Gangster Too-Shorts

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The club’s heartbeat tempted my body to pulse in time, even from outside the guarded door. I noticed others bobbing heads or swaying hips, as well.

The human-propped door was made of a heavy, tanned wood, inlaid with stained glass flower in shades of frosted white and a vivid, light green. The leaded glass design was textured to obstruct clear view but also cast a spotlight on the ground for the next person in line, thanks to the position of the street light.

I was lucky today, usually the line wrapped around the building by the time I arrived. Some nights it trickled into the parking lot.

Today’s bouncer was none other than my serious lover, though the only serious thing about him was our relationship.

His eyes laughed, his words tickled, and I couldn’t wait for him to get off work.

All the employees, except for the dancers, wore plain black t-shirts with the club logo across the front and STAFF on the back. His was stretched tight around shoulders that had refined their weight in muscle over the years.. He used to be a wall of hurt, now he was my castle.

The pair of women in front of me had their bellies full of laughter and his reply was flirty, but as soon as they got out of the way, his entire face lit up.


I only smiled and handed him my ID between two fingers. Just business, here.

Looking down only reminded him of our age difference, and I could see his eyes struggle to stay professional. I’d never minded, I actually wanted someone more mature than the types of men my circle of friends wanted to go out with. The fact that he knew his way around my body only added to the attraction.

He handed it back and his silver-streaked head looked towards the front desk.

“Hey, this one’s on me!”

“Heard,” came the savory reply from the other person I was excited to see.

With a final smirk between us, I moved into dimly lit pounding music.

The skinny redhead with a heart-shaped behind bounced on her toes with the beat, easily taking my wrist for a bracelet that meant a staff member had waived my entrance fee.

I’d never seen a ring on her finger, unlike some of the other staff members who proudly wore their off-limit badges. Boundaries were enforced, here.

“Say, how late are you working tonight?”

Her bright blue eyes looked up at me as she grinned knowingly.

“Til we close, I’m afraid.”

But her smooth, slender fingers lingered on my pulse after she’d snapped the clasp.

I nodded, unconvinced. Stepped on ahead as other people came in behind me.

I’d been none too subtle about hitting on the beautiful woman when I assumed it wouldn’t embarrass her. She hadn’t taken me up on it yet, but I could see she was curious.

No sooner had I walked down the stairs, than I felt the heat of the people gathered.

Already, a throng on one side of the room gathered for some kind of show-off. I also couldn’t tell if the moaning was coming from somewhere deeper in the club, or from the speakers, but I was really digging tonight’s vibe.

I continued on my way towards the restrooms, turning into a side hall with the only doorway that had no door, just thick drapes.

The Green Room was named so, purely for the amount of houseplants in there, Queen of the Night prominently among them. Instead of daylight, they received particular doses of various lights around the room.

There was one couple in here, resting on a pile of comfortable pillows as one of them sobbed softly, and I ignored them after that. It was usually the place for people who needed something quieter, but I was very fond of the place in general. I came from a long, unbroken line of gardeners, and it was thanks to my suggestions as a visitor that the room now had the smell of life, not mold.

The earth beneath my fingers gave me a feeling of secret knowledge. Like I was the only one to understand the magic that flowed through the soil as I repotted eager seedlings.

I found myself softly breathing hums to the plants to keep the pace, and the sobs quieted.

A light snoring indicated they’d fallen asleep as I finished with the third tall climber.

Finally placing the newest additions where their root nubs would have enough places to choose from, I dug my hands into the dirt for the last few handfuls.

Familiar hands came around mine, to dig into the soil with me. His bare arms told me he’d chosen to only take off his work shirt, instead of replacing it, so he’d be in a white tank. Anything that covered up the tattooed past below his chest.

My lips smiled as his kissed my neck lightly.

My words were quiet, so as not to disturb the nappers. “Off already, baby?”

He helped me throw in the dirt, chuckling just as softly. “Only off work, was that all?”

I just chuckled, myself, and closed the top of the bag for moisture retention.

“Yeah, that’s all.”

“An unexpected voice said, “Good,” and my head turned so fast I almost suffered whiplash to see the beautiful redhead lounging on a bean bag.

Her work shirt hung neatly folded over one shoulder, revealing her choice of spaghetti-strapped camisole over her jeans. Her hair was down, brushing her shoulders.

“Because you sure took your sweet time fondling those plants,” she joked.

She hadn’t called out, or touched me. I very much appreciated her patience.

We stood up together, my favorite bouncer and I, as his arms wrapped me up from behind, and I left streaks of dirt on his arms as my hands moved to hold them to me. I let my happiness settle over me as he did nothing more than just hold me.

As his face came beside mine, we turned to her.

She stood up and came over, a look on her face I’d seen several times as she stared at something or someone she found beautiful.

Her body stopped before us, not touching us yet, and she said in a low voice, “We should probably get out of here, yeah?”

I smiled softly, loving the feel of this room and these arms, and the anticipation in her eyes.

“And where do you suggest we go?” my voice for all the world sounding like I’d love nothing more than to nap at her side.

I watched her face think, and subtly squeezed his forearms tighter. We’d talked about this, but wanted her to decide on her own. I loved switching between control and surrender, and my favorite bouncer was the same, but she was someone we both wanted beneath us.

In the best way, a sunbeam such as her was definitely worthy of worship.

Gorgeous milk skin with tan freckles taking over only one side of her face and body, like the gods couldn’t decide which version of her they found most beautiful.

I knew their plight very intimately, I couldn’t decide either. Sometimes she concealed her freckles with makeup, sometimes she mirrored them, and I was only sure that whichever form she chose to take, it would be all pleasure.

Her lips came closer, and I could taste a hint of whiskey on her breath. Everyone got a shot after work, if they were in the mood.

“You play with fire, kitten,” I warned her with a smile, but stretched my lips to brush hers quickly.

She nodded, as if deciding something.

“I will go wherever you decide to take me. Just for tonight,” she muttered at my single questioning brow. “I have the day off tomorrow, and I don’t have to be back home until 12.”

Then her eyes flicked up to his and she pressed her lips to mine while staring at him. My own started moving beneath hers, and I was again pleased as she didn’t break eye contact with him, even though I could feel her lips relax against mine.

Ohhh, I was going to enjoy her...

His hands stayed on me, tightening from what I knew was the urge to grab her close, and I felt her smile as she pulled away from her kiss.

With that, I grabbed my bag and we went to clean up before heading out.

I never failed to notice how she carried her essentials in her tight jeans, like all she needed in life were a phone for emergencies and a wallet to ease the way. I restrained my urge to touch her muscled behind as she finally climbed into the back of the two-door.

My baby had his heart set on the classics and I’d helped him get a Cadillac Eldorado just to see the look in his eyes. I had to admit, he was right about the feel of driving around in one.

“Daaaamn....” she sighed at the buttery cream leather, and we couldn’t help but smile. “I was wondering whose car this was.”

I saw his satisfaction as his pride and joy growled to life. “Thanks.”

We left the club behind.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, turning around. “It’s a bit of a drive.”

She shook her head slowly. The look she gave me made me certain that she WAS, but not for food.

I grinned back, and watched her bite her lip, bright blue rings on my mouth. I certainly wasn’t above a bit of fun in the car.

“Pull over, baby, I think she’s about to pass out from the starving ache between her legs.”

With a long, slow breath, he pulled off to the side for me to climb back, and the delight in her eyes was just the thing to set us off in the right direction.

He turned up the radio as he pulled back onto the road, and I came closer.

“Do you like games?” I asked.

She nodded, a sparkle in her beautiful rings. “Oh, I love games.”

“Your smile is gorgeous,” I admitted, and watched her start to glow.

Ahh, she was a dangerous one. Curious, eager, having just enough knowledge to have her guessing. On the cusp of finding out what it meant for real.

“The game goes as such,” I brought us back. “You can’t move unless I tell you, but you may vocalize your thoughts as much as you please.”

She gasped once softly between parted lips, and she glowed pink on her cheeks. She nodded, and I said nothing of it because we hadn’t started yet.

In fact, I said nothing at all.

“I understand,” she told my patient look. “Is there something I should call you?”

I could hear his amusement from the front, “I’m sure you’ll be calling us plenty of things later. We’ll settle on one of those.”

Pleasant surprise spread the flush to her neck. “And what are the prizes?”

I grinned to think of her submitting to my baby.

“If you manage to stay still until we get to our place, you can ask for as much sex as you can take before dawn. But if you move out of place, you’ll have to choose between our punishments.”

Her face was excited, but a bit apprehensive, and I watched her gather her courage.

“We’ll take you home whenever you’re ready,” he said, his honest eyes briefly meeting hers through the mirror.

I think in that moment, I knew we had her. Beyond tonight, something deep down knew this was the moment.

Her eyes returned to find mine slowly raking her like I’d wanted to do.

“Alright, I’m in. When do we start?”

I observed her seriously, making more room for her on the long seat.

“Right now. Lay back for me. Get comfortable.”

She twisted to sit with her back to the side of the car, one leg braced against the floor, the other straight and hanging her sneakered foot off the seat beside me. The unknown thrilled her, and I leaned forward.

A bump in the road made us jump. My focus went to the wiggle of her braless peaks.

She let me push her spaghetti straps down her arms, humming when I followed my fingers with my lips, one at a time. Each of her shoulders equally as lavished with attention. Her skin was warm, and faintly perfumed with edible body glitter. I recognized the taste.

She let me leave the straps at her elbows, to unhook the material of her shirt from the hard milk chocolate duds, which sat perfectly like small cherries over her creamy scoops of flesh. One of which was dusted with spice.

“Look, baby.”

I heard the groan from the front as he caught sight of her beautiful mounds, and nodded at her surprised desire.

“The best thing since ice cream,” I blurted.

Not giving her time to think, I framed a hard drop between my lips.

She tensed, but immediately let a sweet sighing moan instead of moving, for the way I rubbed the open seam of my lips along her nipple.

My attention went to the other one and she released a small whine of a moan. I let her feel the tip of my tongue in small circles, opening my lips wider to take more of her tip.

“Ooh, yes, please.”

I chuckled, and took turns rolling them between my tongue and my lips, as my fingers slowly traced back and forth across the edge of her shirt. Just under her small, but shapely mounds, which felt cool to the touch yet soft and smooth.

She started shaking with her breathy moans, and I only gave her a warning look, which she stared uncertainly into as I slowly bit down.

“Don’t move, now, kitten...” my baby said from the front.

I knew she drenched herself at the synchronization, by the way her breathing hitched. The way her eyes threatened to roll.

But she only took a couple of panting breaths before telling us, “okay.”

Her voice was soft, steadying. Probably more to herself.

“Ooh,” I moaned as her body relaxed back into place, coming up towards her lips.

“Can I kiss you back?” She whispered, lips softening for my kiss, and I nodded a little.

“Uh-huh, show me how much you want it without getting out of place.”

She obeyed with another of her sighing moans. The lips I had often wondered about, now kissed back with as much as I gave her.

When my head tilted for more, she let me do it. My fingers continued to tease her nipples, and the sounds coming out of her mouth turned urgent.

I pinched and tugged them both, and she moaned loudly.

“Ohhhhh my goddddd, you’re gonna make me cuuuuuum,” she warned me, and I stopped touching her.

She panted up at my soft smile.

“Baby, I think she’s gonna make it. She hasn’t moved.”

I heard him shift in his seat as her glow intensified.

I kissed her again, unable to help myself. She was soft and pliant, sweet and fresh like the rain, which has no idea what kind of shit it will land on.

“Let me hear it,” he said, turning up the volume.

My mouth trailed off her lips, down over the middle of her body. A kiss on one side, a kiss on the other.

I mounded her pretty titties and teased her chocolate-covered cherries again, making her moan loudly. My hands pulled her flesh up, stretching the nipple in my mouth farther from her body.

Her moan was loud as she wiggled her hips. Still in the same spot she’d been in.

I released it, and teased the other peak higher as well, getting her to pant. Squeezed and massaged the paler handfuls of flesh until I could roll them closer together.

My lips moved from one to the other faster with hums of enjoyment that had her abs rolling.

I groaned.

“So beautiful,” I said, pinching her nipples again as I moved to kiss the freckled side of her neck.

When I rolled them, her moan was more like a scream, and she fisted her hands as I pinched and pulled her nipples in a rhythm that had her shaking with the force of her orgasm, but still she didn’t move her arms or legs out of place.

My hold on her sensitive peaks shifted when she started panting again, so now I was more massaging her instead of teasing her. Soothing, bringing her down from the pleasure.

Her eyes were watery as she came to terms with the fact that we made her cum without even touching her eager sex, and I smiled as the car stopped.

“You did it, you won,” I told her proudly, and she cried at that.

“Aww, kitten,” I choked, trying not to laugh, wrapping her up in my arms as she came up to me.

Her lips were hot sin through her tears, and he turned around in his seat to watch us. Our kitten’s hands were just as curious to find out what I wore under my sweater dress.

“Might wanna move this inside, babe,” he said quietly, and I looked in the direction he was facing to find a neighbor coming out of his house with a less-than-full trash bag.

She looked as well, and quickly covered up when she also noted we had rumbled into a cul-de-sac of two story houses.

“I agree with him,” she said softly, looking more uncomfortable than anything. Wiping her tears where the stranger wouldn’t see.

With a tug, I had my fashionably ripped sweater dress over my head and around her waist. “You can wash your clothes inside.”

Her eyes went wide at my blood red nipple tassels, and the matching lace and elastic body cage I had chosen to wear underneath, black bikini bottom tied at the sides. Never knowing when the mood would strike us, I always dressed up before leaving home.

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” I told her with a grin as my baby opened the door and put the seat down.

She took the offered hand out, and I fixed the sweater on her way. Then it was my turn, and I was pulled into a short kiss.

Then I waved at the neighbor, who waved back with a phone call handsign before heading back inside.

Sometimes we left the windows open a crack for him, but by the looks of our kitten, tonight would not be one of those nights.

The call, however, troubled me.

We only ever called the other houses in emergencies.

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