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A cracked, broken sob rips from my lips. I cover my face in my hands to hide the hideous cries pouring out of me.

He grabs me and holds me against his tense chest.

After several minutes he sits down in the dirt, cradling me in his lap.

I can only shake my head. I can't... not yet.

"I should have told you about being my Luna. I just didn't want to scare you away. I'll be beside you, forever. We will do everything together. Whatever Calista said... she... fuck... I would never, ever pick her. You can't see it yet but baby, you're perfect for me."

"You love me?" I finally whimper. Whatever happened with "Calista" can wait. He just told me he loves me.

"So much, Cass."

The uncontrollable weeping starts again. The skin of his chest is soaked with my tears as I press my face into him.


"Do you remember when there was that string of killings downtown? A vampire couple went Bonnie and Clyde and started killing a bunch of humans?"

He tenses, "yes, I remember that."

"My parents..." I whisper and he inhales sharply.

I don't know why I'm telling him this. Hearing him say that he loves me has completely overwhelmed me. How could he possibly love me? If I tell him all the dark, hideous, horrible things about me, he'll push me away.

He'll choose someone else.

I can't keep doing this. I can't go another day. He needs to know right now. Each day that passes I get closer to him. It will hurt worse if he leaves in a week, or a month, or a year from now. It's best to tell him now, let him leave before it gets to the point where I won't survive it.

"After they only next of kin was my dad's brother. He... he's not a good man. I stayed with him for two years before going into foster care."

He wraps his arms around me tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Cassidy. I'm so sorry." His voice is soft and sweet, my heart aches.

"I understand if you don't want me..."

Before I can finish my sentence he's flipped me into the grass, my back pressed against the ground. He's over me, caging my body beneath his.

His eyes are black and his canines are prominent in his mouth.

"You are mine. I'm not going anywhere. I'm never fucking leaving you," he growls angrily.

I stare up at him in disbelief.

"Fucking say it, Cassidy."

"I-I'm yours..."

"Forever," his gravelly voice makes my chest hum.

"Forever," I barely whisper before he bites down into my skin.

I scream but not from pain. The feeling is extraordinary. The sky looks bluer, the beating of his heart is louder, pounding in my ears. I can feel him in a way that doesn't make sense. I feel exhausted and completely relaxed.

When he releases my neck he is heaving.

He looks down at me with emotion swirling in his eyes. I gasp when I realize that I can feel it, as if they were my own.

He presses a kiss to my lips.

"I love you," he punctuates every word with a kiss.

"I... I can feel you... it's like its... Aiden this is so..."

I feel overwhelmed.

He lifts me up from the grass and starts walking toward the trail.
I hear howling in the distance from several wolves.

"The pack is welcoming you," he smiles down at me, "they felt me mark you, they can feel their bond to you."

A strange warmth passes through me, a deep happy feeling. Is that the bond?

"That's the bond," he chuckles, "you're connected to me and to them."

The path takes us back to the packhouse much faster than my route through the trees.
"My parents want to meet you, I told them tomorrow... I'm taking you to bed. Now."

My cheeks burn knowing that they probably know why I'm not meeting them right now.

He takes me up to his room quickly and rips the door open.
I laugh as he tosses me onto the bed. He yanks at my clothes impatiently, wasting no time. When I'm naked but for my bra he pulls his sweatpants off. His erection springs free and he takes it in his hand, slowly moving over it as he stalks toward me.

"Wait, Aiden," I sit up suddenly, "will the pack like... be able to feel it when we..." I brush.

He chuckles, "no but they're going to be able to hear you screaming in the next state."

He pulls me toward him by my ankles.

With no hesitation he pushes his face between my legs, devouring me. He licks and sucks me making me instantly ready for him.

Just as quickly as he started he pulls back, "I'm sorry baby, I promise you I'll make it up to you. My cock is about to explode. I just needed a taste."

I squirm as he climbs over me. I don't care how he does it, I just need him to make me cum.

He lines himself up with my entrance and sinks each thick inch into my slowly.

We both groan loud, relieved sighs.

"I love you, Cass, fuck," his voice is tight as he starts to move his hips.

My head rolls back and I choke out a moan at the feeling. It's so much more intense than before, my skin actually tingles.

He's snapping his hips into me so hard and fast that I have to grip the sheets keep my body from sliding away from him.

Each time he draws his hips back he thrusts them forward harder, somehow. He may have been right about people across state lines hearing me. The sounds coming from this room are pornographic.

I am completely lost in the sensations firing at every nerve in my body. I can feel the ferocity of his feelings, each thrust bringing us closer to our ends.

Pressure starts to unravel, throbbing in my core and spreading into my limbs. I think my heart may give out.

"Aiden - oh God!" I scream with a trembling voice.

"Cum," he demands through gritted teeth.

And I do. Hard.

He drops his forehead to mine and a long, low groan heaves from his throat as he slams his center into mine before stilling.

He rolls his hips with each spurt of his release, his whole body jerking.

He collapses down on top of me for a moment before he rolls to my side. When his lips press against my mark my body shudders.

"Mine," he pants, "forever."
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