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“You dragged me to that race because you knew I had to go.” His head dropped and he watched his fingers go back to lightly plucking the strings. “I knew Tomboy had to be there.” He paused and lifted his head to level that blue gaze on me. “If she wanted to have a chance at beating me...Unfortunately...She didn’t anyway.” “Grrrrr!” I growled. His lips quirked and his brows lifted flirtatiously. “Now that’s a fun sound.” “Eric! Can you be serious for once?” “I am being serious.” He set the guitar aside and stood. Towering over me as he dropped his face to mine. “Deadly serious.” “You took me there because you knew I was her.” “Yes.” “Then made a bet with me that she’d lose because you were so sure you’d beat me.” “Yes.” “Then you challenged me, knowing you’d win.” “Yes.” He tilted his head in a grudging nod. “And you refused to cash in on your wins of the bet to have me be your slave this week.” “Yes.” “Because you want it to be next week.” He blinked slowly but didn’t deny it. “When we’re alone in this house...” “Yes.”

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Here's a few teaser chapters to The Bad Boy & The Tomboy.

I stalked over to Eric and ripped the plate out of his hand. Ignoring his snooty grin. Even though just seeing it made my hair stand on end. “I don’t need your help with anything.”

“Allison.” My mom snapped. Happening to be walking by.

He probably asked her to follow just so she’d catch me talking to him like we really talk to each other.

He’s certainly that evil.

“Be nice to, Eric. He’s just bringing you some dinner. Is it necessary for you to always be so mean?”

“Yes.” Eric tipped his head down. Projecting a huge pouting lip. Though his blue eyes danced from beneath those dark slashing brows. “Is it necessary to be so mean to me?”

“You’re Satan!” I hissed under my breath.

He leaned in my room, so he was out of ear shot of my mother a short distance away, adjusting a picture in the hallway.

“Then come to the dark side, Allie Kat. You might have some fun...”

“Screw you.”

“You could do that too.” Those damnable dimples appeared in his cheeks and he gave me a quick wink before leaning back out, so he was in full view of my mother.

“Allison!” He cried so suddenly I nearly dropped my plate as I was turning from the doorway.

Thinking his tormenting was over.

And clearly mistaken.

“Whatever is in your hair!” He reached out and snatched the handful at the front of my forehead.

Making me wince as he tugged it just enough to be annoying.

“How’d you get gum in your hair? Jess,” He called my mom over. “does that look like gum to you?”

She came over and stepped between him and I to examine the fistful of hair he gripped. She blinked in astonishment.

“Allison!” She chastised. “How’d you manage that?”

He leaned around her shoulder to dramatically mouth “How?”

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