Gangster Too-Shorts

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(*TW: gore)

Condensed sweat rolled down his back, flung across the concrete as a new attack slid down his arm. He retaliated with a second quick jab to the jaw that gave his opponent pause.

Too long of a pause, as the rough crowd broke into animalistic cheers. I smiled in the shadows, my bodyguards grinned approvingly- though their eyes scanned the crowd continuously. It was dangerous to stay in one place too long, even among my own.

The opponent snapped back to the present and roared at the sweaty victor, but was pulled away before he could continue to fight. Not that we usually had rules protecting traitors, but I was making a show out of this one.

“That’s not fair, he’s cheating!”

The garbled roar of their voices turned into laughter as the other one turned towards me with a dark look. He was neither a liar nor a cheat and such accusations usually warranted a single punch, but the guy was pissy for getting himself in trouble and then losing, and he’d lose a lot more in a minute.

I nodded and he was released. If they wanted more blood, who was I to deny them?

The beating he received left some of the audience silent, though no one left. Someone ended up with an extra piece of tooth in their mouth.

My calm voice cut through the tension, “That’s enough, Em.”

Breathing heavily, the fist nonetheless lowered then raised in my direction. He headed for the showers amid the shuffling of those exiting. There was some excitement, but the mood was generally somber as everyone left our current warehouse.

It was only myself, my guards, and the bloody ingrate who lay on the floor, and it still took him another five minutes to come back to awareness with a shallow groan.

“Just don’t know when to quit, do you?” I asked with the deliberate calm, finally standing from my darkened seat.

He jerked at the sight of the clean-cut, bored woman in a suit he’d crossed, and made a sound of pain.

“I’ll ask one more time, to refresh your memory...”


...My mood was level as I padded into the showers, thinking about what things should be done to whom. The secrets I’d been told made me certain that I had to clean house. I did not expect to find a naked man spraying his own hand with the liquid bandage, but that’s the sight that greeted me.

Emilio looked up at the gentle clicks of my shoes, those cold blue eyes undressing me all the way up. He turned with me as I made my way past him and started the shower.

“You just wanted a piece, yourself,” his rough voice accused me.

“I thought there was someone here to help with that,” I countered coolly, peeling off the spattered suit. I was still wearing my heels as I did this, to which he groaned under his breath.

“I told her to go ‘help’ somebody else,” he answered with soft distraction as I stepped out of the shoes and into the area to rinse. “You might wanna teach your whores some first aid.”

My chuckle bounced around the small room and I heard him suck in a breath. There wasn’t a woman yet who could successfully get him away from me.

Giving him a side-eye smile, a single searching hand drew his eyes down between my legs, where I slowly rubbed myself clean in a place that was only dirty in our minds. He stood up, showing off his rising attention.

“Watch it,” he growled, and I shook my head.

“That’s your job.”

Every deliberate step towards me was silent. “There’s no one here to stop me if you push me too far.”

I shrugged and turned for the soap. “Clearly, you’re not as interested as I thought, then.”

A second set of hands helped spread the bubbles down my back, and a hum purred out of me at his firm massage. A few seconds of it had me waiting for whatever he was going to say, sliding my backside along his front. He’d usually just get straight to the point.

He proved me right quietly, voice vibrating down my spine, “Are we going in?”

“Save it for the War Room.”

His fingers dug into my waist, cinching almost as tightly as last night’s outfit, and I moaned, arching my hips into his. Bouncing his desire on alternating sides of the juicy cheeks he loved so much, with the prickling sparks of desire skittering through my veins from the rumble of his approval.

“Fit me inside,” he demanded, and I twisted to give him a disapproving look, to which his face displayed the tightly reined impatience he was feeling. “Will you please wrap your hand around my erection and shove it inside somewhere?”

“Cheeky,” I noted with a smile, but did as he asked, knowing if it wasn’t a quick one, it was nothing at all.

We groaned as I wiggled myself onto him and he watched it happen, only the squeeze of his hands indicating his enjoyment. Then his breath rushed out.

“Fuck, Boss Lady, lemme defend you more often...”

My throat hummed with the gentle motions that brushed the end of my channel.

“Baby, you know you can ride me any time we’re alone...”

He thrust inside me with a grunt of delight, pulling back on his choke hold underneath my ribs, so his length stretched into the deeper parts of me.

“Em!” my throat whispered, but my eyes closed, weight shimmying from one foot to the other again with every spike of pleasure he shoved into me.

“Yeah, baby. Like that?”


His lips came down on my shoulder with a soft groan, and one of my hands held his head close, the other digging nails into the parts of his back I could reach. The way he arched my back had my nipples getting smacked by the tiny streams of water, and as he rumbled his filthy praises in my ear, I danced and spasmed.

“Mmm... You’re a delicious devil woman,” his grumble was followed by a tease of my earlobe, and then his breath trembled and shook, one hand coming to hold the wall in front of me.

I was panting, knowing he was getting close, and still bouncing on the wave spikes. My hand held the one at my waist, finding satisfaction in the way he held onto me and the strokes he was driving into me. It was because of him that I kept up with my birth control religiously.

When we’d finished, we cleaned up again, and he threw on his usual attire, giving me one last longing look before leaving first. It was my own fault, but I couldn’t afford to have anyone know if I really had feelings or not.

I’d slid on a fresh pair of pants and was adjusting the back of my decorated bra when footsteps made me whirl around, weapon in hand.

A relatively new face strolled in casually.

“You have business here?”

“Oh, I don’t,” he smiled, “unless that business involves your clothes...”

One of my eyebrows lifted, my head tilting slightly. “You offering to help dress me? For what? What do you want?”

He held out his hands defensively. “You really don’t have people who do everything for you?”

I let out a bark of laughter. “You’re funny, kid. Get out. And tell the idiot who pranked you that I’d like a word with ’em.”

He looked about to say something else, but his gaze jerked to the right and instead shut up with a look that told me who was walking towards him. As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep my cool. I took the opportunity to set down the metal piece in favor of finishing what I was doing. It did bug me that he took Em more seriously than he did my weapon, but all that mattered right now was that he left.

With a sly smile and a wink, the cat saunters on past my hard-eyed lover who carries my jacket. No, everything was not done for me but a little common courtesy didn’t kill anyone in the short-term.

Those eyes were anything but courteous right now.

“What happened.”

“Nothing,” I waved it off, trying to grab the garment that he pulled out of reach.

“I swear to God-” he started, and I placed an irritated hand on my hip.

“Did you want something to happen?”

“Yeah,” those usually cool blue eyes of his were sparking with a variety of lusts, “so I could have an excuse to pound his ass to the floor.”

“Does he really make you that insecure?”

“Do I have an excuse.” The words themselves were a question, the delivery tone was deadly.

I bit my lip for the heat that he stirred below, shaking my head as his eyes narrowed.

“God, you make me so wet,” I whispered, and he held out the jacket with a smirk so I could step into it.

“It’s ok, Boss Lady, you drive everyone up the wall.”

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