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Christening the house

Aiden POV

I have been shifting uncomfortably in my seat through the entire tournament. It's definitely not helping that she keeps rubbing her hand higher and higher on my thigh all night long.

She never looks at me but the smirk on her face lets me know it's very intentional.

I'm sitting here watching softball and all I can think about is the soft warmth between her thighs.

Watching someone take a bat to one of my pack members isn't something I ever expected to be so turned on by. I'm hard to the point of pain.

As soon as the final inning is played I grab her and throw her over my shoulder. I hear several members of the pack laughing and whistling. They know exactly why I'm in such an hurry and I couldn't care less.

"Aiden!" She squeals breathlessly as I place her in a golf cart.

I sit down and push the little cart as fast as it can go. When I turn down the road leading toward our homesite her eyes shoot up in surprise.

"The packhouse residents will kill me if we keep them up all night again."

She blushes deep red and my cock twitches painfully in my pants. I love that fucking blush.

"I was planning to bring you here tonight, just to sit by the water and look at the view that will eventually be seen from our bedroom."

I feel her tiny hand reach over and grab mine. It still amazes me when she initiates gestures like that. She's opening up so much and I fall deeper in love with her with every new thing I learn. I still can't believe she's mine. Whatever I did to deserve her, I have no idea.

I pull the cart to stop near the edge of the grass. I have a blanket in the back for us to sit on, I packed it when my intentions were much more innocent.

She walks toward the house, looking at the progress they've made. She turns to me with a mischievous glint in her eyes. I watch as she walks toward what will be our kitchen.

A long, metal pole is sticking up out of the ground. She grabs it and jerks it back and forth, testing its stability.

My heart pounds in my chest as she seductively starts removing her clothes.

"Want a private dance, Alpha?"

I have to unzip my pants. I can't take any more.

I slowly sit down on the grass just outside of construction, mesmerized by her skin in the moonlight.

She throws her phone down on her pile of clothes. After a second, a slow beat starts to play. She starts shimmying her hips and moving herself against the pole. She holds it and spins around it twice, her hands gripping it, while her body floats in the air.

She flips her hair and takes a step toward me, pulling her bra down and off.

I grip the base of my shaft and pump my fist. She takes a few more steps until she's in the grass. She rolls her hips then drops down into a split.

The groan that rips past my lips is completely animal.

I jerk my fist in an impatient, frustrated rhythm over my throbbing cock. She crawls toward me in the grass then drops her shoulders down. Her thick, round ass is arched into the air.

"Cassidy," I growl out a warning, "get over here, now."

I can't wait another second. My hand isn't bringing me any relief, if anything it's making it worse. She's so close I can almost touch her. The soft, sweet, earthy scent of her soaking wet pussy chokes me.

She crawls to the endge of the blanket and pulls her panties down before spinning her legs so that she is seated and spread wide open before me.

I can see her glistening folds in the pale light.

I move up to my knees, She watches me, her deceptively innocent eyes and shy smile completely at odds with her wide open position.

She knows how badly I want her, how I need her, how my heart will simply stop beating if I don't sink into her right fucking now.

I grab her legs and pull her toward me, bending down to lick and suck the soft skin of her inner thigh.

She whimpers and moans under my touch but I want more. I want her to scream and shake and cum all over my cock.

A desperate whine hums at the back of my throat. I cage her body against the groud, pushing my aching length against her.

I've never been this hard before. I'm delirious. My mind is consumed by the primal need to pound into her until I can't possible move again.

"Aiden," she pants, her warm breath against my neck.

"You want me, baby?"

"So fucking bad," she moans as she wraps her legs around my waist and digs her heals into my lower back.

Unable to take one more second, I slam into her, pushing myself until my balls are pressed against her ass. I moan so loudly it echos across the still, quiet water.

Looks like we'll be keeping the pack up again tonight.

She screams my name and it's like a spark against dynamite. I draw my hips back and slam them forward so quickly her perfect, round tits shake and bounce.

She grips the blanket in her closed fists and lets out needy pants and cries of pleasure.

Her warm, wet, tight walls surround me and the whole world melts away. Nothing could pulls me away from her. Nothing, not bombs or rogues or sorcerers magic.

Every stroke brings me closer to an end I know is going to crush me.

"Fuck, Cass, fuuuuck!"

I feel her spasming, tightening excruciatingly around me.

"That's it, baby, cum."

I grab her leg and pull it up, putting the underside of her knee into the crook of my elbow. I look down at the center of her spread open thighs, watching myself dissapear inside of her.

"Aiden, I'm cumming, Oh my God!" Her back arches off the ground.

I stroke faster, fucking into her during her orgasm. I have to grit my teeth, focus, I want to get her through hers. The way she's squeezing me, fuck.

A tortured, gutteral groan rips through me as I fill her, unable to hold it back for one more second. I grind against her deliriously, anything to be closer, to prolong the feeling.

Each spurt of my release makes me jerk and spasm inside of her.

"Cassidy, fuck, fucking hell!"
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