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A big mess

It's been four days since my encounter with Neil. The school has given me permission to do virtual courses until everything is sorted.

The security office was able to watch the entire interaction from the cameras. Now, it's just a waiting game while all of the procedures for removing him as a student and barring him from campus take effect.

I feel relieved that everything with that is being taken care of. Things at home have been... strange.

Aiden is really distracted and distant. I'm trying not to read too much into it but we haven't had sex since before and I'm starting to panic.

Everything he said immediately after isn't matching up with the weird tension now.

He's been in his office all morning while I've done schoolwork in our room.

I pace around the room, unsure of what to do. My heart aches at the weird riff between us. He is usually the one that knows what to do and how to handle things.


The more I think about it the angrier I get. He said it wasn't my fault and that I didn't deserve that but did he actually believe that?

I rip the door open and run toward the stairs.

We are talking about this today, right now. I miss him and I can't take one more minute of this. He promised me that he wouldn't run, that he wouldn't leave, but now, he's pulling away.

I burst into his office and he looks up from his desk in shock. Beta Johnny and Kayden are seated with him.

"Umm...Elijah, I'm going to have to call you right back," he says before ending a call.

I never break eye contact with him as I step closer to his desk.

"We'll give you two a minute," Johnny says as he and Kayden stand uncomfortably and leave the room.

"What's wrong with you?" I grit through my teeth.

"What?" He looks surprised.

"You're acting distant and weird. You haven't touched me in days! You told me that it wasn't my fault but now you won't even look at me!"

His brows furrow and he stands slowly.

"If you don't want me anymore," I whisper trying to fight back tears, "you have to tell me... I can't stand this distance and the tension between us."

He sucks in a breath and grabs my hand, pushing it roughly against his hardening crotch.
"Does this feel like I don't want you?"

I gasp and look down at where he is grinding himself into my hand.

"But you've been so..."

"You were assaulted, Cass. I didn't want to push you too soon, or make you feel like you had to do things you weren't ready for."

I pull my skirt up, and pull his hand against my soaked panties.
"Does this feel like I'm not ready?"

He moans at the feeling and grabs my hips, pulling me toward him while he presses his mouth against mine.

"I always want you, Cass. I just... fuck... things are a big mess right now. It's not you."

He stumbles back, pulling me with him. When his legs hit his chair he pulls me up to straddle his lap.

"Pull it out," I moan against his mouth.

He growls and pulls himself from his pants quickly.

I rub myself over him before ripping my panties to the side and sliding down on him in one fluid motion.

He grips the armrests of his chair and throws his head back.
"God- fuck."

"I needed you, " I whimper against his exposed neck, "I missed you."

"Fuck, I missed you too, baby."

I roll my hips as he thrusts upward.

"Why are things a mess? Don't keep things from me," I pant.

He grunts, "that fucking rogue situation is more complicated than we thought originally."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He moans loudly, "Jesus Christ, I didn't want to, fuck, I didn't want to stress you out with my shit when you have so much going on."

I move my hips faster, bouncing on him.

"Your shit is my shit. Don't keep things from me."

"Fucking shit, Cassidy, I won't baby, I won't, I promise."

A sheen of sweat is covering his brow and deep, gutteral sounds are pushing past his lips. I feel the muscles of his legs tensing under my thighs.

"Are you about to cum, Alpha?"

He chokes out a strangled moan and presses his thumb to my clit.
I throw my head back as he makes quick circles against me.

"I'm... Aiden.. I'm cumming," I cry as I grind my hips down on him as he stiffens, then releases deep inside of me. Grunting each time I squeeze around him.

I lay my head against his shoulder, trying to calm my breathing.
"Why are things more complicate?"

He's still gasping for air, "the Alpha stopped contacting us three days ago. Now, he's reaching out again but... only via email. If we call he doesn't answer. The emails are unusual. He doesn't sound like himself. Something is going on there. When you came in I was on the phone with an Alpha from Montana that trains warriors. He's sending a few guys to come with a few of ours to physically go to the pack to figure out what the fuck is going on."

"Are you going?"

"I'm trying to work it out so that I don't have to. It's not a good time to leave you with everything going on."

"Aiden," I pull back to look at his face, "please, don't let me keep you from your responsibilities. I'm safe here, do what you need to do but, be careful."

"I will, baby."
He presses warm, soft kisses against his mark and I shiver.

"I'm sorry I made you feel like I didn't want you. Cass, I want you all the time, you're still on my dick from the last round and I want you again. I just didn't want you to feel... I don't know...pressure..."

"I love you, Aiden. Thank you for thinking of my feelings but don't ever deprive me of your cock for this long again."

He chuckles and it causes him to move inside of me, making both of us moan.

"Round two?" He asks as he starts to move his hips.

"Bend me over your desk?"

"Fuck me," he groans as he sucks against my mark.

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