The Masquerade

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Betrayal of My Body

“I-I once…” I made a gesture of my hand sliding down my body and sent him a pointed look. My cheeks on fire as I prayed I’d not have to say more.

“You touched yourself?” He purred.

I nodded so clumsily that my hair bobbed around my shoulders.

“How very intriguing. And what did you find?” White teeth flashed in the darkness. A predatory grin.

“I couldn’t…Two would not…” I lifted two fingers pressed together in a flustered effort to explain.

“Perhaps that is only because you knew not what you were doing.” The back of his knuckles trailed over my belly toward the place I’d hinted at. His gaze travelling just ahead of his touch to land at the crux of my thighs.

He licked his lips wolfishly.

As if he wants to lick me just as fiercely. I shivered at the idea.

He nudged my plump thighs apart with his fist enough I had to skid one leg aside in surprise. Staring at him in horror and hoping he was just jesting. When I suddenly felt two of his fingers penetrate into me, my hands shot over his shoulders to cling to him as my knees suddenly felt very untrustworthy. Already beginning to sway forward and back in imitation of how his hand moved between my legs.

His fingers edging deeper into me. And soaking into my dampness.

I made a choking sound as my fingers dug into the top of his shoulders.

“Don’t worry, Little Circe.” He murmured. Moving his fingers more aggressively into me. Until my entire pelvis was being jerked toward him and then back.

Like some primal offering.

“Soon it’ll be far more than that, I’ll have stuffed in you.” He chuckled darkly.

I thought temporarily about fleeing the Guest House into the rain screaming for help. That would surely have me compromised irreparably.

I thought about shouting my head off for my sister. But there’s no guarantee she’ll be the one to come running.

“What are you thinking?” He caught my chin in the fingertips of his free hand. Still working the other ones so far into me that I could feel the other knuckles pressing the tiny nub outside my entrance. Making me gasp at the rubbing touch.


“A way out of this?” He gave a lopsided smile. “There isn’t one. Not without shredding your reputation which will land you in my bed anyway.”

“How could you possibly be so arrogant as to think that?”

“A ruined woman must make money somehow.” He shrugged. Still not stopping his pace which was making my fingernails bite into the bare tops of his shoulders and my toes curl within my slippers.

Even beneath his boots.

“Most gentleman won’t welcome a ruined lady into their bed. Preferring widows and mistresses. There’s a good possibility I’d be the only one that’d have you then.” He thrust against his hand. Meeting my bare thighs with his clothed ones.

“To have my way with you for endless hours. Bent over every piece of furniture in my town home.” He growled in pleasure at the thought.

“You’re an animal!” I accused.

“As are you, Circe.” He grinned. “A wet little animal with a pussy ready to lick my cock.”

I yelped. Stunned at his shocking words and he took the moment to drop his mouth over mine and swallow the sound as his tongue intruded into my mouth so determinedly that I was certain he was going to enter my core just as ferociously.

I’d be torn.

Even as I was thinking it, rivers of tension poured through me. Yanking at my muscles and pulling them taut like the strings on a violin. Making every inch of my body tighten and then relax in a strange singing tune. My voice was emerging in a sound that I didn’t recognize.

A long drawn-out moan which seemed to go on forever and seemed far too low to be my voice.

Not as I know it.

“Good Girl.” He praised. “Now to do that on my cock while I’m sucked balls deep in your little hole.”

“Damn you!” I swore at him. “This is not how a man talks to a lady.”

“You’re not a lady now. You’re a ruined woman who’s tasty little pussy is going milk my cock while I pound you like the little seductress you are. A woman has to realize there’s consequences for behaving as a wanton.” I could hear a triumphant note in his voice. “Especially an engaged one.”

That’s why he’s doing this? Some vengeance against Lord Byron.

I’m a conquest to send him tainted property.

“H-how’d you know?” I asked. Chewing my lip.

“I overheard you and your sister.” He said acidly. “Everyone did. I’m sure. And your blatant disregard. It’s clear you wanted a man to ruin you for your affianced. One to stick you so good, he won’t be able to repair the damage done.”

“Damage?” I squeaked.

He chuckled evilly.

“Now take off my pants, Wench.”

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