Gangster Too-Shorts

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His eyes drew me in, two literal pools of darkness.

The whites of his eyes had been blacked out with ink, his irises were dark enough on their own to make them appear like polished jet, the pupils lost in the rich inky voids.

His deadpan stare only served to further darken his presence in the club: he didn’t want to be here, but that didn’t stop him from trailing the occasional body, and there was plenty to see in this tropical club. Bikinis, crop tops, daisy dukes shorts, braids, dreads, straight, curly, tall, short, the full spectrum of skins... And we all gathered here for the atmosphere.

Well, all except him.

His face became clearer as my focus expanded to the maze of tattoos sculpting his face; some words, some numbers or anagrams, some images, spreading over his bald head and disappearing under the edge of his generous collar, and I was betting they highlighted the fact that he was just as meaty as his history. A heartbreaker, that one. Quite literally.

Though loosely clothed in a plain tee and shorts, the material draped over his hard swells like bedsheets which were about to get kicked off.

Yep, I was already thinking it. And as that bored stare landed on me, I could see him start to think it, too.

The gold chain at his neck winked at me as that inhuman feast leaned forward, before my line of sight was swallowed by the clubbers again, and just that tease of action had me squeezing my legs together.

Come at me, boy...

I reclined into my seat to catch the end of a joke at my side, and chuckled along. There was no reasonable excuse for me to go over there, except to obviously talk to him, and so I waited for another chance to look.

When it finally came, he was gone, though his friends were still there.

Returning my full attention to my table, I hid my disappointment with a few words that put the group to laughs.

We hung out every summer, and this year marked the second anniversary of our friend being stolen from us via marriage. It sounded like another was next.

A grin still lingered when I brought the Jack and Coke to my lips, and I even managed to take a decent swig before a set of fingertips slid down my own UV-reactive back tattoo. The hand stopped along the upper edge of my shorts, his warm, dry palm demanding I look for myself. Women’s hands were usually daintier in their first touches of me, this was definitely a man.

My eyes turned before my head, hand immediately setting the cup down when the abyss stared back.

I didn’t want any more drink.

One look at my pleasant surprise, and his inked head closed in on my ear with a languid purpose that had me fighting not to press my legs together again. I caught the fear on a friend’s face but he was near enough that the cloud of his smoky scent wrapped around my thoughts, and as he opened his mouth against the shell of my ear to take a breath, I almost sighed with the wet sounds.

“Do you dance?”

My cheekbone rubbed his ink-scarred one, lips approaching his own patterned ear, and I heard him breathe me in. I did hum, then.

“Maybe for you.”

His grumble of approval helped the hand at my back guide me into the sea of writhing bodies, then he laced his fingers with mine as he danced us somewhere else.

Mentally, I was in exactly the right spot for this. Physically, I wanted to strip him and just ride. His face was somewhere along those lines as the slightly lighter rings of his voids appraised what my body was doing towards him.

The beat was in the driver’s seat and he pulled me closer into his body’s heat, letting go of my hand as both raised to the roof so that his own wicked fingers could roam over my goods.

His inked face was so close for a moment, and as tempted as I was to touch it with my lips, I was much more enticed by the knowing look on his face when I danced mine away, my pale eyes somewhere in our naked future. I was a hopeful sort, and he was giving me all the signs of being the kind of lay I was after.

The song smoothed into another, and my arms fell slowly around his neck, giving him time to think, which he used to instead eliminate the space between our bodies for this new grinding pulse. One of his legs inserted itself between mine, sliding rough cloth over smooth skin that wanted his hands, maybe even his mouth, which flashed a dirty smile with his thoughts.

I dragged the seam of my shorts up and down his hard thigh with just enough presence of mind to keep dancing. Those eyes now watched mine, hot hands holding my back like I was riding him as he moved on me.

We were dancing, I swear. Barely.

But even though we were doing everything to suggest we were interested in each other, our faces barely apart, we still didn’t kiss.

“Let’s go.”

The scent of bitters and whiskey pushed against my tongue as he echoed my thoughts, an Old Fashioned drink kinda guy despite his appearance, and I smiled at him.

He started pulling away with a questioning look and I nodded, pushing him with my hips as we danced out of the crowd. At the edge, he spun us around in a way that had his obvious front pressed behind me, and continued leading me out with his hands on my swaying hips.

A friend of his smacked a tanned guy’s arm insistently, and my date wasted no time picking me up as the second guy was turning, making a break for the door as he shouldered me.

Was he not supposed to? Or were they in on something?

It shocked a laugh out me, the air shoved out as I was jostled to the exit. But as we quickly made it to the door, I noticed the livid way the bronzed thug stood up to rush us, and shut up.

Definitely not supposed to.

He rounded the corner most skillfully and set me down against the wall, my arms pushing enough so that my top didn’t come off in the process.

“Last chance,” he rumbled above my skin, arms caging me in, with intense eyes that both searched my soul and pulled me under. “You can still walk away.”

I licked my lips, the approaching pounding of feet only made me fear his friends catching up.

“Just sex,” I clarified softly, just before the footsteps ran into the parking lot, and he grinned dangerously.

Lots of it.”

“Drop me off later?”

“In the week.”

My face told him he was pushing all the right buttons. “Let’s go.”

The furious sun-kissed thug stormed back around the corner, but a warm, dry hand slipped behind my head and the loud spray of colorful curses paled before the reality of those whiskey flavored lips molding against mine; a taste of bitters and sticky liquor that I just had to eat off of him, and he responded with his other hand around my waist to step us away from the wall, as if the guy hadn’t spoken at all.

My arms slipped around his neck to press my hard nipples into his chest, pulse roaring in my ears from the way he gave himself to touch. The slick knowledge we shared that seemed to drive other people mad with lust, had his kiss changing into a darker question and I went soft against him. If he didn’t care, why should I?

The other guy threw the keys at him, and only the loud thump of flesh indicated he’d been hit hard. His hand came away from me to catch them as they dropped, and tucked them into a pocket.

As they left, his lips slipped away to laugh softly, darkly, in victory, the hand still behind my head now sliding down my arm. I’m sure my cheeks were flushed, but I’d had a question in the back of my mind on seeing the other guys get all bent out of shape.

“Was that some kind of bet?” I asked, but my hand still closed around his as he started walking us to his ride.

Surreal eyes narrowed at me with his grin. “Nah, they couldn’t stop me.”

I had to squeeze my insides to make sure I didn’t wet my shorts, then made a sound of amusement with a grin of my own as his ride turned out to be a limo. No wonder they were pissed. I think they told him to return it, too.

Either return it, or burn it; the heartbeat in my ears had made it hard to hear.

He opened the door for me, and when I moved to get inside, in a smooth motion he released my hand and slapped me hard just under my shorts. On the inside of my thigh.

It made me go up on my toes and make a soft sound, ass bouncing as I was already leaning my other leg inside.

“Naaah... No way,” he laughed delightedly at my reaction, his fingers easily sliding under the ripped leg of my shorts to slip inside.

Immediately stripped me of my shorts and pressed my upper body to the floor, ass up, knees just far enough inside that my feet would let the door close.

Then he blew out a breath and smacked my shorts on top.

“Beautiful. Stay like that ’til we get there.”

And then he shut the door and I put my hand between my legs to feel what he’d seen. My thigh burned from his imprint, but the pain only made me wetter as I heard the slicking of my fingers.

He got in the driver’s seat, looking back at me, and laughed excitedly before getting us out of there. “Yeah, keep it wet, but if you cum I’m not fucking you...”

I moaned at that and didn’t even touch myself after, knowing I was not going to be able to stop myself. He’d only touched me once, and my body was still clenching empty air.

It was a few minutes before I started feeling a bit awkward.

Okay, think of something to say, don’t leave it at silence...

“Do you like to go swimming?”

“In pussy,” was the instant reply, and it was my turn to laugh. He turned around to pin me with a thoughtful look before returning his attention to the road. “What?”

“I don’t know, I was trying to have a conversation before making you forget how to speak.”

He laughed, then I assumed we arrived because he stopped the car and got out, still chuckling. Footsteps crunched around to the door, and I slipped my fingers over myself as he opened it, pulling on my lower lips.

Particular rustling told me his shorts were coming off, and I saw the material fly over my head just before two of his fingers plunged into me. I sighed through his breathy groan, and he pulled them out to thrust them into me.

“Wet little cunt, aren’t ya?”

“Yes...” was my soft moan, then his other hand marked my ass with a stinging spank and I made that soft helpless sound again, squeezing his knuckles against each other with a squelch.

He hissed in a breath.

Yanked his fingers out and shoved his mouth on there with a growl. But he only licked a long wet snaking line from my clit to my ass, and it melted the thing he had called a wet little cunt, with a sound from my throat that begged for it.

“The only one who’s gonna forget is you,” he warned, before sliding his waiting erection into me. He was pierced. I should have expected it, but for some reason I didn’t.

I gasped and moaned, twisting around to see him jerk his chin with a grin. He looked like a proper demon, one of those hands smacking my ass again, dropping my eyelids with that soft sound that squeezed him tight on his next thrust.

“So what’s up, then?”


I pushed back against his hips to his rhythm, watching his hand come back up, his teeth biting his lip.

“Fuck me up, Daddy,” I said lazily, and tightened even before it came down on me, excited at the sharp look in his eyes that warned me he’d smack my ass harder.

It was definitely hard enough to make my eyes water. The clap almost popped my ears, and my hips reacted violently enough that he had to hold me.

“Don’t call me that shit,” he threatened seriously, absently, through my soft sounds as he shoved his hips hard into mine.

It was really good for him, I could see it on his face briefly before he was grinding deeply enough into my twisting hips to make me roll my eyes. I didn’t mean to roll my eyes at him, he just hit the spot.

Then he pulled out, staring at me with those pools of darkness. I stared right back, pulsing with need around a head which still managed to tease my edges with that tiny metal ball.

“I’m sorry...?” I whispered, panting slightly.

He was breathing differently as well, inked face telling me he was far from done and needing another fix right about now.

He fisted a hand in my hair and shoved back in, shaking his head. I moaned for him as he then leaned his weight on the hand in my hair, pinning both to the carpet.

“Not yet, you’re not.”

And he let his weight fall on my core.

My hands reached down to hold onto my thighs through my breathless cries, because if I didn’t focus on something, I was going to dissolve, right here, under every, deep... fucking... pounding... that he bounced... which the tires... bounced right back...

He groaned with every soft sound he pushed out of me, our Yesses sizzling out of us with climbing urgency.

“Does my pretty little fuck toy wanna cum?”

My nails dug into my thighs, wet fist clenching around him.

Yes... please... can I cum... nowwww?” My voice was throaty and still soft with the desire to have him cover me. In sweat, in cum, in the tapestry of his skin, anything he wanted to throw at me.

His addiction made me weak.

He hummed, it turned into a chuckle, right before he pushed into me and stayed grinding inside me.

“You cum on my dick as much as you like...”

My muscles clenched around him, starting to climax hard, but he wasn’t done talking, his head dropping closer to my ear.

“...and only my dick, until you and I are though.”

And as he rode my spine-shuddering orgasm slowly, all I said was Yes. It was only a few days, right?

“Not on my face, on my dick...”


His finger slipped over my clit and my body tried to fight him, only succeeding in getting him to hum in pleasure as he squelched around. My breaths were coming in short, high huffs.

“Not on my hands, on my dick...”


I gasped as he pulled his hand away, only to clap my ass one last time and turn me over. He pulled my head off the floor and entered the car all the way so he could close the door, then looked into my sky blue eyes with his own abyssal voids as he put me on the floor again, face-up.

“Did you forget how to speak already?”

He slid inside me as I was clenching, and my breath hissed in as I finally put my hands all over him. His eyes closed momentarily, hips falling in between legs that wrapped around his waist.

“No... I was agreeing... with you...” my words were lust-drunk as he continued to rub my g-spot with every thrust.

Those hot, inhuman eyes opened to smile down at me and our vulgar sounds became creamier. He’d been rough at first, now he almost looked like he had feelings. He might just be the death of me.

“What if I can’t... stop...?” I breathed pleasantly, “and I cum in your mouth...? Or on your gnarly fingers?”

The look he gave me was the push I needed to tremble around him again, and he only chuckled with a hand flashing between us once more to finally make me squirt with a gasp.

“Do you really wanna find out?”

But he swelled inside me.

I shook my head slowly, pulling his lips to mine.

“Not right now, no,” I whispered, before he caved in to me shutting him up for a moment.

He surged into my wet fist, and I moaned into his mouth.

“Right there?” he asked softly, his eyes a little unfocused.


His chuckle was adorable but he stopped, and I kicked his ass with a heel.

The kiss he gave me was something I could get lost in, before he continued to slowly and fully fuck me, circling around the spot he’d just uncovered.

“You don’t tell me what to do,” he muttered against my panting lips, parted on the pleasure waves he washed over me.

“Unless you ask?”

My eyes were focusing again, and his told me I was starting to get it.

“Yep,” he nodded, and apparently that was it for Mr. Nice Guy, because he flipped me over the seat and yanked me backwards.

“Hands on the backrest.”

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