Gangster Too-Shorts

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The first time we met, he dropped down on my lap as I was sitting on the toilet. I was at the public park, just avoiding my housemates on the pipe tank, actually.

My flats braced quickly against the seat so they wouldn’t fall in, knees pressing together as his landed abruptly beside my thighs, a joint in one of my hands and lighter in the other, and my back pressed against the wall. My arms instantly shot out of the way, as this was my last smoke until Friday and I wasn’t about to let it fall in a restroom, so it was a very... interesting... position to find myself in with a random person.

We grunted with the impact, his own hands balancing on the top of the walls of the stall. His eyes looked down in annoyance, and then surprise to see a tattooed pinup staring back.

My sleek black updo tidied up in a plain red bandana, dark sundress with red polka dots that were actually roses had the babydoll halter style. A pair of shades were hanging from my cleavage, leaving my winged gray eyes exposed, slender silver heirloom chain holding my family saint’s pendant over the inked ragdoll heart over my heart.

He was one fine ass specimen himself, long and lean, with a sharp face and the sweet scent of herb and showered male. Aftershave or cologne, something that I’d call fresh if it weren’t for the light sheen of sweat and quiet pant of exertion. His position put the end of a plain gold chain at my eye-level, and my eyes raked up his stubbled face, finding instant pleasure in his greenish brown irises.

“You smoke?”

It was the only thing I could think of breathing out, and he nodded with a smirk.

I moved my hands back in front of me, attention off him as he waited in place, and heard running outside. Chasing, and it sounded like they were looking for a man.

My movements stopped, gray eyes going back to his hazel.

For you?

He shrugged one shoulder at me and wiped his brow with the other arm.

What can I say?

I put my mouth around one end with a knowing nod and noticed his focus lingering on my red lips as I lit the other end.

His feet moved to get some of his weight off me while I put the lighter away on one side of my boobs, and when he didn’t immediately take it from me, I put it between his lips before I could kiss the smoke into him like I wanted.

My eyes flashed back up to his wink as he inhaled, then stretched his neck for me to take it back.

“Thank you,” he mouthed, faintly touched with my lip color.

I nodded.

Then, I couldn’t tell if it was a huge effort or just flexing, he slowly picked himself back out, the way he’d dropped in. Not a single voluntary muscle on my body moved as he slid past me, and I slowly exhaled when I heard him hit the ground running.

He was a fast one.

I sat there then took another drag like I’d imagined everything, but when I looked up, there was a cloud of smoke way above mine, pushing across the room.

My current housemates walked in and I curled my lip, saying goodbye to my joint and the small secret I kissed one last time. I handed over the goods and we (they) passed it around until I was handed the cardboard filter I’d rolled up inside of it.

“Mm, yeah, thanks,” I sassed with an annoyed look, but threw it away as we filed out.

I flicked my shades open and stepped out into the bright sunny day behind them, then followed them down a trail. Someone had a clip-on speaker, and pretty soon we were dancing along until we reached a man-made waterfall. The place was perfect for a quick dip. Loose clothes flew off for swimsuits and I felt left out for not being warned, but then reminded myself that I’d snuck away with a joint to the restroom, so it evened out.

I kicked my feet around in the water, and thankfully no one wet my dress. Me being the only one out of the water also made me the one to bring the snack bag closer, and I enjoyed throwing some things juuust out of reach.

We left our detour before it got dark and I was made to ride in the back of the van, so I turned the luggage into my throne.

Not five minutes on the road, I noticed a motorcycle tagging us, but suddenly everyone needed to talk and the music needed to be louder, so I shrugged and kicked up a bare foot, making faces like I was touching myself where the girls couldn’t see me.

I’ve always loved winking at strangers on the road, or flashing people on the highway, but something about the guy with shades on the bike urged me to play it this way. He shifted in his seat and pulled out of sight, and I laughed.

The laugh happened to come after a joke.

“See? Even dopey over there thinks it’s a good idea!”

My laugh turned into a grimace, but I was the only one. “What the fuck? What’s with the poison today? You don’t enjoy your free weed or what?”

They dropped me off at the closest gas station, the driver looking me over. “You’re always so tough, right? Talking shit, cussing at everyone...? Go home.”

And she drove off.

So I flipped her off.

Not that she would see it, but it finally gave me closure.

She was a shitty roommate anyway, I didn’t need her stupid trip to her stupid parents’ resort, or her stupid attitude, least of all that stupid hyena pack vibe. They could even keep the sack I was saving in the little backpack I’d forgotten, AND our house, which I more than half paid for even though we were supposed to split it three ways.

I could easily find more of everything. Probably better people, too.

All I needed was my phone, and maybe a coffee to get me going. The rumble of a bike made me sigh as I pulled the store’s door open.

If only it was that kind of day.

I got a small cup, only enough to wait for a cab, and was surprised to hear someone speak up beside me when I stepped to the counter to pay.

“Could I get that for you?”

Sweet herb and clean man. A quick glance behind my shades confirmed it, albeit dusty now, and I smirked as I handed the cashier my card.

“Maybe some other time.”

He walked out with me, and I noticed a handful of others backing off outside. They still stared, waiting. Okay, maybe I needed more than a phone and caffeine.

The seriousness of the situation smacked me, but even as I let him lead me to his ride, I held back. With a tug from me, and a step from him, he was close enough to kiss.

My face tilted down over my shades, voice low.

“Would you mind dropping me off?”

His other hand picked up my chin as he nodded, his eyes serious like he was more tempted to kiss me than he cared to admit. “I can do that.”

But then he easily shaded his eyes to mount up, and I tried my best to not flash anyone as I slid on behind him and adjusted the skirt of my dress around my thighs.

“Can you-”

His words cut themselves off as my arms wrapped carefully but tightly around his chest, and his pleased grunt tangled with the roar of the metal beast.

I wanted that grunt as he thrust inside me. Vividly imagined his solid body fitting perfectly in the space between my thighs as they currently spread behind his.

It didn’t take long to get out of the parking lot, and as we cruised down the access road, he asked where he was going. I gave him my answer and that was that, for a while, leaving me alone with my dirty thoughts which I’m sure left a damp spot on his leather thanks to the vibrations.

About twenty minutes later, the sight of the familiar flat left a sour taste in my mouth, and I wasn’t above leaving a final impression on that snooty brat of a housemate.

I told him it was best to park out back, and he slid into the empty space of the van instead, but killed the engine. I chuckled, shifting my hips to unstick my skin from his seat.

“It’s a pretty bike, I’d hate to see you lose it...”

He reached around as I stepped off, his arm wrapping around my waist, and he brought me close.

“What makes you think I’m getting off?”

I pulled my shades up with a smile, placed them like a headband. Feeling as sexy as the woman on his shades looked, my smile drew closer, and his arm tightened so I couldn’t back off.

“Do you want to?”

His mouth came to mine with a knowing sound of amusement, and I hummed back with a quick push of lips, but when I pulled away, his other hand snaked around my neck to pull me back.

My arms went around his slender frame again, mindful of the cup still in my hand, but only just.

Those kissable lips were filthy along the creamy red of mine, heedless of the bold edges of color, slowly satisfying the curiosity we both had earlier, asking me if it would be a good idea to open up only to circle around the seam and suck my lower lip a little into his hot mouth with a pleasured hum. I followed through with the temptation to slowly shake my head free on a needy huff, short breaths rubbing my chest against his shirt.

But the touch of his lips was soft enough to make me return, pressing for more, kissing me like he was the type of guy to say goodbye twenty times on the phone. He released my mouth eventually with a sigh of regret.

His arms released me and mine followed suit, so I stepped back with hungry eyes. The area above his chin looked like a crime scene and his smirk told me I did, too.

But the engine roared again over his words, “Life for a life.”

“Thank you,” I replied softly as he walked it out, and he only nodded.

Again, he was gone just as fast as he’d shown up, and I walked in normally to pack my spare bag, dreamily sipping the coffee faster. It had no right to be that tasty, it was just convenience store bean juice.

Soon I had to use the restroom, and when I washed my hands the red smears caught my eye in the mirror, and made me instantly wet again. Lips so good they didn’t need a tongue to get me to say yes.

If only.

Now was about the time I started mentally kicking myself for not trying harder to convince him to come in, reaching into my underwear to smooth the wetness over my aroused clit, and its delicate hoop. I never wanted a giant monster of a piercing, and when the artist suggested a thin gold heart, I just had to say yes. With a few minor adjustments, it had fit perfectly.

Now all I could think about was that first sound he’d made from my arms around him... but what if he said it between my legs as he traced the jewelry with his messy mouth...

One knee came to rest on the edge, my other hand gripping the sink and I watched my dirty bottom lip get sucked into my mouth. Closing my eyes for release, I moaned until I felt myself soaking the breathable cloth.

For a moment I just stood there, then shrugged and took my underwear off, laying them on the faucet. Took everything else off and showered here for the last time.

The second time we met was about three years after the fact, and I’d managed to forget all about him.

I was waiting in line at another convenience store, about to buy papers for rolling. A tall glass beer bottle was in my hand, since I was crashing at an ex’s house for now and she insisted on repeatedly reminding me she had a boyfriend. Whom I interacted with regularly, since he got his weed from me.

Yeah, I really needed a drink.

I had a plain white tee knotted under my boobs and faded black shorts, with my classic updo tidied up in a plain black bandana. Wedge shoes that hid a knife, each. Small matching backpack only big enough to be a purse. Sunglasses on my face.

A couple fingers tapped my shoulder, and I turned to find a smirk under green-brown eyes. He looked fresh as ever in a plain black button-down with the sleeves rolled up and the top handful open. His hair was slicked back, sleek sunglasses on his head, jaw shaved.

I didn’t look down to see the rest of him, instead watching his hazel eyes drink me in.

“Would you let me get that?”

“And a pack of RAW papers,” I nodded, handing him the bottle. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

The look in his eyes told me I’d made the right choice, and I kept my word. Leaning a shoulder against the wall to fiddle with my phone. I was supposed to meet a new connection here, but it wasn’t the first time I’d been flaked on so I figured I’d have to call, just to be sure.

He stepped out with the bag while answering the phone, and the echo of his annoyed, “Whatchu Want?” had us both staring for a second.

It lasted only that one second, before we hung up and mounted like before.

This time he stored the bag in one of his and then smoothed a hand over my arms as he brought her to life with the other. I hummed in his ear as we left.

It was a longer ride than last time, and I enjoyed his hard, slender body pressed against my front until my hips were shifting with my desire to cum. The vibrations didn’t help one bit.

He pulled in behind a wooden bar in the next town, looked like a local watering hole, and killed the engine as he twisted around for me.

I ducked under his arm for a hug, but he leaned farther and I helped him pull me around. He slid back enough to have my butt on the bike and my thighs over his.

I was too worked up to blush at the obvious position, arms loosely around his neck. His hand took my shades off and placed them on top like he’d seen me do.

“If it wasn’t business,” he started, pulling his own sleek sunglasses off, mouth coming closer, “would you wanna hook up?”

“Oh yeah,” I nodded, and watched his eyes stare at my mouth as he put them in his pocket.

So I licked my lips. The berry color was just a pigment stain today. Nothing would rub off, hopefully.

Hard purpose overtook his expression and my legs squeezed as he sealed my lips with his.

The intensity of his desire quickly melted me into a puddle of needy flesh with his soft sexy kisses, very unlike the chaotic mess of last time. Apparently he’d done it on purpose, because these lips were all about tasting the present moment and I was right there with them.

His hands dragged my hips closer, grinding me into his interested erection. My arms tightened to feel his half-buttoned chest pushing into mine.

I moaned low in my throat, and again he pulled away like he was struggling to drag his lips off me. Just one more. Maybe another and we’ll stop. The last one...

But eventually, he did pull away.

The disappointment was there on both our faces, even as he released me with a soft grunt of longing.

My fingers slid down a jaw that tightened, with a look in my eyes that regretted having to leave this spot, reflected in his.

Then I reclined with the intention of pulling my leg over, my hands pushing his chest, and he absently shoved the knee back down, leaning in for my lips again.

His hands returned to my hips as they had tilted in just the right way, fingertips lightly smoothing up my waist, my ribs, while he finally let me taste his playful tongue. All the extra skin contact had my arms back around him with a breath of delight.

His fingers skirted the edge of my shirt as if tempted, before wrapping them around my back, mouth breaking apart from mine.

“Why do you feel so good?” His question was quiet, and I hummed.

“Maybe it’s because I can handle a little pleasure with my business,” I teased him, and watched his chin perk up like I’d challenged him.

Those glinting green-brown eyes of his warned me I was pushing buttons, but his hands slid down my body to put my thighs in place.

“How far do you wanna go?”

I stuck out my lips to kiss him quickly.

“Fuck around and find out...”

He pressed my back into his warm metal baby, shoving my pack up so there was no mistake where he wanted me, hands, one by one, on the handles beside me and a hardness in his eyes that was only partially sexual.

“Do you fuck all your plugs?”

I smiled and brought my lips near his ear. No one else needed to know.

“Just the one that fell on my lap.”

“Oh, is that why?” he chuckled, eyes returning to mine as I moved back into place, and still staring into me, he started her up again.

When I shifted as if to get off, his hands roughy slammed me back in place. The sound I made reflected the sudden spike of pleasure from my damp heart hoop, and he snapped at my pleasure with his teeth.

It shut me up.

“Stay right there,” he growled on my mouth and gave me a mind-numbingly chaste kiss, an echo of mine. “I’m taking you somewhere we can fuck.”

I sighed a moan, securing my legs around him as we sped off again. Watching his focus on the road and the small impatient glances he kept throwing my way.

He soon pulled into a garage and wasted no time yanking my shirt and bra up to get at my nipples, making me moan. My hands mounded my breasts up and he covered them with his, making my next moan louder as I realized he was salivating.

His mouth pulled off a nipple wetly, slowly, making me squirm and squeal.

“Hell yeah, lemme hear all that shit. And call me Angel.”

I managed to help him take my shorts off. I was glistening wet almost to my thighs from the long ride, and the kisses, and the fact that I didn’t have to make an extra trip for my resupply, and that it was he who had everything I wanted.

He tossed them over one of the handles, then quickly undid his own when he didn’t have to deal with underwear.

“Ooh,” I admired the thick curve that sprang free.

My eyes found his smug satisfaction and I bit my lip as he angled himself. When his tip brushed my heart hoop, I could see the shock on his face as he jerked, and then leaned back to see for himself.

He gave me that grunt I had masturbated to as he eased inside me anyway, spreading my lips open so he could see the wink above the act.

My squealing moan wrapped around the breath he hissed. One of his thumbs traced the hoop and I shuddered as he emptied me.

“Daaamn...” he breathed.

“Angel, YES...”

“You coulda warned me, honey.”

But after another slow thrust he was apparently satisfied with his eyes, because his hands unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way as he stretched me, and I whimpered for it, so he took longer to lean over me.

I hissed in a breath as it changed his angle.

“Ooooh, right there,” I encouraged him, and he started moving in a way that lifted my hips above the seat every time he buried his rock-hard erection into me.


He lifted one of my knees and tapped my piercing on his next thrust.

All of me jerked, and he instantly fixed my hips back where he’d put them so my hands went to his shoulders. He yanked my knee back in place.

“Naaa...” he laughed through my moans as he kept hitting several spots, “You fuckin take this dick how I’m giving it.”

I shut up, nails digging into the hot skin beneath the thin shirt. There just weren’t any words I could say, and before he could even think to comment on my silence, he felt me cum.

His eyes loved it, and he leaned back to see the mess I was still making on his bike.

“Did that do it for you?”

“No,” I moaned as he slowed down his thrusting to feel my ripples down his length, “Your mouth...!”

He hummed a laugh like he knew exactly what I was talking about.

“What mouth?” he asked, leaning into me again and giving me a bit of a harder shove, which my throat rewarded with a different moan and his bike rewarded with that classic squeak of suspension coils. “This mouth?”

My lips stayed pliant for the knowing affections of his, but the bounce he put me through had my slicked walls jerking around him and he gave me his delicious grunt again.

“YES! That MOUTH!?"

He chuckled and put that part of him in discussion at my neck to work over my pulse, but instead quickly melted into more of those grunts that told me just how much he enjoyed what he was doing to me.

“Right there! ANGEL! Baby...!” I praised him loudly, my fingers in his hair. The pleasure must have been messing with my head more than I thought.

“I’m gonna cum all over that pretty little heart if you keep screaming my name like that,” his threat was more of a soft growl into my ear as we moved, and my moan was more of a whimper.

This man aroused me so much, I wasn’t sure what to do with this knowledge. Not inside me, no, but ON me...?

“You want me to?”

"Mmm... On my... OH, right there... On my chest...?” The question was immediately followed by a rushed, ”Angel, you’re gonna make me cum again!!" that was more breath than sound.

I was running out of air, in the best way.

“You got it.”

Then he was focused on the push and he did what I said he would do, making me moan loudly enough to be called a scream and milk his throbbing dick strongly enough for him to growl with the effort it took to make me cum first.

He pulled out quickly and we scrambled so he could thrust his last in between my tits, practically sitting on me. Just watching him jerk off on my tattoo as I smelled the sex so close, the way he made my mounded tits jiggle around his hand until he finished with a heavy-lidded expression, had me wondering if we could do this again, sometime.

A slow smile spread on his face.

“Don’t look at me like that, honey, you’ll give me the wrong idea.”

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, and he moved off so I could finally get off his bike.

His laugh had me looking at his face then following his gaze to the ground under the motorcycle. It looked like it had sprung a leak, but the only one that leaked like that was me.

When he hugged me from behind, still in a very good mood, I could feel the cold wetness all over his pants as he pushed his hips into mine.

To say I was embarrassed was putting it lightly.

“I’m so sorry,” I started, but that mouth was kissing my neck and my next words were replaced by a moan.

“Mm-mm,” he refused my apology. Then his knowledgeable lips were at my ear and his next words were delicious grumbles.

“I think I’d rather deal with you than deal you the weed... if you wanna stay...”

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