Gangster Too-Shorts

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I’ve always had a bit of luck on my side, regardless of the situations I put myself in.

So the day I asked to move in with an old friend who had left “the life”, there was no awkwardness around the arrangements despite my additional person. I had fallen into a dark love trap that had resulted in a child and too many sleepless nights for it to be considered healthy, and he was like family, so he’d offered a way out.

Months later, I’d been living in this new town with no plans of returning, and feeling more like myself than when I’d been in that relationship. To be brutally honest, reader, the sudden lack of sex was very tragic for my body to accept. I crave touch, skin against skin, the feeling of the glow of your essence against mine as your breath describes without words the glorious elation of such attentions, and more.

But, I digress...

As months turned into a year, the restlessness grew, and so did the need to be outdoors. We went so many places, sometimes with his woman as well, mainly helping the child spend the energy. I was very grateful, don’t get me wrong, but there is just something about that constant void that needed to be filled.

And you know what? Pun intended.

I was still smiling over that thought as I walked up to buy a ticket for the little train ride at the zoo, and an answering smile from the person on the other side made me forget why I was there for a second. His beard was neatly trimmed, a dark gold that looked almost like his skin, and peeking from under the deep color of his conductor’s cap glinted some of the most gorgeous blue eyes I’d ever had the pleasure to see. His shirt was taut in the shoulder area, refusing to let go of his obvious meatiness. That humored tug of lip corner had me scrambling out of my gutter mind with lightning speed.

He must have asked me something mundane, and I quickly recovered with a less than gracious, “Huh?”

“Just the one?”

I nodded, sort of embarrassed. No doubt he’d seen my child and the other adult, but if anything he brushed it off professionally well.

“Just me, today. I need a break.”

He typed a few things, giving me a window of time to get myself under control, but then he swiveled over for his jacket and keys, and my head tilted with a question.

“Well I’m also the conductor, and the next tour doesn’t happen for another two hours, so if you wanted a child-free break, now would be the time.”

My heart twisted that maybe he had somebody as well to be so considerate, but I nodded anyway because Yes, I did want some time to just cruise on by all the trees and animals without the constant screaming so close to my ears.

“Third one down’s got the smoothest ride,” he pointed out as we approached the ride, and I was pleased to see it was the one with the most cover as well.

I might even be able to lay down for a few minutes.

“How long does this last?” I asked, feeling rather sheepish for not hearing him earlier if he’d said it.

“Long enough to take a nap, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he tossed back, grinning at me like he could see the exhaustion under my pleasant enthusiasm.

I loved the trips and the being out in nature and parks, and it was special that I shared it with my child, but I very much missed the quiet moments to myself. And sex whenever I wanted to have it. Definitely the sex.

The train ride started smoothly enough, and it was true that it was more of a sailing motion on this particular segment, which gave me time to gauge if he would be watching the road, or glancing at what I wanted to do.

His bored stare in the side mirrors told me he’d done it a million times, then it landed on mine as I casually reached my hand between my legs.

We passed the desert exhibit with his narrowed eyes asking questions to the road ahead and flicking back to me. I reclined as we were going through the next exhibit, and immediately recognized where we would be headed into as we passed the cool shade of the rainforest: the water tunnel was next. The same passage which had been recently under repairs, turning it into a darkened “night sky underwater”.

A straight shot of trees from the exit of one to the entrance of the other, I met his hungry eyes through the mirror and bit my lip, shamelessly stroking myself with slow, broad motions that left no further questions.

He turned in his seat, spearing me with those shards of turquoise.

We were coming up on the tunnel.

One of his hands reached up to pull the hat off just as slowly as I was still grinding my hips onto my hand.

I nodded, and realized I was still biting my lip as he beckoned me with the only finger he could spare.

Ooh, boy, did he ever get a show of me climbing unsafely through the cars to slither onto his lap.

“Are you trying to cheat on your man?”

I smiled at the thought. “I’m a single mom.”

Groaning softly, his hands wrapped slowly around my skin tight shirt as the atmosphere closed in. I was already sweaty and hot from the sun, so the breathable material felt wonderfully cool... and his skin left trails of liquid heat behind every caress. Lips fenced in by soft golden wires carefully double-checked that I was still agreeing to the unspoken offer, before giving me a narrow look, snapping out of the slow-burning desire.

“It’s gotta be fast,” he regretfully groaned softly, and our hands went to our clothes.


His pants slipped down, my yoga shorts were dragged over my behind, and I gasped when one of his fingers slid inside of me. He made a pained sound and swirled his hand off, replacing it with the head of him.

"Come on,” he encouraged gruffly, and I sat down, pushing my breath out with the length of him, grasping at any surface that would provide support as he leaned his upper body back for leverage.

I’d recently watched a video where a woman had bounced like one of those ball paddles, and although I wasn’t confident I’d recreate the video, I recognized the effectiveness of a slower version of this technique as soon as his fingertips started dribbling my butt into his thrusts.


He bucked up into me with each slick slapping bounce after that, and in a short time I stiffened as my orgasm tightened me around him.

Instead of doing anything I’d expected a man in his situation might do, he yanked me off with a short breath and I heard him shuffling his clothes back on. I quickly adjusted myself to his hushed urgency, and a small yip burst out of me when he boosted me on my way across to the first train car.

My twist landed my butt in the seat, but I found my breath short as the sunlight washed over us again. I tried my best to focus on long, slow, even breaths, but the way he casually raked his hair for his hat had me pulsing inside. Cool as a cucumber I tried to be, and then he turned just enough to again spear me with a side-eye that physically made my face hot.

“You think you’d use the phone for me if I handed you my number?”

I sighed regretfully.

“Not that I get much alone time.”

His dirty smirk forced me to remind myself to breathe deeply again.

“What about if I helped you get some... alone time, of course?”

Unable to contain a knowing smile in return, there was only one thing I could say.

“Alright, bet.”

(“This is the end of my pack of smokes... Or is it...?” -SL)

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