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🐺 BOOK 3, the PLAYLIST series | Cherry is a stage favorite. The crowd goes crazy for her. Wolves don't scare her and she makes sure they know it. She's working to accomplish her goals and she will succeed, no matter what. When a possessive Alpha crashes into her life she won't allow him to derail her. If she can let go and let down her high walls, she might find that he is exactly what she's been searching for. It won't be an easy road but, is it ever? ***Sexual content, strong language and mild drug use*** (c) All rights reserved,

Erotica / Fantasy
Myranda Rae
4.9 162 reviews
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Girls, Girls, Girls

Book 3 and 4 of The Playlist series..

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Song - Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue

“Cherry, you’re on in five!” Bobby calls through the dressing room door.


I pull on a sheer mesh crop top and matching thong. This will have to do.

“Get your dollars ready! Cherry is coming to the stage next with a brand new routine!”

I hear the emcee announce to the crowd.

I roll my neck and shoulders and make my way down the hallway. I’ve worked on this routine all week and I think they’re going to go wild for it.

I wait behind the curtain for my song cue. The beat starts slowly and the curtain draws back, revealing my silhouette to the crowd.

Hoots and hollers start and the adrenaline races through my veins. I love this part.

I walk the length of the stage slowly, swinging my hips and letting my hands roam my body. The beat drops and I fall into a split and money begins to fly through the air, landing around me on the stage.

I move my body over the floor, crawling, grinding and rolling myself to the music.

I let myself get lost in the music. My body remembering the routine after so much practice.

I grind against the pole before hooking my leg around it, letting my body swing.

As my song comes to an end I smile and wink to a few patrons in the front row.

When I make is backstage Crystal is waiting for her song to start.

“I fucking hate you, Cherry. You killed it again!”

“Thanks! Get out there and shake that thing” I slap her ass before walking over to Rex, our stage security, to collect everything that was gathered off the stage during my dance.

I run back to my dressing room to change for the next dance. I only dance main-stage and I’m up again in fifteen minutes.

As I change into a tiny string bikini my mind wanders to the various homework assignments I need to finish by Monday. I also have a huge test on Wednesday that I need to study for.

I always finish my homework for the upcoming week before Friday but this week it was impossible. Maybe I’ll do a few extra dances tonight and tomorrow so I can take Sunday off.

Bobby’s going to give me so much shit.

I only have a year left to finish my degree in computer engineering. I’m focusing on web development. Stripping isn’t making me rich but I can pay my rent and tuition, for now, thats all I need.

I absentmindedly count the money from my last dance. Only three hundred? Damn. This is the slowest Friday night we’ve had in awhile.

I might have to do a few private dances this weekend. Shit. I hate doing that. I like the pole because they have to keep their hands...and their hard dicks, to themselves.

With a few minutes before my next dance I down a cold bottle of water and hurry to Bobby’s office.

His door is always open and he smiles when he sees me.

“What do ya need, moneymaker?”

“It’s so slow tonight. Will you put me down for some private dances tomorrow?”

“I’ll do you one better! We have a bachelor party tomorrow, wolves, I’ll have you host them.”

I groan. Wolves? Fuck. I hate those assholes. Werewolves and humans don’t interact much but when we do? They are huge jerks. They love that most people are afraid of them. They definitely use their size, strength and speed to their advantage against us. They’re generally very good tippers, though.

“Thanks, Bobby. I’m up, I’ll talk to you later.”

This isn’t a solo dance. Crystal and Michelle are dancing on the two smaller stages on either side of the main stage. We’ve been practicing this routine for so long, it seems a waste to debut it on such a slow night.

“Pssst,” I wave to Michelle, “lets scrap this until tomorrow night. There’s a bachelor party.”

She gives me a thumbs up as I call to Crystal. We’ll just go out there and do individual dances simultaneously.

When the curtain pulls back I just freestyle my movements, deciding on the spot to do mostly pole work for this song. I look out over the crowd and resist the urge to sigh. Where is everybody? This looks more like a Monday night.

Those wolves better make it worth my while tomorrow night.

At the end of the song we meet backstage to divide the money from our shared performance.

“You said there was a bachelor party tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, it’s wolves,” I cringe and Michelle squeals excitedly.

“They are the best tippers and I haven’t been properly piped in awhile, hopefully most of them are unmated.”

I pretend to gag, “I cannot believe you sleep with them.”

“Girl, you’re a stripper, don’t be such a prude!”

“I’m not, they’re just assholes!”

“They are so good in bed, though. Huuuuge!" she holds her hands up to indicate an enormous size.

“And stamina like you wouldn’t believe!” Crystal joins in.

We all laugh but I can’t help but think about how long its been since I was “properly piped.” Shit. It might be never. I haven’t really dated since I started working here and before that my experiences left a lot to be desired.

I shake my head, admonishing myself, I will not be desperate enough to resort to sleep with one of those condescending shmucks.

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