My Sordid Life

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Suzanne had gotten called away from a movie shoot and had to get back on set, I decided to stay with Mom for a while longer. On the weekend Jeff was going to a house party and asked me to tag along. It wasn’t much more than a typical drunk fest and I did my best to find the bottom of as many bottles as I could. I was feeling sorry for myself, and I deserved it.

The party was mostly couples, but I managed to find a tall blonde stud who appeared to be by himself. I will place blame on my drunken stupor and admit to walking up to him grabbing him by his crotch and saying to him, “ I hope you are not gay and want a place to put this.” Great pick-up line, huh? It was my lucky day, because his response was that he was trying to work up the courage to approach me.

We found a corner in the basement family room that was empty and before he knew what hit him, his cock was in my mouth and his balls were in my hand. I did my best Linda Lovelace impression and it wasn’t long before he shot his wad down my throat.

“There,” I said, “now maybe you’ll last awhile. Take your clothes off.”

I didn’t give him time to think about what was happening. I just wanted his cock inside me as fast as possible. I was on top of him the moment his ass hit the couch. I was so drunk I kept losing my balance and falling off him, but that was okay because I really like the feeling of a dick entering me. The last time I fell, I landed on my back on the couch, I could feel his cum dripping out of me and I remember watching him leave the room.

The next thing I remember, someone was trying to dress me. I got my eyes open enough to see Jeff.


I was blinded by the light that was shining through the curtains. It was strange because the sun never came in my room in the morning. I could feel someone sit on the bed and poke my shoulder. “Wake up sis, it’s almost dinner time.” I could smell the cup of coffee that he brought me.

I rolled over and sat up enough to take the cup from Jeff. As I pulled my arms out from under the covers, I realized that I was naked. “What the fuck happened? I feel like I got ran over by a Mack truck.”

“I am terribly sorry for taking you to that party. One of the assholes there spiked your drink and stood in the doorway and watched you with Dan. When Dan left you laying naked on the couch, the asshole started into the room towards you.”

He couldn’t hide his bruised knuckles from me. “What happened to your hand?”

“I taught that guy a lesson. He now knows better than to try and mess with MY sister.”

“My hero. But where are my clothes?”

“Don’t get weird on me now, but I had to give you a shower when we got home, you smelled of booze and sex.”

“Does Mom know?”

“She was asleep when we got home. The only thing I told her this morning was that we were out late.”

I threw the covers back and swung my feet to the floor, “ Outta my way, I gotta pee.”

“Whoa, you’re still naked, sis.”

“Now who’s getting weird? You saved me from that guy who was trying to take advantage of me, and you gave me a shower, now you’re concerned about seeing me naked?” I threw my arms around my brother and gave him a big hug, “Now, get the fuck out of my way or you’ll have to clean the floor. ’Cause I HAVE TO PEE!”

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