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Past Lives

***Warning - Mentions of abuse and drug use***

Our sticky, sweaty bodies are sprawled out on the floor. Aiden is propped up against the foot of the bed with my head resting on his leg.

Somewhere between breaking the bed, and the chair, fucking against the door and the sink in the bathroom, we ended up on the ground.

My body is so deliciously sore and spent. I couldn't move if I wanted to. I had to tap out for the night. Aiden's stamina insane.

"Tell me about your parents," Aiden's voice is soft and cautious.

I roll onto my side to face him with my head still on his leg.

"My mom's name was Theres, it's weird because my memory of her face is almost completely faded but if I close my eyes I can still hear her voice. She liked to sing that song from Sleeping Beauty."

"Which one?"

I purse my lips at him and he chuckles, I know what he's doing.

"I know you,
I walked with you once upon a dream.
I know you,
that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam."

He sighs as I sing, sinking his fingers into my hair.

"She used to sing that all the time. I'm pretty sure my dads name was Wesley but I only ever heard him called Wes. He used to bring my mom flowers, freesias."

I feel him tense slightly beneath my head.

"I liked it, when you brought me one, don't worry. I freaked out but I liked it a lot."

We sit in silence for a moment before I take a deep breath.

"After they were killed I went to foster care while they looked for my uncle, Aaron. Once they found him he kept missing the appointment for them to discuss my custody." I pick at my fingers nervously.

"Somehow, he found out that the vampire council gave my twenty thousand dollars as compensation. He showed up finally and took my home with him. While the money lasted things were... ok. He was at least home and there would be food sometimes."

Aiden sits up and tugs me up onto his lap before standing and carrying me to bed. It's broken on one side but we can fit, cuddled together on the unbroken side.

"Keep going," he whispers.

"He had two friends, big, dirty guys, who would come over and play video games and do drugs."

I feel his body go ridged.

"The never touched me, not that way, at least. They all thought it was funny to make me cry, so they would tease me and poke at me until I would. Once the money was gone it got bad. There was never any food in the house and Aaron was never there. When he was he was so strung out that he would usually lock me in the bathroom so that I wouldn't bother him by asking for food. Sometimes he would forget me in there until the next day. Eventually, my school noticed that I was always wearing the same, dirty clothes and that I was malnourished. They placed me in a home for girls after that. Things there were..."

I shudder and he rubs his hand over my back, soothing me.

"Anyway, as soon as I turned eighteen I left, I had a job, at a frozen yogurt store downtown but... I wasn't making enough money. That's where I met Rex, the bouncer at the club, he would come in for yogurt with his little girl. He'd always ask what I was studying and we would talk about school. I met Bobby through him. The rest is history."

He doesn't say anything, just holds me against him. I can feel his anger and sadness through the bond.

After several minutes of quiet, "why did you think I would leave after hearing that? I want to track down your uncle and rip his spinal cord out through his mouth but I want you more than ever."

He's telling the truth, I can feel it. My head can't even tell me otherwise because his genuine love and loyalty is streaming through the bond right into me.

"I dated a few guys...they always left. I never told them about my parents but they just... "

I pause to blink back tears, "since my parents died no one has really loved me or wanted me. I guess I just convinced myself that no one ever would. My ex-boyfriends didn't actually care about me, the relationships weren't good. I closed myself off to the idea of trusting anyone. I had to take care of myself."

"Well, now I'm going to take care of you."

I press a kiss to his cheek and give him a sly smile. I'm definitely about to ruin this moment.

"So... Calista?" I quirk my brow at him and he groans before scrubbing his free hand over his face.

"She was... she was a distraction. I started to feel hopeless, like I was never going to find you. Let me see your arm."

I turn my arm revealing a fairly small bruise where her thumb dug into me.

A growl rumbles in his chest. I feel rage rolling off of him.

"But you were fucking her right?" I'm definitely annoyed but I'm also amused by his discomfort.

He lets out a long, slow breath.

"Johnny is going to love this," he groans again.

I look at him, waiting for clarification.

"He was so mad at me when he found out. He said not to 'shit where you eat.' He kept telling me that sleeping with a she-wolf from my pack was fucking stupid because once I met you it would create problems."

"How long?"

"Fucking hell, Cassidy!"

"How long?" I try to hide a giggle.

"About three years. It wasn't consistent, off and on. I'm so sorry, Cass." I can feel how upset he is, he isn't just sorry he is heartbroken over it.

"Everyone always says wait for your mate, it's not worth it and I can promise you it wasn't. Being with you is... she was a mistake."

"I understand, Aiden. She's absolutely gorgeous..."

"Whoa, no. Don't do that, you are absolutely gorgeous. You mentioned me picking her. I need this to be unequivocally clear, there was never any talk of me taking her as my chosen mate. Not once. I always wanted you and I never stopped looking for you."

I press a quick kiss to the frown line above his brows.

"She will be dealt with."

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