Gangster Too-Shorts

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(*TW: anal kink)

The music pounded into my heart like he pounded into me; like my new musically-activated butt plug vibrated against us.

A hard, steady beating with the way he’d arranged the claps, which made it difficult to stay quiet, one of my arms pulled back in his grasp as I held the restroom stall door closed with my other forearm.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but the novelty item almost slipped out on the dance floor and now we were working out some heat.


His breath the dark, shadowy truth of the audio…

“…let it slip…”

Words meant for my ear alone…

“…again… my love…”

I had to silence my deep gasps as the song came to a predictable stop, and he ground upward into both me and the novelty prototype he was testing, so well that I had to hold myself still, waiting those heartbeats for the sound to resume… trembling on that knife edge of pleasure as the songslowly built up again, increasing the throbbing of the device…

With my knees and feet up along the metal handicap handles that were thoughtfully designed into each stall, I was completely open to him, and the shape of the toy pushed his head into that sweet spot inside me on every swelling roll of hips. His hips. If I moved too much, I’d fall.

He let go of my arm, so casually pushing my willing hand across my spine, reached for my jaw to deepen my twist, almost kissing me… and then I felt his other hand slide over my front as the beat dropped again, thick silk in between his fingers.

I knew what that wet slide meant, firmly pressing against my engorged clit so I closed the space between our mouths with a jerk, suckling one of his lips insistently. A silent beg.

He nodded.

I was firmly pressed down against him with long strokes of his hand that dragged across that most willing, sensitive area. Every sound was swallowed by the return of the beat and his hungry mouth as he pumped me through my pulsing climax, catching every drop of pleasure in the padded handkerchief I knew he’d shove in my mouth later.

He knew every curve of sound, and took great pleasure in showing me how it applied to his ongoing affections. It was his track, after all.

He got me over another as I was vibing to the remixed sounds of a single night of recording, before he exhaled with a shiver I knew well by now. I tightened knowingly as he reluctantly pulled me off, and I was held up to turn around, before he leaned his shoulders back.

My tongue slipped out ahead, and his cleft head bobbed out of reach. I chased it, almost laughing. He bit back a curse, aiming into my waiting mouth.

He slid so easily, my satisfaction glossing the way to the opening of my throat, and he helped me bob back up with one hand as a hair tie, bouncing back into my throat as he pushed my head down, and then following the motion by pulling me up again with his hand holding my hair out of my face. He wanted to watch the way my lips begged him to stay, then admire the way I made myself accept his return.

It was too much, as suddenly as it had been for me, and he became faster, almost yanking my hair out, suddenly stretching to push the rag into the plug and my mouth almost all the way to his hips…

I helped with the momentum, drinking release as my own hips twisted with pleasure, my chopped moans pouring from the dance floor while I found myself unable to do anything except exist in this suspended state of tingling desire.

One night of recording the sounds he’d created out of me, had led to the best album he’d put out so far, and he loved fucking me to what he’d done with my pleasure. It didn’t matter where we went, a song or two would pop up, and it took everything in my power to act as if it didn’t affect me.

My lips released him slowly, making sure I left no mess before unsealing as quietly as humanly possible. He helped me walk my hands to his shoulders until our forehead sweat mingled.

We were both trying not to breathe too hard and he tapped my plug lightly, rubbing. I bit my lip and shuddered, and he stared at my shirt’s nipple bumps like he’d play with them, but only smirked, hands reaching to readjust the cups.

Straightening up our clothes, we had to wait for someone else to leave, and he took the time to rearrange my ass cheeks so I could walk. I rubbed back onto his hands and we started to dance to some other song.

The footsteps walked out.

His breath came at my ear again, but not like he believed his own words, “We need to leave this room, now…”

Running my hands through my short bob, I watched him unlock the door, pressing himself all along my back so he could see out with me.

We managed to escape to our table, and ordered another round for us. Our co-workers returned shortly from the dance floor, and I passed the next few hours trying not to drink too much.

We all danced, and I was more careful.

Don’t… let it slip… again… my love…

Apparently it was a crowd favorite, but I had to blow out a breath and excused myself to the ladies’ room, pointing at my empty bottle.

I could feel those sizzling eyes tracking me to the door, but I didn’t take long and then checked my reflection to rearrange a few stray hairs that had started getting in my eyes.

The plug pulsed with the new song, and I love-hated the fact that I had told him I’d try his new musical toy. Truth was, it was definitely on the torture side of pleasure, and only the fact that he would actually do something about it at the end kept me from calling it quits.

A new beat made me grip the sink, and another woman happened to walk in, immediately eyeing me with concern.

“You alright? Drank too much?”

I tried to clear my throat and it may have come out somewhere between that and a moan.

I cringed a little a shook my head dismissively, instantly removing that worry.


She nodded a bit too fast and just as quickly stepped into the stall to relieve herself.

I party different.

The phrase stuck in my throat. Nope, too much info.

Stepping out, I caught his nod at something a friend said, warm glass in hand, and felt like leaving just as badly, but I returned to the table and we stayed until last call to make sure everyone had a ride; so we could walk alone. His fingers reached out for mine as his other hand waved goodnight at the employee locking up behind us, and we buzzily strolled down the alley a while.

Without warning, his arm came around me as if dancing, fingers still tangled in mine, and we swirled into a gap between buildings.

I pressed my back into the rough wall, hands pulling up his shirt to slip under and feel his hot skin at last as his own fingertips lingered at the edges of my face, tracing delicate love notes alongside the vulgar sounds our mouth fuck was making.

Impulsively, I slid open his fly and he helped my ankle onto his shoulder, sliding the material up my legs with nothing more than the action of spreading me open. Buried his face in my neck with a whisper of gratitude as his fingers slid the thong aside again and he slowly allowed me to feel every inch until his pants lightly tapped my waxed lips. He reached into The Pocket.

“That’s twice already,” he murmured against my neck, the bulb of the plug again pushing his head into my spot and he wiggled, making me squeeze down.

The plug came out.

All the warning I got was a swirl of tongue, then he bit down with a sharp sting that seemed to be connected to my pleasure knot, and he hurriedly shoved the silk into my gasping mouth with one hand as I shattered into a million pieces, pressing my lips into my teeth to keep my sudden peak silent.

My nails curled into his back as he slowly fucked me for his own pleasure through the feel of mine, every suck of his mouth pulling at my insides until I was sure the man was pulling blood out from between my skin cells, but he only pressed my lips to my teeth harder.

I sucked his dick into my pussy as he held me still with my neck flesh between his teeth, and when he finally pulled out to angle my hips for my tingling back door, all I could feel was pleasure as he finished and took me along for the ride with the wet sounds.

He gradually lowered my leg, and we stayed like that a moment, his hand carefully coming off my slack face, putting the cum rag away once again.

Then he kissed me, those lightening eyes of his burning a hole through my soul as my fingers came to his face weakly.

I could hardly wait.

He glanced around below us and chuckled, then as he helped straighten us out, I searched for the plug to find it comically peeking out of a crack in the ground. I groaned and carefully put it away in its bag before we walked around the corner to his house.

What a way to start our three-day weekend…

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