My Sordid Life

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When Dad passed away, the hardware store was turned over to my brother Jeff. He had worked for Dad since junior high school and knew the business as well as Dad did. Technically Mom was the owner but she had stayed away from the store after the funeral. When I found out that Jeff ran into a few roadblocks from time to time due to the fact that he wasn’t the owner, and Mom lost interest in it, I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

He said he tried to get financing in order to make Mom an offer to buy the store but the bank was hesitant to float him a loan without more backing than just the store as collateral.

I made Jeff an offer similar to the one that I made to Donny at the Double Ds. I would give him half of the money, if he could get the other half from the bank, in return for 50% ownership in the business that he would be totally responsible to run. He agreed, the bank agreed and Mom agreed.

I now had income from my Hollywood royalties, the Double Ds in Daytona and the hardware store, and I didn’t have to get up and go to work in the morning. What a sweet life. All the while I was still boarding at the old family homestead with Mom. My time was free to allow me to visit Suzanne whenever I wanted to and re-unite with my “movie” friends. I also went to Daytona Beach every spring to help Donny at spring break. It saved him from hiring extra help for the month, I got to check up on my investment and I could connect with both Donny and some of his young clientele. It always amazed me at how appealing an “older” woman was to college guys.

To keep myself busy, I volunteered to help Jeff at the store when he needed it. Being part owner, he didn’t have to pay me, and he really appreciated the help.

The big plus to helping Jeff, was Travis. Travis was Jeff’s numero uno right hand man. He was a high school senior, captain of the baseball and basketball teams and mighty fine looking to boot. Standing at a muscular 6’-1” and about 160 lbs., with rather long blonde hair and eyes as blue as the Caribbean, the eighteen-year-old was any single girl’s dream date. If he had lived in Southern California, he definitely would have been a surfer dude.

I had to navigate carefully around Travis. I couldn’t come on to him, being an owner, so I had to be subtle in getting him to be interested in me. Needing his assistance to hold the ladder when I had to reach the upper shelves in the back room helped. On the days that I knew I would be doing inventory, and getting dirty, I would wear a pair of baggy shorts with no panties and a white t-shirt without a bra.

That’s exactly what I had on the day the ladder actually did move on me. I had called Travis to help me. I was standing on the step ladder, counting, and stretched my one leg to the shelving unit. I consciously positioned myself so the view was beneficial from below. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Travis was fixated on my bush when the ladder slid. I lost my balance and Travis grabbed me in a bear hug around my thighs. As he lessened his grip to lower me, his fingers slid up under my shorts and he ended up with a handful of my ass. I dropped my clipboard and wrapped his neck with my arms. His face was planted right between my boobs.

“Nice catch.” I said. Just then my shirt snagged on a hook or something as he set me on the floor, pulling it up around my armpits, exposing my boobs.

Travis tried to unhook it, but it was easier to wiggle out of it. I could tell Travis was a bit uncomfortable as he tried to avoid looking at me.

“It’s okay, you can look. I don’t mind.” I actually was hoping that he would. He gazed at my protruding nipples and didn’t say anything.

“What? You act like you’ve never seen tits before.”

“It’s not that, I just…”

“You just what?”

“I was always under the impression that when women got older, their breasts sagged. And yours don’t.”

“Older? Just how old do you think I am?” and then I realized that I was almost twice his age, and to him, I was old. Oh, hush my mouth.

“Well, as you can see, they are as perky as they’ve ever been. And my pussy that you’ve been staring at, is as tight as it’s ever been and if you play your cards right I just might be willing to prove it to you.”

With that little spiel, Travis leaned in and kissed me. I still had not put my shirt back on and I dropped it to the floor. As his arms wrapped around my back, his hands slid down around my butt, taking my shorts with them. I was not about to be the only one naked and jerked his shorts down, freeing his cock that was quickly coming to life.

“What if we get caught?” he asked.

“You let me worry about that. Can you hold me?” and I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. That move worked on Robby years ago in the lake, I wasn’t so sure about standing on a concrete floor.

I really didn’t have time to think about it, and just like that, Travis was inside me and pumping away. I could tell he was losing his grip so I had him put me down and I turned my back to him and leaned onto the shelf. I spread my legs and he took me from behind. I felt his balls slap against me, that is when I had my first orgasm. I was now pretty wet and asked him to ram me harder. Travis was really driving it home when he yelled that he was going to cum. I screamed at him to stay inside me.

I stood motionless after he withdrew his cock. The combination of his load and my juices made quite the puddle on the floor between my feet. Watching the elongated drips of spunk oozing from my pussy was weirdly cool to watch.

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