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A flea on a dog

I sit cross legged on the bed staring at the slip of paper. I don't know why I'm nervous to call.

Make the call, Cassidy...

I'm here in his room alone specifically to make this call, otherwise he wanted me to come to his meeting with him. I better do this before he gets back. I have a feeling we're going to be busy later.

After this mornings...activities, I had to force him out the door. I didn't want anything in return, that was just for him.

I take a deep breath and dial the number.

"Hello?" She has a soft, sweet voice, this is going to be alright.

"Hi, is this Lori? I'm Cassidy Vidot, I got your number from.."

"Oh my gosh! Hi! I'm so glad you called!"

We spend the next hour on the phone as she goes over everything she could possibly think to tell me.

"I know it seems insane," her voice is calming, "but once he marks you it will be like a veil is lifted. You will have a deeper sense of the bond, you will understand him and his feelings better. I'm not saying to have him mark you before you feel ready but it helps. To a human the bond, mates, all of it, it feels fake. The mark will allow you to feel it."

"Thank you so much for taking so much time to talk to me! I feel so much better. He's been so patient but it's different hearing it from another human."

"If you need anything, please, don't hesitate to call. Us human mates have got to stick together! I've known Aiden since he was about nine years old. You couldn't have been mated to a better guy."

I can't help the smile that spreads over my face.

When we hang up I jump up from the bed. I have to go to him. He gave me detailed directions for getting to his office, I can't wait another minute. I'm going to see him.

I make my way through the packhouse, taking the back stairs to avoid people. He wants to introduce me to the pack when I'm ready. I appreciate his constant concern for my comfort.

I jog down the stairs quickly. His floor is at the top of the house, the tenth floor, his office is on fifth.

As I push the stairwell door open I'm met by a stunning woman who was pulling it open from the other side.

As soon as she sees me her face twists in disgust.

"Oh, you," she says as if I am a flea on a dog.

I step forward, intending to just walk past her to my destination. She grabs my arm roughly, holding is at an awkward angle that forces me onto my toes to alleviate the strain.

"He may be with you because of the bond but a human will never be our Luna. You will never be a good match for him, you can't even mark him. We won't ever accept you as a leader, you will never be good enough for the pack. He should have picked me, maybe he would have if you had stayed hidden in whatever gutter you crawled out of." She pushes me forward, releasing my arms and walks into the stairwell.

I stay perfectly still, frozen in the hallway. What just happened? Luna? My mind races and the room sways.

All the happiness I felt just a moment before is gone, I don't understand half of what she said but what was abundantly clear is that the pack will hate me.

I know how much his pack means to him, he will choose them if it comes down to it.

I turn on my heels and rush back into the stairwell, running down the stairs. When I reach the first floor an exit door opens up infront of dense treeline.

I have no idea how to get out of here. I'm on enclosed land filled with werewolves, it's not like I can hide.

I take a breath and step into the trees, walking calmly through the forest. I'm no nature scout but I'm pretty sure the lake is through here, somewhere.

My arm aches and tears burn in my eyes as I weave through the tightly packed trees. Eventually I stumble onto a well worn trail.

I walk with no purpose, thinking about the last few hours. My current mood is a far cry from what I was feeling only minutes ago.
After talking to Lori I felt more secure than ever, ready to talk to Aiden about the future.

Now, I'm not sure. Why would his pack accept me? I'm not sure what a "luna" is but I can't lead by his side. He's the Alpha here, he's like the president, which would make me the first lady. I'm not qualified for that!

I step past the treeline onto the soft dirt surrounding the lake. I slip my shoes off and roll my jeans over my ankles. The water is freezing but it feels good, a stinging numbness that distracts me from the ache in my heart. I walk the shore, lost in my thoughts.

Fresh tears spring to my eyes as I get closer to the large tree just off the shoreline. It was only a few days ago that we layed there, under that tree, exploring each other.

A haunting howl makes me spin around. A large gray wolf is standing just inside the treeline, on the trail I came from.

The wolf steps back slightly, just out of my sightline. Aiden steps out a second later, naked but for a pair of sweatpants he's pulling on as he runs toward me.

As he gets closer his features become clearer. He looks agitated.

"Cass?! What are you doing out here? Baby, why are you crying?"

He grabs me and I wince.

"What, what was that? What happened?"

"Nothing happened, I'm just walking," I don't know why I lie, I know he can tell.

"What happened?" His voice is deep and angry.

"Whats a luna?"

His eye go wide. Not a good sign.

"A Luna is the mate to the Alpha. Remember I told you the Alpha is sort of like the father? The Luna is the mother."

"You didn't think I should know about that?"

"I was going to tell you, I just didn't want you to get scared. No one is expecting anything from you, I didn't want you to feel pressure that isn't even there. We will get to all of that when the time comes."

I throw my head back and laugh angrily.
"No one is expecting anything from me? You're right about that! They expect nothing because they won't accept me!"

"What? Where are you getting this?"

"From the super model I met at the packhouse!"

He pales.

"What did she say?"

I turn to walk away but he grabs my arm again. I wince again and he growls loudly.
"What happened to your arm," he grits out between clenched teeth.


"What happened, Cassidy?"

"Maybe you should pick her... I'm human, how can I be the mother your pack deserves?"

Tears betray me as they fall quickly down my cheeks.

"Cass, I love you. There is no choosing... it's you... forever."

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