My Sordid Life

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I was unaware of how long I’d been sleeping but someone had covered me with a nice warm blanket. I peered through the tiny slits in my eyes enough to see it was dark. I was slowly coming to, when my attention was drawn to the commotion in the seat next to me. It was quite obvious what was happening. The guy’s pants were around his ankles and there was a semi-nude girl doing exercises on his lap. They were exceptionally energetic.

I checked my watch to see what time it was. The red-eye flight to see my sister in Los Angeles had only been in the air for a couple of hours, we had a long time until we were scheduled to land.

The girl dismounted her partner and headed to the restroom. She left the poor guy sitting there with his erection still in full throttle. I asked him if his girlfriend had left him high and dry and he explained to me that she was not his girlfriend, he didn’t even know her name. They had just met when they boarded the plane, and when the cabin lights were dimmed, they joked that it was dark enough that nobody would notice if someone were to want to join the mile-high club. Since neither of them had ever done that, they figured what the hell and went for it. When she was finished, she just got up and left him there. I apologized to him for being forward, and offered to help him. I mean, why waste an erection, you know? He asked me what I had in mind and I told him that my admittance to the club on my first ever flight would be something to remember.

I wiggled my shorts off and climbed on top of him. A couple of rhythms into it and he was super hard again. I rolled up my shirt and asked him to pinch my nipples, he was happy to do so. He seemed to like me riding him real slow. The stewardess was strolling in our direction with more blankets. We made eye contact and she paused and watched for a second, she just smiled. She then draped a fresh blanket over my shoulders, whispering that I should probably cover up.

I was still snuggled up with him, even though we were both finished, when his seatmate returned. If her stares had been daggers, we both would have been dead.

Our wonderful stewardess must have still been watching because as I lifted off of him she handed me a nice and warm wet towel to clean up with.

I put my seat back, covered up with my blankets and slept the rest of the way. I even slept through the landing. Someone woke me to tell me that we had arrived. My companions were already gone.

As I exited the plane, the stewardess handed me her business card and said, if I was interested, to look her up if I was ever in Chicago.

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