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Ice (BxB Oneshots)

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Originally posted on Wattpad. This is a series of mature BxB one shots. I will be starting from my newest posts.

Erotica / Romance
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The Flower Executive

Jamie's POV

The flower shop is unusually quiet today. I expected there to be at least 10 customers running in last minute to buy a bouquet for their loved ones, seeing as tomorrow is Valentine's day.

Maybe flowers were just out of style. But still, at least one hunk would waltz in with a big box of chocolates or a gigantic teddy bear in hand. I'd always have to ask them to watch out for the vases of flowers on display around the shop, and then someone would always proceed to knock down the baby's breath that are on display near the front door, and I'd have to clean up the bits and pieces that were dreadfully trampled upon.

That being said, the emptiness was odd. Even so, I begin to keep myself busy. I walk away from the front counter and make my way over to the work table. The work table is where a lot of the magic happens. Many beautiful and elaborate bouquets are made on this table. I take a quick look around the store and pick out a few of the baby's breathe (the ones with the sad fate) and a few of the smaller white tulips; bringing them back to the work table and making quick work of assembling a simple flower crown. My boss, Emmet, doesn't mind if I do crafts every now and then to post on our website, so I try my best to make it look phenomenal.

Just as I finish taping the flower crown with floral tape, I hear the shop door jingle.

Finally, a customer, I say internally. Emmet would have a field day if we didn't make ANY money today.

"Just a moment, I will be right with you." I call out, softly humming and setting the flower crown atop my head before easing over to the counter.

Edward's POV

"Lilly's Birthday is tomorrow, you're coming right?" I could tell my sister was frowning through the phone. I was the CEO of a worldwide corporation. I constantly had back to back meetings and conferences, not to mention the piles of paperwork that never seem to disappear off of my desk. I couldn't always make it to family occasions, but I knew that my nieces 18th birthday was important.

"I will try Pen. I can't make any promises." I huffed, a little stressed as I eyed the strewn papers on my desk. "You know I want to be there, but I might have to just drop by with a present and leave right after. I have a new business client meeting with me for dinner." I say, turning around and looking out of my windows. My eyes land on the flower shop across from my company building.

I could get something there before my 2:30 appointment, I decided.

"I know Ed. Honestly if you could do that, that would be nice. The party is at 7:00 PM tomorrow. I'm sure she would love to see you." Penny chimed.

"I will try my best, sis. I have to go now. I will let you know when I am on my way tomorrow. Love you." I hang up after she returns her love, quickly standing up and exiting my office.

I stride out of my office and into the elevator, acknowledging my secretary, Katherine, on my way to the elevator. Soon enough I am out of the building and across the street.

Jamie's POV

Before me stood a prince, no, a fucking king. He had on the cleanest, most beautiful navy blue suit that I had ever seen. The fitting suit accentuated his piercing grey eyes as well as his plump red lips. The more I shamelessly stare, the more I like what I see.

I blew a strand of my curly locks out of my eyes, brushing away some intruding dirty thoughts before smiling sweetly at the man browsing through the roses.

"What can I do for you today sir?" I ask, grabbing his attention. His eyes flew towards me, revealing something almost sinfully devilish. He was absolutely breathtaking it physically hurt.

I see his mouth twitch before he clears his throat, replying to me in the most sexy, husky voice. "Yes, I need a bouquet of flowers for my niece."

Speak more..please.

"It needs to be something for a 18 year old." He paused, cracking the most mind-fucking smirk, before stepping closer to the counter. "I don't know much about flowers. Can you help me?"

I found myself blushing, and instead of standing strong, I shied away. "G-give me one second. I have just the bouquet." I slip away to the back and take a few bone rattling deep breathes, my heart running an entire marathon without my consent. I grab one of the beautiful pre-maid birthday bouquets and return to the counter. "This is the perfect bouquet, I promise you she will love it. It would be nice to pair with chocolates or a nice necklace. Tomorrow is also Valentines day so it would be very fitting for your niece as well." I rambled.

Shut up, idiot, I begged myself.

"Thank you very much, I'll take it." The devil replied fishing his wallet from his jacket pocket. "I like your flower crown. It looks really nice on you."

I looked up at him from the counter and smile nervously, my eyes flickering to his as he also hands me his card.

"Thank you. I actually just made it."

"I can see you are...very talented." Just before I could say thank you, his phone rings. I hurriedly wrap up the bouquet and swipe his card, sliding his present to him. Whoever was on the other side of the phone was frantically speaking to him, causing his face to harden as he looked at me. All I could think of was him shoving me up against a wall and having his way with me. After a short conversation he mouths a "thank you" towards me and smirked again, swiftly exiting the store with his new purchase.

I let out a deep breath and groan, looking down at the potruding tent in my pants. It was going to be a long day.

Two Days Later

"Let's get these flowers into the conference room. It is supposed to be down the hall." The store had gotten a large order of bouquets and table decorations from the company across the street, Minute Corp. Emmet was completely shocked. We never usually get business from large corporations, especially this particular company, so this was a first.

After about an hour of hard labor, we had almost all of the flowers arranged in the conference room according to the instructions given to us by their coordinator. The CEO of this company must REALLY like flowers. As we finish up, I put the finishing touches on the flowers at the center of the table, a sense of pride washing over me.

We've done a great job in here.

"No flower crown today?" I hear, my head turning to see the sexy man who had visited the flower shop the other day. He was wearing a cream colored suit and an exquisite burgundy tie today. His raven black hair was slicked back in the most appealing way and his eyes were just as sexy as ever. He looked like his own perfect bundle of pristine flowers.

I put the last flower in the bouquet before turning towards him fully, an innocent smile on my face. "Not today, sadly. This is a pleasant surprise though. I didn't know that you worked here." He makes a face that I don't quite understand as he stands there, taking in my words.

"Jamie, can you take these flowers to the main office? The CEO would like to have these personally delivered." Emmet had walked up to me, one of our best ornate vases in his hands.

"Oh, alright." I take the vase from him carefully, holding it lower so that I can see him above the flowers. "Where is their office?" I ask, almost forgetting that a hunk of a man was standing next to me until he chimes in.

"I can show you the way. Follow me." I glance over at him, his smile melting me on the spot. Emmet gives us a thumbs up as we walk out of the room. We walk down the hall for a short amount of time and soon enter an elevator.

"Did your niece enjoy the flowers?" I ask nervously, the air in the elevator thick. He was standing so close to me that the expensive fabric of his suit was brushing up against my flower shop hoodie.

"Oh, yes she absolutely loved them. I also took your advice and bought her a necklace." I nod, keeping my eyes focused on the elevator doors as my face starts to heat up. "What is your name?" He asks suddenly.

"Jamie." I answer, the elevator finally coming to a stop. As the doors open I walk out, the sexual tension getting to me. I could have sworn that he had whispered my name when I left. I wanted to hear it again. I wait for the him to step out of the elevator, then follow closely as he walks down the hall.

"Hello Mr. Vendilla" A woman formally acknowledges him. That name sounds incredibly familiar.

"Hello Katherine."

Mr...Vendilla greets the secretary and walks over to a large set of double doors, holding one of them wide open for me and the vase to pass through.

"After you."

I walk into what I assumed to be the CEO's office. The long stemmed flowers partially obstructing my view. The beautiful man walks towards a large desk, pulls back the leather chair, and takes a seat.

"Wait, where is the CEO?" I ask, my arms beginning to feel tired from holding the vase.

"That's cute." He chuckles, sending shivers down my spine. "CEO Edward Vendilla of Minute Corp. Nice to meet you."

Wow. I am really surprised that I didn't connect the dots.

"But you..." He gazes into my eyes with a devilish smile. "Can call me Ed."


As if I couldn't embarrass myself anymore, the vase slips out of my hands and onto the ground, breaking into a million pieces.

"Oh my god, I am so so sorry Mr. Vendilla." I squat down without thinking about the fact that the vase was glass and start to pick up the pieces. "I will get you a new one. We are just across the street. No, I'll get you a better one I prom- Ouch!"

"Are you okay, Jamie?" Mr. Vendilla rushes towards me. I stand as I look at the cut on my pointer finger.

"I'm alright. I just cut my finger. I am really, truly sorry about the vase." I continue to ramble, not really noticing the fact that the CEO had me trapped against his desk.

"Don't worry about the vase. Let me see your finger." He says with a soft yet demanding tone. I am hesitant at first, but I end up holding my injured finger out to him. He takes a brief look at my finger, then back at me with a small smile on his face. "Let me see if I can fix it." He just about purrs then does something anyone would die to have done to them. He puts my finger in his mouth.

When I say his mouth felt amazing on my finger, I mean it. I just about pass out right then and there. He sucks on my finger for a short while then inches closer. "All better?" He was smirking now, lust swimming in his eyes.

"A-all better." I whisper, my heart beating incredibly fast.

Mr. Vendilla's smirk grows impossibly wider before he forcefully takes my lips in his. I freeze for a few seconds, surprised by the sudden kiss, but ultimately happy that my lips were melting against his. The kiss is passionate and grows in intensity as we get more and more excited. As we make out he slides his tongue past my lips, playing around inside my mouth.

We pull apart soon to breathe, our lips still brushing against each other. Mr. Vendilla grabs a nearby phone, his eyes locked on my lips as he dials a number and holds the phone up to his ear. I barely hear him speaking over the sound of my raging lust. It only takes him a minute to finish the call and when it is over he picks me up and sits me on the desk, making quick work of unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down along with my boxers.

We were in his office, but I could care less if anyone walked in. I wanted this man, and I would let him do anything he wanted to me.

"Nngh!" I moan softly, attempting to not alarm everyone, mainly Katherine, of our special activities. He had gripped my cock in his large, veiny hand and began to rub it, his other heavy hand holding onto my small waist.

"You're such a beautiful flower. Let me hear you moan." He leans forward and whispers in my ear in the most seductive voice, all of the excitement going straight to my hardened shaft. I let myself moan again, not letting anything hold me back.

"H-how much time do we have." I groan, my hands trying to get a grip on the desk.

"Enough time." I let out another groan, his thumb paying extra attention to my leaking tip.

"Enough time to fuck me?" I ask sheepishly, blushing as I look at him from under my eyelashes. I was too far gone at that point. All I wanted was to have him inside of me, no matter the cost.

I could visibly see something dangerously alluring spark in him, his hands leaving my dick for a second to unzip his pants and pull his own swelling cock out. He pushes me back onto the desk and grazes his fingers against my puckered asshole.

"Fuck you're so ravishing. I was going to take it easy on you today, but I don't think I can hold myself back anymore." He just about growls. He presses his own leaking tip to my asshole and without a warning, he enters me, slamming into me so that his shaft has no room to breathe.

I cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure, my hands scratching at his desk as I try to get used to the sudden intrusion.

"Are you okay?" He chokes out, leaning over my half naked body. He holds onto my hips with both hands, lightly rubbing circles on my skin for comfort. I nod and press my hips closer to him, desperate to feel him move.

"Y-yes please..fuck me." I plead. He growls again, not hesitating to slam his dick into my ass. He wrecks me over and over, the harsh sound of our slapping skin echoing throughout the room. Mr. Vendilla picks up his speed and grunts softly into my ear, every now and then groaning.

I hold onto his shoulders, my dick pulsating needily. As if he can hear my thoughts, his hand finds it's way back to my cock, his own shaft ramming into my body continuously. My eyes roll to the back of my head as he starts to stroke my hard length again, the pleasure almost too intense.

I can't hold it any longer.

"Let go." He whispers, once again reading my mind.

My back arches as I choke out a moan, cumming all over my stomach. His free hand cradles me in his arms as I release my load. He thrusts a few more times before giving me his own cum, our moans mingling together in the air.

Just as we finish, there is a knock on the office door. "Mr. Vendilla? Your one o'clock is here for the budget meeting." My face is completely panic stricken. The man in question stiffens, before urgently calling out.

"I will be out in a second, Katherine. Have them wait."

He takes his time pulling out, causing me to let out a weak moan. I didn't want it to be over yet. I hop down carefully and quickly slip on my clothes, pulling my shirt down over my cum laced stomach. He also makes himself presentable then smiles at me.

"I should um.. I should go." I smile awkwardly and point towards the vase. "I will get you a new one, I promise." I looked into his eyes one more time before starting to leave. Before I can reach the door, Mr. Vendilla pulls me back, spins me around and gently kisses my lips.

"Deliver it personally, Jamie?" He asks grinning, his arms holding me tight against his chest.

"I will. I promise." I smile as well before kissing his cheek and quickly leaving the office.

I am definitely bringing him more flowers tomorrow.
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