My Sordid Life

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I only saw Robby a few more times after graduation, usually when he wanted to have sex at the drive-in, which was okay, but my appetite grew much larger. I realized, that, plain and simple, I enjoyed having sex, and often, and I didn’t much care who it was with. I don’t know if I was trying to make up for lost time, you know, no sex until the end of high school, or if I just got addicted really fast to fucking. I started hanging out at some of the clubs downtown. The drunker I got, the less I cared about who I was with. I learned quickly, however that most guys are turned off by girls who are too eager to get laid. I became a real pro at playing hard to get in order to land ‘Mr. Right for the night’. It was pretty much a sure thing that I was going to get laid if I went out, as long as I wasn’t too picky.

The one I remember the most from that summer was the guy who was in town on some kind of business trip. I had picked up a part time job waiting tables at the Best Western. There was this man who came in by himself to have a late dinner one night, and he sat at my station. He lingered for quite some time after he was finished, and had several drinks. We had a few small-talk conversations when the dining room slowed down, and he told me that he was a guest at the hotel. I must have flirted with him a little without realizing it, because he invited me back to his suite. I remember telling him that as employees of the hotel we weren’t supposed to interact with the guests. He said he understood; he was just looking to have a little fun. He had been on the road for almost a month straight and was tired of being alone. He was extremely handsome and was built like an athlete. He also looked about ten years older than me. I hesitated until he told me his room had a jacuzzi in it. I said yes.

When we got to his room, he entered and turned the lights on. The room was very neat for a guy traveling alone. He turned to me and said, “Here’s my deal.” And proceeded to tell me that he thought I was the most attractive female he had seen in weeks and he would like to have sex with me, and if that was something I wasn’t interested in, he understood, and I was welcome to leave at any time. I was blown away by his honesty and straightforwardness. I never asked him if he was married, I didn’t really care. So, what if I might be the other woman for a one-night fling. No expectations, no commitments.

“Oh, what the hell, let’s do this.” I said to him and he started up the jacuzzi and grabbed a bottle of wine from his mini-fridge. He was prepared.

I stood in front of him in my sexiest Best Western uniform, and slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it slide down my arms to the floor. Then the zipper on my skirt. Once undone, gravity did the rest. He started to stare. I unhooked the clasp of my bra but held it in place with my arm across my chest, then let it fall while still covering my nipples. I turned around with my back to him and pushed my panties to the floor while keeping my legs perfectly straight. I looked back at him and could see he was still staring, and he was beginning to get a little bulge in the front of his pants. It had only been two weeks since the end of softball season and I was still really toned, I think he liked what he saw.

I took the glass of wine from his hand and stepped into the bubbling hot water. Boy, did it feel good on my aching feet. He got undressed faster than you can imagine. This now naked body walking towards me was nothing like the boys I had been with, this was a man. His semi-erect penis was larger than any of the boys too. It reminded me of my sister’s boyfriend’s.

Not wanting to waste any time, things got hot and heavy really quick. We didn’t have a lot of room to move around, but that was okay. We didn’t untangle ourselves from each other for a while. I fell in love with his passionate kissing. He took his time and made the kisses feel meaningful.

He lowered his hands under my butt and lifted me up so that my bush was at the water’s surface. He told me to lay back and relax and I swung my legs over his shoulders. That’s when he went tongue first for my pussy. He licked my labia like a dog then flicked my clitoris back and forth with the tip of his tongue several times before sucking on it until it almost hurt. He lifted me a little more and told me to pull my knees to my face. I then felt his tongue part my lips and enter me deeper than I thought was possible. If we weren’t already in the water, he would have been wet anyway. I had one orgasm after another, and was sure that I was gushing. I sure didn’t expect what was next, he found his way to my asshole. He licked little circles around the opening, getting closer to the hole with each lick. Then I felt penetration. He stuck the tip of his tongue in my ass. I had not yet felt such pleasure during my short sex-life.

He lowered me back into the water. I leaned in and took his tongue into my mouth and reached for his cock that was now as hard as granite. I lifted myself up so the head was pushing my lips apart and I started to wiggle down onto it when he yanked me forward. His cock was now in direct line with my asshole and he pushed down on my hips.

I didn’t think it was going to fit, and I wasn’t sure I wanted it to. That’s supposed to be an outie not an innie. He told me to try and relax; I tried. I could feel the head of his penis inside me, it kinda hurt a little. Then he pulled it back, then pushed it in, just a bit, with gentle strokes, back and forth, immensely slow. He was butt fucking me with just the head of his cock. It had just started to feel good, and then he stopped moving. I could feel him quiver. He let out a little sigh, and then shot his load in my ass. I wasn’t done, I pulled his cock out of my asshole and shoved it in my pussy and ground away on it until I climaxed again.

We sat, embraced, in the hot bubbling water for another minute. I put my finger to his lips and another to mine. I didn’t want either of us to speak. I stood up, grabbed the back of his head and rubbed my pubic hair in his face. I pushed his head aside and got out of the tub, dried off, got dressed, and walked out the door.

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