My Sordid Life

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I decided to move back to Auburn until I could figure out what I was going to do but February is usually the coldest month of the year there so a side trip to Daytona Beach was in order. I packed up my belongings and had them shipped to a storage unit.

Finding a place to stay was tough in town, a lot of schools have their spring breaks then, so I called my old friend Beth from the Double-Ds. She said she could put me up until I could find a hotel room.

We caught up on old times, I told her that I had been working in the movie industry, all behind the scenes stuff, but it was getting tougher to find work so I was looking for something different to do. She said she left Double-Ds, but that she heard that Diane had been real sick for quite some time and Donny was having a tough time with it. A couple of days later I located a hotel room in the heart of town, thanked her for her hospitality and left.

It had been a number of years since I walked out on the Dickensons, but I couldn’t be in Daytona and not stop in and say hello. Remembering the bulk of their business was at night, I went at lunchtime. There were a few token patrons eating at the tables. I slid my ass onto a barstool, slammed my hand down on the bar and yelled, “Bartender, who do I see about some service around here?”

Donny was hunched over washing dishes and peered over his glasses in my direction. He dried his hands on a towel and threw it at me. I managed to catch it without flinching and threw it back. He ducked and walked out from around the back of the bar straight towards me and whisked me off my seat and gave me a big bear hug.

“Oh my god, I’ve missed you. Where have you been. You are still the best waitress I’ve ever had in this place. What are you doing here?”

I told him to slow down and I’d answer all of his questions, but one at a time. He told me that Diane had gotten cancer and passed away just before Christmas. She had been sick for a long time and as terrible as it was, it was a blessing for her that it was over.

He fixed me lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon reminiscing about the good old days when he first opened the bar. He also relayed to me how Diane’s illness set him back. He had to borrow from the business to pay for her medical expenses. Being self-employed his insurance didn’t cover much. The longer we talked, the more we drank, the looser the conversation became. Donny confided in me that he and Diane weren’t able to have sex for almost a year before she passed, and he hadn’t had it since.

“Do you see my customers? When I opened, the college kids were only a couple of years younger than me. They are still the same age but I’m not. Even you don’t look a day older.”

“Trust me Donny, I am a lot older and wiser than I was all those years ago. I’ve just been blessed with good genes, I guess.”

“Yeah, good jeans and a nice ass to fit in them.” And he chuckled.

“Why Donny, is that the beer talking, or are you hitting on me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…” he stammered nervously.

“It’s okay. Look, I’m staying at the hotel on the corner. Why don’t you come over when your night people come in. I’ll order room service and we can catch up some more.”

He agreed, and in the meantime, I called the one person I trusted more than anyone, my Mom. I told her about the inheritance I received, and about the Double-Ds, and I asked her if she thought I was crazy to invest in the bar and help Donny out. It was a strictly business proposition. I was still planning on coming back to Auburn and live with her.

We had a nice dinner, Donny told me all the details of Diane’s ordeal. It made me wish I had been around then to help out, but I wasn’t. There was something I could do now, and I made my offer.

Donny admitted to how in debt he was and I asked how much he thought the Double-Ds would be worth if he sold it. He came up with a number. I offered him half of that amount. That was enough to pay off his entire debt and have a little left over to make some improvements to the bar. In return I would get 50% ownership in the business. He could pay me back over ten years, at which time the business would revert back to him. He was overwhelmed and agreed with the condition that we would have it all finalized by a lawyer. I said okay, of course.

“I can’t thank you enough. That’s a heavy weight off me.” He said.

“Well, there is one more thing you can do, but it’s totally up to you, and I understand if your answer is no. I think it could be beneficial to both of us.”

He looked at me, puzzled.

“You see, I haven’t had sex in a while, and as you said, all of your customers are babies. Considering your situation with Diane, I thought maybe I could help you get your feet wet again, so to speak. What’ya think? No expectations, no commitments.”

“I don’t know…”

“How about we just make it physical and see what happens. No kissing or cuddling, and we can stop whenever you are uncomfortable.”

Donny didn’t say no, so I stood in front of him and casually took my clothes off. I helped him off with his, and saw what had certainly kept Diane happy. Mr. Dickenson would attract a lot of attention in a strip club. I jerked his junk to attention and motioned him to my bed. I told him to just lay still and climbed on top. With no foreplay, I wasn’t very moist yet. It hurt a bit going in, but it never takes me long to get wet once I have a dick inside me. Donny lasted longer than I expected and just long enough that I was happy too. As I raised off from him the flood gates opened and I dripped all over him.

“Is that all from me?” he questioned.

“Uh, no. I failed to mention that you might get wet. I’m a real gusher when I have an orgasm.”

“But, I did that to you.”

“Yeah, Donny, it’s all because of you.”

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