Gangster Too-Shorts

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I hung from the ceiling like a spider, silk wrapped safely around my hips and one leg as I spun around slowly. The main character’s hat in my dramatic hand as the lights dimmed.

The applause was deafening, and I quickly spun myself upright, feet sticking my landing as sight was returned to most of the audience for the final bows. The cast came out, the named crew peeked their heads. Guests with overpriced tickets said their hellos, and goodbyes.

The last show of the week ended with a bang and I couldn’t have been happier.

I heard familiar shouting with my hand on the dressing room door knob, and corrected my thought real quick as I saw the cause of it calmly strolling down the hall. Evading security with an Oh Please face as he hung his shades off his white tank.

Yes, I could always be happier.

“He’s with me, Ty,” I called out, trying not to show how funny I found the situation: Big burly security attempting to grab onto a slippery cat who was only an inch or two shorter.

Knowing my rule breaker, he’d probably skipped around the metal detector or snuck in through the back.

The guard gave me a look, stopping the useless chase but still demanding answers.

“Where’s his badge? You know the rules, Ann... Just cause you call it, don’t mean shit to the owners.”

Matt kept walking towards me as if the hadn’t been spoken to at all, a grin on his tired face. He was only here for one person, and made damn sure everyone knew it.

I shook my head slowly at my favorite human. But I smiled. “I’ll get him one next time.”

His hands came out to me and I stepped up to fit into his arms. My own hands skillfully slipped around him under the carefully unbuttoned overshirt, avoiding the metal I knew would be at his side.

I heard the security guard grumble about back door duty, and then nothing else mattered as I filled my lungs with him, holding him tight.

His head dipped down for me, and my face turned up to his, lips already tingling.

Every hello felt like the first time, it was one of my favorite pieces of him. Lips slow and hot, starting above my skin and pressing kisses into me until I felt the urge to jump him right there.

I didn’t care to smoke anything myself, but the taste of it on his tongue underneath the wash of gum was the surefire signal that he was really here. His body warmed smell of guns and leather sank into my bones in the same way his expensive aftershave tickled the top of my nasal cavity long after he was gone.

It just belonged.

He came off my lips slowly, not wanting to actually leave them, and then his eyes flashed up, then back to mine.

I grinned, asking. He grinned back slowly, eyes hot. Someone was watching.

It’s not that we minded, but I really didn’t want it to happen where I worked.

“Let me get my stuff.”

He nodded, swaying with me until my back pressed against the door.

“You can’t go in there,” I whispered loudly. A stage whisper.

His mouth lowered to mine quickly, face honest.

“Mm-hm. I’ll be good.” Then he smirked at my doubtful face as I twisted the knob, moving himself to lean on the wall. His eyes sparkled like mischievous diamonds on a backdrop of toasted caramel. “For now.”

“That’s what I thought,” I chuckled, stepping in.

But I changed into my favorite ripped jeans and band tee faster. I probably should have purchased new shoes months ago, but they were still in one piece, so I’d wear them out.

Besides, there were many more exciting things to be thinking about. Like wherever he wanted to take me this time. Or what about what we were going to be doing in the near future…?

A few others were still around in here, and I waved goodbye as I slung the emptier backpack over my shoulder and headed out the door.

His hand slipped into mine as soon as I cleared the doorway, and our fingers laced tightly. I stepped up to him for a kiss, then pulled away.

He peeled off the wall and we started walking the short hall towers the back exit.


I nodded with enthusiasm. “And drinks, if you don’t mind.”

I smiled as he opened the door for me, trailing a finger down his jaw as I inched past.“And then I hope you have a few days off as well.”

Our hands suddenly behind my back pulled me flush against him, and I found my pleased face right in front of his threat. I almost licked it off his lips.

“I’m of half a mind to just fuck you right here against the doorway,” he rumbled softly, and the image made me smirk with an aroused thrill. His eyes lit up.

“Your call, Sweetness.”

“Ugh, get a room,” some disturbed soul muttered as they walked past us along the alley.

I chuckled shamelessly and pulled him in the direction of outside.

He let me lead us out towards his stretched car at last, with a knowing grin that had me groaning as the old metal door slammed closed behind us.

“I almost wanna skip food,” I admitted, eyeing him like dinner. But my stomach disagreed loudly and the pointed to it.

“Boss says no.”

I chuckled again at that. Hangry me was no joke.

We walked around his car, and he decided to press my back against the streamlined doors first. To give me another of his tasty kisses, hand under my ear, his thumb stroking small circles along my jaw. My hands couldn’t get enough of his back, smoothing him onto me.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.”

My hands smoothed up his chest as his lips slowly parted mine for his tongue. Then my fingers curled behind his neck but didn’t fuck with his hair yet.

His hands slipped under my shirt and I softly moaned into his mouth as his fingers tickled the bottoms of my flesh. His hands pushed up, and scraped over my hard nipples.

Again, my stomach complained, and I groaned in the back of my throat.

“Shut him up for me, babe.”

His hands smoothed down and around my swaying body, and he hummed his Mmkay across my tongue, pulled my hips against his through my sigh, drawing it into another quiet moan. A hand lifted off me to open the door.

The back door? Oh, his handles were right next to each other. Nice touch. He could have come pick me up on a beat up scooter for all I cared, as long as he came back.

His other hand was still holding me to him just above my butt, but we didn’t move from what we were doing, understanding that at some point we had to stop.

His lips pulled away with a sound of amusement, dark eyes smiling at me. “Get in there, before I change my mind.”

A rush of pleasure filled me as I turned, feeling his hand slide over my backside as I got in. I looked back with a single finger in the air, and he shook his head with a smile.

“I won’t stop at one,” he warned, and closed the door on my knowing laugh. I buckled in.

He liked driving me around, and I was too much of a hedonist to deny him. Besides, I’d done much worse in the name of pleasure. A lot of it with him.

Probably the reason he didn’t want me up there with him, now that I thought about it.

He took us on the road out of town, stopping at one of my favorite burger places.

I could only manage half the meal, too aroused in a confined space with his warm smell, because every bite had an edge, a coating, of my favorite person. I couldn’t escape the hunger that food would simply not satisfy, now. I needed his skin sliding against mine in that dance which left us in a fevered dream. It was a particular look in his eyes that I desired, the one that left us alone in the world with nothing to do but spend your time drenched in emotion and flesh.

He adjusted the mirror as the busy road stretched ahead, and found me leaning away from the bagged remnants, one of my fingers rubbing across my cleaned lips as I stared in his direction, the other sliding over my jeans, right between my legs.

He looked real pissed, all of a sudden. Not even looking at the road, though I was sure his peripherals were pretty damn good.

“No. You don’t.”

The jabs of arousal were sharp enough to startle a guilty laugh out of me.

“That first one is mine.”

I moaned, head falling back, but crossed my arms. “But you’re already stuck in the back of my throat! Doesn’t that count? Tell me that counts for something!”

The car bounced as he hopped up in his seat a little with his pained laugh, but his eyes were now on the road.

“You’re terrible at waiting,” he accused me.

I only sighed. Anything I considered tossing back would have only proven his point.

“Could you at least put on some music?”


My eyes focused on him at that, and he smiled. “I just put in some speakers last week. I’ll show you later.”

I grunted and pulled a glass ball out of my bag, mindlessly rolling it over and around my hand as I watched. There was nothing to say, we were both thinking the same thing and he was getting us there.

My other hand pulled another out and placed it carefully behind the first. Soon, my hands were trading them in a routine I had been attempting to learn.

The feeling of such loose control lowered my shoulders and when the ride was over, my breaths were relaxed. I put everything away and slipped the backpack over a shoulder as he came around.

He opened my door and my hand slid over his so he could draw me out of his vehicle. I could feel open water so close just by the pressure, perking up at the smell as his fingers closed around mine in the way I loved most.

Our hands pulled my body flush against his, and then he let it go to wrap me up in his arms. I kicked the door closed, then hummed on his lips as his arms tightened. He reluctantly left my mouth with a smile.

“Guess what?”

My eyebrows jumped up with mischief.

“What, I get to go swimming too?”

His eyes narrowed on a smirked grunt that said I was a smartass, but had a point.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll just show you.”

I could tell he enjoyed building my suspense.

Then he took my hand again to lead me down to a locked metal door and fished a single key out his pocket, dangling it between my raised brows and the mysterious entrance by a long, flat gold chain.

My eyes searched his, until his smile broke free.

“Dive in, Sweetness, it’s not gonna bite you…”

I saw his expression change as I threaded my fingers through the chain, and waited for it so I could kiss him after.

“But I can’t say the same for me…”

His head was already halfway to my nod and the kiss was just a quickly promise before I slipped the chain around my neck. He bit his lip at the sight of it, but motioned his head towards the door.

I felt the seriousness of the lock as the key turned, and stepped into a large comfortable room with a safe at the back. A hallway split off to my right, and at the end I saw the horizon through large windows.

“Oh, wow.”

He closed the door behind us and it locked on its own as his hands slid possessively around my hips to yank me against the painful front strain in his pants. I set down my pack with a moan.

“All ours,” he quietly stated at my neck, and my hands went to the front of my pants.

His were just as fast, grabbing my fingers between his and shoving our hands underneath.

I felt his hot breath before his teeth teased my ear, and squirmed reflexively against him. Spreading slick arousal over the tips of our fingers.

“Unhhh… I swear, if you’re just gonna tease the shit outta me and walk away until tomorrow like you did last time, I’m kicking your ass.”

His bite on my neck was hard enough to bruise as he almost picked me off the floor by my crotch, slicking our fingers until I almost came.

My fingers moved with his, throat clearly enjoying that surprise.

And then he held perfectly still, denying me my orgasm, softly panting at my ear. My clit throbbed against us, and I made a frustrated sound as he moved to keep me that way.

“Threaten me again…” he dared softly at my ear.

I kicked at the ground, ass backing him into the door behind us with a thud.

He groaned, tugging to bring his hands out, but my fingers tightened around his and I used our arms as leverage to grind against him.

He groaned a laugh, wiggling his fingers to try and free them.

My throat warned him I was getting close again and he yanked our hands out, turning us so I faced the door.

“Fucking get it, then.”

I dropped the jeans faster than I’d put them on, and he bent me over with his pants around his ankles, hands tracing up my body to flatten my hands beneath his own.

I yelped as he shoved himself inside me, and I bounced on his thrusts, up on the edge of my relief in no time at all. Sloppy slaps of flesh punctuated by our moans and groans until I shoved back hard, screaming my cum around his dick.

“Thaaaat’s what I wanna hear,” he groaned behind me, shoving my body forward before he shook himself inside my tightened grip.

That last move kept my satisfaction rolling into more, so all I could do was pant my agreement as the pleasure moved my body on his.

“Feels so fucking good, I never wanna LEAVE!”

I moaned, finding my voice to answer his aggressive tone, “That’s cause you’re a beast, babe.”

His teeth dug into my back for that one and I yelled, my hips going to that bounce as he still stroked inside me. His hands fisted around mine, keeping me in place.

Orgasmic relief poured out of me with a melting sigh, and his mouth released me to prove me right. His mouth switched between kissing my skin and nipping hard enough to sting, and with a final shove of hips, he shook himself inside me harder than the last time.

“EVERY fucking TIME, Annabel!” he snarled at my ear, his head finally coming to rest on mine. As he stroked himself empty.

I came again with him.

As the world stopped spinning, he slipped out, sinking and pulling me gently atop his shaky self so we could catch our breaths.

“I’m not A beast,” he noted, one arm wrapped around me, his other hand at my cheek. “I’m only here for YOU. That would technically make me YOUR beast, and that I’m okay with.”

“Fuck,” I whispered into his eyes, my heart flipping all kinds of ways.

He grinned. “Yes, again?”

“No, I mean, you’re already so deep in there that I thought I couldn’t love you any harder.”

His eyes widened at my words before his happiness burst out in a laugh.

“And yet here we are,” I smiled at him.

“Let’s get you in the shower, sweet love. I wanna fall asleep inside you.”

I bit my lip and kicked my jeans off then poured myself up onto my feet, feeling light and limp at the same time as my shoes were kicked next.

The shirt came up and I heard his appreciative groan, so I slowly pulled it over my head. I wasn’t into bras and was lucky enough to not need one in the first place.

When I could see again, he was already blindly reaching to unlace a shoe, his eyes dazed on me, and I sank to help him with the other one, dropping the shirt on my jeans.

He removed his ankle holster with a face that told me he was thinking about the near future.

“Straight outta work?” I asked, moving to help with his overshirt.

He smiled at me, fingers unfastening his shoulder. “Yeah.”

No smartass, no tease. I said hi to my guilt.

“Damn babe, and here I was draining you too.” My hands slid up his chest to push the leather and cotton off his shoulders as I kissed his forehead.

“Na, you give me life.”

That made me blush, and I let him yank off the last piece of clothing, intending to kiss him.

In a smooth follow up to his nakedness, he leaned forward and his hands pushed me up to stand, arms wrapping around my thighs. If he hadn’t looked so done, I would have guessed he might have wanted to go another round.

My back sliding up the wall helped him stand, and he pushed off with a defiant grunt.


I didn’t want him pushing himself too far.

Then he stubbornly took us down the hall, around the room, and stopped at the bathroom door for me to get a good look at the bedroom behind us.

Silks, some with attachments, draped from the ceiling in different lengths. The “windows” were actually a mural that I knew he’d sprayed himself, giving me the melts.

A giant plush swamp of a bed claimed pretty much the rest of the space. I could live on that bed.

I squealed in my joy, hugging him as best I could. He laughed at that, quickly sliding my feet to the floor.

Our lips made love as he walked us back, but then he turned the rain on and I shivered in his arms as the water adjusted, head on his collarbone.

“Dammit, really…”

“My mouth was busy,” he chuckled back, holding me tightly for a moment.

We showered quickly after that, and hung the damp towels behind the door.

He slid onto the bed, twisting for me, but I was already right behind him, crawling over his legs as he put himself in place. I was serious, and he was thrilled and slightly afraid.

Watching me come onto him like that had him getting hard again, and that was the point.

Warm hands smoothed over me in a way that told me he didn’t believe his luck, unguarded eyes somewhere between I’m Not Good Enough and Mine.

I kissed him softly in agreement as he wrapped his arms around me, settling comfortably over the familiar body that always thrummed with tension when awake. Snaked my hips down, fitting onto his waiting dick like he was made for me, and I had to moan at how satisfying it felt. Wrapped up around him, filled by him.

His eyes closed on a hum.

“I love the way you do that.”

I kissed up and down his neck as I slowly bounced, until his arms relaxed.

“Wake me up later,” I whispered, and heard his half-asleep grunt.

My eyes slipped closed over his heartbeat and I finally surrendered to sleep.

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