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Gangster Too-Shorts

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E X P L I C I T ⚠️ C O N T E N T️ ⚠️ ️18+ ⚠️ Mm-hmm! Food for dirty thoughts, In bite-sized pieces... 👀 Leave us a heart, yeah? All stories are fictional. Trigger warnings appear at the top, if applicable. Gangster Too-Shorts is an Inkitt-exclusive collection generated by Sirius Lotus. No other platform or user may reproduce this content. That being said, enjoy!

Erotica / Romance
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(*TW: Force)

Laying in the grass and staring at the clouds.

Now that was a feeling. There was not much of it here in the concrete jungle, but I’d found this patch inside an abandoned factory years ago, and came by whenever I had the chance.

Fingers of wind passed over the hairs on my body, trailing the clouds above. Skin warmed when they lifted, and soothed when they returned.

I didn’t like cloudless sunny days for that reason; too warm. Storms were another matter entirely; sizzling, hair-raising.

Right now, this relaxing thing was exactly where I wanted to be.

My nipples hardened into obvious peaks under the sundress, body tingling with awareness, telling me someone watched.

My hand smoothed over my thigh to hold the light material down as I heard slow footsteps approach. Damn, no more alone time.

“What are you hiding?”

A shadow fell over my face, stretching cool shade over my chest, stopping at a point that would switch my nipples between both temperatures as I breathed.

My eyes slowly left the sky to focus above me, where I’d heard the rough voice. Like it was used to shouting and smoking.

His eyes looked like someone had color-picked the edge of the clouds behind his head, for a moment. Not blue, not gray.

They became more like the sky the longer he stared at my obvious nipples, first one then the other. The longer I was silent.

But I didn’t know what to say to make him leave.

His chest scared me as much as his arms, the ink outside his tank top quickly telling me he was someone who’d just as easily throw me into a ditch with buddies to cover for him.

“Should I go?” I asked, tensing up.

He smirked. Sat down beside me.

“This was my spot.”

Yep, I should go. “Sorry.”

But when I moved to sit up, a hand over my peaked flesh pushed me back down. My pulse in my throat, I shook my head.

He was over me so fast, spreading my legs for his hips and feeling around my legs, my torso. Searching, I realized.

“Please don’t kill me,” I whispered.

His eyes narrowed at me, noting my hands fisting around blades of grass, my thighs trying to shift him off. Those grayish blue-ish slivers of suspicion sending all kinds of shivers down my spine.

“Who sent you?”

NO, THANK YOU, THIS IS NOT MY LIFE, I screamed in my furiously shaking head as his closed in. FUCK THIS.

“I’m just here for the clouds,” I managed to breathe out my tightening throat. But I held still, growing warm.

The fear was starting to take a backseat, though my eyes widened. I kept my distance from other people on purpose: my body seemed to confuse proximity with desire.

This one here? He was way too close. I was fighting myself not to touch him, fighting myself to breathe without moaning.

The fuck is wrong with me?! He was searching me for something he apparently didn’t find, not groping me!

Although... He was not a bad looking guy. With a single hard scar behind his ear that wrapped around the side of his head and a visible history of breaking his nose giving a relief to his beauty. Making him look more human.

His fingers found my nipples quite easily and then his mouth delved into my forced gasp. Again, only searching, but I realized that too late as I let an aroused pant slip.

Then his touch shifted.

One hand was quickly yanking up my dress so it bunched at my waist, his mouth keeping my mind busy. A finger from his other hand slid right past my underwear, my clit. I felt the cotton strain and then give slack as he slid into the slick arousal that hadn’t made it out yet.

He groaned against my surprised moan, and then laughed quietly at me when he thrust the tip of his finger in and my vagina sucked it deeper. A deep gasp from my mouth, eyes softening.

I had no words against the slick sounds he was making me give up. He pulled his hand away and finished ripping my underwear, suddenly urgent.

“You want clouds, baby girl, I’ll show you clouds.”

He quickly unzipped himself as he spoke and shoved himself inside when his words were done, his breath washing over my surprised face as he contracted his stomach.

A sound like he’d punched me fell out of my lips against his smug grin, before he silenced every sound with his mouth. Turning my moans into soft hums against his.

My hands clawed the ground as he found a spot inside me that few had cared to find. My body took over for me and he slid farther, but still just plugging up my entrance.

Slithered slowly inside, and back out, with his hands holding my head in place and my legs attempting to squeeze him... Off, or deeper, or something else other than just this heavy sensation he was building inside of me.

Biting my own lip until my back arched, not realizing he had been watching my face until just then.

And then his hands slid down my arms, pulled my fists off the earth to pin them above my head with one hand. My eyes teared up as my body started to buck against his, in an almost unbearable amount of pressure.

“I needa hold on tight for this. You ready?”

His other hand pushed my mouth silent as he quickly slammed that bit into me repeatedly, and I floated away on a muffled scream. Too fast to think about why or what.

“That’s some goood pussy right there, baby girl,” were the first words I heard at my ear, followed by, “No wonder you were hiding it.”

He was still inside of me.

As obvious by my walls jerking around him. His hand released my mouth to grope my tit, and he worked my nipple until he found the squeeze and moan he was looking for.

“Aw, of course,” he answered nobody’s question, pushing deeper into my relaxed hole to the sound of a bit-back sigh. Okay, my stupid vagina probably told him I wasn’t done.

“You can have as much as you can take right now. More?”

I looked at him about to tell him to fuck off, and his eyes warned me even as he continued stroking. “Truth, now, baby girl.”

I nodded slowly, still uncomfortable admitting it. To a stranger, no less.

“Reeeally?” His face was delighted and for some reason it made me afraid a little. It was probably his eyes, like they still thought I’d try whatever it was he thought I would try.

“Beg for it.”

And he pulled out, holding himself close enough to dive back in. Sliding around as if it were a finger he used and not his dick.

My breaths were panting but I was afraid to close my eyes. Staring up at him damn near crying.

“Please?” I whispered.

He smiled and probed at my slick opening. “Please what?”

“Please tell me your name.”

He laughed at that, “The fuck for?”

“Or what do I scream for you,” I said with an embarrassed blush, wincing at my own words.

FILTER, dammit! Where is the filter for this mouth?!

His expression was priceless for a second. Then he chucked a crooked laugh and showed me how much he hadn’t fit inside me that first time.


Pushing until I felt his belt against my pelvic bone. And before I could think of how to process that deliciousness, he was inching out of me.

He pushed my breath out of my lungs as a tortured moan. Dragged himself out of me to my frustrated huffs.

Repeated the process.

I was stubbornly holding onto the words, until my eyes betrayed me. I made a frustrated sound of defeat through my tears, then stared into his amused eyes.

“PLEASE! Make me cum on you!”

“Yeeeeah,” he laughed, “There You Go!”

And he pushed my wrists into the ground as he gave it to me straight. Diving in without apologies or pretending it was anything other than satisfaction. Taking it, but giving as well, by the sloppy sounds we were making.

I gasped shallow little breaths as I got closer to my edge, which brought his attention to my shaking tits.

With one hand he pushed one hard peak into his mouth, still under the fabric, and I squirmed beneath his thrusts, adding to the pleasure.

He groaned.

“That’s a goooood pussy,” he praised, and my body fucking fell for it, tightening on him. It guided him to a deeper, unexplored part of me so easily. Sliding directly over a pleasure button he could abuse at will.

And he did.

Arching his back onto me as his knees kicked my thighs wide, damp shirt hinting at more ink over his torso before I realized my hands were on me now.

He now held my wrists between his hands and my hips, thighs spread low against the floor. Pulling my shivering, moaning body onto his thrusts.

My head jerked back at the slide within me, another punched breath leaving me as my thighs pushed back so he’d fall harder against me. He grunted approval.

Another breath shoved out higher.

And higher.

With every slide into my slicked insides, he had me pushing and groaning.

“That’s it, baby girl, climb that mountain. Lemme know when you see them clouds...”

I had a passing thought that he was being sarcastic, but my rather delighted body couldn’t care less to tell the difference, and my hips pushed against his with every one of his thrusts.

He grunted now, every time I shoved the end with him.

The metal of his belt made obvious noises, and he put both of my hands in one of his as he made a show of wiping the sweat off his brow and blowing out a breath. Still stroking in and out of me.

“Damn, baby girl, any wetter and you’ll drown me! Is that how you think I die?”

I just moaned and closed my eyes.

The day didn’t start off so bad, I had the one day off today, I had literally only wanted to cloud gaze...

He leaned over me and I opened my eyes to watch his come closer. He buried himself inside me and still pushed closer. Grinding into me in small, almost helpless, motions which matched my breaths exactly.

My lips came apart against his serious mouth, chin tilted up as if he would kiss me.

“Say my name.”

I groaned softly.

“I don’t know your NAME!” I finished with a loud moan as he pulled out and slammed back in hard. My breaths scraped my throat as my body adjusted again.

“Say it.”

“I don’t KNOW! Your NAME!” I repeated, punctuated by the way he filled me. “Ughhhh!”

His face looked like it was losing patience and tears started slipping out of my eyes as he started to fuck me the way I’d wanted but not looking as pleased about it as I’d hoped.

How the fuck was I supposed to magically know what his name was?

The look in his eyes said he was about to say something stupid.

“Crying won’t get you anywhere. Matter of fact,” he started, then shoved my hands away to pin my hips with only his hands, giving me the sex I wanted with the emotional price tag of Way Too Goddamn Much.

He ripped the orgasm out of me as I pushed at him, and he seemed to enjoy that more than my begging. I realized too late he’d cum inside me.

Noticed it as he rained sweat over me, holding still with something like serenity on his face. He didn’t look like the kind of man to stick around.

Well, the day hadn’t started off too bad. Shit. I guess you just never know.

My back collapsed on the flattened grass, and I simply lay there panting at the sky as he fixed himself. Then he put my torn cloth in his pocket and I felt my cheeks burn.

His mouth came down gently next to one softening nipple, immediately making it hard again. I closed my eyes and swallowed a whimper.

Fear could kiss my ass right now, my body was on fire.

But his lips explored higher, kissing our combined sweat off my skin. Licking up my neck.

And that damned too-honest body of mine moaned, tilting my head for him. I didn’t have the strength to fight cum again, and maybe that’s what he was waiting for.

His mouth brushed a small kiss over my cheek before rubbing over my lips and I was a second away from shoving him off me.

How dare this stranger try to stir up my feelings! Sex was one thing, but...


It seemed my body was on a different chapter than the one I was currently reading, because my dirty, sweaty hands were already slipping behind his head as he made me wet all over again with just his mouth on mine.

Handing wet kisses off to each other like no one else lived on Earth but us. Stupid patch of grass.

His own fingers were busy learning the curves of my simpleton body, and I moaned as I caught one of his lips between my teeth.

He grinned and it snapped back to his face. “No biting, baby girl.”

His hands wrapped around behind me and he rolled us onto his back with a contented grunt.

“Now where would you say I have to look, if I was on the prowl for that good pussy again?”

I simply huffed a laugh, still too limp to move. “I don’t even know you. What makes you think you can just walk up to wherever I live?”

His hand quite gently took my chin, calmly put my mouth on his, and he showed me, instead of telling me, exactly why he believed I’d let him in.

My brain argued that my body was too easily swayed, even as thinking took a backseat to feeling. A swirl of tongue, another slide of lips between mine, against mine, oh look, I’m drooling and he’s, oh boy...

It was a very persuasive argument that had my hips wanting to say something about that.

His other hand pushed my lower back against him, and my legs touched the ground on either side. Opened above him, the back of my dress hanging over my shifting privates.

He didn’t touch my thigh or my lower lips, almost like he had a homing beacon for the hot wet mess he’d made of me.

His hand slammed deep, bringing me closer to his face as he curled his arm. My own expression caught up in my pleasure even as I held back.

“Go on,” his words teased with the playing of his fingers, “tell me where I can find you so I can make you cum in your bed later.”

I squeezed his fingers, biting my lip as my head lowered next to his ear from the melting weakness in my spine.

Brain said No Absolutely Not, Body said HELL YES DO IT.

I whispered what he wanted to know while he finger-fucked me until I was shaking.

“Mm! Baby GIRL! Up. On my face.”

I dragged myself across his face, not sure how in the world I was able to move even that far.

And then tons of energy coursed through me as he pulled my thighs where he wanted them for the reward. No matter how I squirmed or shook, his mouth stayed right between my legs.

I bounced on his tongue, and bucked against his jaw, and dripped all over his chin, and he still ate me up like he hadn’t had pussy in years.

And maybe he hadn’t, how the hell should I know? I’d never seen him.

My hands tried to hold my head together as he pushed me over more edges, touched my own body as he let my hips ride his mouth.

I realized I was leaning back on his raised knees, breathing hard, eyes trying to focus on the way he licked his lips. It jerked my lower body with a tired moan and I shook my head, chest still heaving.

“Goooood pussy,” he purred, and I moaned a weak No with a hand about to push his face off. Though I doubted I could win against him right this moment if he really wanted to.

He grinned and kissed my inner thighs real quick. Moving to sit up.

I limply slung my leg over his head, and his hand smoothed down it, making my head fall back.

He chuckled lazily, pulling me up to sit sideways on his lap. “How do them clouds feel? Strange girl who took over my spot?”

I was already dozing off, head smiling on his shoulder. “Tara. ‘n’ they feel real good. Thanks.”

His quiet mouth at my ear was the last conscious memory.

“When you see those idiot angels, tell ’em D sent you, and that you’ll see ’em again real soon...”

My embarrassment threw the final punch to knock me out.

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