My Sordid Life

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It was the middle of the night; the curtains were flapping on the headboard from the unusually warm summer breeze. I was having another one of my weird dreams. I was in the throes of passion with one of the most handsome boys I had ever met, and just as he was about thrust his huge erection into my vagina, I woke up. It always happened that way, but this time I felt extremely hot, and not because of the weather. I had a funny feeling inside of me. I felt it before, but it was never this intense. My nipples hurt, but at the same time it felt really good when I squeezed them. When I ran my fingers across my body and through my pubic hair, I quivered. My hair was moist. My head started spinning when I touched my clitoris, and even more so when I gave it a gentle message. I had never felt my pussy lips as swollen as they had become. My wetness allowed my fingers to slide back and forth with ease. I parted my lips and slipped a finger inside, pushing it in and out. I slid in a second finger, plunging them both, harder and faster. I was lying on my back, humping my hips into the air, my ass cheeks clenching with every thrust, when all of a sudden my insides exploded. I could feel the juices drip down my ass, leaving a big wet spot on the sheet. I had never felt this sensitivity before. My first-time masturbating was so awesome, I couldn’t wait to do it again.

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