The Masquerade

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He put a hand between my shoulder blades and tipped me over the upholstered chair. My pelvis against the wide wooden back.

“Open your legs for me.” When I hesitated, he nudged the inside of my knees with his.

Giving a frustrated screech I obeyed. Slipping my feet further apart.

“More.” He directed.

I slid them further.


I grunted in aggravation and slid them apart until I was balanced on my toes. The majority of my weight balanced against the chairback. I had to balance myself by gripping the arm rests. Leaving most of my body tipped awkwardly forward.

And making me feel extremely vulnerable with him behind me. His skin bare against mine and knowing my hole was open for his inspection.

Even as I thought it I felt him firmly adjusting my buttocks. Rubbing them side to side before pushing them apart to appreciatively inspect what he was about to partake of.


“Wait!” I blurted. The sudden awkwardness of it striking me. The unbearable vulnerability of knowing that he was going to do things to me I didn’t yet understand.

I’d never been naked before a man in the past and he seemed to be letting it extend on forever. Making me feel as though this horrible moment would never end.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you, Circe?”

“No.” I whispered. My throat so dry that the word was nearly inaudible.

“I’m going to take this.” He gripped his cock and bounced it against my ass before holding it solidly and rolling it along the inside of one cheek then the other. He rubbed the tip of himself against my asshole a moment.

I gasped and tensed. My legs flexing and my buttocks tightening in his grip.

“Should I?” He leaned down to hover over my back and whisper against the fine tendrils of hair near my ear. “I bet I could just barely slip the tip in and your ass would suck me right in. Tugging me in further. I could stuff all your holes full and make sure you’re good and broke in for that poor fiancé of yours.”

“Don’t.” I whispered. “Please, Rogue.”

I knew it wasn’t his name, but I didn’t know what else to call him.

To spite me, he angled himself and pressed the tip just enough that the firm ring of my ass began to stretch open. Smoothing as it adjusted to let him through.

“No!” I shrieked. Lurching up.

Laughing, he shoved me back down. “I’m only teasing you, Seductress. Get back down. Bend over and stay open. And keep those feet by the chair legs. I swear if you close me out. Then I will indeed feel that little virgin hole you’re so worried about now.”

“I’m worried about them both!” I objected. Nearly sobbing it.

“Well, one is as good as mine so best forsake it.” There was humor in his mouth. “Perhaps next time you’ll think better of acting impulsively with rogues you don’t know.”

I’d already done that. Deciding I’d never again be alone with a man.

If I can get out of this engagement, I’ll die a spinster. I vowed it to myself.

Damn you.

“Ready to feel me?” His words were a deep rumble that made my belly tighten and my grip on the armrests tighten enough that my fingernails dug into the upholstery.

“No. No!”

But it was too late.

He caught a fistful of my hair in one hand and pushed one buttock aside to give him better access. Then his teeth sunk into one of my shoulder blades to distract me from the sudden pain and stretching.

I felt the hard tip of him push me open first. Easing between the soft lips and slipping in. Inch by inch. As it reached the delicate barrier which had protected me so long, he slowly pressed forward with his hips. Relentlessly piercing me. His biting teeth breaking skin on my shoulder as he tried to distract me from the pain inside by a bit of pain elsewhere.

All I felt was pain. “No!” I shouted. “Get out.”

“You’re too late.” He jerked my hair sideways to turn my head, so he faced me. His other hand left my ass to scoop a pointed tit. Feeling the untouched nipple spiking against his palm.

“Now this, is what a woman’s body is intended for…” He purred. “Taking the root of a man.”

He pushed in again.

“Stop it!” I shouted.

He laughed. “The hell if you think so. If you were mine, I’d do this until you screamed for mercy every night. You’re lucky you’re not.”

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