My Sordid Life

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Suzanne’s wedding was most uncomfortable. I stood next to her as she and Vic exchanged their vows, but I couldn’t help but wonder what might’ve been if he had a different response that night.

I don’t know if I was in love with Vic, but I was more comfortable and more at ease with him than anybody else I had ever known.

But, that night was all about my sister and she rocked it. They say that all brides are beautiful, that might be true, however, Suzanne was more than that. She brought that Hollywood movie star vibe, and wore it well. A simple silk strapless gown fit her 5’-6” 120 lb. D-cup figure like a glove. Mom thought she showed off too much skin. If she only knew.

When the traditional dances were finished and the evening turned into a big party, I asked Vic to dance with me. By the time we hit the dancefloor the song was coming to the end. The next one was a slow song and Vic pulled me in close to him like only he could do, I melted in his arms. I took advantage of being on the crowded dance floor where no one was paying any attention to us. I shifted ever so slightly so that I was pressing against his crotch. It wasn’t long until I could feel that I had gotten his full attention.

“I can make that go away, if you want.”

“It’s my wedding day.” He exclaimed.

“So?” and I pulled him off the dance floor and dragged him into the cloak room.

I know what you’re thinking, but some of those stories about cloakrooms are really true. Vic wasn’t ambitious but he didn’t resist either when I unzipped his pants and put his cock in my mouth.

Thankfully, I didn’t miss a drop. It would have been embarrassing to have cum stains down the front of my maid of honor dress.

“That didn’t take long.” I whispered.

“Suzanne’s been making me wait. I better get back out there.”

I readjusted my dress and prepared to make my re-entrance when I thought I heard something. I peeked around the back row of coats only the see my sister, Suzanne, with her wedding dress down around her waist and her bare boobs smushed against the chest of Vic’s best man, and her tongue down his throat. I got out of there before either one of them noticed me. I wasn’t about to tell anyone what I saw, any more than I was going to tell what I did.

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