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Stolen Mermaid

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She was my obsession. A beautiful creature I couldn't stop thinking about. And when another mermaid told me how I could be with her, I couldn't resist. Captivated by her hypnotic appeal I had no choice but to see if the myth was true. To see if I truly could have a taste of the forbidden...

Erotica / Fantasy
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My Obsession

This is the first of the Filthy Fairytales series of One Shots that will be coming out on Patreon every couple of weeks beginning next month.

It was the fourth day in a row that I’d come out here to watch her. After having come across her by accident on my dawn walk three sunrises ago.

She had come here near a grassy edge of the shore to use the long leaves from the trees above as a rag to shine the scales covering her legs and those molding up her sides and shimmering over her bountiful breasts.

Her body is enough for any man to obsess over. He told himself. Staring riveted. Especially as she used the leaves to rub her breasts in a circular motion. The scales climbed around the sides and stretched over the huge breast nearly like a hand covering it. But the creases beneath and aside were visible.

And they made me hungry. I wanted to lick all over her.

I knew it was wrong because she wasn’t human. She’s some kind of an animal. But the indented curve of her waist was nearly too small to imagine. Easily grasped by large hands like mine. Then her hips were deliciously swelled as though designed to take in a man.

But those scales covered everywhere I wanted to be.

Between her legs and deep inside her.

I’d stared hungrily at her. Desperately trying to figure out how a man could mate with such a mesmerizing creature but could fathom no way it’s possible.

Which only made me harder for her. There has to be a way.

She turned her back and peered over her shoulder at me as she had the last two days. Letting the water slip down her bare back. Droplets winding over smooth elegant flesh.

She has the skin of a princess. Not some manner of fish.

I’d never seen a woman so fine of form. With such large breasts and a tiny waist and lush hips but I assumed that since she resided underwater, her body could be shaped different.

Still, I wanted her.

And she wants me…I think. She was blinking at me through hooded eyes as she used the leaves to wash the curves of her smooth hips, lightly dusted with gold scales.

Then she turned and leaned against the bank. Leaving only her tail swishing slowly in the water. Revealing the fin which broke into two pieces seeming entirely contrived of fine winding strands.

Like bits of sea moss stitched together.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Rubbing the leaves low along her belly and writhing as though she were pleasuring herself.

Now. I could catch her now. I shifted where I was crouched. Badly wanting to taste her skin to feel her heat.

I wondered, not for the first time, who’d really come here to see who.

The first morning I’d stumbled across her bathing she hadn’t seemed to notice me, and I’d paused to watch this hypnotic creature in a trancelike state, where I’d seemed unable to move. Staring at her, fascinated.

The second morning I’d rushed out here early to await her. Hoping I might see her again.

As she’d swam in, her gaze had flitted over the bank until landing on me crouched near a rock. She’d maintained eye contact with me as she swam far enough in that the water became shallow enough, she could turn and lean up out of it. Making that pearlescent skin glitter damply in the morning sunlight.

Begging to be touched.

The third day had been nearly the same as the second, but she’d been staring at me as she was now. Washing herself while she looked at me. Lips parted as though she were aroused at the fact that I watched her so intently. Crouched again behind the boulder.

This morning she was even bolder. Laying on the grass and writhing. Grabbing at handfuls of it as though a man were mounted atop her taking her.

She grabbed fistfuls of grass surrounding her like she needed to clutch at something in her throes of passion. Her pale cheeks flushed with arousal and her tail was jerking more roughly as though she were being ridden. She tossed her long waving red hair along the grass. First one way then the other. Then she admitted a primal, female moan that had me aching.

It was enough to make me groan with yearning. Having to shift myself in my breeches.

Damn her.

She was teasing me. I knew it.

She knows it.

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