Gangster Too-Shorts

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(*TW: smoking, gangbang)

We walked up to the new house as if we belonged there, just my friend and myself.

This guy was a well-known purveyor of the type of cigarettes we preferred, and we had just enough money to get what we came for and get out. A couple numbers on speed dial, keys of her car within easy reach.

Before my knuckles connected, the door swung open.

I felt punched in between the legs as he grinned with what I assumed was his usual shirtless greeting.

Handsome tanned devil with gorgeous skulls running across the front of his chest and shoulders like a necklace, a golden canine copying his real one. His relaxed eyes spoke of hunger and long days. Made me want to ease the pain.

That smile quickly turned predatory as I smiled back with my guilty thoughts.

“Come in, I got a bowl for you while you wait.”

My friend grabbed my wrist, and I turned my hand into hers, pulling her in.

“We’ll just get it and get out.”

She was taller and stronger than I was, so she let me do it but sighed to show her displeasure. She liked that I got us more, but didn’t like that I skipped along the edge of danger. I liked that she was a bit of a party mom.

We sat on the couch, and he took the chair, handing off his bong between us. Three feet of beautiful swirled red and clear glass that I held up to inspect with an approving sound. There was an attachment of skulls that looked hand-blown, and the bowl itself had a skull hand. I was all about it.

“Just weed, right?” My friend, thankfully, to the rescue.


“Pretty,” I mentioned, pulling a lighter off the table. “Yours?”


I watched the corner burn, pulled off the hand, and cleared the shaft.

Put it back together for my friend and she stared at me like she was afraid of what I’d done. Her hand passed the glass over to him.

“Naa… I don’t fuck with that shit,” she shook her head.

Smoke came out of my nose as I smiled instead of laughed, my eyes going to see his reaction.

He was staring at me. Thinking.

But immediately went to accept his piece and cleared the rest. We got what we came for, and he asked if we’d stay for a blunt.

Not a fan of my flower with tobacco, I was about to unfortunately say No, but my friend was feeling rather left out.

“Okay, yeah. Thanks!”

I settled back, grateful not to be leaving yet, and he got to rolling.

I watched his fingers, caught him every time he eyed me. He would look at her too, but more out of acknowledgement. Keeping up with her small talk.

He turned up the music and we passed dit around, his eyes growing bolder. Openly staring back at me at one point as her question flew over both our heads. Mind you, I tried to stare at other places, but something about him just drew my eyes back. It was like I could taste his hunger, the promise of something I would enjoy.

She grabbed my wrist for the second time since we’d arrived, standing up, and that seemed to break me out of my shit.

“We gotta go, we got class early,” she said, more to me than him.

While his smirk told me I’d, you know, MAYBE be smart and get up with her…? My torso moved forward instead of up, and I patted her hand, then reached for the half-burned roll he offered me.

She turned to me with surprise.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you at school tomorrow. I can get home from here.”

Hmm, good old college days.

Anyway, she stared at me for awhile, being my friend for so long, and rounded instead on him.

“If I don’t see her tomorrow, I know where to send the cops,” she growled at him, and gave me a look that had me smiling at her again.

He stood up with his face promising to be relatively good.

Smoke from my nose again, before the words left my hazy lips, “You be safe, too.”

Shaking her head helplessly at me, she followed him out.

He came back to take her place, closer than she had been, but took the smoke off my raised hand and puffed.

“She loves you.”

“No doubt, I’ve known her awhile,” I replied easily.

He passed it back to me, and gave me a look of trying to understand.

“But you’d choose dick over your homegirl?”

I smirked, blew smoke out the smirk because I wanted to laugh instead. Held it out to him vertically between two fingers.

“Suddenly I’m not capable of making my own decisions.”

It was meant to be sarcastic. His fingers brushed all over my hand, taking it but setting it down.

“Neither am I, you probably should have left.”

That made me fully smile. “I still could, probably.”

He nodded, but his face came into mine. Stopped right before me, and I licked my lips as we watched each other’s eyes dilate.

“You’re not getting up,” he noted.

My face slowly rose and he followed it, but I only threw one of my legs over him.

His hands smoothed up my thighs as I sat on his lap, our mouths finally meeting up to speak the truth of the matter, wordlessly. Starving.

The, I nipped him, he bit me back, kind of hunger that had my arms going behind him as my head tilted for more. He rocked me against the bulge in his pants and my spine rolled.

His lips peeled off mine with a tasty hum.

“How ’bout we move this to-“

A whistle from behind made me shiver, and he sucked in a slow deliberate breath.

“Who’s this you’re about to fuck on my couch?”

I still hadn’t turned around, and he looked slyly at me to think of an answer, and that’s when I knew I was in trouble. I sucked at answers.

Twisting around, my voice came out huskier than expected, “Came for the weed, stayed… for…”

The sentence hung as I bit my lip for the shades and bandana, a grin like he wanted a piece of me too, the tight, hard body like running was his thing. Another knife edge of hunger skittering down my spine.

“How is this fair?” I whispered, settling onto the lap beneath me.

They reacted like I’d already stripped and told them to Come Here.

He was on me as fast as I thought he’d move, hands helping Skulls yank my shirt above my head, and I barely had time to gasp before his mouth was teasing the hardened peaks of my chest. My body attempted to arch away, but the shirt was tangled in my arms and they were being pulled back above my head, so I was bowed into it.

My squirming body moaned, and my arms were suddenly pulled upward, legs pushing up so my shoulders wouldn’t hurt.

“Fuck yeah, in the room. Now,” Shades ordered.

Skulls followed me up and they carried me between them, a mouth at my neck, fingers in my mouth, teeth and lip and tongue still teasing my chest, and hands roamed over my jean-covered ass as my legs tightened on the hard body I’d first laid eyes on. We bumped into the walls, hands coming off me only to push us back on track.

They opened the door to an air-conditioned room with several individual sleeping spaces, and we were not alone.

Two more turned from their conversation with surprise, which quickly turned to lust. Shades decided to scrape a bit of teeth against my pulse, tossing my shirt over the nearest couch, and my body replied with another squirming moan now that my mouth was free.

“Daaamn, you gonna share that?”

The mouth at my chest licked off. “I don’t know, are we?”

I bit my lip down at him as he lowered us to a different couch, but the shades tumbled off and I turned to the prettiest eyes I’d ever seen. One of his hands kept my face tilted his way, the hard sex sparking in between long lashes making my No stick in my throat.

Again, I was metaphorically punched between the legs.

“Come on, mama,” he teased, “You can take it, can’t you?”

He closed in on my mouth, pushing my body down onto Skulls who was returning to the focus of his lavish attentions, and my moan echoed through the tease of a kiss. Just the feel of them rubbing up against me had my unease backing off.

“I haven’t tried to before,” I whispered into those beautiful eyes.

Groans and rustles, and suddenly I was being stripped of my shoes and pants, each of my nipples in a different mouth, drawing a low moan out of me as my hands found a shoulder and the edge of couch to balance.

“It’s all good, beautiful,” someone purred as a hand moved from one soft weight to rub my ache, “we’ll show you how…”

The new head at my chest was using his hand to squeeze, the other hand lips and tongue that bounced my hips. I heard rips of foil as my eyes shut on the rush of pleasure, some fear. What if I couldn’t-

But there were so many hands that my head was swirling, and I found it tugged, surprised to see someone aiming for my mouth already. My tongue slipped out to greet him, as I was no stranger to blow jobs, and he rubbed it back into my mouth, groaning.

My underwear was pulled low enough for who I assumed was Shades, and the hard shove into my aching hole made me suck on the next thrust, which came faster.

“I think she likes that,” the voice above me sighed, and pulled out enough for me to make a sound of agreement.

So many groans, so many hands, vaguely I could sense the one below me still clothed, but I rocked onto one and sucked on another that was bare, and the one below me slipped out so the fourth person could take his place as my third. One leg was freed from the underwear so I’d open wider.

Ughhh, I didn’t want HIM to leave…

But then my other hole was being played with and I was successfully distracted.

Satisfied at what he felt, he eased in slower than he’d been with the other place, and I was eager for the act when it didn’t hurt, though I could still sense my tightness. The sensation opened my throat, and with a relieved groan above me, I found myself gagged.

My whole body wanted to squirm.

I’d apparently forgotten I had a crotch, because the feel of that third fucking dick, I felt like I was too full to stay still any longer.

I felt good, and moved as such, and their groans let me know how much they were enjoying this surprise. Warm, willing woman.

“Uhh… So good, beautiful…”

“Fucking natural…”

“Natural Slut,” I heard Shades say it like it was a good thing, “taking ALL the dick, aren’t you?”

I wasn’t like this all the time, and in the moment I could admit the truth to myself, at least.

Everything tightened, and they became faster, less caring on what I wanted and more just getting their own pleasure. Which they so happened to share on me today.

I almost came, and then I heard them groaning release one after the other.

The one at my mouth emptied first, demanding I swallow like a good girl. It made me squirm over the other two, who slammed deeply and emptied themselves into their condoms, rubbing it all out.

But it just wasn’t enough anymore. And I was also disappointed that the first person I’d laid eyes on had vanished.

My mouth was released, and he closed his pants, then smiled down at me and left as I was being emptied below.

With a low moan, I held still, and they moved out, slapping my ass, muttering hot shit as I heaved my breaths on the couch, limbs shaking. They gave me a moment to myself, I assumed, as they walked out and closed the door.

I heard a shower somewhere and for a moment, just sat on my thighs to catch my breath, ass hanging off the couch.

Fuck it, I’d finish myself off real quick and leave. Or shower, if they let me, then leave. Going home with sex on me was a thought that had me sighing in pleasure, hands slipping between my thighs.

“Damn,” was the quiet word.

I shivered at that growl, eyes flying to the wall.

He was shaking his head at me as if to say What Do I Do With You, stroking himself, and I was suddenly not tired or annoyed anymore. I wanted to soothe THAT angry, painful mess in his hand. Already sheathed to get in.

“I thought you left,” I told him, stretching out a hand.

He didn’t move any more than he already was.

Letting me see what I was about to get into as his hands stacked and still left the head uncovered. Suddenly my perspective shifted on the skulls across his chest and ANimAL was clear as day.

I just stared like an idiot, mouth starting to salivate.

“Lay back and spread yourself open if you want this.”

I moved to do as he said, and he started towards me. It didn’t take him long to put a knee on the couch.

“I want you to see for yourself how much you can really take.”

“Wow, smooth.”

He winked, kissing at my open entrance. “Just watch.”

I did.

It’s not like I could look away, the rubber only went so far and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how he’d all fit but I wanted to try. Just watching him angle towards my waiting lips had me aching.

He went in about a third of the way, and I moaned. Even with already being used, it felt like he stretched me wider. He pulled out, sank back in that far again.

“Good, yeah?” he said rather rhetorically, finding a comfortable, tame rhythm. Still holding himself at the base.

But me, being me, I nodded… and then sucked him in on his thrust.

He made a sound that told me I was playing with fire.

“Watch what you ask for,” he warned, but scooted closer so I couldn’t take it back.

The thought of him making me take it was too much for me, apparently, because try as I might, I couldn’t stop it from happening again.

He chuckled knowingly as he scooted closer a second time, still giving me the pump of someone who was sure I’d tell him to stop anytime soon.

I moaned softly with every thrust now, the deepest he’d go was about two-thirds in, and my body started shaking.

“You might wanna cum now, I don’t think you’ll make it.”

He might have been serious, but I heard a challenge.

“Fuck,” I breathed, and trembled with trying to stop myself before I failed and sucked on him again.

He sucked in a breath and gave me more, almost there now, scooting so close to the point where my eyes almost closed with every long, slicked thrust.

And then I couldn’t stop them from closing any longer, and gave him a strangled moan.

He stopped moving while I panted with how much was inside me, trying to stay still but failing to control the way my hips rocked and swayed.

I opened my eyes to feel his hard hips rub up against mine from the way I moved on him, and my fingertips finally moved up his leaning torso with a sound of disbelief from both of us.

He felt so juicy under my hands, hard and hot under his mostly smooth inked tan. The knowledge of his full limb inside me made ME juicy.

His hands held my waist as he pulled out, but pushed right back in, until he had to fight me to smack my hips. It made me grunt deep with another suck.

“God Damn!” he said with so much feeling that I melted around him with sounds I’d never heard come out of my throat, finally feeling a tingle spreading from my toes.

“Please make me cum,” I whispered.

He rubbed up against the front of my walls as he drew out and slid back in, nodding, and the motion inside made me gasp.

“I’ll be disappointed if you don’t.”

He felt how much I liked that, and leaned back so all my weight fell on his hips.

“I just need to see this again, hold on. You fuckin did what, now?”

I let my head hang back with a groan as we picked my hips up and forward, and dropped me down. Scooped me back and forth as I started riding my pleasure off him, and my face rolled back around to find him with his eyes closed in bliss.

When he opened those darkened ocean jewels again, they travelled up my body hotly, catching on my heavy-lidded stare.

“Ooh,” I shivered on him.

His lips and teeth started picking at my nipples without looking away from my face, and so accurately, letting whichever one slip out when I fell back down, until I broke eye contact by closing them. It was just too good for me in the moment, exactly the thing I had felt earlier, the fire he was going to let loose. My moan pinched off at the end when he shoved me down harder, and I clawed at his shoulders with a desperate moan, bouncing.

That seemed to break some last little shred of whatever he’d been holding onto, and I found my back again on the couch.

His eyes staring incredulous into mine, hands under my shoulders as he shoved hard into me. I gave him another strangled moan, my slick walls leaving no room for doubt as to whether it was pain or pleasure.

His hands slid down my thighs to hold them where he wanted, shoved the breath out of me with his thrusts and I squirmed with our raw wordlessness, sucking him hard. He was no longer trying to get me off, but about to do it anyway, if the threat of his body was any indication.

“Hold on tight.”

I barely had time to slide my claws down his arms, before he let me feel how much he’d wanted to stuff me.

The squeak of the couch underscored the sounds he shoved out of me, and it just helped me time his body so I could move with him, fingers curlinginto his wrists as the ends hit home every time. His hands near my knees gave us a leverage point so perfect that I knew I’d be bruised in the morning from the way his fingers dug in.

He had me groaning and moaning right along with him, and it took all of five seconds to make me gush and almost fight underneath him, a scream starting.

He dropped his weight on me, hands sliding up to my sides, and I bit into his shoulder, where I released my scream into his flesh with the way this new thrust popped another hip-rolling orgasm out of me. I felt his snarl vibrate through my chest as he rode my convulsing walls, hands curling his nails into my waist and dragging them down.

The sting made me shudder under him, mouth coming off his skin to pant as he emptied himself in three long, hard thrusts.

I tightened around him again, whimpering under his groan, and he held still for a second. He was shivering.

“You’re choking my dick… let go,” he panted, shaking his head against the arm of the couch and arching his back like he was on the edge of something.

I did not want a broken condom inside me either, so with the greatest effort of my life, I made myself relax until he could pull out.

Still hard.

And he only grinned at my questioning eyes as he stood up to pinch it off.

“I’ma get another one, the day’s not over. Not after THAT.”

That made me clench, and I stood up cautiously, already feeling like tomorrow I’d be sore. “I think I need to use your restroom, though.”

He nodded, pulling on his pants. “Wanna shower?”

I slipped my pants on and tucked my underwear in my pocket, nodding as well. “That would be great.”

Shirt over my head, I heard when he opened the door and walked out behind him.

He waited for me to step out so he could walk behind me, his hands on my hips to guide me to another door.

I could hear chuckling and teasing from the front room.

“The Animal, look at him all in love…”

“Say, man, don’t-“

“Shut the fuck up, she’s walking?”


“Fuck those guys. You came in here for ME,” he rumbled quietly into my ear, catching a curve with that golden tooth as we swayed down the short hall towards an open door.

“Yes, I did,” I replied just as low, hands smoothing over his. “Are you saying you’re done sharing?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”


We shuffled in and he locked the door behind us as I moved to pee.

He turned on the shower, not looking at me. Undressed and got in, still avoiding my general direction as I finished up. Wherever he got it from, I appreciated the modesty.

I undressed again and got in behind him. He quickly switched spots.

My breath huffed out as the water stung my sides, and I looked to see fresh scabs.

He scrubbed his soap over me, and I leaned my hands into the wall. Heard the sound of it being put down as his other hand reached at last to lather up my thighs and between his legs, and I let him do all of it. I wanted his hands on me.

My hips swayed to his movements.

“I’m starting to think you know exactly what you’re asking for,” his voice as velvety soft as the fingertips he trailed up his marks.

I shivered and moaned, looking back. His shoulder drew my eyes, which widened as I took in the savage bite, like a halo above the A skull, and equally angry claw marks down his arms.

He nodded at me. “Fuckin hot.”

I helped him rinse me off so he could reach around to turn off the water.

His hard length slipped between my legs and I watched the tip of him pop out from between my lips. Slicked, despite the shower. I bounced back softly against him to see it disappear and reappear.

HIs face came over my shoulder, interested to see what I was staring at, and I made a small sound as I shivered. I felt his meat jerk.

“You like it when I shiver?”

He made as if to bite my neck, hands in front of my hips to keep me moving as I shivered again, but then trailed his lips across my skin with a chuckle. Goosebumps broke out on me.

“I like a lot of what I see.”

His hands smoothed up to ease by back strain by picking up the weights on my chest, and I sighed, leaning back. He almost kissed me, but curled his lip at my breath and I turned away with a groan. He settled for the side of my neck.

“I have a toothbrush at my place, if you wanna come with,” I offered, still moving against him.

His eyes came to mine slowly. I bit my lip, unable to kiss him, but picturing that sinful face on my sheets.

“You’re really something else, inviting strays into your home.”

I grinned. “Just the one, if he wants it.”

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