My Sordid Life

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My older sister came home from college one weekend. Our parents had gone away and we had the house to ourselves. She got giddy when I told her I was going to stay overnight at a friend’s house, I soon found out why.

Sandy Fisher was my best friend all through school. We were more like sisters than my sister and I were. That night, Sandy told me she had found her brother’s stash of porn magazines and we were looking through them. Neither of us had ever had sex yet, but we took turns telling each other about our fantasy experiences with the guys on the pages as we flipped through them. Then I remembered I had found an xxx-rated DVD stuffed in a box in the attic at my house, that was probably my brother’s, and I decided to run home and get it so we could watch it together.

I entered through the back door and ran up the back staircase to the attic. We had one of those big old houses that had the formal staircase by the front entrance and a second one off the kitchen in the rear of the house. I heard some funny noises coming from the living room. I snuck down the first couple of stairs and peeked through the railing spindles. I was trying to be quiet, after all, I wasn’t supposed to be there. The lights were on. There was my sister and her old boyfriend, naked on the couch. Their clothes were strewn all across the floor. He was sitting on the couch, slouched backwards, looking down at my sister, who was on her knees in front of him with her head on his lap. He was holding her hair back in a ponytail while her head was bobbing up and down on his massive cock. She was making the same slurping sounds that Sandy and I had heard in the porn movies we had watched.

After about a minute, my sister stood up, ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and joined him on the couch. She straddled him, her knees on either side of his hips, she grabbed his erect penis with her right hand and after giving it a couple of tugs, lowered herself on top of it. I couldn’t stop watching. It was the best porn movie I ever saw, live and in color. They didn’t even try to be quiet, after all they thought they were alone, both of them contributing an equal amount of moans and groans, with a couple of grunts thrown in for good measure. Her boobs were flopping with each bounce. I was wondering how long the two of them could last like that when he pushed her off and they changed places. My sister laid lengthwise on the couch with one leg hanging over the side, her boyfriend, whose cock was as big as the ones we had seen in the magazines, kneeled on the floor and put his face between her legs. He licked her and she screamed with delight, yelling out several “Oh, gods!”. Eventually, he rose up, grabbed her by the ankles, raised her legs into the air, and rammed his huge cock into her. She let out yet another loud “Oh god” with every thrust. They went on like that for what seemed like forever. Then he pulled out and let her legs fall. He grabbed onto his cock, stroking it really fast until his sperm shot out like a cannon, landing all over her boobs. It was my first time watching someone fuck and I couldn’t wait to get back and tell Sandy.

I froze on the stairwell; I was afraid to move. My sister laid motionless at one end of the couch, and her boyfriend laid on the other end with their legs intertwined. They both fell fast asleep. I slowly crept my way down the stairs. I wanted to check out his cock up close. It wasn’t as big as it was when they were fucking, but it was still quite impressive. I wanted to touch it, but did I dare? You know that old saying, no guts no glory? I picked it up with my fingers, it was still pretty firm with a little cum dripping off the end. It throbbed a bit when I touched it. It startled me at first, but I didn’t let go. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked it a couple of times. The more I rubbed on it, the harder it got, until it was as big as before. I got my face real close; I liked the way he smelled. I wasn’t sure how far to push my luck, but my curiosity got the best of me. I leaned in with my tongue to find out what a cock tasted like. After all my sister had it in her mouth for quite a while, it couldn’t be that bad. Just then he jerked his hips upward and the whole head of his cock went inside my mouth. He opened his eyes, looked at me and yelled, “What the fuck?!” I let go and ran for the back door, never stopping or looking behind me until I got to Sandy’s house.

I ran through the door, totally out of breath, and tried to get enough words out to explain to Sandy that I not only forgot the DVD, but I thought I might have just given my first blow-job.

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