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Make me safe

Warning - brief mentions of intended assault**

I bite down on the blanket to keep from screaming. My ass is up in the air and he's driving into me so hard I feel nailed to the ground.


He doesn't let up. My legs start to shake and slip down, unable to hold any weight anymore.

He slips his arm around my waist, holding me up as he continues to pound into me like a rag doll. I reach down between my legs, pushing back against him, reaching past my swollen, aching pussy and grab his balls, squeezing them and massaging them in my hand.

"Mother fuck..." his voice is gravelly as he explodes inside of me, again.

After several spurts he pulls out and we both collapse, sweaty and exhausted onto the blanket.

I dramatically tap my hand on the blanket, "no more! I tap, I can't go again!"

His sexy chuckles makes my core flutter even after hours of pleasure.

"We need to sleep anyway, there is a disciplinary meeting tomorrow morning. Want to come?"

I use the little energy I have left to turn my fave toward his.

"Calista. I'm fucking transferring her out of here."

I giggle, "wasn't a bat to the head punishment enough?"

"No, fuck that. I want her gone." His anger rising up again.

"Ok, but I have class, I can't be there." I rub my hand over his chest.

His warm body covers mine as we drift into exhausted sleep. My body has never felt this worn out or wonderful.

"Fuck! Wake up, Cass!"

I'm shaken from peaceful sleep by a slightly frantic Aiden.

"Baby, you gotta get up!"

I sit slowly, rubbing my eyes, adjusting to the sunlight bouncing off the lake.

"Cassidy!' His voice is urgent.

"What?" Panic bubbles up inside of me.

He throws his tshirt at me, "hurry up, put this on!"

He runs toward the house and starts frantically grabbing at my clothes. As soon as I get the shirt over my head, I hear it, a car coming down the gravel road.

"Thank God you have supersonic hearing!" I giggle as I pull my panties on just as the car pulls up to the house.

He snorts, "it's not 'supersonic.' I didn't realize how long we had been asleep until I heard them coming."

"What time is it?"

"Nearly ten."

"Shit! I have class in an hour!"

I blush furiously as we rush to the car. The construction crew all nod their heads respectfully but I definitely hear snickering.

After taking the fastest shower known to man I have to run to my car. I've never been late to class before. Shit. I need to spend some time in the library studying after my classes today, Aiden is too distracting.

Everything in my first class is smooth and easy. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my second.

"Everyone will be partnered up and you will check eachothers code. This assignment should take no more than three hours, I expect it to be completed by our next meeting!" The professor instructs us before calling out each pair.

"Niel Martin and Cassidy Vidot."

I stand and meet the eyes of my partner. I've never noticed him in class before.

"Hi, I'm Cassidy. I know we have a few days but I'm going to be in the library for a few hours, right now. Would you mind sending me the link to your code syntax now?"

"I'm actually going to the library, too! Ill send it as soon as we get there."

"Great, thanks."

He walks uncomfortably close to me all the way to the library. When we get there I'm relieved that there are only a few people using the study area, lots of free, open space.

I sit down at a table and he sits right beside me.

What the hell?

We quickly exchange emails so we can send the links.
As soon as I receive his I dive in immediately. I want to finish and get the fuck out of here.

Shit, this thing is riddled with errors. I flag each one and look at the time, its been nearly two hours.

"I'm finished, I'm submitting the assignment, now. See you later, Neil."

I pack my things quickly.

Why is he packing? I know he didn't finish the assignment.

"You're really fast! I'm only half done!"

I give him an awkward smile as I slip my laptop into my bag.

"See you later!"

I quickly leave the library, practically jogging toward my car.

"Cassidy! Wait up! You left this!"

Shit. I turn around and he runs over, handing me a pen.

"This...isn't mine..."

He grabs my arm roughly, "you know, I've been to the Pretty Kitty a few times. I know who you are Cherry."

I try to yank my arm away from him.


"Aww come on. I've always wanted to fuck a stripper." His voice is low and menacing.

I look frantically around the parking lot. No one. Fuck.

He slams me againt my car door. I thrash around in his arms.

"Stop fighting me! I know you love this shit. I know strippers like it rough. "

My body is at such an awkward angle I can't even scratch him or kick him.

What do I do?

I scream, looking behind him at no one, "Hey! Help! HELP ME!"

I'm convincing enough to get him to take a step back, when he does I twist and knee him in the balls. When he releases my arm I run around to the other side of my car and climb in through the passanger side.

I lay on my horn as I start the car. He takes a step back and I peel out of my parking spot.

Once I'm away from the school and the adrenaline wears off I start to shake uncontrollably.

I'm going twenty over, I need Aiden. He'll make me safe.

When I get to the gate I feel a sense of relief wash over me. Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. I'm almost there.

I pull into my parking spot and dont even turn the car off or shut the door. I bolt from the car into the packhouse, colliding with Aiden's hard chest as soon as I step inside.

His arms are all over me, searching everywhere.

"What happened? What's wrong? I felt it as soon as you came through the gate."

I pull back but as soon as our eyes meet a loud sob pulls through my chest.

"Cassidy? Baby, you're shaking. Please, please tell me what happened. Who is he?"

He holds me against his tense chest, "you're safe, Cass. I've got you."

When I've calmed enough to recount the details of the last few hours his grip on me tightens almost painfully. A low, angry growl hums from his chest.

"I can fucking smell him all over you. By the time I'm done with him he'll be begging for death."

Beta Johnny has joined us in the hallway, he hangs back but I can see that he's angry as well.

"Please, stay with me, Aiden. Please don't go anywhere."

He lets out a strangled sigh and presses his lips to my forehead.

"We can call the school? Maybe they have security cameras in the parking lot." Johnny says, always the voice of reason.

"Actually, I think they do!"

After telling Johnny exactly where I was parked he goes to call the school.

"He said I wanted it because I was a stripper," I sniffle into Aiden's neck, "I brought this on myself."

An angry growl strains against his vocal chords and he grabs my shoulders roughly, pulling me back to look at my face.
"Don't you ever, ever, ever let me hear you saying something like that again. It doesn't matter if you're a stripper or a porn star or a kindergartner teacher, no one brings assault on themselves!"

He looks so angry I feel fresh tears fall down my cheeks.
"I'm sorry, don't be mad at me."

He sighs and kisses my cheeks, "I'm not mad at you, baby. I just never want to hear you blaming yourself for something like that ever again. Promise me."

"I promise."

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