time he had taken in Abby’s moans of pleasure.

Abby turned to Chris, biting her own bottom lip. She was clearly turned on and was up for whatever was coming next.

Chris had to stop this, it was shocking and slightly uncomfortable. As he was about to put and end to it, Alexi had maneuverer herself, so she was on her knees in front of Chris, now looking up at him. As Chris was about to speak, Alexi kissed Chris’s cock through his shorts.

At this point he looked at his wife. She had her head back, Markus was now sliding his finger in and out of her, he had taken one of Abby’s perfect tits out, and was circling the nipple with his tongue. Abby was in a frenzy on managing to moan out loud.

Markus then slid his middle finger into her, alongside his index finger. He picked up the pace and was now shoving his thick fingers into her. After only 3 or 4 thrusts in and out of her opening, Abby went into a frenzy. She instantly yelled “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, upon which her legs started to twitch. Abby now giving out a guttural moan, had just had the greatest orgasm she has ever had.

Chris, still in a mental battle, had now surrendered to the sexual chemistry between the four. Abby looked at Chris “I want to taste him” Abby did not ask, she demanded. She then made her way to the floor, on her knees, now in the same position alongside Alexi.

She grabbed hold of Markus massive throbbing dick, now standing at least ten inches and was as thick as her wrist. She never took her eyes away from Chris as she took as much of it in her mouth as she could. This turned Chris on more than he could ever have imagined. Abby looked away and was now fully concentrated on Markus.

This made Markus tilt his head back, as Abby was bobbing up and down on his cock. Markus wasenjoying her sucking and slurping on his dick.

Fuck it, Chris thought to himself, he gets to be with Alexi. May as well make the best of a bad situation. Alexi still on her knee’s, Still licking Chris and mimicking sucking his cock through his tan shorts.

Alexi was looking over at Abby and Markus who had now grabbed the back of Abby’s head and pushing her down on his huge manhood. This made Abby gag a few times. Something Chris has not made her do, due to his lack of size. Abby could only fit half of the shaft into her mouth.

Chris was rock hard in his shorts, his cock was straining to break free, however Alexi had yet to free it. Instead, she was watching her husband face fuck another man’s wife.

Over the slurping and gagging noise, Chris noticed that Alexi’s hand had made its way to her own magic zone. She was now pleasuring herself. It was then noticeable as she gave out her own moan. Alexi now had glazed eyes as her hand movements were getting more predominant on her pussy. She then gave out a “fuuuuuuck”, she had pleasured herself to orgasm.

Chris desperately needed to be satisfied. As he reached for his zipper, Markus shouted at the top of his voice “I am going to cum, I’m going to cum in your mouth”, Abby looked up at him, open eyed and seemed to have a disappointing look on her face. She then tried to muffle something. Chris could not make out what she was saying.

Abby tried to lift her head off Markus, but as her mouth travelled up his shaft, he pushed her head down and with one last thrust he started to pump his seed into the back of her throat. Markus let go of her head, Abby was now gulping down his semen, her mouth now fully enclosed over his shaft.

She grabbed the base of his cock and started to milk whatever he had left. She savoured every drop from Markus. She gave him one last suck and opened her mouth to set Markus free. She looked over to Dean, she had a slight dribble of white goo dripping down her chin.

“Well guys, that was interesting” Alexi said. “hmmmmm maybe we can take this arrangement up a level next time” she asked.

Chris’s sexual frustration getting the better of him “Fuck yes” he said. Feeling a sense of injustice.

“Okay then, same time next week?” Alexi asked.

Having now straightened herself up, looking at Markus. A blushing, embarrassed Abby made her way to the front door. “We will have to wait and see” she said.

Chris closely followed Abby out the door, looking back at Alexi and Markus who were both smiling from there hallway, he closed then closed the door.

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