Gangster Too-Shorts

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The building was quiet except for the rapid tapping of the keys from his office. Last one to leave, first to arrive, always in there and surprisingly helpful when he wasn’t.

The golden-haired demon behind the sleek, organized desk was supposedly just another one of us, but I’d seen him work and he was definitely the guy to go to for dirt. Even the boss approached him cautiously.

His eyes like rings of lapis, a deep blue with pieces of golden brown, darted back and forth between two screens, and they still had time to notice me as I raised my hand to knock.

“Good night, Lana,” he quietly forestalled the sound without interrupting his work. “We’ll see you on Monday.”

“Actually, about that...”

His lips pressed together and he found a stopping point so he could look up. Those polished gems in his face could be just as hard as the stone, but right now they were asking me to reconsider, and his words clarified, “You’re quitting.”

A hand raked the sable hair which I’d let down after hours and his lazuli eyes followed the motion. The way he stretched to pop his back so naturally made me want to open my shirt as well before he opened his eyes again, but I resisted the urge. He cracked his neck and I just wanted to sit on him.

He was waiting for me to talk.

“No... It’s... Nevermind,” I chickened out. “Have a good weekend.”

“...No,” his voice was lazy as he stood up to stretch his legs. “I’ve been sitting too long. What was it you were about to say?”

I just dove right in there with my honest, “You wanna grab a drink tonight?”

An excuse to wind down and cozy up, and we knew it. He smiled, nodding his chin up once in my direction.

“Close the door and grab a chair, I’m glad you asked.”

Then he was turning to dig a hand into his hanging coat’s pocket, once I’d stepped inside.

He unlocked the bottom drawer while I leaned on the side of his desk instead, and picked out a handle of something foreign and dark. Aged at least a decade, the small-batch liquor was preserved in a simple fluted glass bottle, its stopper a tinted hand-blown cherry blossom inside a sparkling glass drop.

I recognized the brand from a contract I’d recently helped settle, as he lifted two small matching tumblers as well.

“Oh, no way! That was nice of them.”

I accepted the double shot he poured, and he tapped my glass with his.

“I may have demanded it for that one guy’s hand down your shirt...” he mumbled into his drink as I was sniffing mine, and I gave him wide eyes.

“Vanya, you didn’t...”

He just sipped his shot while staring at me, and I let the slightly smoky cherry-sweetened pour slide down my throat. An aftertaste of smoked wood and that mouthfeel of campfire ambience sort of capped the nasal experience. It stung sweetly, then it burned deliciously across my chest and into my gut, and the pleasure in his eyes told me I was making a particular face of enjoyment. The one that said I was remembering the feel of him stretching my throat.

He carefully placed his empty glass beside my thigh, stepping his legs around mine. His serious expression made me absently set mine down beside his as he crowded me. Deliberate lips spun the air out of my lungs like delicate clouds of blossom flavored cotton candy.

If tonight wasn’t the night we finally had real sex, I wasn’t sure when it would happen. Technically, fellatio was intercourse as well, but I couldn’t help but see it as just making out like he was doing with my mouth right now. That was exactly what he looked like when he went down on me, noting every reaction and then getting distracted with feeling it happen.

“I don’t like them touching you,” he broke apart to growl darkly, still close enough to touch his mouth to mine, “but that’s some good whiskey.”

I kissed him again, grabbing handfuls of shirt when he pressed his reply to my lips, then pulled my mouth away when I understood what he said.

He chased me with his hands holding my back in place. I turned my head so he wouldn’t shut me up, but his tongue and teeth attacked my neck instead, and my fists pulled his shirt harder to me with a soft sound of need as he continued to eat at me.

“You let him grope me?” I asked in a soft voice that was accompanied by my hands unbuttoning his shirt.

His head dipped lower, his own hands sliding to release my skin from its confinement so he could put a trail of little love bites down my chest that turned my inhales into hisses. Following exactly where I’d been touched.

“No,” he told me between strawberry kisses, “but I wasn’t gonna let him... get away with it, either.”

I tugged out his shirt but that was as far as I got, as he pulled my aching nipples free of their satin slings, cupping my soft flesh to make me sigh for his knowing mouth. He bent farther to repeat his delicious torture of two nights ago; the one that pulled deep answering quakes from the way he loved my flesh. Pulling into nibbles, flicking like a game. He only teased me with the pleasure tonight, until my fingers pulled his head into the tight stained bud he currently had in his mouth.

It darted to suck another mark on the inside edge of the areola, and my fingers loosened alongside my sighing moan before he’d finished. That one would stay for a while.

Then he grabbed my wrists from the sides of his head and rose to place my hands behind me on his desk. His mouth took over mine as he rubbed his tented hips over my own and I let him hear my soft moans through our hungry lips.

I liked it better when he rubbed his naked arousal over my face, knowing I couldn’t swallow him all. As much as I enjoyed it, I did not want that tonight.

His mouth left mine only to keep me hot and wet with words.

“Can you stay like this for me?” Give me control...

My lips parted under his as I nodded. Who was I kidding? I’d take whatever he wanted to give.


He stepped back enough to slowly unzip the side of my skirt, mouth dropping down on the skin it revealed. I’d chosen to buy a new mesh thong this morning to go over my gartered thigh-highs, as he kept stealing them, and the groan he gave as my skirt fell to the ground only served to convince me that I’d picked a great triangle.

“Stop wasting your money,” he chided, but was magnetized to me by the mouth.

His knees carefully came to rest on the carpet. One of my thighs was lifted slowly enough for me to balance myself, his teeth already picking at the cloth to move it aside. He nipped me, purposely, for the jerks of my hips as if he wasn’t able to take them off.

Realistically, I couldn’t walk around commando under my skirts, but it was a very sexy thought.

“Mm... no,” he shook his head, looking up at me. “I can taste you already. What I want to do is reward that loyalty...”

He slid two of his fingers up my thigh and inside of me without further notice, and all I could do was bite my lip and stare into the intensity on his face with bated breath.

“That patience...” he finished, twisting slowly and easing my slicked walls apart as he watched me swallow my drool.

“Are you ready?”

Eyes locked on his, I nodded slowly for him, wanting the overdue promise fulfilled.

The other hand on my thigh settled it over his shoulder, and as he kept pumping and twisting his hand inside me he unbuckled his pants. He felt me jerk tightly then relax for his action and buried three fingers inside roughly, dropping my eyelids with a soft exhale.

My mouth was well-acquainted with his girth. He’d opened me up with toys before.

“How do you want it?”

I was jerking against his next pump as well, and his lips smiled knowingly. His thick rod sprang free, and watching him fisting himself while his hand sank into me had me whimpering, drenching his hand.

“Right here... like this...” I pushed with the breaths he was controlling with each shove of hand.

He stood up in a way that had his arousal sliding up my leg, the thigh on his shoulder caressing his arm, fitting against his side for him to pin in place, and his buried hand eased out to move my thong aside with the fingers I’d slicked. His face came close enough to kiss and held his lips where our breaths would mingle so he could start pushing in.

All my attention was taken up by the wide stretch. My fist was not much thicker than his hard rod but it tapered just enough, and in an echo of the first time he’d pushed into my mouth, I was speechless at the sensation.

“Breeeathe, baby,” he whispered as he fit his tip inside my entrance, and my breath came out as a shuddering sigh as I tried to stay relaxed.

He groaned softly at having to work his way inside of me despite the wet anticipation, at the breathless way I let him decide how far and how fast, the look on my face which said just how long I’d waited to feel this. That thick, meaty limb of his peeled my juicy muscles apart, easing inside until he pushed against my inner entrance, and still he kept pressing into me.

I started to pant with a thread of fear, but his face was all pleasure.



“Vanya, please, you’re so big...”

He didn’t stop, nodding at my fear with something of a hooked expression, his nose brushing mine. I’d seen a sharper version of it when he had to meet with certain clients and to be perfectly honest, this addiction turned me on. I didn’t like to feel the fear, as much as I loved the eyes that could never have enough of it.

And he didn’t want me to fear him, his lips told me so as they kissed me softer than the words that followed those light caresses, “Open up for me, baby, I don’t do anything halfway.”

It was like those were the magic words, and that particular first stretch had my head falling to the side, eyes rolling closed on a long moan. There was a sting that I was sure would have hurt if I wasn’t already so wrapped up in him, but his mouth returned to mine, and this time he kissed me deeply as he finished fitting himself inside me, his body curved over mine.

Any larger, and it would have hurt everywhere. Any smaller, and I would have needed it rough. I couldn’t explain any better than that, if he ever wanted to know.

With a press of our bodies, he stroked inside me without leaving; small massaging motions to help me grow accustomed to the monster within.

It caught my attention that we were fighting for the same air now, without moving much of our mouths, and I was able to focus my eyes on his equally pleased expression.

“You’re perfect for me, Lana,” he rumbled, and started easing out. I made a sound of protest, and he smiled. “It’s coming right back.”

My fingers must have turned white on the desk from the way they attempted to fist, but I only walked my hands closer to each other behind me so that I wouldn’t fall, every sway of shoulders making my hips snake over him, accompanied by the pleasure of our throats.

Then he leaned our hips off the wood and stretched into me faster than the first time, but still slow enough for me to enjoy him.

My shuddering sigh had him visually raking my kiss-marked body as he remained buried inside me again.

The partially unbuttoned shirt framing my shivering mounds drew his light-fingered hand to their peaks, to cup their flesh, to flick and slap playfully. Then the thong out of place drew his eyes down as he started pulling out, and I swear his groan sounded like he wanted to cry.

It made me glance at his face (no, he wasn’t crying), and then look down.

Watching his thick limb pulling out of me, I bit my lip with a shuddering moan. It seemed endless when I saw it, and for a moment I thought I imagined taking all of him in.

He kept pulling until he popped out, his fat line of flesh pointing straight at me, and before I could say anything, he shoved the breath out of me, bumping into the end.

Not my imagination.

I squirmed reactively with a yelp of surprise, and the hand pinning my thigh quickly reached back to slap my ass, hard enough that I knew it would leave an imprint. My moan was soft and submissive, wet walls pulsing around him even as I forced myself back in place before the echo of it died down.

The way he stared at me with the slightest impatience had me realizing I was breathing little sounds of need.

Again, he pulled out slowly, but he smiled darkly at me and shoved in fully without even pulling out all the way.

My eyes narrowed helplessly with my nodding, and he started to pull out slowly, almost out, then thrust his hips into mine.

The first time, it sounded like stroking cream with a soft grunt from me, but it quickly turned into wet plunks with full-throated moans when he shoved the pleasure higher, which he chewed his lip to, closing his eyes in ecstasy.

He opened them again to see I was still hypnotized by the sight of him disappearing inside me. Sliding out, plunging in.

It finally happened.

I finally got to feel him inside me and if I died now, I’d be satisfied with the way I’ve lived my life.

“Lana...” His voice was just a lazy rumble between the ecstasy from my throat, making me quiver everywhere. “Baby, look at me.”

My eyes obeyed, the soft look in his mixed eyes making my next breath a deep one of stuttering warning even as he bounced against my end, and his face mimicked mine... only to shake denial.

My face shook No right alongside his, just before I tightened at his words.

“Wait for me.”

I was panting with the effort of holding off my orgasm now that he said No, and he groaned, thrusting for himself into my forced limbo.

My whole body shook through the way he fucked me onto my toes, the wet plunging sounds that thunked all the way to my heart, my upper body threatening to collapse as I released a pained, “I can’t!”

He only groaned in pleasure, rippling my walls around him.

“Vanya, please...”

“Hold it.”

My eyes squeezed shut, sweat beading on my skin from the effort. His name had turned into a high, light whispered mantra, and he started stuttering in his rhythm.

Tears slipped out of my eyes when I looked again. He was close.

He groaned deliciously for me and my breath hiccuped, his thrusting slowing down. It just made my hips start to shake. I’d never held it this long, it was melting my brain cells trying to stay in position and stay on the edge.

"Plea(hic)... Please...?” I breathed the words.

His eyes truly looked like rings of lapis with the way they shone as they raked me again. I’m sure I looked a sweaty, flushed, streaked mess bouncing from his thrusts, but he was entirely present in the moment.

“You’re mine.” Let it be true.

I nodded weakly, but he wasn’t satisfied with that.

“Say it.”

"I’m yours, Vanya...” I breathed, my crying eyes threatening to close. ”Only yours...”

The expression on his face was all for me, giving me the eyes of the start of his orgasm as his forehead dropped to mine.


He demanded that one word near my lips, then he panted against my squeezed out breaths as my body helplessly fucked him back with hard, seated shoves that drove the air from my lungs. He buried himself the final time inside me, landing just enough ass on the desk to support our weight as he released my other leg from his side to catch himself on his desk.

The way his hand shoved the tumblers made me aware that his legs were weak, too.

My eyes rolled back with a hip-twisting squeal as I felt him pulse inside me through my spasming grip, throbbing larger as he massaged himself empty inside my squirming hips. He kissed me, then, slowly enough that it pulled shocks to my stretched walls, and I felt our cum sliding down my thigh. Slipping over the sheer stockings like wistful fingertips which left a trail of wetness in their wake.

His mouth unsealed with a guttural sigh. I was panting up at him, still gently milking his softening dick, sagging on my shoulders from the intensity of the release and the pressure of his body on mine.

The eyes that fell into mine were a level of relaxed I’d never seen on his face, and I loved that I was the one to put it there.

“Promise me forever, Lana.”

I smiled weakly, blissfully.

“What exactly am I promising?”

His replying smile was every bit as satisfied as his orgasm a moment ago, hands cradling my back towards him, finally giving my arms a break as he held me close and shuffled back onto his couch. Still inside me, making me straddle him.

“I want everything,” he demanded. “All of you, after hours...”

The mouth I knew very well took over mine once more, then pulled away.

“Before hours...”

He stole my breath again, and my walls squeezed around his soft erection, making him rumble happily. His lips peeled off of mine and I found myself flushed and excited at all of his words.

“In my bed, every morning, where the sun can kiss you awake as I have you for breakfast.”

I nodded, his mouth sliding under mine with every move.

“Anything for you, my love,” I murmured, kissing his momentarily lax lips. “I trust you.”

And if we were ever ready, I’d stop using contraceptives, too.

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