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Wake up call

I wake up wrapped in his strong arms. Everything from last night plays in my head as I listen to the low, slow thump of his heartbeat.

I didn't give him any details but I can't believe I told him about my parents. I haven't even shared that much detail with anyone, ever.

I don't know if he understands what a big step forward that was for me. According to wolf timelines, I'm moving incredibly slow but I feel like I've come farther than I ever thought I would. I can feel myself relaxing, he's so insistent that he will always want me, I'm starting to believe him.

While he's in his meeting I am going to call the human mate his mom knows. Hopefully that will give me some understanding from this side.

His shallow breaths create a rocking motion under my head. It's lulling me back to sleep. I move my leg, sliding it up over him and freeze. I peek my eyes open and let them trail down his body. The thick outline of his erection is visible beneath the sheet.

My mouth waters at the thought of him. I slowly slide up to sit next to him. I peel the sheet back and watch him for any signs of waking.

I move my body down so that I'm tucked next to his legs. I trail my fingers across his stomach and down his hip, placing my hand on the mattress beside him to hold myself up.

A faint, satisfied hum vibrates in his chest. I bite down on my bottom lip as I look at him. Every thick inch is as perfect as the rest of him. His shaft is long and hard, laying against his stomach.

I stare down at him, at the features of his face while he sleeps. My heart swells with a mixture of strong emotions. My head fights against me and I'm making excuses not to but... I trust him.

I'm going to show him, to make him feel it. I hope he isn't getting discouraged by my slow progress. I've got to push through my fears and show him the part of me that I keep hidden, my heart.

Until then though, I'm going to show him something else. I adjust myself in my knees next to his thigh, facing his face. I let my fingers graze over his warm soft skin. I watch his face as I let my hand move over his rock hard erection.

Other than a deep, sleepy sigh, he doesn't react.

I put my whole hand around him, gently squeezing. This elicits a response, he sucks in a breath and moves his hips. His face is still calm, he's still sleeping, though, he might be having a dream now that he wasn't before...

I pump him once in my hand before bending down and wrapping my mouth around the tip.
He stirs, I can see his eyes fluttering, still closed.

I sink further down over him, taking him deeper into my mouth. I start a slow rhythm, bobbing my head up and down on him, wetting him.

After a few rounds of the pattern I'm creating his eyes open, rapdily blinking. He's squinting in the half light of early morning a scowl on his face.

He looks confused.

He runs his tongue over his lips and blinks again, I smirk against him and slide down, taking him to the back of my throat.

He inhales sharply, eyes open wide and he looks down the length of his body.
"Cass...what the fuck..."

His voice is a husky, still tired moan.

I bob faster, taking him deeper, my eyes watering.
He brings one hand to cover his face while the other runs through my hair.

"What are... why... what's happening?" He sounds absolutely bewildered.

I move faster, letting saliva coat him completely, letting it run down his length.

He flexes his hips and knots his hand into my hair, gripping me right at the roots.
He pulls his head up to watch my mouth.

He still looks confused but the expression is taken over by pleasure. He watches me, his mouth parted, panting, as I bring my hand to work into tandem with my mouth.

He lifts his hips, only slightly, its clear he's restraining himself. I work my hand and mouth in a rotating pattern, twisting over him. Moans and shuttered breaths fill the room.

I moan around him and he frantically grips the blanket. He watches his length dissapear into my mouth over and over again. His face is twisted in bliss.

"Holy shit, Cass," He whimpers and drops his head back onto the bed.

I continue working over him until he moans, "is this real?"

I choke out a laugh and his hips buck forward, sending him deep into my throat. When I gag and my throat squeezes around him the muscles in his thighs and abdomen clench.

"Holy fuck...."

I know he's close, I can taste him, he's twitching and throbbing against my tongue. His breathing is ragged and loud, uninhibited moans pull past his lips.

I work my mouth faster, taking him deeper, meeting his thrusts.

"P-Please don't stop... oh's so good baby," I can barely understand him. He's moaning and shaking and his voice is choppy as he sucks in air.

I am so turned on. Watching him come undone because of my mouth is incredibly satisfying.

His hips thrust faster, choking me as he instinctively tightens his grip on my hair, forcing me down. He's so far down my throat it burns and makes me gag. I focus my breathing through my nose.

"Oh my fucking God," he pulses on my tongue.

His body shudders and he lets go of my hair while he twitches and moans with each spurt of his hot, thick release.

Before he's even recovered he's reaching for me, pulling me into his chest. He crashes his mouth to mine and kisses me dizzy. He's hungry and needy, emotional. I force my head back to take in a full breath and catch a glimpse of his eyes, it makes my heart pound. He looks... like he loves me.

"That was... I'm speechless... best wakeup call ever."

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