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I drive slowly up to the gate. I know I'm allowed to be here but I still feel nervous.

The guards smile and wave me through as soon as they see me, opening the gate immediately.

I sigh, relieved. Today has been...strange. All of my classes were fine, nothing out of the ordinary happened I've just felt off, on edge. I'm not normally a high strung person.

I drive slowly up the winding road. I'm going to a pack event tonight. I'm so nervous that they will hate me. After everything with Calista and finding out that she isn't being shy about her opinion of me, I'm concerned. I'm not ashamed of myself or what I've done to support myself, but I don't want the pack to judge me for it.

I park my tiny, beat up Honda beside Aiden's G-Wagon. He told me this morning that he was going to slash my tires so I had take his car. I laughed but was relieved when I came down to find that he hadn't actually done it.

He had a few pack members clear my belongings out of my apartment today. He was really smug about getting his way with me moving in with him. I rush up to our room to change before heading to the fields.

I opt for casual, dark jeans and a white fitted tshirt. I'm second guessing every decision but this is a softball tournament, I should stick with casual.

I walk down the road toward the fields. Aiden told me he would meet me at the packhouse with a cart to take me out there but I'm early and antsy. Walking might help with some of this anxious energy.

As I walk I feel myself getting angry. What's going on?


Someone yells from the road behind me. When I turn Beta Johnny is pulling up beside me in a golf cart.

"Want a ride?"

I try to smile and act normal, "sure, thanks."

He's chatting pleasantly but I can't focus. I bring my hand up to my head, trying to hide whatever his happening to me. Nothing happened, I have no reason to feel this kind of rage.

When we pull up to the field I instantly see Aiden. He's standing on the side of the softball field talking to Calista. His shoulders are tense and his mouth is set in an angry line.

She reaches out and places her hand on his chest and I see red. It's like an out of body experience. I can feel myself move, jogging toward the fence off to the side of the field.

I vaguely hear Johnny speaking. What's he saying? Fury moves through me and before I can even understand whats happening I'm swinging a bat.

As soon as it connects with the side of her head the violent crack brings me back to my senses.

Everyone around us springs into action instantly. Several people shift and jump in front of me defensively. I'm sure they thought she was going to shift and attack me but she doesn't attempt to get up from the ground. Why are they protecting me from her?

Aiden pushes through the group of protective wolves and grabs me. I'm starting to panic. It was like I blacked out. I don't even remember grabbing the bat.

"Cassidy!" He pulls my face into his hands, "it was me, it was my fault. I was so angry at her for hurting your arm and... for talking shit about you around the pack... the bond transferred my rage over to you."

"Can Luna Cassidy be on our team? That was one hell of a swing!" Johnny says from behind me.

I bury my face in Aiden's chest. Everyone is definitely going to hate me now!

"Don't feel bad, Luna," a woman says, "she deserved that shit!"

"You don't mess with someone else's mate!" Someone else adds.

"You definitely don't disrespect the Luna!" Another woman says.

I pull back slightly and look at him, shocked that everyone is supporting me after I just clocked a pack member with a bat.

"I told you, baby, mates are sacred, you don't talk down on someones mate or their bond. You are my mate, the Luna of this pack, no one disrespects you."

Calista sniffles from the ground, holding her head in her hands.

"Can someone help her to the infirmary?" I ask quietly.

"Yes, Luna," several people say, before helping her from the ground.

I turn to face several pack members, I can't bring myself to look but I know there are at least a hundred people behind us in the stands.

"This... this isn't how I hoped to be introduced to all of you," I cover my eyes with my hand. I am so embarrassed.

"Welcome to the pack, Luna Cassidy!" Someone yells from the stands behind me.
I can feel Aiden's chest shaking against my back, he's laughing.

Everyone claps and cheers as I blush and turn, pressing my face into Aiden's chest.

He leans down to my ear, "I am hard as a fucking rock right now" he groans and it sends a jolt of electric arousal to my core.

"I'm going to make you feel so good tonight," his strained voice makes me anxious again, for a completely different reason.

"I've been a bad girl, Alpha. I deserve to be punished tonight," I bat my lashes at him.

"Fuck, Cass. I'm not going to make it through this tournament."

I lean back slightly, looking down over him, checking to see that he isn't fully on display for all to see. I can make out the outline against his dark jeans but it's positioned so that it isn't tenting in his pants.

"What are you doing?" He chuckles.

"Making sure nobody can see the goods!"
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