My Sordid Life

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By the end of that summer, Robby enlisted in the Army and left for boot camp, and Sandy was still playing with her prom date, Justin. I on the other hand had tallied quite a list of conquests for myself. Sandy labeled me a “hard core slut” which I probably deserved because I swiftly went from zero to I lost count, since the prom. She tried to warn me about being with so many different guys, but I didn’t listen. I was having fun.

My boss at the Best Western told me about his brother in Daytona Beach, who had bought an old bar and did a full-blown rehab on it, and was looking to staff it with experienced help. He had already recommended me for one of the jobs if I was interested in moving to Florida. His brother immediately offered me a job after a video call with him. The first thing I did, before I told my parents, was to tell Sandy I was leaving.

I knocked on her door, no one answered, so I let myself in like I always did. I went upstairs to her room and closed the door behind me. She was on her bed talking on the phone with Justin, but hung up when she saw me. She asked me what was up, because I didn’t usually close the door. It might have had something to do with the look on my face, too. I told her the whole story about what was going on and she broke down in tears, which made me cry. Leaving her was the hardest part about making my decision to go.

We sat, squeezing each other, exchanging “I love you’s” and “I’ll miss you’s”. I grabbed a tissue and wiped her tears away while we just sat and stared. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She seemed startled at first. Amazingly we had never kissed before, but then she leaned in and kissed me back. This time she didn’t pull away. Her lips were soft and her kisses were much gentler than a guy’s. We couldn’t stop. Pretty soon we were “swapping spit”.

It didn’t end there. My hands found the bare skin on the small of her back. I gave her a backrub and noticed she was braless. My groping had also bared her belly, exposing the bottom of her boobs. I was always envious of her breasts; they were twice the size of mine. She flung her shirt across the room and pushed me backwards onto the bed. We rolled around and semi-wrestled until we had both lost all of our clothing. The next several minutes involved a lot of touching, humping, and grinding. Which led to fingering, licking and orgasms.

We laid, arm in arm, trying to catch our breaths, giggling like two little kids over what we had just done, when the door opened. In walked Justin. I cannot describe to you the expression on his face. Sandy looked at me and said, “Oh my god, I forgot he was coming over. What do I do now?” I told her if she was okay with it, to invite him to join us.

I was a bit surprised but she did just that. He actually hesitated for a moment, but closed the door and by the time he removed his clothes, he was close to being fully erect. Sandy and I rolled apart so that Justin could lay between us. I put a lip-lock on him and I could tell by his moan the second Sandy had his cock in her mouth. Not to be left out, I maneuvered myself between his legs and sucked on his balls while Sandy was busy above me. I licked my way up the shaft of his penis until I met with Sandy. We swapped deep-throating him until he was about to burst. Sandy told be to back away, so did she, while still stroking him repeatedly. One huge grunt later, and his sperm shot out of him with such force that some of it landed near his neck.

We weren’t finished with him just yet. Sandy mounted Justin, taking his still erect penis far inside her. I straddled his face so that he could tongue me, while Sandy and I exchanged deep kisses. After we both had climaxed again, we changed positions. I had thoroughly enjoyed everything up to now, but I couldn’t wait to have his dick inside me. I intended to make him cum so hard that he’d never forget me.

At one point, Sandy rolled off from Justin, to watch the two of us. I had yet another orgasm when I felt him thrusting himself upwards into me. I could feel him ejaculate. There was so much of it, that it poured out of me and ran down his cock, covering his pubic hair.

That was quite the send-off to Florida, my first girl-on-girl sex, AND my first three-way, all in the same afternoon.

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