I will find you

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Chayanika was not aware that she has run away, she was under the impression her mother sent her out to find her destiny, but soon finds out that it was a way to keep her away from not just one mate but two of the, both are relentless, and malicious, none of them what to give her up, but should she chose or should she run for real this time, and what odd is, is her self, who is she and what the her mother try to hide from her.

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Chapter 1

"Where the fuck is she?"
"I will not tell you anything." the blood now pouring out of the man's mouth.
"She belongs to me, tell me where she is or you will die slowly and painfully." I spit out, seeing the fear in his eyes, I know I hit the right spot, this is the part where they try to be brave and honorable.
"She is better off without you... Ahaaaa"
I love this part where they give in, many men did before him. I turn again on the wheel that stretch the man further apart. His legs tied up on the bottom and his arms above his head. I know my evil grin sits around my mouth.
"I will find her, with or without your info, many has seen her and many will give in when I pay them off."
"She will not be your mate, she will reject you." he spit the blood in my face.
I take my handkerchief and wipe the blood of my face, it doesn't bother me at all, I smile back at him. "You do have a mate?" His eyes widen he knows what it mean, my work has reaches the out skirt of the earth, and my method's to get information.
"You leave her out of this."
"To late Jake, I already have your mate and with just one button I can kill her or let my wolves have they way with her."
"You will not dear."
"Alpha Jake." I went to the chair next to the torture device. "You know what I am doing and that I will not stop till I have what I want, and at this stage I want her, I will do what ever it takes to find her and you will give me what I need to do so. What say you, let my men have some fun?" I take my phone out and press on the one button that speed dial my Beta. It start ringing in my ears.
"I will tell you where she is!"
I smile when he give in, protecting your mate will be the first thing anyone will do. "Hold on Eric, he will talk." I did not put the phone down, I need Eric to move as soon as I have the word. "Talk."
"She is in my pack, we only let her stay till she could move again."
"Your pack, why would you hide her if you know I will becoming for you." I punch him in the stomach and he spit blood out. "You will risk your pack and your mate to hide her."
"We thought... we have... time... but we were wrong... I will follow you... and be loyal to you... Please don't hurt my mate..." his breathing is heavy and his eye almost lifeless.
"Swear to me." I said slowly hissing under my breath.
"I swear Alpha Damion, I'll be loyal to your rule."
"Good, if you ever try to help her again I will kill you after you watch how my wolves play with your mate, and when their done they will kill her and then we will kill you slowly." I put the phone to my ear. "Get her and do what needs to be done." then I put the phone down.
I stand up and walk to the small wooden door. I open it and nod to my men. "Let him go, we have her." I take out my cigarettes and lite one, I inhale deeply and blow the smoke out, I lift my head to the stars sparkling in the pitch black sky. "I will find you and I did" I smile when I heard my men loosen the fat old Alpha from his restrains, the moaning coming from the small room was clear that he still hurts. By this time Eric would have smell her out and will wait for me to join him.
The smell of dried blood coming from the room wakes my wolf.
"Did we find her?" he purrs.
"Yes we did, we will pick her up in a few minutes"
"We need her." he is as excited like I am
"I know, she will never run again, I killed all her options."
I turned to the dark alley when the fat man was close to me, the car arrived to take us to the Pine Wood Pack. I will make sure she will never escape me again. The last view years was hell with out her, if it wasn't for her father or her mother she would have been mine already. I throw the half smoked cigarette to the ground and walk to the car.
I get in, with the blooded fatso next to me, I enjoy the pain I inflected on him, he hold on for a long time, but like all mated men the bond between him and his mate are the one thing that will make any grown wolf go down on his knees. I have learned this lesson the hard way when Martha and Lucas refuse me to see her, I was on my knees begging them to let her know I was her mate and that she should chose by herself, but they refuse any contact with her. She had no idea she was my mate, she was still under age in our wolf clan, but I should have waited another year before letting her know.
I lean back in the seat when the car starts moving. Back then I was as ruthless as I am now, and her parents didn't want me to be with her if I was not willing to change. Everything I did and still do are in the interest of my pack, more territory, bigger pack, more warriors and more females. I am ruthless and merciless and that's how everyone knows me, I will destroy other packs just to get more land, and that did not sit well with other members of my council, which two of them was her parents, but soon that all change when I killed them, the new members agreed on everything I want and they approve it, and now with all needed funding and some torture I am on my way to my true mate.
I never pay any attention to the weak girl, always standing behind the pack, to short to be notice, I never saw her on our hunts or been part of training, but then again I paid no attention to her. I only saw the attractive women and fuck them senseless. Till one day she was much up with me on training, her green eyes, her white silver hair tied up in a pony tail. Her brown eyebrows that was odd with thick brown eyelashes, her tiny straight nose and her full lips. Never did I thought that such a small women could pin me down, it didn't take her perfectly small body to slip out of my grip and grab me from behind, the next moment I was down on the ground eating her dust. Her smile was hypnotizing, her green orbs full of spark, the blood running down her arm due to a small cut, give me the scent of coconut oil.
"Mate." my wolf cried out.
No it can't be, she will not satisfy my needs, but I could not go against the feeling I have for her, even if she was to young to realize she is mine. I have to wait two years for her to become of age, she would be twenty now, for four years I had to wait and search for her, and tonight will be the last of many nights sleeping alone or without her. I smile when I realize that I will claim her tonight, she will be mine before the morning hours will show the minutes.
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