Gangster Too-Shorts

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(*TW: smoking, domination)

My thumb flicked the cheap lighter, and sparks fluttered over my glass Sherlock pipe. I got a mouthful of cool air.

Lip curled, I tried again twice and with a disappointed sound, flung the empty BIC into my trash can across the room. I had to run to the store. Again.

Okay, but for real, tell me why I bought packs of lighters and they vanished among the comings and goings of everyday life…? And then, when I did find one, it was running low…?

Someone knocked on my window as I was setting the piece down, and my eyes zeroed in on a grinning face I hadn’t seen since grade school. Shadows under his dark eyes, hair long enough to be pulled back in a messy pony, the threat of a good time hovering around his smirk. According to my window, he was taller than me, now.

Seeing him made my day better, but I didn’t get up.

“Blast from the past,” I greeted him, my voice calm. I’d learned that being quiet allowed me to remain more aware. I didn’t hear anyone else. “I’m about to run to the store, if you wanna tag along.”

“I got you covered,” he said just as softly, lifting a grocery bag of snacks and drinks.

“I need fire.”

“I got that too,” he said, losing the edge of his laughter.

My eyes rolled, ignoring his innuendo, but I went to unlock the bars. “All by your lonesome?”

“You know me,” he shrugged as he handed me the bag and climbed in. Still dressing in jeans and a vulgar shirt, but with a barbell in one brow.

I made sure to lock up behind him.

“Dang, look who’s all paranoid and shit.”

“You would be too,” I said simply, and left it at that. He smelled faintly like he didn’t belong in this dump.

I set the bag down on the table to flop back on my couch. Reached for my glass piece, and he pulled a Zippo from his front pocket, which he held out to me smugly.

The buffed silver was engraved and hollowed with a skull I’d drawn way back when, its casing’s straight edges cut out as if buffed gray metal coated the real thing. There was gold inside, and now I regretted not making any merch before investing so much into this life.

I hummed in good taste, leaning forward with a warning in my eyes. “Fancy…”

He grinned as he lit my bowl with a practiced snap. “Stays in my pocket, I remember.”

I took a thoughtful puff while he put it away and pulled the single beat-up chair closer to my cheap foldable table. The nagging detail resurfaced, that Ivan had a knack for making me wonder what it would be like to stay in one place for awhile, even now.

He felt like home.

Though the way things stood, the thought had uneasy chills running down my spine, a twinge jerking the scar at my side.

Nope, not for me anymore. Perhaps a travel buddy, but certainly not a settling-down type.

My one-room flat wasn’t decorated, much less painted. Just a TV on the wall for background noise, hooked up to my bass-y speakers, and heavy black drapes on every window to keep sunlight and eyes out. I’d move again soon, anyway.

“How you been?” I asked as the smoke left my lungs.

He accepted the offered glass like we’d never said goodbye at all, and shrugged, being a bit more modest with his turn. Then he made a pained face as he passed it back and his breath huffed out on a Who.

I laughed when it turned into a coughing fit, and quieted against my pipe. Yeah, it was really good flower.

I blew another cloud away from him as he calmed down.

“Used to be the other way around,” I smiled, offering again.

His hand reached for it as he took a steadying breath.

“Don’t let me smoke any more,” he warned, and I nodded as he took his last drag.

For now.

His words let me know he wouldn’t immediately stop himself, and I was not the kind of person to deny myself a spot of delight. Time had only aged this wine.

“So,” I prompted when he hands my Sherlock back, “what twist of fate brought you to me today? I’m not exactly easy to find.”

He gave me a look. “Yeah, but I know you.”

I puffed as we caught up, and by roundabout way he told me he wanted to pay me for a brand design based on the skull. He’d convinced his bandmates to give me a shot before they decided to hire someone else for their debut.

The corners of my lips lowered, eyebrow quirking with surprise, and I let the thought swim around in my head. I’d doodled a bit, but not like before. There just wasn’t time.

His eyes flicked to my hand, and I instinctively passed my glass, feeling a twinge of the old guilt.

Ey, it’s puff puff pass, not puff puff hog!

He took it.

I grinned at his lack of hesitation, and only partway through the act did he realize what he was doing.

He stopped and passed it back, blowing a tiny bit of smoke out.

“Dammit, I’m trying to get you a legit gig, here.”

But his mouth smiled with sweet justice as I took another drag and realized it was cashed. Clear out of anything but ash because I’d smoked it all.

“My bad,” I made a face and tapped it out over the padded ashtray/storage container to reload it.

“I don’t know about the art, man. I haven’t picked up a pen in a while,” I admitted, but a ballpoint came into view and I looked up to him holding a small square of paper. “Oh, you’re a magician now, too, lil drummer boy?”

“Try one letter, Sass-quatch,” he grinned.

The old insult made me laugh now.

“How dare you.” But I did put the pipe down. “Aight, fine. I’ll show you.”

The lines seemed too flow out of nowhere, and he was soon looking down at a gothic S, with simple shapes that could easily pass for roses and a tall fence.

Sure, it was rusty and a bit crude, but it felt good. I’d give it a solid 6 out of 10, if I could fill it out.

“Just say yes,” he said, picking up my glass and taking the first drag. He had the fire, after all.

I smirked sadly at the paper. As much as I wanted, I had bills to pay, so to speak.

“Maybe later,” I said lightly, hand automatically taking back my Sherlock when he offered. “I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment.”

I looked up at his silence and we stared seriously at each other while I filled my lungs with the familiar taste. He released his cloudy breath just as slowly.

His voice was so low, it slipped under the speakers.

“Can I help?”

I shook my head slowly, the smoke trailing up before I blew the rest of it out. I had a few things falling into place soon, already planning to leave before I tripped myself up.

“Just gimme some time,” I murmured back.

“They’ll hold off til the 15th,” he shrugged at me, but not like he was happy, finally looking at the TV so I wouldn’t pass him the pipe.

His eyes widened with disbelief, and I knew by sound alone that the adult cartoon channel was on. They had some decent jokes.

He smiled a little.

“I thought you liked the more serious stuff. You know, crime scenes, thrillers, and all that. Like gangster movies.”

I blew smoke out my nose at that, and kept the release going so I wouldn’t cough like he’d done. I made a sound like I had something to say, but almost coughed again, laughing.

“Yeah, I used to,” I finally managed, and held still. The feeling passed. I put the Sherlock on the table and reached for the bag, picking out a glass bottle.

“There’s something else I was gonna ask.”

He was staring at me in a way that had me tensing up. Eyes slowly undressing me as I gulped some tea. I had to put it down before I choked.

“So ask.” My voice was low in my throat.

His face slowly came closer. “What would you do if I kissed you again?”

“You mean, if I LET you kiss me?” I asked, backing up just as slowly, but fighting a smile.

“Mmhm,” he nodded, still advancing.

I started crawling back on the couch, but my face was excited. He was closing the distance.

Truly by ourselves this time, the promise of sex hung heavy between us. We’d never crossed that line before, but not for lack of trying.

This was a weird pocket of time, everything still there, but new.

“Maybe I’d do what I’m doing now? We were a long time ago.”

He was off the chair now, a hand on the couch, then the other, then a knee. The sight of him had me moaning and I stopped with my head against the arm rest so he could finish moving over my limbering body. I bit my lip, fighting not to reach up.

“I’m not even touching you,” he pointed out softly, face above mine.. “You wanna repeat that last part?”

It was true, his hands and knees were carefully placed to avoid me, and damned if I didn’t blush at the sight. He was hard already.

My eyes returned to his and my face said it all before the words came out.

“You wouldn’t happen to be interested in a quick fu-mm…”

He nodded but didn’t let me finish, lips falling on mine softly.

My hands smoothed around his back as he took his time with my mouth, new shapes under my fingers as he settled his arms, sliding a knee against my inner thigh so it pressed up against the back of the couch. Opening my lips with his tongue.

Then he curled up against the crotch of my pants with his mouth showing me what he really wanted, and I sighed into him.

My hands went down to pull his ass harder before he decided to leave, but he pushed them up, away.

And then curled into me again.

He let me feel his ass as he humped me through his kiss, until I made a desperate sound.

“Tell me how you want it, love,” he rubbed against my lips, and I moaned. His hips were still stroking me.

“Fuck me like your whore, Ivan,” I whispered.

My eyes soft, short nails digging into his jerking thrust, his brows pulled into a pinch. A good kind of gut punch, looking at me like I’d just signed my soul away.

“Ooh… You sure about that?”

But I’d already proven I had no soul, so it made me grin.

“Show me how much you missed me, drummer boy…”

He pulled off and we undressed.

Watching him rip out a condom was both nostalgic and shocking. He’d always carried one around me, just in case.

This time, he watched my face as he slid it over himself. All the tease I needed.

I had to swallow my drool, instead raising my leg like he’d done. Some other time, maybe.

My hands slid between my thighs, arms pushing my breasts together as he crawled over me again, and he smiled, pausing to nuzzle his face into the softness. With a quick kiss over my heart, he surged up over my face.

His hard length slipped into me in the same motion he’d used with his clothes on, and the feel of his stretch made my mouth fall open.

His eyelids hung low.

“Thaaaaat’s right,” he said quietly at my lips, puling out so I chased his mouth and gave him a desperate sound. “Hold yourself open for me.”

He glanced down between us as he pushed inside me again, groaning at the sight of me doing what he said.

I panted softly, not wanting to cloud this future memory with my own moans.

“You fucking whore,” he muttered. I was shocked, but his smile was soft with being inside me at last, his words teasing instead of angry.

I liked it a lot.

His next thrust was harder, getting a grunt out of me.

“Play with yourself if you have to.”

Then he leaned back and let his lower body fall into mine so that the first one hurt and my thighs squeezed.

His hands jerked them open again and he kept shoving into me so I rubbed my clit. My head shot back with a pleasured sigh and he grunted approvingly as my hole squelched around the latex.

Then he decided he’d had enough and made my eyes roll back and my spine bow, and I pushed off whatever surface would help us finally get to satisfaction.

A handful of thrust later, I was on the edge of a hard orgasm, but he pushed in and stopped, breathing hard.

I panted up at him, about to beg, and the hard look in his eyes had me tightening around him instead.

“Whose cunt is this?”

My insides melted around him as I whispered, “Yours. Always was.”

He nodded, expecting no less.

“MY whore,” he said, resuming his possession until I was helplessly thrusting back and biting back a moan as my sex convulsed around his.

Because I was no fool, that’s exactly what he was doing to me. Not wasting time to clearly fix his regret.

He started by shaking his head, “I don’t give a fuck WHAT you did, No one Else Gets a Piece of This... Unless I Say So.”

I moaned then, as his words fucked me with his flesh. I was grateful to be moving out soon, because this couch was now ruined.


“No, Fuck! That!”

I stared at this hot mess of a man and he pulled off me without another word.

Dragged one of my ankles to the edge with him, hugging my leg flat against his body with one arm so he could sink himself as far as he physically could go.

IVAN!?!” My eyes squeezed shut, head flinging back.

His laugh was wicked.


His fingers traced the edges of my pale, jagged scar, then his warm hand covered it so I could look at him. “You’ll tell me about that later.”

I nodded.

And then all I could manage were small mewling noises as he made me beg. First to slow down, and he ignored it, then to never stop as the budding orgasm warned me it was going to throw me for a loop.

I was matching his thrusts when out of the corner of my eye I caught movement by the window. Shit!

One of the last people I wanted to see was snapping pictures of my face, and he for sure caught AT LEAST one good shot of me as the surprise turned into a moan of surrender.

I had tried my hardest not to sleep with him, and he’d tried is hardest to get in my pants.

He raised his other hand with a troubling grin, as if to knock, and I closed my eyes and hung my head, body shaking and dripping to the sloppy fuck with a trembling moan. Beyond modesty, and not about to stop us this time.

The double knock came, and Ivan turned absently, then shoved himself inside without missing a beat until we were close enough for him to lean over and shut the drapes in the newcomer’s face.

I was speechless in between shock and the huge waves of pleasure I felt at feeling my old love so deep inside me, but I caught the unfriendly look of the one outside as he turned away.

He was about to pick my front lock; bursting in was not his style. I knew he could do it, but he never had a reason to, until today.

“Shit, he’s coming in,” my whisper scraped my throat.

But then he pulled out and moved me to face the door, then slid in from behind, my elbows in his bruising grip. The way he slammed into me made my breath huff out, going on my toes and wriggling against his anger.

“Your boyfriend?” There was a growing darkness in his voice I’d never heard before, and still I wanted only truth between us.

“No! He’s BEEN! trying! to SlEeP! with Me!”

I felt like a rag doll as he continued to shove inside me, my breathing all sighs and moans.

He grunted, softly telling me, “Can’t blame him.”

I heard the clicks and saw the handle turn, noting the thrusting had slowed down, but not stopped. Just hard enough to have me riding back. After all, I’d asked him to and we’d waited so long.

One of my arms was quickly released in favor of the bottle I’d opened, which he flipped to get a good handle on the weight, and my free hand went onto the table within easy reach of dangerous throwing items. Our actions flashed me back to the few times we’d half-heartedly competed with throwing knives, both of us now apparently more serious about it than we’d let on back then.

“Wow, that’s rude,” the new voice said as the door cracked.

He continued burying himself inside me as my dealer walked in, open lust at my apparent lack of embarrassment, the helpless sounds I was making.

For a moment he watched me, then his eyes flicked up.

“What?” the bastard asked with a grin. Eyes falling again helplessly to my bouncing nipples.

“ThE dOoR, rude boy,” my beautiful fool of a man told him in a dark voice that made me shiver and groan, eyes almost closing. Fucking music video material.

I assumed he’d be pissed, but he was thinking with his dick, now.

The door closed softly. Locked.

I whispered, “Shit…” but my dealer was attempting to fight his nature.

“Do you have a death wish?” The question was more incredulous than anything, soft as the door’s closing, either off-guard or protecting possible witnesses.

His eyes were still glued to my swaying breasts. Off-guard it was.

“Do YOU want to cum all over these gorgeous tits? One rude boy to another.”

The question sounded like all kinds of temptation wrapped in hard velvety fuck. I gasped, about to say something, and he let my other arm go to pull me against him by the throat, grinding me onto my toes, pulling a low moan out of me.

Something gravelly and dark whispered from his mouth over my lips, loud enough for the other guy to hear but definitely spoken to me.

“Shhh… Be a good little whore for Master…”

I heard a soft groan by the door as I shut my mouth, my eyes tearing up from pleasure while he grinned like the devil. I could die right here and call it a good life.

His cunt was squeezing him so tightly, that he had to let the other guy know how ready I was, pulling out of me farther so my cream was obvious. The glass bottle tapped his shoulder with every thrust, matching my sounds with the visuals of the sloshing liquid within.

“Thirsty as fuck, aren’t we?”

I bit my bottom lip with a strangled moan and he laughed darkly for my fluttering walls, for the pounding arteries under his hand.

Clothes were being removed quickly.

He winked at me.

Moved us to set the bottle down and the front of my thighs against the edge of ht table, looking up as he released my throat.

“What does she owe you?”

“I could settle for her mouth right now,” he started off like a dumbass, walking closer, and Ivan cut him off.


There was a pained groan before me.

My elbows lowered on the table as I moaned low in my throat, the hardness inside me swelled even more at the sound of a man who’d just cheated himself.

Ivan grunted dispassionately, clapping my ass one time as he continued to slide in and out of me.

“Good shit, right there. I think she likes it.”

Then there was a dick in front of my mouth, and I heard a resigned, “Fuck it. Deal.”

Hands in my hair, he rubbed my lips before thrusting on my tongue, and I just let myself enjoy the nearing taste of freedom as I was used like I’d asked. He tasted like he showered in the mornings, and faintly of another woman. The combined flavor had me sucking harder, and he let me know I was doing well, his hips picking up speed.

I started choking as he tried to shove down my throat, helping himself to my swaying flesh pillows, and I heard my man growl, “Fucking. Mouth.”

I breathed again.

Thanked him with my vagina. But I did like the occasional deep thrust after that, and his throat groaned more as I accepted the punishment.

It pleased me immensely to hear them openly agreeing above me, and I felt myself pass along the orgasm from the back of my mouth to my filled core, where my man emptied himself into the rubber with a satisfied sigh that he seemed to pull from his balls.

My mouth was left slowly, and my numb lips let the cream slip onto the table’s edge, where it splattered onto the floor after a short delay. I needed another second to move. Holy shit, I did what?

Ivan got dressed, still within arm’s reach of all that glass.

I was in a very happy place, but snapped back to reality as a familiar face came down next to mine.

His eyes on me were all kinds of hard.

“Who the fuck is this?”

I smiled with a lazy chuckle.

“My Master,” I replied quietly, as said hands dragged me backward off the table. Pushed me down to the floor, chin up.

I heard him take a breath for speaking, but again Ivan cut him off in the same sexy velvet voice.

“Get dressed, you can wash your mouth when we get there.”

I wanted to laugh with how bubbly he made me feel, but was afraid of what the other guy would do to us if he thought this wasn’t normal for me, so I bit my tongue and smiled.

“Thank you, Master.”

The pleasure on his face was enough to keep me hot even after I was done dressing. It was one thing for him to say so and an entirely different thing for me to acknowledge such a status.

The whole time, I stared at the floor as I shifted around to dress. Afraid if I looked at anyone I was going to set off something deadly.

“EVERYTHING else stays here,” the other man clipped out before I’d finished zipping up my pants, and without further conversation he saw himself out.

At least he’d keep his word if I walked out broke, I knew that much.

Ivan blew out a quiet breath as we heard the car speed off.

“You should have seen his face, love,” he chuckled softly, handing me a rag from his back pocket. Not the same person as a moment ago. “Sorry if I took it too far.”

I finished wiping my mouth and finally let him see my panic. It was all just a show to his showbusiness ass, and we were going to get royally fucked when the other guy found out!

“You crazy fucking fool!” I breathed, shoving the used fabric onto his chest. “That's Him! That's my dealer!”

His eyes widened as he shoved the rag back in. “Oh, shit. Let’s go, then!”

He grabbed my hand and we scrambled out of there without even bothering with the bag or the drawing, or my pipe, or the secret stash of cash. Rushing away from the scene of the crime like we used to, except now he was holding on.

At some point we hailed a cab, and he pulled me onto his lap before directing the man to a fancy hotel just out of town, tossing a small fold of bills into the passenger seat. I recognized the name and shivered. This was a good gig, if he was staying there.

We crossed the city’s unofficial lines one by one, until I started laughing, and couldn’t stop smiling even after I’d run out of breath. At some point later, I would probably cry my eyes out, but for now I felt nothing but love for this man.

He smiled and hugged me tightly, and I was content to avoid kissing him until my mouth was clean again, wrapping my own arms around his back and laying my head on his shoulder.

My home.

“I got you now,” he mumbled into my ear, and kissed my cheek. “Always.”


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