My Sordid Life

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A pizza and wine dinner evolved into a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship between Justin and myself. Neither of us were interested in the emotional ties of being a couple. I enjoyed my freedom, and Justin was only interested in having sex. I don’t believe he ever got past the pain of the breakup with Sandy.

I stopped into the dealership one day to see if Justin was interested in a rendezvous, and they told me he had called in. That was totally out of character for him so I decided to go over to his trailer and check on him.

I let myself in as I always did and called out to him. I got no response. From the door, I could see the kitchen, the living room area and down the hallway, no Justin. I approached the bedroom door and I heard a commotion. The door was slightly ajar, and I could see Justin’s bare butt bouncing in the air between someone’s knees. It seemed as though I was not the only one servicing his needs. I knew that I was intruding and should turn around and walk away. I hesitated to leave, part of me was curious as to who was the recipient of Justin’s energy.

Watching them fuck ignited something inside me. I couldn’t resist the urge to slide my hand inside my shorts. I leaned against the door-jam, duplicating each thrust of Justin with my fingers. It wasn’t long before I was wet. I was enjoying my quick little mini-orgasm when I saw her face. I was shocked to see that it was Sandy. I think she saw me just before she climaxed. They both moaned loudly and I took advantage of the noise, and made my exit.

On my way back across town, I stopped by the hardware store to see if I could steal Travis for a minute. Masturbating had made me horny and I wanted to get laid. Luckily it wasn’t a busy afternoon and I found him stacking 2 x 4’s in the back warehouse.

“Don’t say a word. I want you to take me from behind and fuck me, as hard, and as fast as you can, and stay inside me until you are finished, okay?”

I dropped my shorts, turned my back to him, leaned over a pile of lumber and spread my legs. Travis was happy to oblige.

Jeff stopped me on my way out. “You find Travis alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s out back with the lumber.”

“You might want to use the bathroom before you leave, sis.” He said quietly, pointing to my thigh.

I looked down and Travis’ swimmers were running down my leg. I went and cleaned up. I knew the customer had left when I heard the bell ring on the front door and I went and found Jeff.

“How long have you known?” I asked.

“I know everything that goes on in this store. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets passed me. Do you understand?” he said. “Just don’t hurt him, he’s a good kid.”

“You know I love you little brother.” And I kissed him on the cheek and tried to hug him, but he resisted.

“Yeah, well, you just stay away from me.” He said laughing.

I got to the door and turned and yelled back at him, “You know what they say, incest is best.”

With his best evil look, Jeff screamed at me, “Get out of here, before I call Mom to come get you.”


Justin phoned me that evening and asked if I wanted to come over. After our initial greetings, I blurted out what I had seen that afternoon and asked him how long he had been seeing Sandy again. He said, that had been the first time since she left him. She had called and said she had something important to discuss with him and asked to meet him at his place.

When she showed up, she stripped herself naked, and told him, “If you still love me, you’ll fuck me, right now.” He said all of the old feelings came rushing back and he took her to bed.

He apologized to me and I reminded him that we were not exclusive and he was free to see whomever he wanted, but, I was concerned that he might get hurt all over again.

“I don’t deserve you.” he said.

“You’re right, you don’t.” I threw right back at him. “Now, you got laid this afternoon and so did I. What do we do now? You want me to leave or stay?”

“Stay, please.”

“Shower first, or dirty rebound sex?” I asked.

“Shower. I want to make love to you.”

Justin was more passionate, and gentler, than he had been up until then. When we were through he wrapped me in his big strong arms and we fell asleep.

I woke to an empty bed and stumbled down the hallway to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Justin was up, dressed and in the kitchen.


“Sure, you want me to cook them?” I asked.

“No, I want to do for you.” he said. “Nice pajamas by the way.”

I looked through my messy bed-head hair at my still naked body. “Glad you approve.”

Justin slid a plateful of scrambled eggs in front of me.

“I need to get to work. Will I see you tonight?” he grabbed his car keys, kissed me on the forehead and on his way out the door yelled, “Love you.”

I sat for a moment with a mouth full of eggs, unable to swallow. Did he just say “Love you” to me? What was happening here?

I was startled out of my trance by the vibration of my cell phone dancing on the table. I picked it up to see Sandy’s name on the screen.


“Hey, where are you? We need to talk about yesterday.”

I was reluctant to tell her that I was at Justin’s, but I really didn’t feel like moving. “I’m at Justin’s. You want to come here? We’ll have the place to ourselves.”

“I’ll be right over.”

She must have been close because there was a knock on the door before I had moved to get dressed. I didn’t answer it. The phone rang again.

“It’s me at the door, I’m coming in.” She opened the door and hung up her phone at the same time. “My god, are you alright? You’re not dressed.”

“I’m fine. Where were you, sitting around the corner? Give a girl time to put some clothes on will you?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked. Look, I’m sorry about yesterday. I had no idea that you were seeing Justin, or I never would have done what I did.”

“Why did you? And before you answer that, just so you know, there is no Justin and me. We are casual sex partners and that is all.”

“You sure about that.”

“From my end, yes.”

Sandy proceeded to tell me the whole story of how things had gotten real boring between her and Robby, and that she was remembering some of the wild times she used to have with Justin. She felt the need to generate a little excitement in her life, at least for one afternoon. Obviously it worked.

“Looking up and seeing you in the doorway was a shock. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here. Not that I give a shit, but what the hell were you doing?”

I told her I was checking up on Justin because he had called in to work.

“Looking at you having sex turned me on. I didn’t want to interrupt, so I kind of took care of myself while I watched. Later, Justin called and asked me over after dinner, and I told him that I saw you two. We talked it out, and I ended up staying the night. This morning, he made me breakfast and left for work. I hadn’t moved yet when you called.”

“So, how long have you two been…you know?” she asked.

“Too long, I think.”

“Uh, oh. What’s up? C’mon, you can tell me.”

“No, really, things are good, real good. Right up to the point that I think he told me that he loved me.”

“You think?”

“Well, on his way out the door he said, ‘love you’. That was more than I wanted to hear. I was glad he left for work. I had a little panic attack and wanted to run. I was kind of frozen here thinking about it when you called. I know you and I are not as close as we used to be, but it sure is good to see you.”

“It’s only because we grew up and life got in the way. You are still my favorite person in the whole universe. I want to tell you that ‘I love you’ as long as you promise not to panic and run away.”

We both laughed and I got down off the stool and gave her a big hug. We stood there with our arms wrapped around each other and Sandy whispered in my ear, “There is definitely something wrong here.”

“What?” I asked.

“You’re naked and I’m not.”

“Then, I either have to get dressed, or you have to get naked.” I said chuckling, not really meaning anything by it.

“Either way you want it is fine by me, but you need a shower. You reek of sweaty sex.” And she led me to the bathroom.

I waited until the water was steaming hot, pulled back the shower curtain and turned to Sandy, “Join me?”


“I feel totally free and at ease laying here with you.” I said. We laid on Justin’s bed watching the ceiling fan rotate, both of us naked except for the towels wrapped around our heads. “Remember the last time we were like this? I came to your house to tell you I was going to Florida.”

“Yeah, and you kissed me, I liked it, and we ended up having lesbian sex until Justin showed up.”

“Remember the look on his face, seeing us rolling around naked together? Then you invited him to join us.”

Sandy propped herself up on one elbow, tossed her towel aside, looked me in the eyes and offered, “Justin’s not here, but we are.” And leaned in and kissed me.

I loved her soft lips. She was so gentle and passionate. I kissed her back, opening my mouth to allow her tongue access. Sandy slowly positioned herself on top of me. “You gonna let me do this?” she asked as she slid herself down between my legs, kissing me ever so tenderly.

Sandy darted her tongue in and out of my sweet spot, I could feel the intensity of my forthcoming orgasm building inside of me. I put my hands on her head, lifting it up so I could see her eyes. “Oh, honey, you are about to get very wet.” And she went right back to tongue fucking me.

“Oh, my fucking god.” I screamed as the flood gates opened. My legs started to tingle and I couldn’t catch my breath.

Sandy wiped her face with my towel. “Am I good or what?”

“You know you are. Now, let me return the favor.” I said and rolled her onto her back.

“You don’t have to…but…okay then…oooooo, yeah.”


“Is it true? You’ve never been with a woman except for me?” Sandy asked.

“Yes. You, are the only woman I’ve ever been with. I’ve never had the desire. I much prefer cock. When we were together the first time, it just happened. I felt so bad that I wasn’t going to see you for who knew how long, it was a way to show you how much I loved you. It wasn’t about sex.” Then I had to break the seriousness of the conversation and add, “I really just wanted an excuse to play with your boobs. God, I love your boobs.”

Sandy pinned my shoulders down on the bed and pressed her nipple against my mouth.

“You love my boobs, huh, then suck.” She commanded. “Now, finger me.”

I was happy to submit to her demands.


“What do I do about Justin? I mean, I like where we’re at. I enjoy having sex with him, but I’m really afraid that he’s getting to the point where he’s going to want more than that. I like my freedom. No way do I want to be tied down to one guy.”

“You need to do something that lets him know that, without hurting his feelings.” Sandy offered.

“Like what?”

“Here is a wacky idea. Why don’t the four of us, you and Justin, and Robby and I, get together on the weekend. I’ve got a hot tub. We can get funky with the guys, get them all worked up and then you and I switch places and you fuck Robby right in front of him. You do that and I can do Justin, to take his mind off you. Maybe he’ll get the hint that you don’t want to be exclusive.”

“You are fucking nuts. What about Robby?”

“He still has a soft spot for you. I think I could convince him to be the white knight and save you from an unwanted lover by fucking you. And I think he’d be okay with me being with Justin as long as he gets to fuck you. Besides, think about it. You used to be with Robby, I used to be with Justin, now you’re with Justin and I’m married to Robby. And, you and I’ve been together. It will be like musical chairs, and add a little excitement to all of our lives. The only thing left would be for the two guys to do each other.” We both got hysterical thinking about that visual. “So, what’ya say? You in?”

“It makes me a little nervous, but, what the hell.” I said.


Somehow Sandy managed to pull it off. Saturday night arrived and the four of us got together for drinks and munchies, heavy on the drinks. I told her for it to be successful, everybody should be good and drunk.

The guys got along better than we had hoped for and were quite receptive to the hot tub idea. Sandy and I retreated to her bedroom to put our suits on.

“I bought this one special for tonight.” She said as she opened the bag and pulled out what looked like a red shoestring with a couple of pieces of fabric attached to it.

She wiggled her boobs into the top. It was only big enough to cover her nipples, exposing not only her cleavage, but side boob and bottom boob too. The bottoms weren’t much larger. After putting them on, she had to get her razor out and do some trimming. I had seen thongs that had more material.

“You like?”

“Yeah, but you might as well be naked, but I’m sure the guys will like it. But, I guess that’s the point isn’t it?” I said.

“You bet. I’m glad you like it because I bought you one too.” And she reached back into the bag and pulled out an identical one in white.

I took my suit back off and slipped on the new one. I didn’t have anywhere close to the amount of cleavage to show off, but I still managed the side boob look. The tiny amount of fabric made my nipples appear to stick out even further than they naturally do. I had to ask Sandy to borrow her razor after putting the dental floss bottoms on. My dark pubic hair looked like a jungle against the white suit.

The door swung open to the back yard and we made our grand entrance. Justin and Robby almost dropped their beers as they stared at us. Neither of them spoke. Sandy and I stopped, stood arm in arm, turned toward each other and exchanged a passionate open mouth kiss. We turned back around and were not disappointed at the sight of the bulge in each of their swim trunks.

We all got into the hot tub. Sandy had bought champagne and we had a toast. I looked across at Sandy and she had a strange look on her face.

“What?” I inquired.

“I’m sorry. I never thought.”

“What?” now I needed to know.

“About what water does to white bathing suits.” She nodded to my boobs, “It turns them virtually invisible. You might as well be naked.”

I looked down and sure enough, you could see right through it. I looked at her and said, “Are you okay looking at this?” Then I turned to Justin, “Are you okay looking at this?” Then I turned to Robby, “Are you okay looking at this?”

Sandy said, yes. Justin said, yes. Then Robby said, for as see through as it was, I might as well not be waring anything.

I said, “Okay then, have it your way.” I took the top off and threw it at him and it landed on his head. I stood up to retrieve it and they all started laughing at me.

“Now what?” I asked what was so funny. They all pointed to my bottoms. They too had become transparent, so I yanked them off too.

I playfully pushed Sandy away from Robby. I stood straddling him with my crotch in his face and said, “Better now?”

Sandy moved over next to Justin. I turned around and fake-fell onto Robby’s lap.

“Sandy, I think he likes my new suit, he’s saluting me.”

“You caused it. That’s your problem now. Take care of it.” She said.

I rocked back and forth on his lap until Robby was super stiff. “Can he come out and play?” I asked as I tugged on his waistband.

Robby snuck a peek over at Sandy who was now perched on Justin’s lap, sucking face. She had already lost her top.

Robby looked at me and said, “If you can get my trunks off, I guess I’m all yours.”

I reached back down for his waistband again and he had already slid them off.

“I can’t find them. I’d better go look.” And I dove face first into the bubbling hot water and landed with my mouth on the head of his cock.

I came up for air, took a couple of deep breaths and said, “I’ll be right back.” And dove back under to continue my blow job.

I stayed under long enough that Robby was now prepared to be fucked.

“I still like sucking your cock. Now I’m going to show you what else I still like to do.” I turned my back, and lowered myself onto him. The water splashed out of the tub as I bounced on his dick.

Sandy had her back to me. I could tell that she was already fucking Justin. I reached over and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her towards me. She leaned backwards, tilting her face towards mine and I sucked her tongue into my mouth and pinched her nipples.

“Oh god.” Sandy exclaimed, “I’m coming.”

“Me too.” I said.

We exchanged places once again and I sat back next to Justin, wrapped my fingers around his cock and said, “Let me know when you’re ready.”

“To go?” he questioned.

“No, for round two, silly boy.”

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