Gangster Too-Shorts

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(*TW: mentions of drugs)

For some girls, it was a sandy walk under the moonlight, holding hands. For others, it was a swim. The water was just right, and the not-so-secret cave was truly magical.

Something about Lover’s Beach brought out the truth and I had always wanted my fairy tale, too.

I’d seen one of my best friends fall in love at our high school prom, under the cheap sparkling disco ball. She and her sweetheart had taken a thoughtful moonlit stroll days before, half-joking about nothing happening. Everybody knew they were already perfect.

My other bestie had her heart stolen underwater years later near the same beach, saved by a scuba god. Not really a deity, but the guy turned out to be some hot shot bad boy, and I’d seen enough of him to know he looked the part. Thumbs up from me.

I’d gone only once, and went home by myself in the weak moonlight.

At least he was nice enough to wait until we were alone, so he could come out to me as gay. I couldn’t be mad at him for his honesty, but I was so hurt that I wasn’t sure I’d ever want to see him again. For me, it was a very sudden rejection.

Then everything started making sense the longer I sat there, and I ended up feeling worse.

So I left for college without ever wanting to see the stupid picturesque beach again. That one surprise ruined my inner romantic, so maybe that’s where I picked up my sarcasm, and it kept me from socializing beyond my dorm and a few classmates.

I buried myself in chemistry for the next three years as I juggled which specific I’d want to get into. Two different books were open on my desk at any given time.

Right now, Biological Chemistry Today was on hold while I managed the behemoths inside the pages of a borrowed copy of Psychedelics: All You Need To Know (people popped all kinds of pills for all kinds of reasons; it confounded me). Last week, it was two different books on extractions and infusions; one was for it, the other was skeptical…

A soft knock at my door interrupted the note I was currently writing.

It was too early for the party to be over, and I wasn’t about to let my skanky roommate take over the place just to fuck.

I sighed.

I probably would have no choice, if she did. I needed silence to work.

“What, party too boring, Bonnie?” I said with a twisted smirk, looking up.

Almost jumped out of my skin at he vaguely familiar face.

Fresh, clean dark jeans and a zipped school hoodie, but still a devious fall of dark hair around his lively green eyes and a glint of metal in his ear. Like he was only somewhat trying too blend into this crowd.

Except the crowd was elsewhere.

My face was a question, but my words were flat.

“Oh. You’re definitely not Bonnie.”

One of his glinting emeralds winked at me, hand pointed at me like I’d nailed it, and I wasn’t sure if I liked or hated the fact that he just walked in and reclined himself on my bed.

“Trent. We’ve had a few classes together.”

Those polished emeralds looked over my work quickly while my own eyes stayed expectantly on his well-groomed face.

He whistled quietly. “That’s some heavy shit you’re messing with.”

“And so you’re here because…?” I prompted.

He smirked at me. “You’re the chem major.”

My expression was unimpressed.

“And you’re on my bed without homework of your own. My roommate’s not here for your pleasure, so unless you’re here to talk science, the door’s right there.”

His face looked like I’d just told him a secret.

“Have you ever even had a taste, a singular taste, of any kind of fun?”

I sighed, almost groaning at the implications, and stood up, but he smoothly straightened up on the bed. Legs sliding on either side of mine, hands grabbing my fingers just strongly enough to give me pause.

I wanted to pretend he was into me, but come on.

“You never go out,” he said softly, eyes curious. “Top of your class, always on about formulas and shit… You’re telling me you just sit here all day and read? And sober?”

His hands had fallen away when I didn’t move, and I started feeling like my old self.

Wanting to be touched, hoping I’d get beyond a brush of lips or holding hands. He wasn’t pushing me, but he was close and I was liking the attention.

“Life’s not all about chasing highs,” I said quietly.

He watched the words and my heart beat faster as he mouthed, “I know.”

Truth be told, if he wasn’t here for my roommate and he didn’t have anyone else I’d consider-

Then I kicked myself.

Good looking guy like him was probably taken and looking for trouble, or gay as fuck, with my luck.

I gave him a look that said he was pulling some kind of prank, and I’d let it slide if he gave up.

“Also, I’m not at the top of my class.. Now if you’re looking for Bonn-“

He shook his head with a grunt like he was saying No, the flash of annoyance in his eyes shutting me up when they focused on mine.

“Stop talking about that girl, I’m right in front of you.”

I was taken aback.

Everyone came in for Bonnie’s Bitties. Damn near trademarked.

“Yeah, I’m here for YOU,” he said, hands curling around mine, pulling me closer. The the side of his mouth pulled up with a sexy half-grin. “In the name of science, if you want.”

One of my eyebrows picked up, but I neared my face to his slowly. Just waiting until he’d call his own bluff.

“Uh-huh. What kind of science? Does your girlfriend know?”

Any minute now…

His fingertips trailed up my arms, gaze falling again to my lips.

“I’m actually single, and I’m about to find out if you like this biological cocktail of mine.”

I was about to laugh and pull back, but his fingers wrapped around my arms and he moved forward to close the space between us.

My amused hum vibrated along his lips, and he replied by giving me delicious nibbles, eyes serious.

My laughter quickly faded into a moan, hands holding onto the bottom of his arms. Oh, he was serious. Okay.

He sighed, hands moving to rub when I started kissing him back, easing around behind my ribs, over my shoulder blades, as mine moved over his solid sides, each of us looking at the other like one would back off.

Then his hands at my back started pulling my chest closer to his so my center of gravity weighed us down.

I caught myself on my palms and he let me break the kiss, the two warm spots of his hands sliding down over my waist. His thumbs brushed forward over my hips, and the pressure shocked me on the inside.

My boobs settled on his chest, and I knew he could feel my hard nipples through all the fabric, because they seemed to harden even more as soon as they touched his surface.

He stared up at me with that half-grin as my lips came closer. “Thoughts?”

“I was focused on a delicate process,” I threatened, and felt him jerk against me.


His hands slid lower, into the pockets on my ass, and pulled my hips into his. I hummed at the feeling and he nodded.

I fully intended to show him how distracted he’d made me.

And that’s when Bonnie decided to stumble in with her date for the night.

Neither of us turned.

“This is your fault,” I glared over him as she gasped.

“Oh! My! GOD!”

He lost his teasing edge, and the pressure in his pants, though his face wasn’t sorry. His hands slid off me in surrender, like I’d been the one to start it.

A big part of me really liked that he was turned off by my roommate.

“Finally! I thought you really-“

Bonnie tried to come up to me, but I quickly stood and held up my hands to ward her off.


I’m not sure if she stopped from my anger of my gesture, but she immediately shrugged and turned back to what she’d been about to do, and I turned to my desk about to get my stuff.

“Ugh, your loss,” she tossed at me.

Trent stood up with a grimace she didn’t see, and I fought a smile at that.

“See you around,” he mumbled, and I nodded before I could think better of it.

Book and spiral in hand, I fled the room not a minute later as the clothes were coming off. And then I breezed past the commons, where several someone else were already passed out.

We had a single well-lit outdoor table with benches, and I staked my claim quietly, blowing out a breath.

Then for a long time, I stared blankly at the pages, thinking about that mouth. And those hands. And his eyes.


I shuddered at the soft call sliding down my spine, my eyes finding him leaning against the side of the building.

“That’s creepy.”

He laughed softly. “You didn’t hear me the first three times. I’m not gonna yell this late.”

Or maybe I did hear him, and my brain wanted to tell me something. My eyes narrowed even as I closed my books.

His hand came out to me, but he didn’t move off the wall.

“I could have you back by morning. Still sober.”

Picking up my books, I walked to stash them on the windowsill behind his head. A hand came around my waist and I let my arms fall around his neck. My body pressed against his.

“Did you need another sample?” he asked, breath on my lips.

“I need you to stop playing,” I told him seriously, fiddling with the fuzz at his nape when he stopped coming at me.

He bit his lip, eyes asking if I was sure.

Yes, I was sure I wanted honesty. I wasn’t about to be kicked around like that, again.

“What do you want from me?”

The flesh between his teeth slipped out slowly.


I waited.

“I’ve been sitting behind you at least once a week for the past three years and I just can’t take any more,” he admitted softly with a guilty grin. “I need to get inside all of you, and maybe it starts with your body, cause it sure as hell didn’t work with your head.”

My lips hovered in front of his, face like I didn’t believe the lengths he was going through. Shaking my head.

“What,” he started, lips softly trying to peel mine open. “Why do you think no one’s come up to you yet? You think I’m lying?”

“Mm-hm,” but my own mouth was already responding to his, my words whispering over his wet cave, “but it’s a pretty speech. I like it.”

HIs mouth snapped shut and he grabbed my hand, eyes so dilated they were almost blue, leading me quickly through side paths, pst the back of the party house, to get to a sneaky ladder behind the chess team’s building.

He smirked at the question in my eye and released my hand to climb up.

Okay, yeah, I was curious.

Once up on the roof, he turned back to help me over into a corner of the building that had just enough depth and cover for hiding a handful of people.

A couple tarps folded up for the rainy days, several sun-bleached bean bags, even a rumpled blanket which prompted me to believe he’d been here before he went to me.

There were a few cigarette butts shoved into the building’s corner, and it was dark enough below us that it gave me strange echoes of the Beach; waves of sound, a pounding in my chest, hard shoulders under my hands, a hint of salt in the air.

His face came closer.

“I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a liar,” he whispered, and kissed me.

I was already enjoying his touch, but then his hands pulled me tightly against him, and his tongue showed up, and my arms tightened around his neck with a surprised moan as I explored in return. He was certainly more enthusiastic than the last kisser.

He tasted a bit minty, a touch of open air, his hands felt like sunlight this late at night and I wanted to bathe in the heat for a long time, drinking from lips like the shifting tides as they took turns cresting over and under mine.

He groaned, remembering he had hands and using them to pull my shifting hips into his. He was hard again.

“Please tell me you’ve done this before,” he whispered, not meeting my eyes, and it felt like he’d slapped me. Was I that terrible at a simple thing as kissing?

But then he shook his head.

“No, fuck it, I’d rather pretend I’m your first.”

And then he kissed my shock into a heat I’d never felt before. There just wasn’t time for sass between the syrupy lips and trying to breathe properly. As much as I wanted to tell him he didn’t have to pretend, I was perfectly fine with claiming he didn’t let me.

The slightly spicy mint of his tongue sliding against my soft sounds as I let my fingers pull the hair out of his eyes, had me dancing along to the crappy tunes I usually avoided.

I started feeling intoxicated by the way his hands slid beneath my shirt and the feel of his groans humming through my teeth, and the way he relaxed under my hungry encouragement.

It allowed me to slip my arms down over his chest, and he made room so I could slide them lower, then under his sweater to gasp at the smooth warm skin, his already obvious arousal now insisting it needed attention.

I could feel myself almost drip with the knowledge that he’d been shirtless under his sweater this whole time.

He sucked in a breath as my fingers traced the edges of his muscles like my tongue traced the faint scar on his upper lip, and I pressed my legs together. Then his fingers curled into my back, and I let out a moan.

His hands slid around to dip into my pants as mine unzipped his hoodie.

“Give me more skin,” I whispered, looking down and pulling back to watch my hands shove it off his shoulders. There were tattoos everywhere.

One that I clearly remembered from another person’s body.


He pushed me down while shrugging the material over himself again, swallowing my surprise as he followed me to the ground.

He was part of scuba god’s crew.

“Not here,” he said quietly, hands reaching for the clasp of my pants. Not about to be outdone, I helped undo his as his mouth returned to mine, and we took them off in segments. I really couldn’t figure out what that flavor was, but I wanted more.

He let out a breath at my eagerness, his eyes looking over me like he didn’t know what to do first. That indecision only lasted a second.

One of his hands turned my face into his while the other slipped a finger inside of me. My eyes widened at the sudden intrusion, but so did his. Then he twisted his hand so a knuckle jiggled against my hard bud, and I came off the blanket with the shock of pleasure.

“God, you’re so tight,” he groaned against my lips, continuing the stroking slowly, and even that was a creamy slicking noise that had me staring hungrily.

I wanted to feel him, as well.

“Is that all for me?” he asked, swirling circles that had my face relaying the pleasure as my fingers dragged along his length. I liked that he shuddered from my touch.

I mean, I’d seen what happens (especially with Bonnie as a roommate), but hadn’t actually had one in my own hands, so my answer was distracted.

“No, I’m assuming it’s for this.”

I was quickly finding out that I liked the feel of his hard flesh in my hands, but I loved that it was hard for ME.


I decided to end his misery.

“Surprise, surprise, you’re really my first.”

My hips lifted for a particularly slow thrust as I said it, a knee coming up as my hands figured out the flesh above his open pants.

He didn’t answer me, except to huff like I’d sucker punched him, but he did work two fingers in slowly, giving me the time to explore the part between his legs.

Just like the rest of him, soft smooth skin covered hard lean muscle. Except this muscle was also thick and veined, ending in soft weights that controlled his breathing, from the looks of it.

I was one to talk, his twirling and pearl jiggling cut my breathing capacity in half.

Our mouths met again, this time to shut me up as he wrapped his hand around mine an guided his cock to my entrance. Apparently, that was as much teasing as he could stand.

The tip of him popped in and he pulled my hands above me, drinking my low moan as his fingers tangled in mine. The leg I’d bent now hooked around his back, and he sighed deep in his throat.

He let his hips fall leisurely, let my tight slicked grip ease him in, and all my focus went to the strange new sensation of being filled. My panting grew shallow as I felt him reach my physical limit, and he pulled out, humming against my slack lips.

“This, right now, is so much better than I dreamed,” he breathed.

Pushed back in just as I was biting my lower lip and nodding agreement, so that as he slid inside me I released my skin.

My eyes rolled back with the edge of a moan as his slide rolled over the spot he’d teased with his fingers. He seemed to drag the pleasure deeper, and the slow stretch brought a hum to his lips.

“You’re a fucking goddess, Destiny…”

Oh, I got it now.

The chemicals that he released in my brain took me back to lazily floating on the surface of the bay. This powerful lust that he pulled out grew from the splashes of his warm salt-breeze scent across my nose, and the tempting way he presented himself to pull me under his spell.

Our eyes caught as he filled me, and I felt my whole body relax with the softness in his eyes. How did I not notice him before?

My body let him in that last inch, and his own grew weak so his elbows had to catch him, and my newly freed hands sought the comfort of his skin.

He pulled out while my palms ran down his inked chest, then kissed me as he sank back in, my fingers needing to feel the scarred ink along his beautifully toned obliques but succeeding only in digging into his back as he thrust harder.

I sighed across that silken tongue and shifted my hips in the middle of his next thrust to see what he’d do.

His breath gasped in and he followed my movement to press me into the blanket with a breathed, “Okay.” His head dropped beside my ear, “Just don’t scratch me up, goddess.”

My insides melted with a soft cry as he proceeded to worship his goddess, giving me whatever I could take, his lingering kisses falling on whichever piece of skin they landed on until it seemed I would overheat.

It was good, really good, but it was just shy of enough.

I stretched my hands around my legs to grab handfuls of his muscled ass, and he slammed into me with an involuntary grunt, legs widening mine. My groan was quickly silenced by his mouth.

We made out again as he walked his arms under my shoulders with every wet thrust, wrapping himself tighter around me in a hug so he could catch the pleasurable edge of every last stroke with the pulse of the next one. My foot bounced gently over his back as the tsunami, warning of massive underwater quakes.

Something about it called my attention to how well we moved together, and our mouths stopped doing everything except breathing as we chased the edge of the world.

“Oh, fuck, Des, tell me you’re close,” he whispered urgently.

I could feel a restless sensation coming to a head the longer his body stretched mine.


One of his hands shot down between us, shocking me again with his thumb on my clit.

My chin shot up and his mouth sucked on my neck as I shook around him. I covered my own mouth as I started to leak around him and he jerked out, still rubbing me, dropping hot strings of his cum across my thigh to the rhythm of my pulsing climax. I pulled his hand away when it became too much, as he panted above me, searching my focusing eyes.

“How ’bout you finally put my number in your phone, so we can do this again?”

I smiled and gently framed his face, strangely carefree.

“You mean you want to have sex again. With me?”

He nodded, lips coming down for a soft kiss.

“As many times as you’ll allow me to fuck you, Des,” he rubbed against my mouth. “Just me. Please don’t fuck around.”

I moaned into him, arms coming around his neck. His hand slipped lower, fingers sliding over my inner thigh while his lips covered for them. It pulled shivers along my spine.

He pushed into me again, slowly, and I broke the kiss to close my eyes with a shaky breath. He’d said again, but I hadn’t expected so soon.

He stopped reluctantly, still inside.

“Too much?”

I shook my head, color creeping into my cheeks as I gazed at him through my lashes. That made him twitch, and the look on his face made me squeeze.

“Please don’t stop, Trent,” I whispered as he started up again.

His eyes closed on a sigh.

“I wish you could scream my name,” was the quiet admission.

Then he had me gasping as he moved inside me with long strokes that didn’t seem to end.

My hands fisted in his hair as I squirmed to try to keep quiet so as not to get caught. His lips were tasting mine again, and I kissed him like he was my air.

Anything to keep it down so the pleasure wouldn’t stop.

Who was this stranger he brought out? Haha, I didn’t care as long as he kept making me feel this good.

My hips finally rolled to cushion his thrusts, still wanting him but needing something gentler, and he followed my lead.

His breath shook out of him and he finished me off again, before pulling out for his load. The way I yanked him closer made him slide past my ass that time, and we both made a sound of surprise.

Again, I had to pull his fingers off before I shouted.

He shook his head at me with his grin, pulling his softening flesh away. We got dressed again and just lay there all night.

The morning guards passed by as he was typing his number into my phone, and that was the moment I realized I was going to have a big problem.

That was my best friend’s brother’s number.

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