Gangster Too-Shorts

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“My nipples, your nipples,
show ta-tas!
His nipples, her nipples,
rah rah rah!”

My head floated like a bubble and I finished the cheer with a tipsy giggle.

We all cheered as she gave up and pulled her top off.

Some of us gasped as her pierced nips bounced with her naturally full and perky rack, the eighth wonder of the world, when she tossed the wet scrap to the side of the pool. No one else had pierced body parts other than ears.

“There! Happy now?”

Another round of applause answered her question, and my whole body wobbled on the shoulders that held me up. I smacked the top of his head.

“Focus! Or we’re gonna lose!”

I’m not gonna lie, he tried his best. As far as I could tell. Because I got smacked once in the face by the volleyball, for staring at her perky rosy buds, too.

Glinting diamond kisses next to her pastel little- WHACK!

Okay smacked in the face, twice.

The score was closer than it had ever been, half the crowd was watching the ball and half was absorbed by her bouncing pierced nipples. Guess which one was me.

I saw the ball too late and in my panic I head-butted it right into her face. A single red drop marred the water before she flipped me off with her free hand, the other smashed into her nose. Oops.

Needless to say, I wasn’t the only person who tried rushing to her aid.

She was helped onto a pool seat and a less-intoxicated person brought her a bag of ice. She relaxed, swatting everyone away like flies.

“My bad...” I said weakly, handing over her top.

“I’m a bleeder,” she announced, and that turned the last few away, but not too far. “But it still hurt.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled again, trying my hardest to not stare at her beautiful rack. If I wasn’t so enraptured by her gravity-defying globes of flesh, I’d be jealous.

I thought she’d put the ex-shirt back on, but she shoved the cut up cloth against her nose and put the ice behind her neck, sighing. “And now to wait...”

She wasn’t the type of girl to find conceit in her appearance, but I found her crooked nose and easy humor tugged at my heart. Eyes like scalpels in the hands of a master surgeon, with a laugh that boomed from her soul. That, and she seemed to be a loner which I, as a rule, couldn’t leave alone.

She made a motion for drinks, and drunk as we were, someone went off to get her one. A conversation soon started about piercings, several phones and musings mingling.

I sat next to her. The bleeding seemed to have stopped, but she moved the ice pack to her face and leaned back, smirking.

I was still topless and despite the heat my nipples were hard.

One of her fingers came to flick one, and my eyes widened. Then her hand grabbed mine and held it to the shirt on her face.

“It’s your fault, you get to hold it. Also, my arm’s tired.”

I moved to switch hands, and she placed my other one on the ice pack, bringing me closer.

“Actually, they’re both tired. Thanks.”

She folded her hands on her stomach, within easy hidden reach of my goosebumped tits.

Something happened indoors that had a lot of people on the outside going to the inside to watch, and my stomach fluttered. I closed my eyes and my ears filled me in. Chelsea doing her competitive eating again. The girl could swallow...

Lazy laps around the pool from one person, it sounded like.

A thoughtful pair of biology majors chatting it up with a couple of brilliant business majors. Some hot shit going on there.

And the lone guy sparking up a joint out here.

My eyes snapped open wide and pinned him calmly sitting behind the bushes looking us over knowingly before returning just as casually to his own business.

My eyes returned to hers, and I froze as she pinched my thick jutting duds. She had waited for me to stop looking around.

Shocks and jolts made my abdomen ripple as I held her injured head, afraid of making a sound to alert anyone else.

Just as quickly, her hands were back on her stomach. But her eyes stayed on mine.

I pulled the cloth away from her nose, and it had, indeed, stopped bleeding.

She had made minimal mess, I’m sure she’d done this a lot, but I wiped her anyway. “You can use my shirt, if you want.”

“The foood has arriiived~!!” sang our host tipsily through the speakers on stage.

Our after-party was much better than the official graduation. The food, this time, was from our favorite local pub. But I made the excuse of staying behind to help clean her up, and as soon as we were alone, her mouth latched onto one of my nips.

The ice pack fell from my limp fingers so they could dig into her short beach hair, and she shivered as the ice slid down her spine.

But my hands were holding her head gently, tugging her mouth away before realizing she wasn’t letting go.

I hummed a quiet moan at last, one of my hands coming around to play with her own puckered rosebuds.

I rolled one deliciously around its piercing, and her mouth kissed off my nipple to huff a shaky breath over my wet flesh.

Her eyes rolled up to mine, and we got up, looking for a more private area.

The pool house looked pretty dark and out of the way, so we quickly snuck in and huddled behind the door, her mouth on my softened nipples and my hands on her unbelievable chest.

It wasn’t long before we were breathing hard and small moans were escaping us. When I would have kissed her, she straightened up and pushed my head lower.

Now she was the one against the shed wall with my lips and teeth trying to figure out how she liked to be teased best.

My finger slid under the leg band of her shorts, feeling the slick desire that had leaked out of her lips. I had no doubt my own folds would feel the same, the bikini bottom was pretty breathable and I felt a cool breeze.

She shaved, I trimmed.

My hand smoothed up higher, easily sliding the tip of a finger up her slick outer lips and against her pulsating opening. She cried out softly as I joined the first with another and slowly went two knuckles deep, squeezing around my fingers with the tugs of my mouth and other hand still on her nipples.

I took my hand out and pushed back in, not too slowly, not too fast, finding a nice rhythm until she shook for me and jerked my hand out.

About to apologize, she cut me off by damn near tearing her shorts off as she pushed me to the ground. Then perched on my face, knees on the floor, and my hands smoothed up and around her juicy thighs to hold her close for my willing mouth.

She caught her wave of pleasure again, gasping and jerking against me. And then I quickly slid a hand around to slip two fingers inside her and understood why she tore her shorts off.

Her face almost made me cum as she squirted into my mouth in spurts to the rhythm of my hand. It fell across my chin and neck, sliding behind my ears as she finished.

She moved to get off me and I grinned up at her, holding her thighs against my shoulders like roller coaster bars. “I like this a lot. You look good.”

A couple teeth peeked out as she bit her lip down at me, nodding. She reached a finger and swiped my bottom lip, then slipped it inside her mouth.

Her finger came out with a sucking sound. “Let’s do this again.”

She didn’t get off of me fully, moving backward until she could push my boobs together in front of her face.

She made me almost hurt with desire as I lay there panting and writhing under her expert tongue and teeth. Flicking, rolling, tugging, nibbling, repeating, changing the one that was in her mouth, switching back and forth between speeds, and my eyes widened as I had my first boob orgasm, an involuntary gasp of pleasure making her smile. My abdomen fluttered again.

“Wow, your boobs are so sensitive!” She whispered.

She brushed her mouth over all of my fleshy weights, finding sensations I wasn’t even aware of.

Her mouth lingered on my sternum as I held her head to my quivering flesh. Lips over my racing heart. My own cum sliding down my ass.

“Come to my house.” She brushed her lips against my skin even after speaking, moving her face from the inside of one mound to the inside of the other, giving me goosebumps again with her butterfly kisses. “Let’s ditch this party.”

Whatever words I might have said, she sucked one nipple into her mouth and sank two fingers into me. My breathing was shallow, and then she curled her fingers as she moved them, and I had to cover my own mouth to stop me from giving us away.

I pushed up my tit into her mouth, muscles clamping on her fingers as my hips rose up to the beat of her hand.

She pulled away from me just after I finished, rolling up to her feet. The hand I had slicked stretched down to me as I just lay there, appreciating the view.

My own hand reached for hers, but not to pull me up. I stood on my own as I sucked my pleasure off her fingers.

Her whole face showed me what she thought of that.

I put her hand down, and we kissed once.

“Let’s ditch this place,” I agreed.

("Short and sweet..." -SL)

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