Gangster Too-Shorts

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Petals rained on my skin along the gossamer drizzle of the morning mist.

A warm hand smoothed up my face, lips sweetly rubbing on mine. Our sweat-slicked flesh slid against each other’s as he pushed slightly past my entrance.

My lips parted, hips seeking more of his thrust, a brief nag of discomfort swept away on the rush of awareness that my longtime crush also wanted me in the same way.

He pulled the head out and my hands held his face for me, to press a kiss to his lips. The tip returned.

He stroked me shallowly in that way, until I shivered with cream, still needing more, his mouth softly muffling the sighs from my lips under the first flowerfall of summer.

He softly let out a breath against mine, as if finally getting what he was after, hands sweeping over my body.

The desire in my veins warmed me enough so that the petals were now occasional cool fingertips trailing around us. I felt like they should be bursting into flame as they touched me.

He rained kisses barely on my skin, my own hands gliding over his damp muscles with uncurling fingers. His eyes fluttered closed, one of his hands coming behind my neck to steady himself for his shallow rhythm, the other disappearing between us.

I bit the inside of my lip as his fingers found my slicked clit, his face falling beside mine so I could softly breathe my pleasures against his ear. My hips pumped along to his rhythm and soon I was sinking my nails into his back again, breathing for more into his ear.

He jerked and shuddered. HIs eyes burned into my tentative gaze, a soft smile tugging his beautiful mouth.

Fo a moment, I started feeling self-conscious, but then he pushed deeper, and instead I melted.

His face showed surprise as our hips thrust closer, and closer, a blush creeping up his face.

“The heat of your silk…” he whispered, “is perfect…” Trying to keep that easy rhythm.

I feathered kisses and hot words in his ear as I curled up against him, taking as much as this position allowed, feeling his breathing deepen. I wanted all of him to find shelter inside the place his heart had snuck into unlock.

“Tell me when to stop,” he breathed, his fingers pressing into my skin.

“No,” the one word easily rubbed against his ear before I nibbled his lobe.

If we were caught, he’d most likely wish he was dead. I was supposed to be untouchable.

But if he stopped, I would most definitely die. It took so much extra effort to arrange this meeting, and it was going way better than expected.

He shivered, eyes sharpening. I watched his face fall in love again as he leaned in for a kiss, sliding out slowly only to push back in before he was completely out.

Such a great fit, such a perfect stroke.

My eyes rolled with my hips as he rubbed my pleasure higher than I could have done by myself. A slow, wet sound driving me madder with the desire to come on him. Repeatedly.

His hands snapped to my hips, getting himself back under control, breathing painfully erotically into my ear, “We’re going to get caught like that… Stop riding me…”

But he burned slow lingering kisses over my neck right after he warned me. That didn’t help, at all.

I squeezed the flesh inside me, mouth coming to bite the place above his collarbone so I wouldn’t moan, as my body started to shake. My nails dug into his shoulders, eyes screwed shut.

My head swam with release, and as I felt my juices start to drip down my leg, he carefully pulled my mouth off to kiss me. Gorged himself on my lack of breath.

My hands relaxed as I kissed him back.

He thudded into me quickly and pulled out suddenly, jerking against my hips and spilling himself over my stomach, letting go of my head to catch himself.

I felt ashamed to have forgotten about that; pregnancy would give us away, for sure.

My hands slicked up and down his back as he held me up against the cherry tree, trembling against me and attempting to breathe deeply. I was trying to get my face together, never wanting him to leave.

His nose grazed my cheek and I lazily turned to him. Our lips clung to each other, slowly stoking again the fire we’d just attempted to put out.

We broke apart very reluctantly, both aware that we had minutes left before the mists returned to the heavens. Flower petals cooled us off.

We both sighed, and chuckled without humor, as he wiped me off with his undershirt. I shivered as he rose up my body and brought the cloth to his nose, eyes on my face. I bit my lip softly for the calm way he inhaled deeply, deliberately.

“My every waking breath will be filled with your scent.”

He said it like he looked forward to today.

I had no words.

He pulled away and I accepted his help to stand on my own, smiling through my heart in my throat.. His mouth again brushed mine before we helped each other dress.

I kissed every scratch and welt I could find, only sorry that he had to lie about who had given them. The bite above his collarbone would bruise beautifully.

I snapped the last of his clasps and my fingers lingered on the embroidered fabric, wanting it to be the skin beneath. I could already find a dozen excuses to be alone with him again.

He turned me around with a soft smile.

His hands in my hair were gentle, threading the simple knot with ease before he adjusted my outfit. It wasn’t the first time he’d helped me look proper, though it WAS the first time we had gone all the way.

He lingered behind me, and I felt his breath tickle my neck, his lips rubbing a soft kiss that gave me goosebumps.

“Until next time,” he whispered, lips still close enough to rub with every word. I shivered as he pressed a lingering kiss, not a question at all.

“Until next time,” I agreed softly, and felt him walk away with a satisfied sigh.

I picked up my instrument and started my morning routine.

Music, calligraphy, math part 1. Then it would be lunch, math part 2, and whatever else was planned. Usually geography or philosophy. Sometimes dance. I had a horrible singing voice, we gave up years ago.

There was a small window of alone time at lunch when my watch guard forgot the schedule in the last room, and I let my thoughts linger over breakfast.

I may or may not have had something to do with the misplacement just so I could have some time to breathe on my own. Even managed a few bites of peace in silence.

Suddenly the next mouthful tasted like sex, and I worried that it was me who reeked.

But I heard soft footsteps come in, followed by the hushed sounds of two more.

I stopped eating as a simpler plate was being set beside mine, and then they left. I could feel someone else in the room.

Smell him.

“It’s rude to keep a meal waiting,” I said softly, curious as to why he was here. My guard would be back any minute.

The sounds he made told me he was taking something off, but I doubted it was his clothes. They couldn’t possibly have found out…?

He kneeled softly in place beside me as I picked up my cup of tea, set something next to my leg. Didn’t touch his plate.

“I’m leaving,” he stated softly.

I brought the tea to my lips.

“Not alone,” I murmured against the rim.

Took a sip.

“Hm.” It sounded amused.

He poured himself a shot and when he picked it up to his face, his hand instead moved to hold it out in front of me on the ends of his stretched fingers. Asking too many questions for words, when a single answer would let him know everything.

I set down the tea gently.

My eyes followed the line of his arm to his patient face. He was wearing the clothes of my watch guard. My gaze fell to the wrapped gun he’d set beside me, and a soft smile touched my mouth.

They knew.

My closest hand touched along to the back of his and noticed a fine trembling. Fear, excitement, hope?

I, however, had no such hesitations. It was time.

With minimal touching, my other fingers picked the drink off his hand and set it on the table in front of my plate. That hand returned, leaving his between the both of mine for a moment, and the relieved smile he gave me meant the world.

He was right for having a healthy sense of wariness and doubt, and I was glad he was finally sure of me.

Fingers closing over mine, we stood.

I swept up the weapon and pulled him towards another way I hadn’t used in years. Stopping only to shed outer layers of clothing and drape them neatly over a bench.

He unwrapped a long length of cloth from his torso, and helped me become someone else before we edged out. Aiding each other one the place we used to joke about escaping through.

Shouts rang out behind us as we slipped over the wall, and a small group of dirty riders greeted my shocked face.

He gave me a short laugh, a touch at my back continuing my steps towards one.

“You can exchange greetings, when we are safe.”

I accepted an offered hand up, and clung to a female body while he mounted behind another person.

We fled from the budding chaos, splitting up without warning so a shot whizzed by harmlessly.

I closed my eyes and buried her face in my back, afraid for a moment that I’d be taken back to the place I just left, but hoping against the thought of betrayal. Afraid I’d get shot down for THIS very act of betrayal I committed myself, but hoping against that, too.

Long minutes passed and I felt my legs go numb, certain we weren’t even in the same part fo town anymore. Logically, I knew how riding worked, but to sit for so long through the thrumming vibrations was another matter entirely.

When we slowed down I turned my head, and could smell so many different kinds of food. Colors danced behind my lids as we started picking up speed again, and I braved a peek to find myself coasting over the rooftops of a small market celebration. Just an impression of color and life flashing by.

Maybe I’d opened my eyes at the worst time, but literally flying off the roof right after that, scared some part of me dead.

I breathed deeply.

The rider landed skillfully on a cargo ship, taking us around a turn and into a shipping container. Killed the engine.

In the distance, I could hear others as she dismounted smoothly, offering her hand.

I held onto the offered limb and tried my best to limp out of there, with her tugs easily sprinting my hops farther.

Outside of the container, she let me lean against it, and they came in like clockwork. No one spoke until my love arrived, and even then, he was the one to ask me if I could walk.

I tried standing unaided first, and found myself less affected than I thought. Probably the adrenaline. I nodded once.

We made it around a few other containers before the rider I had accompanied rapped her knuckles specifically on one door. Something slid. She knocked again differently, and the door swung open. Weapons were put away.

I recognized the rhythm as a tune he’d hummed to me. I hadn’t ever uttered or played it, thinking it another of our secrets.

The corner of his mouth twitched. Secret, indeed.

There were stairs, and the dank metallic air soon gave way to more strangely unappetizing as well as delicious smells as we neared a well-lit room.

The enigma solved itself as I walked in to the crowded chamber. Obviously meal time, but everyone looked like they were taking a break from work.

Three people sat at the head of the group, and they turned as one when we poured in.

One familiar face looked a single heartbeat away from opening fire on me, and I flinched, bowing deeply. The gasps rang out, then silence.

“I apologize for the uncivilized actions of my father,” I began quietly, staring at the floor. “But I have pledged my life to my savior, and have no further business with my family.”

I heard him ready up as I slowly drew the gun while bowed, but only set it to the side on the floor and held out my empty hands respectfully. I’d tried to save her, but everyone didn’t need to know that.

“I am not my father.”

And I meant it. I didn’t want to make anyone bleed. My family was freaking nuts and I’d dreamed of getting away long before he showed up. Desks, books, art, that was me.

“Not the way I believed you’d use it,” my love admitted as I heard the other guy put it away. My eyes looked back quickly to find his hand moving back from hovering over his own.

I only straightened when I heard the offended one sit back down.

“Fine,” he grunted, “but I’m not the head of this party.”

I gestured to the weapon, looking between a woman with a perfect poker face and an older man. “May I?”

“To what end?” The older man asked, and I knew the woman was the one.

“Memories,” I calmly replied to the person who had asked.

She finally chuckled.

“I see why you brought her here, you sly fox,” she warmly told the man beside me.

Eyes to me, she allowed me the weapon with a gesture, “But it will never be fired.”

I bowed deeply. “Thank you.”

After putting it away, we sat…

….and I was surprised to find everyone resuming their mealtime as if never interrupted.

No one glanced fearfully at her, nor avoided her. They all seemed to treat each other with a familiarity that made my chest ache and my mind start to numb over.

Waiting for the moment when someone would snap and the atmosphere would be gone. The longer it went on, the more my stomach tightened.

This was weird.

Warm fingers on mine managed to pull me out of the bottom of the cup in my hands, to look into his face. Whatever he saw made his head nod in understanding.

I drained my drink as he got her attention.

“The road ahead is long,” he suggested to her.

Setting my empty cup down with a thankful nod in her direction, I waited for her to make any acknowledgement that she granted us permission to leave.

My love slipped his hand into mine and stood up. Still weirded out, I just followed automatically.

And still, no one pointed me out or made any comments, for all the world acting like I hadn’t walked in.

We wandered around a maze that I’d undoubtedly get lost in, and he opened an unmarked door.

I could tell it was his room just by the smell.

There was a small stack of things for me on one table. How did I know they were mine? My old instrument, a couple books, and a brand new calligraphy set.

“You knew,” I uttered softly in the creaky silence.

One side of his mouth picked up.

“No. You hoped.”

The smile turned sad. “They are beyond hope,” he said very quietly.

Didn’t I know it.

I moved to wrap my arms around him.

The tight squeeze he returned had me finally releasing the fear and anxiety in the form of shaking silent sobs. He tried to be my rock, but I could feel his shudder. The familiar honesty made me feel safe.

Eventually, exhaustion started pulling me under and I quieted.

“…not anymore,” I heard him mouth into my ear. “You may look over your shoulder but you’re not alone, not anymore.”

I turned my face into his neck when I finally heard it, not surprised to find us leaning against the wall.

“Can I rest a moment?” I softly whispered.

He laid us down, then pulled me snugly into his body, back to the door. “I will wake you.”

But his fingers traced the edges of my face, taking stray hairs off, eyes soft.

I stared up at him.

“Not here,” he breathed, and still touched my lips with his.

Just a press of skin, a shift of jaw, and I let my tired body smile adrift…

The simple knock on the door woke me instantly in a strange haze, and I opened my eyes to find myself alone on the bed, my love reassembling my cleaned weapon.

The bullets were nowhere to be seen. Was it all a dream?

“Thoughtful,” I said, my usually soft voice now rougher, making his eyes flash to me hungrily.

My body tensed, hand over my mouth reflexively before I fully woke up from the spike.

His hot gaze waited for me to put it down as he remained still, eyes not for a second losing their intensity. He wouldn’t throw something at me just for speaking. No one would.

He inclined his head at me and resumed, looking down.

“Come in.”

I sat up, recognized the woman walking in as the rider. She tossed something at me, and my brain understood “fruit” midair, before my hand cupped it just above the bed.


“Thank you,” I nodded at her, but he held still again when she didn’t leave.

The woman huffed.

“We leave tomorrow. Mom wants noise.” She closed the door, but stepped farther in, her voice softer. “…And I figured you wouldn’t want to do her here, so I came to say something myself before She came to Ask.”

And there it was, the edge of fear in her voice. It settled my nerves because of its familiarity, and I felt right again.

I took a bite of the fruit, the action sounding louder in their silence, and I couldn’t resist sucking a kiss. So juicy, people.

The joke was on me.

My eyes closed unexpectedly on the sweetness of the mouthfeel, a trace of sunlight embedded inside flesh which had never known the touch of a knife. I’d never eaten a thing that hadn’t been handled first, it was strangely addictive.

Neither moved.

My eyes opened to make sure, and blushed at the lust in her eyes as well.

I offered the fruit to her with a soft smile.

“It would be most unwise to displease Her.” As she stepped closer I added, “Though, I’ve never touched a… woman…”

Her lips closed over the fruit and mine went a little numb watching her slowly take a bite out of my hand. That serious face moved closer to mine, and my hand moved absently out of the way, unable to look away from the knowledge in her eyes.

The fruit was taken from my limp fingers as she swallowed above my mouth, and I felt my love settle beside us with a low breath.

I will be the one doing the touching,” she rubbed against my willing lips.

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