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Conflicting Minds

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Book 3 Rebecca is Kenzo's submissive but more is happening inside Kenzo's mind. He's a sadist, a man who cannot love or be there emotionally for Rebecca but what Rebecca needs is exactly what Kenzo cannot give her. Can they make it work or could their relationship break them? Rebecca cannot be a masochist and that's exactly what Kenzo needs. Kenzo cannot be who Rebecca wants him to be. Can two opposites combine together to become one? Add in Kenzo's organisation and a person who cannot be trusted. RE-EDITED VERSION

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
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Welcome, welcome, welcome back to the societa oscura series. This is book 3. I hope you will enjoy it.

Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series


“I believe that you are mine.” I growl, pulling her body into mine with my hands directly on her ass. This is my possession, mine to caress, whip, fuck and destroy. Mine, nobody else's. If I was to catch another man with his hands on her, I would torture him for months because killing him would be the easy way out of it. No man touches what is mine, no explanation is needed.

I glance over at Trish who stands next to the door. Now what should I do with her? She shouldn't know about me and my life but Rebecca has explained more to her then she should have. In my opinion, she could be a great submissive for Rex but I'm not going to drag her into my lifestyle yet. Yet is a big word when it comes to the organisation and my life. Standing above Rebecca, I narrow my eyes and guide her head up to face me.

“You should have listened to me Rebecca.” I tell her sternly. She should have, there's no questions about that. She was a stupid bitch for doing that. Those parents of hers would never go out of their way to help their precious daughter. Her father is more corrupt than me and that's saying something. I'm all sorts of fucked up.

Innocence, worry and full submission show in her eyes. A tear is forming and my cock stands up fighting for me to release him. So fuckable and fragile underneath my touch. Pushing her down to her knees by her shoulders, I tilt her head back to face me again. She's wearing what I would call girly shit. Pink jeans with a pink top and a pink leather jacket. I want to rip them off her body and dye them with black ink. Still, I'm refraining myself from doing that. Circling her because she's my prey, I watch making sure she keeps her eyes on me at all times.

“We are leaving. You’ve just earned yourself a whipping session on the black bench.” Turning around, I swiftly nod to Rex who pulls out his phone and calls Leo who will be driving us back to the airport. I stare down at Rebecca with a wide grin covering my face. She's all mine now. This is the second time that I've saved her ass, she owes me. I have lost thousands today because I've had to follow her here.

"What's the black-" Rebecca tries to ask me. I shut her down.

“Quiet!” My voice slices through the air.

“Congratulations. You're promoted buttercup.” I tell Rebecca pulling her to the side of me. Guiding Rebecca out of her room, Rex closes the door and I walk her to the kitchen where her useless parents are relaxing with a cup of coffee in their hands. Rex takes Rebecca from me.

Picking up a clean cup, I make a cup of tea and sit down at the table next to them. They look at me with a puzzled expression covering their faces. They don't say a word so I decide to start a conversation with them. It's not one that they will enjoy my presence but I'm being polite. I am inside their house after all and the least that I can do is say hello.

"Rebecca will be with me. I want her birth certificate." I lean my elbows down on the table and her parents stare at me. Sarah speaks up.

"I won't give that to you. How dare you enter my house, make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea and demand for Rebecca's birth certificate. That is a private document."

"Do I look like I give a fuck?" I point at my face and Sarah stands up crossing her arms. I really don't like her if you want my honest opinion.

"Your not getting it!" I expected for her to pipe up like this. Luckily, I'm a man who loves to improvise. Sarah is shouting. That's not going to make a difference love. Like mother, like daughter.

"I will take it then. Simple." I state calmly.

"No you will not!" Sarah walks around the table ready to threaten me. I stand up to tower above her and press my head against hers, turning mine on the side. "Shall we test that theory out hmm?"

Carl grabs Sarah's hand and she looks over her shoulder. He shakes his head and she backs up away from me. "Do what you want." She rolls her eyes and I step out of the way pushing the chair back in against the table. Walking around to sit down, she sighs and Carl tells me where Rebecca's certificate is. Rebecca stands next to Rex awkwardly keeping her mouth shut. Good girl, finally she behaves.

“Come on, let’s go,” I tell Rex walking down the hallway to collect her certificate. Rex stares at me and Rebecca rubs the tops of her arms. I take the certificate out of a cabinet inside a spare room, folding it up and pushing it inside my suit jacket pocket. Walking down the stairs, I place my hand at the bottom of Rebeccas back pushing her forwards. Escorting her out to the car, we walk behind Rex as he opens the car door up. I place my hand on Rebecca's head to make sure she doesn't whack it on the roof as she takes a seat. Sliding in next to her, I slam the door and we drive off. Sarah and Carl are nowhere to be seen.

Finally arriving in Prentonville, I watch Rebecca as she glares out of the window. We are in the VIP room and have been watching movies the entire flight back. Rebecca drank a full glass of champagne. She did attempt to go for the bottle but I placed it inside my safe and locked it up so that she couldn't get her hands on it. Nice try babe. You're getting a good whipping session tonight and I need you to be sober, not intoxicated.

“Rebecca” I stand at the door moving my finger, signalling for her to come to me. She does as I say and stands next to me like a lost puppy. I take her hand and drag her with me off my jet.

When we arrived back, I told Rebecca to get in a hot bath until I could go up to help her dry off. I do hope that she doesn't have any problems because that bath is amazing. It's a jacuzzi one which massages all of your muscles. She better not be using it for the incorrect reasons. If she has then we will be having strict words later.

Staring out of the window, I watch lights switch on and off in the distance as I play with the bubbles in between my hands. You can see the city in another country from this bathroom and the view is magnificent. Kenzo enters and wraps a towel around my body before lifting me up out of the hot water. My face pales when the water drips all over the floor and he assures me that it's not a problem. Holding a pair of silk shorts, he helps me as I get inside them. Black. This man loves the colour black.

“Arms up.”

How can he stand in this boiling hot bathroom wearing a suit? Surely, he should be dripping with sweat! The room has steamed up because the water is that hot. I'm sweating. I wouldn't mind but I'm practically naked.

When I lift my arms above my head, he helps me get inside the top and the silk flows down my back and stomach comfortably. Picking me up with both hands, Kenzo carries me out of the bathroom in a cradling position to his bedroom.

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