Gangster Too-Shorts

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I had the hots for the family friend.

We were now both in our late twenties with gray in our eyes and a kiss of the sun, but that’s where the similarity ended.

Where he was over six foot tall and built solidly, I barely brushed the end of his trimmed coal beard, with a soft belly and thick legs. My frizzy mane as fiery red as his sleek cut was dark. Where his grayish eyes had hints of amber and gold nearer his pupil making the color hazel, mine were blue towards the outsides, resembling a cat. He appeared to be a jack-of-all-trades, and I was the local professional photographer.

There would appear to be no problem if I showed interest, but if the stares of the women were anything to go by, he was a juggler of lady friends and I had only ever had sex with two long-time relationships. I didn’t want that kind of talk behind my back around town, even though my family wouldn’t mind terribly much: One lone surviving aunt and her twenty-something grandchildren owned and operated a cattle ranch in another country, my mom ran a massage and spa parlor full-time, my dad was a missing sailor, and my brother was a jock in a foreign college. At least on paper.

What happened off the books stays off, even from this one.

Despite two attempts at the comfort of a steady lover, there seemed to be a misconception that I’d give up my life’s work for the privilege of cum, and so after boyfriend number two, I bought a vibrator and gave myself all the “privilege” I could handle.

That only lasted so long. Now I was restless for a real man, over my imagination.

My photography business had picked up in the past couple weeks, and said family friend had been around to help with my backdrops and props, cooking when I got lost in editing photos for a looming deadline. He’d been in and out of the house for years and knew my schedule- or lack of.

Currently, I was waiting on a particular silk flower cluster in the mail, scrolling through the order status online to see that it was marked as delivered today. Except, it hadn’t been.

Tristan, that family friend, walked in carrying a plate that shoved its invisible scent fingers into my nose and made me swallow my drool. Savory, grilled, smoky cut of meat with a kick, and a side of shiny veggies. Whatever he’d done made my stomach growl with approval.


He grinned. “You haven’t even tried it yet, and you’re already wet.”

My shocked face only made his show surprise as he set it down nearby.

“Oh, for real?”

I shook my head, looking towards the screen again.

“So why you blushing, then?”

“Do you know where the flowers are? It says here they’re supposed to have been delivered in the morning. It’s-”

“It’s barely two,” he said softly, much closer than before.

I turned slowly, finding his hands on my desk and his darkly framed face inches from my own. My heart rate picked up as his scent slipped into me, something along the lines of clean sheets and musk feathered over showered man.

“And no one’s here to find out,” he suggested quietly, eyes on a mouth that had gone soft. “Your mom’s working overnight again. What kinda flowers are we talking about?”

We were alone...

But I licked my lips to try and remember what he just asked me, and his tease died instantly as I was gulping more drool.

“Tell me No, Jen,” he challenged, nearing his face. “Tell me to fuck off, again.”

His lips just started touching mine, and I turned away with a soft sigh.

“You’re a hoe, Tristan. Fuck off.”

His narrowed eyes said it was only a matter of time and I wasn’t sure how to react to that, except to add, “And thanks for the food.”

He straightened with amusement while I saved my progress.

“My pleasure,” he tossed, and I have to admit that I shamelessly watched him saunter back downstairs.

The damn crook was finer than my future silk arrivals, showing off his muscled tapestry of flesh in nothing but cheap sweats, which draped off his toned behind. I distracted myself with food so I’d have less of a problem with the wetness of my mouth.

The late dinner was gone in less time than it took to make, and I leaned back in my chair with a sigh of satisfaction. Glancing at the photoset that was due in two days, I had a much easier time seeing what required adjustments and got to work again.

It took just under thirty minutes, after which I saved everything so it would be easier to deliver, then finally stood up.

Taking a deep breath, I stretched from my toes all the way to my neck, spine curving with the way my arms stretched back. I felt a few pops and pushed for more.

“Need some help?”

My body returned to normal with a short sound of surprise and my eyes flew to the doorway.

“Stop doing that,” I snapped at him, before shutting down the machine.

I looked up to his eyes tracing my bent figure, a lip lightly pinched between teeth.

“What would you even get out of it? I’m just another number.”

My voice broke into his thoughts, and he nodded like I had a point.

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

I nodded, myself. “I don’t like that.”

“But you like me...” he stated, making his way around the lightweight desk with slow confidence... "And I've been after you for a long time..." Deliberate steps which brought him almost directly in front of me, to the point I had to look up... "Can’t we leave it at that?”

I didn’t say the words that would make him leave. His face was waiting for it, hands smoothing around my back as he leaned down for my lips.

This time, I didn’t stop him.

Quite the opposite, fingers curled into dark hair and toes pushing me up closer to the challenge in his hazel eyes, that first taste was a firm swipe that had his hands falling lower with the way we peeled apart.

As expected, his mouth lingered in the best way, then he unexpectedly lifted me closer when I started falling. The way he picked me up spread my cheeks, and I pulled my face away.

“This is just convenient for you,” I whispered as his lips trailed down my jaw.

“Say the word, then,” he softly challenged in my ear, and my fingers tightened in his hair as his voice tickled. “Make me go away.”

Shaking my head, I grabbed his face and made him look at me.

“Fuck off with your one night.”

He turned to kiss over a wrist. “No.”

“No, you won’t fuck off?” I questioned as his eyes locked with mine.

He turned for the other one and hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop my hips from shifting at their seriousness, the shiver from skittering down my spine as his fingers tightened with a light swipe of the tip of his tongue, his grip pulling my flesh farther apart under thin, stretchy material.

“No, I don’t want one night with you,” he explained, stepping over to sit in my chair. It put our eyes level with each other without being too awkward or too straining, my hands wrapping behind his neck.

“Then?” I prompted.

His lips pressed in a line.

I gave him raised brows.

“No... You say what you mean, I’m not guessing at anything.”

“I want you to be my girl.”

My eyes challenged his statement. “Yeah, for how long.”

He shook his head. “No, Jen, I’m serious. I haven’t been with anyone since I moved in.”

“Wait, you moved in? And what do you mean you haven’t been with anyone? The walls aren’t that thick.”

“I’ve been here since we found out about your dad, and you didn’t even notice,” he smiled, and kissed me once. “Those sounds are from your mom’s room, not mine, and to be honest I’m kinda jealous that she’s getting some and we’re not.”

I was not going to talk about that.

“Why’d you move in?”

“She told me you needed help.”

I laughed and felt his reaction bump against my covered slit. She would say that about me.

“What help? I’ve been keeping us afloat.”

“And you clean all the house and cook all the food and sort all the bags too, right?”

“Ouch. Okay, smartass, I see your point. Is that all?”

He gave me eyes of disbelief. “What more do you want?”

He caught my hips as I pushed back and pulled me harder to him instead, eyes narrowing at the heat that covered his hard arousal. Our clothes weren’t that thick- he was in cheap sweats and I was comfortable in my yoga pants.

I huffed softly, my own hands enjoying a sliding caress down the strength in his arms, intending to pull his hands off.

“You feel that?” he asked, moving against me and shifting my hips. “That’s all you.”

He let me try to pry his hands off, lifting his palms enough to catch my fingertips as he then pinned my hips to his. I whispered his name but he shook his head.

“The look on your face right now. Today’s the day, Jennifer, I swear: if you don’t stop me I’m putting this inside you.”

I moaned. He came closer to my parted lips.

“And it’s never coming out.”

“Don’t make me regret this,” I threatened softly, and it made his hands let go.

Mine sank into his hair again as he whispered, “I’ll do my best.”

Then he made me moan some more with his slow mouth devouring mine, with his hands and hips working me over him, grinding my lower lips open around him even with material in the way. The hard ridge on the other side throbbed as insistently as my insides.

Then he broke the kiss and I got up to close the door, my veins sparking with desire, letting him see the deep wedge he'd revealed. It wouldn’t be the first time her “overnight” turned into “just incredibly late.”

When I turned back, he was already sprawled on my chair- naked. Every gloriously bronzed, tatted inch of him casually stretched out, a hand beckoning me closer, his knowing smile making me answer with one of my own.

Why was he so good in the worst of ways?

I swallowed again, hands pulling my tank off as I made my way back.

Not having huge boobs myself, I was more than a little self-conscious, but his fingers brushed my soft skin with a face of such focus that I gasped without meaning to. His eyes flashed up to my reaction and his hands slid purposefully over my own as they helped my pants down.

That knowledgeable mouth captured a blushing nipple slowly as his hands moved down first one leg, my steadying hands on his arms with a moan as he pulled off for the other tight bud, before he smoothed the pants off my other leg.

He pulled that knee forward and I moved over him, directing his mouth to mine.

“Seriously, if y-”

“Shut up,” I stopped the sentence mid-track and kissed him in a way that was hopefully not as needy as I felt.

He returned my enthusiasm, his hands on my hips slicking my desire over his soft tip. Spiced my muffled moan with his own low groan of appreciation as we inched him in.

His mouth hung slightly open when I broke away to sit up straighter, biting my lip with a sigh as he sank straight in. My next thrust had my chair squeaking, and he quickly picked us up enough to shove it back. A hand at my lower back had me falling with him, with a gasp, but then we softened the fall and he pulled me all the way down again, shaking his head through my moan.

“I warned you, it’s not coming out.”

I pushed up, my slick walls admitting how much that threat pleased me. Again, he pulled me down against him, and I panted with my hands coming to his chest so I could bounce myself on him.

“It’s been- too long...” I whispered, already feeling the tingle. He clapped my ass and that was it.

“Oh yeah?”

I bit my lip, eyes squeezing shut as my body helplessly bucked against his, and he suddenly had to put all that well-earned muscle to good use to thrust into my wet fist.

“Ohhhh! Fuck! You weren’t lying!”

I was panting down at him as I still continued slicking up and down, my lip stinging from the force of the bite, and his face was suddenly the happiest I’d ever seen it. Something fierce that had a whole lot to do with the way I was finally riding him, his hands following my body without guiding me because his face was saying it was exactly what he wanted.

We shared the pleasure until sunrise, moving through the (thankfully empty) house in stages, to fall asleep in his bed between sex-flavored kisses.

True to his word, he’d kept me full until absolutely necessary.

I learned he was a very light sleeper, when I shifted my hips in the middle of the night and his response was to roll over me and scare me half to death with his gruff voice in my ear, very much awake.

“Do you need the restroom?”

I shook my head and he pleasured us back to sleep, finally leaving his oozing throb between our sticky bodies as he pulled my front to his. Shifted my hips with a leg, in the way I’d been seeking, and I smiled in relief as I drifted off, arms around him.

When I woke up again, he was still holding on like he was afraid I’d leave, and his eyes opened as I lay staring at the gorgeous devil in my arms.

“What are you thinking?”

His voice was a rumbling whisper that made me sigh and wiggle, and all of him reacted with a demand. Only his eyes had a question in them, but when he rolled us over my legs slid up his sides.

I watched his face go soft as he opened me with his morning wood.

"Oh my God...”

He kissed my moaned words off of my lips as he gently stirred me awake.

“That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time,” he rumbled back.

I wasn’t able to get back to work until later that evening, when one of our runners showed up for him.

Tristan gave me a longing look that had me biting my lip down at him as we heard the chatty voices floating down the hall. How long my mom had been home, I had no idea.

We slowly pulled apart for a quick shower and then he lingered afterward to wrap a towel around me.

“This job might take a couple days,” he started softly, and smiled at my emerging crossness. “But I’m coming right back.”

“You know this without talking to him, how?”

He just gave me a look.

I nodded. “You know I’ll be here.”

“Except when you aren’t.”

I shrugged. “We can go in circles with it, or I can trust that you’ll behave and you can trust that I’m not lying.”

A smirk warned me about the snort of amusement he proceeded to give me. Yeah, we both knew it.

“There’s no one else for me, Jen. Please be careful.”

My voice dropped, and I gave him my best sexy eyes. “You want pics?”

He only gave me a quick kiss and walked right out, while I tried not to laugh because he had to go and the expression on his face was telling me that we didn’t have time to demonstrate what kind of pictures he wanted.

But mere minutes after the van pulled away, I got a text that made me smile:

i want pics

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