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She was leading a normal life. One sexual encounter changed all that. Where will it lead Ally?

Erotica / Romance
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The Incident That Changed It All

Ally had just Finished a hard day’s work as a high school teacher. After work she completed a gruelling gym session, before arriving home around 7pm. It was a home she shared with her husband Dean. As she entered the front door, she had a quick scan of her house, typical suburban house, three bedrooms, bathroom, nice kitchen and living space.

Ally was in her earlier thirties; she had done all the things in life that you were supposed to by that age. She went to university and received her teaching qualification in her early twenties, after which she secured a teaching job in a local high school. Ally had met Dean in a local pub in London. Then she married Dean at twenty-nine. The only thing left in her life was having her own children. They had been trying for the past year or so, but they had had no success so far.

The house was empty, it had been this way every Friday evening for the past three months. Dean, a keen bass player (although relatively new to the instrument) had joined a local band. A four-piece band, mostly playing covers. He was invited to join the band by his friend Kevin who was the singer.

Ally had seen him perform at his first gig, but Dean said he was too nervous when she came to watch them perform. The band were playing in the local pubs, Dean told Ally that the crowd would range from 20-40 people. Playing in the band made Dean happy, if Dean was happy, Ally was happy.

After hooking her stuff on the hallway coat stand, she immediately headed for the bathroom. She was overdue a shower after her gruelling gym session. She could afford to spend more time in the gym on Fridays, as she knew she would be coming home to an empty place. She mentally planned the night in her head. Shower, dinner, movie with a glass of red wine. Only tonight, something stirred within Ally, she just wanted more from her Friday night.

Then a thought popped into her head "Why don't I go and watch Dean? Maybe watch near the back of the crowd so he can't see?". A sense of pride filled Ally's body up, imagining herself watching her husband do his thing on stage. Knowing the bands time slot, they would normally perform between 8-10pm, she would have plenty of time to get ready.

"Fuck it" Ally said out loud, and she decided she would go and watch.

It was decided. She would get ready, grab a bite to eat and go and watch "Cover Guys" Strut their stuff at "The Morris Pub".

Ally did a U Turn and headed to the master bedroom to strip ready for her shower. Her full-length mirror positioned in the corner of the room gave her a great view of herself. Short stature, only standing at 5 foot 2 inches, straight brunette hair fell to her shoulders. Checking her face intently, leaning into the mirror, she was blessed to have blemish free skin, which continued all over her body. Sharp, bright blue eyes, small straight nose, and nice plump lips. Slightly rounded at the shoulders, she was had decent arms, slight bicep, and triceps outline. Her small frame made her chest look bigger than it was. They hung very nicely, she had small nipples. Dean referred to them as "midget gems". He loved to suck on them, spending a few minutes on each breast when they made love.

Looking down she liked how flat her stomach was, her waist pulling in for a size 6, but the hips would come out at size 8. She knew this when she went shopping for her wedding dress. Her legs were slightly thick set, but you could still make out muscle definition. On top of the legs, Ally always trimmed downstairs. A small tuft of brunette hair just above her magic zone. Turning round, her butt, slightly too large for her frame, but nice enough to always catch the boy’s attention. She lifted it up an inch and it immediately snapped back into place. Nowadays Ally would think they would call it a "bubble butt" of sorts.

Often people would comment that Ally looked like a mini-Kim Kardashian, although she detested their show, she would always smile at this complement. She hopped into the shower, only planning to have a body shower as she did not want to spend time drying and straightening her hair. She enjoyed the warm water on her naked skin when she was showering. She quickly dried, she left her face the same way it was during the day, only touching up her foundation.

She had already picked her outfit. Simple white panties on-top of which she pulled over tight white jeans, which made her ass look a million dollars. Simple white, no frills bra, with a tight black jumper. Slipping on some espadrilles, she was ready. As she thought about what she was about to do, she felt excited and slightly naughty.

After enjoying a quick healthy based microwave meal for dinner, she had a quick check of her emails to which she had none, it was slightly before 8pm. She sent Dean a text message "enjoy your gig tonight" slightly giggling after she had sent it. The pub was a 30-minute drive away, so the band would be in full flow when she got there. She grabbed the car keys and got into her car. Starting up the car, a small white Toyota hatchback, she had no issues with traffic getting to "The Morris Pub".

She had visited the pub on a couple of occasions. It was a pub (or bar as some people referred to it as) was set on the corner of three or four typical tall English buildings. The best part about the pub was that it had ample parking. The car park stretched along the entire four buildings, the entrance to the pub was on the side of the building. As she turned into the car park, Ally noticed there were a few cars parked up, hopefully meaning the guys had a decent audience. She decided to park towards the far end corner, as she parked up, she clocked Dean's car, a red ford sedan, parked next to a Green Toyota RAV4, which belonged to Kevin. These were parked much closer to the entrance than Ally.

As she got out of the car, she could hear people singing and could feel the beat of the bass drum going through her chest. Butterflies were now filling her stomach. As she approached the door, she imagined the layout of the bar. A huge rectangular room, bar area to the immediate right which ran half of the right-hand wall. The entire left wall had booths running alongside it. It created a huge space running down the middle, the band were set up along the back wall.

Ally went inside.

She did not look straight at the band, instead, heading for the bar and grabbed a diet coke. She quickly clocked an empty booth; it was the furthest one from the band. Sitting at the booth, if she leaned slightly out, she could she the band. She filled with pride looking at Dean, standing to the right of the band as she looked out. A Big burly man, at least six foot. Noticeably short brunette hair, his short designer beard was impeccable. Big brown eyes with a nice uncrooked nose and great smile. A head that was sat on a muscular frame. Big burly chest, his pecs could be he was wearing a tight white t-shirt. Although no six pack, he had a flat stomach which was currently cover by a big red bass guitar. Towards the neck of the guitar, were his strong forearms, slightly hairier than Ally would like, it was being straddled with his big chubby bricklayer hands. He was wearing tight tan chinos, with bright white fresh new trainers. Ally stared in awe at her husband, so proud of his courage to get up and perform music in front of people. She clocked the rest of the band, Kevin, the singer to the left of Dean, was short and overweight. Also, to add to his troubles, completely bald. Wearing small rectangular glasses, he was in a light blue polo shirt with dark jeans. Big beer belly stretching the polo shirt to its limits. Ally put him at only just above her height. He lacked in looks he made up for in his singing voice, he could sing! The other two members of the band she did not know. Only affectionately referred to as "Dan" and "Leggy". The latter must have been the drummer as every time he stomped on the bass drum, his knees appeared.

Going through the song "summer of 69”, Ally scouted out the crowd. A mix of ages, nothing abnormal or untoward. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The booths were empty, there were around 8 people mingling at the bar, with the rest of the patrons making up the dancers and head bobbers in the middle, approximately 30 people. As Ally sat and enjoyed the music. There was someone in the crowd who caught her eye.

At the front of the crowd was a young woman, who looked to be in her mid to late twenties, she was dancing rather provocatively. A red head, slightly taller than Ally, bright white skin. Very thin in stature, she could make out her attractive slim face, she had bright red lips. A tight Nirvana t shirt stuck to her body. She had small, pert little breasts, almost as if two tennis balls had been shoved down her top. Short denim shorts, with scuffed converse, she had slim white legs. Ally noted Dean and Kevin watching her dance. Often bending over and shaking her money maker in the direction of Kevin. She had that sexy rock chick look working for her.

The set seem to fly by, soon Kevin announced it was the band's last song. Ally made a beeline for the car as the band struck up Nirvana Smells like teen spirit. Ally pushed the keys into the ignition. she the checked her emails, she quickly replied to one, by the time she had finished the email, she reached forward, about to start the car when she felt a buzz in her pocket. Looking at the screen, she opened a message from Dean.

"Playing an additional set, so will be home late, don't wait up, love you x"

She stared out the front windscreen. Kevin jumped into the Rav4, the red-haired rock chick jumped into the passenger seat, then Dean got into the back seat.

Ally had so many thoughts going through her head. She almost automatically started her car and followed the car. Ally was in full daydream mode, then a feeling of been struck by a bolt of lightning hit her as she continued to drive.

Why would he lie?

Where are they going?

Should I continue to follow?

What is going on?

After a quick 5-minute drive, they parked in a nice suburban street. The RAV4 made its way into the drive. It was a nice semi-detached house. It was Typical English house. Yellow front door next to the front room window. With two separate windows above which would be the bedrooms. All three got out at the same time, Kevin and the redhead almost jogged to the front door whilst holding hands. The redhead giggling as they did so. Dean hung back but then walked into the home and closed the door.

What next? Ally thought to herself. Had they forgotten something for the next set of music? "That must be it" Ally whispered out loud.

She watched for a couple of minutes. There was no movement, no sound. She had to know what was happening. She got out of her car. She analysed the street, there was no one around. She approached the house, no light of any kind coming from the front room. She quietly walked down the side of the house. Ally took notice of the light shining from the backroom onto the lawn. As she approached the corner of the house, she heard a distinct mumble, sounded more like a deep groan.

As Ally made her way around the corner of the house, she looked through the corner of the window, her heart was beating out of her chest at the anticipation of what might be happening. She was at first confronted by the open kitchen, but then as her head scanned to the right, her jaw dropped to the floor.

Her first sight was Kevin, sat on a two-seater sofa, arms running along the top of it with his head back looking at the ceiling.

"Rose, that feels amazing" he said.

The redhead was going down on Kevin. Her head was furiously bobbing up and down on his manhood, making plenty of slurping sounds. She was completely naked, apart from her converse shoes, from Ally’s view she had a perfect view of her pert ass. Dean was sat directly opposite Rose and Kevin, from Ally's point of view, she could see the entire left-hand side of his body. There was no denying that he was rubbing the front of his tan pants, a significant bulge was evident.

Ally ducked under the window and tried to catch her breath and compose herself. She felt as though she needed to put an end to it. as she was about to stand up, Kevin yelled "Fuck yes".

Ally had to look. Rose had climbed on top of Kevin and was bouncing up and down on his cock. A small stubby penis with lots of public hair. Rose was moaning and groaning at the top of her voice. Ally had a weird thought "no way that size penis is making you have that great sex". Then she realised what was happening, Rose was putting on a show for Dean she kept making eye contact with him over her shoulder.

"Get yours out big boy, get it out for me" Rose said, biting her own bottom lip seductively as she finished her sentence. Ally looked at Dean, who proceeded to pull his pants and boxer shorts down in one quick action down to his ankles. His member, rock hard pointing at the ceiling. All seven inches of it, very decent girth and uncircumcised. He always kept it trim down there. He slowly grabbed it with his right hand and slowly started to pump it. Seeing this, Rose went into a fury and started to ride Kevin fast. Ally stood there speechless, mouth gaping open at what she was watching. She was frozen to the spot. Kevin snapped her out of her daze.

"I'm going to cum" he yelled.

Rose snapped back "not yet", she proceeded to stand, as she did so, sticking her ass out as far as she could in Dean's direction.

"Dean needs to see more" she said. She went into a reverse cowgirl position.

Ally had a full front view of her. Small perky tits, slim everywhere, a small matchstick line of red hair above her slit. It was too much for Kevin who grabbed Roses hips, deeply thrusting into her. He then let out a deep, animal like groan, he was pumping his seed into Rose, who was looking at Dean. He was still stroking himself.

As she stood completely. She slowly walked over to Dean. Ally was about to scream but as she was about to do this. Rose then stopped and then laid down on the floor, on her back, in front of Dean. She slowly brought he heels close to the bottom of her bum, then slowly parted her legs. Giving Dean full view of her opening.

Dean gave a moan of approval and started pumping his dick faster. As he did so Rose started circling her clitoris with her right index finger, her opening was a little pink from Kevin's efforts. Kevin at this point was oblivious to what was happening he had already pulled his jeans up; he had started scrolling on his phone.

"Give me your cum Dean, give it to me, not your wife, I want to see you cum" Rose said

Ally was in a trance like state at this point, unable to think, unable to speak, unable to move.

Dean started furiously pumping his right hand up and down his throbbing member. Eventually letting out a groan. Spurt after spurt of white goo sprayed into the air, landing everywhere around him. Only a tiny bit landing on Rose’s foot.

Ally ducked down. Her instinct was to get back to the car and get home before Dean.

She was in a flux of confusion as she ran to her car.

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